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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shimla March 2008 Issue No. 3

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Dear Philatelists
India is a vast country having a big population but it is unfortunate that we have only a small number of philatelists. Their number even in big cities can be counted on finger tips. There are many cities which do not have a single philatelist and some States like Himachal Pradesh never had a state level Philatelic Exhibition. Though this state boasts to have the maximum number of account holders at its Philatelic Bureaus in the country. But the name of any philatelist from Himachal Pradesh is never seen on the list of national level participants with some exceptions who are from other states .The states which are far behind in Philatelic activities from other states should be given a chance to join hands with other states for a joint philatelic show in order to create awareness of stamp collecting among people of all age groups. It will also give a chance to new philatelists to participate in the exhibitions. Such philatelic exhibitions, workshops and seminars can also be organized for those cities where any philatelic exhibitions were not held in the past. For such places non-competitive exhibitions, displaying the collections of award winners in the beginning will be much better to give an exposure to new philatelists to prepare their exhibits for the exhibition. During the show India Post can also open a special counter for purchasing philatelic material. After that competitive exhibitions can be organized at these places. It is possible if Philately section of India Post takes special interest in this regard and makes proper arrangement for conducting workshops and exhibitions by involving philatelists and Philatelic clubs regularly at different places. It will be a big step to make an increase in the number of philatelists in our country. Philately is the only hobby in the world which is recognized internationally and philatelic activities take place regularly in different parts of the world at small and big levels. Let’s join hands together and put our best efforts in promoting this hobby in our best efforts in promoting this hobby in our own best possible ways.

. ..Jeevan Jyoti


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Recent Indian Issues

• 2 January 2008 Endemic Butterflies of Andaman & Nicobar islands – 4 x 500 P, M/s and block of 4 also issued

• 5 January 2008 Dr. B.P. Pal -500 P

• 8 February 2008 D.R. Gadgil – 500 P

• 14 February 2008 Damodram Sanjeevaiah – 500 P

• 4 March 2008 Maharshi Bulusu Samba Murthy – 500 P

• 18 March 2008 Madhubala- 500 P

Maharshi Bulusu Samba Murthy
Maharshi Bulusu Samba Murthy was an eminent lawyer and freedom fighter. Born at Dulla village in East Godavari district on March 4, 1886, became an eminent lawyer and had a close association with Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu with whom he had worked in the Madras High Court for quite some time. Soon Murthy gave up his profession and had joined the Indian National Congress and got involved in the freedom struggle. He was highly regarded by the topmost leaders of the party that spearheaded the freedom movement. He is acknowledged as one of the greatest leaders of the Congress party and was known as a very kind hearted person who cared a lot for the fellow human beings.

New Meghdoot Cards

New Meghdoot Cards with following advertisements were recently issued.

• Girl Star - Medical Profession, Hindi
• Girl Star - Beautician, Hindi
• Girl Star - Beekeeper, Hindi
• Tamil Nadu Power Finance, English
• Meghalaya Tourism, English

Special Covers

12 Jan 2008 Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama Centenary, Vrindaban

30 Jan 2008 Gandhi Stamps Coins Exhibition Nanayamela, Thiruvananthpuram

8 March 2008 Valley of Flowers, Dehradun

In The News

Indian Philately losesTwo Great Philatelists

Shri B.J. Kumar
Sh. B J Kumar was a veteran Philatelist. He passed away on March 5, 2008 at Regency Hospital, Kanpur. He was about 87 years old and was seriously ill for the last six months. Born on July 21, 1921 in Kamalia (now in Pakistan) and graduated from Karachi. He came to India after the partition. He formed ‘United Philatelists’, an active philatelic society of Kanpur. He was Honorary Secretary of United Philatelists. He edited U-Phil Times published by United Philatelists for about 25 years. He was an active member of U P Philatelic Society, the member of Royal Philatelic Society of London, India Study Circle of Philately, London and a life member of PCI. He participated in different National and International Philatelic Exhibitions. His important philatelic collections were "World Tributes to India"(a magnificent Thematic Collection of stamps and other philatelic material issued by foreign countries on India) Pre India, Nepal, Turkish Cyprus and Great Britain. He wrote in Philately column of Northern India Patrika for a long time. He retired as General Manager, Telephones from Kanpur in July 1979 and is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter.

Shri B.C. Mehra
Shri B. C. Mehra another noted philatelists of Kanpur passed away on 4 March 2008 at Gurgaon. Mr. Mehra was a very active philatelist of U.P. Philatelic Society and played a lead role in organizing Quiz and philatelic workshop at philatelic exhibitions. Besides an ardent philatelist Mr. Mehra was well known for his beautiful handwriting in italics. Years back when computers were not common, handwritten collections or type written collections were displayed in exhibitions by the philatelists. Mr. Mehra had the credit of writing many award winning collections of some well known philatelists of Kanpur.

Potato Stamp MARCH 2008
2008 has been designated the International Year of the Potato, so Swiss Post is issuing a stamp in its honour. Originally from South America, the potato has conquered the globe and is now an accentual part of everyone’s diet.

Special Cover on Uttarakhand State Flower show

State Flower Show”Colours of Spring 2008” was organized at Raj Bhawan, Dehradun, on 8-9 March 2008. A special cover on Valley of Flowers was released by The Governor of Uttarakhand on this occasion. It features the flower Morina longifolia and the cancellation depicts the state flower, Brahm Kamal. It was the sixth state flower show of Uttarakhand. The valley of fowers was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. Earlier special covers were issued on Brahm Kamal, Orchid (aeredes odorantum), Bonsai and Cobra Lily.

Exhibition on Cinema Theme

A philatelic exhibition ‘Mahafilmpex 2008’ is going to be held in Mumbai from March 17 to 19 on Cinema Theme organized by Maharashtra Circle of India Post. It is a non-competitive exhibition and the exhibits on cinema, dance, and music and film personalities will be displayed by invitation only. Shri Dhirubhai Mehta is the patron of the exhibition. Exhibits of two senior philatelists of Akola Shri Raj Babu Ghuman (Music& Dream Merchants) and Shri Vinubhaib Bavishi (Manoranjan) have also been invited for this exhibition.

Exhibition on the Scout Movement

On the eve of Birthday of Lord Baden Powell & Lady Olave Baden Powell a ‘One Man Show’ on the exhibit “The Scout Movement” of Mr. Ajay Agrawal was organized at Holy Cross Convent High School, Akola on February 22, 2008. This day is celebrated as World Thinking Day in Scout fraternity around the Globe. It was viewed by 43 participating schools comprising of 58 scout masters & guide captains together with 1853 scouts & guide delegates. The Show was a tremendous success & was loved by everyone. State Joint Commissioner of Scouts, Mrs. Pratibha Janolkar inaugurated the show. Mr. Ajay Agrawal was awarded a Large Silver medal for this exhibit at Inpex-2008, Chennai. Besides this Mr. Agrawal has 13 National and International awards to his credit on this exhibit. He was invited by Shri Babasaheb Dhabekar, Commissioner for State to display his exhibit at this occasion. All the present dignitaries were quite surprised to note that India Post till today has issued only TWO commemorative stamps to mark Scouting Movement in spite of repeated requests from Mr. Ajay Agrawal. Shri Babasaheb Dhabekar & Mrs. Pratibha Janorkar promised to discuss the matter with National Headquarters & India Post for bringing out more commemorative stamps on ‘Scouting’

The 3rd Balangir District level Philatelic Exhibition organized by India Post will be held in Balangir from 25 -26 March, 2008
Second Keonjhar district level Philatelic exhibition will be held from 29-30 March 2008.
First district level Philatelic Exhibition is proposed to be held in Bhubaneswar in last week of March
Philatelic exhibition in Manipur

A Division level stamp exhibition will be held in Imphal, Manipur from March 29-29.During the exhibition seminar workshop and quiz will also be organized. Those who are interested to participate may contact Director, Postal Services, Manipur Postal Division Imphal

Campaign on Philately Awareness

A Philately Awareness Campaign was organized at H.P.O. Keonjhar on 24 Feb. 2008 Mr. Akshay Kumar Nayak, President Keonjhar Philatelists’ Association presided the function. Abhijit Patnayak, a student of Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Keonjhar was felicitated in the function with a certificate of appreciation for his achievement for getting a Silver- Bronze medal at Inpex-2008.

Coin Show
A Numismatic Show will be held in Ahmedabad from March 14-16.

Guest of the Month

Shri B.J. Kumar was a veteran philatelist of Kanpur. He had participated in various philatelic exhibitions and written articles on philately in different newspapers and philatelic magazines. His magazine U-Phil Times was published from Kanpur for a long period but few years ago he could not edit it because of his old age illness. Uttar Pradesh is proud to have such great philatelist from Kanpur who spent a long time in promoting philately. He organized philatelic exhibitions at Kanpur with the help of Deptt. of Posts and always donated special prizes for youth class from his Philatelic Society “United Philatelists”. Sometimes we meet some persons in life unknowingly who make our life special in some way for a lifetime. We are always grateful to them. Shri B.J. Kumar was such a person for me who showed me the spectacular picture of stamp collecting. I found that stamp collecting was not just hoarding stamps but much more than it. I had a long association with him since my school days. In fact I entered the field of Philately under his guidance and was able to participate in International Philatelic Exhibitions Mladost-84, Bulgaria and Mophila-85, Germany from youth class. I learnt about philatelic journalism while working as sub-editor of U-Phil Times from him. With his blessings I am able to edit this magazine independently today. He was the guest of month for March issue of Rainbow Stamp News, but unfortunately he passed away on 5th march 2008. I am presenting here his article in his loving memory as well as a philatelic tribute to him- Editor

Indian Post Offices on Foreign Lands
By late Shri B.J. Kumar

In the wake of the Indian traders who spread across Southern Asia and East Africa, there came in due course a postal administration established by the Indian Post office, using Indian stamps. The Indian Post Office has also been a historical centre, which has shown way for the organized postal communication in areas of Middle East comprising Arabia, Persia and Turkey and in the Far East to straits settlement Sarawak and Borneo. The Indian Post Offices in the Turkish, Arabia and Persian Gulf date back to more than 100 years. The first Indian post offices established in these foreign countries were at Bushire and Muscat and they were opened as regular post offices on 1st May, 1864.

Bahrain’s postal administration dates back to 1884 when an agency of the Indian Post office was opened in Manama, the chief town of Bahrain Island. Indian stamps were used there for 50 years without any overprint and they can only be distinguished by their post marks “squared circle” variety found on stamps of Queen Victoria and double ring hand stamps on the stamps of subsequent reigns. In 1933 the contemporary Indian definitive up to 5 rupees value was overprinted “Bahrain”. Indian stamps of K.G. VI were also overprinted and some of those have been found with forged overprints- inexplicable state of affairs since genuine specimens are quite plentiful. When India attained freedom in 1947, responsibility for Bahrain was transferred to the colonial office and postal matters were delegated to the Overseas Mail Branch of the G.P.O. in London.

In 1909 an Indian Post Office was opened at Dubai and a small single circle date stamp inscribed “Dubai –Persian Gulf” was used to cancel Indian adhesives. This cancellation remained up till the outbreak of World War II and is not too difficult to find, but before 1914 it is a scarce item. Two double ring date stamps were used contemporaneously in the twenties and thirties and these are the postmarks most usually encountered. A very rare item is the “Experimental P.O. K- 46” postmark introduced during the last war for use on mail from servicemen stationed there. In 1943 a machine cancellation with wavy lines was adopted and this was used until recent times. When India became free in 1947. Great Britain took over the administration of the Indian postal agencies in the Gulf.

About the Indian stamps used in Muscat we will have to go through history of the area also. The Persians were driven out of Zanzibar and its dependencies in 1944 by the great Imam Achmed Bin Said at Busaidi of Oman and for more than a century after-wards, Zanzibar and that part of Arabia known until recently as Trucial Omanate were under the same rulers. The bicentenary of the foundation of Al Busaid dynasty was celebrated in 1944 by a set of four stamps showing an Arab dhow and a map of Arabia and East Africa. The first stamps of Muscat, which appeared that year, consisted of the contemporary Indian definitives overprinted in Arabia to commemorate the Al Busaid bicentenary as well. This is the short history of Indian post offices on foreign land before India attained freedom in 1947.

In the 1971 war with Pakistan, the big thrust in the Barmer area gave India effective control right upto Umarkot and Naya Chor, 45 Kms, inside Sind. At the time the war ended, Indian troops were occupying a position only 1.5 Kms from the town. Another thrust was launched some 150 Kms. To the south of Rann of Kutch area. The major gain here was the elimination of the bulge into Indian territory at the centre of which stood the sub-divisional town of Nagar Parkar. This India gained an area of 375 Sq. Kms. Now the Indian column edged northward to join with the forces launched from the Barmer border at Chachro, about midway between the two thrusts. Chachro town is 73 Kms. From Gadra Road, a town on the Barmer border from which the Naya Chor thrust was launched. Its peace time population was 10,000 of which only 4,000 remained behind. Chachro town was a very important Communication centre of the enemy. Its name was derived from the name of the father of the ruler of Sind, Raja Dahir. His father’s name was CHACHRI. It was first called Chachri meaning town of CHACH. Its history is traceable from 644 A.D.

To serve the area round about Chachro a Sub Post office was opened on the afternoon of 11-1-72 in the Office of the Head master of Govt. Primary School. Chachro as the original building of the Post Office was destroyed in the war by fire and it was now used as mess by 4 Madras regiment. In the beginning the letters etc. were cancelled with “EXPTL. P.O. J-519” date stamp which was replaced with “Chachro P.O.” date stamp on 28-6-72. Pin Code No. 344503 was also allotted to this P.O. when it was introduced in the other towns of India. Only four defacing seals were provided to this office; viz, Date stamp, Seal stamp, Name stamp and Due stamp. Registered letters were also accepted by this post office. On the average 250 to 300 letters were received daily at Chachro for delivery. There also existed Army Post Office (F.P.O. 1932) and A.P.O. was responsible for carrying Dak between India and Chachro. Chachro P.O. was not only delivering Dak in the village round about Chachro; viz; Bapardya. Dhokla, Khivsar, Rajora, Amad Katarah etc. Chachro P.O. was closed on 15th Dec. 1972 when the Indian Forces were withdrawn from occupied territory of Pakistan. It is the only civil Post office opened on the soil of any foreign territory since India attained freedom in 1947.

Publications / CDs

Quiz Book on Stamps

“Stamp Quizzes” By Anil Dhir is a recent publication which got a Silver Bronze medal at INPEX2008 at Chennai. It is a very comprehensive and detailed book on Stamp Quiz. There are more than 1500 questions and answers on general philately, India, USA, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Indian States. This book is very informative for all philatelists, philatelic libraries, school children and college students. It is a complete handbook of Philatelic Trivia and Quizzes. Indian Price Rs. 300 International Price $ 20. For this book Readers may contact

CD on Stamp Collecting

A beautiful presentation on Stamp Collecting through Slide Show on CD has been prepared by Mr. Vipin Kumar Thakur of Chandigarh. It is complete information on Stamp collecting for beginners like how to start collecting stamps, Philatelic Terms, participating in an exhibition, stamp Quiz, Types of stamp collections and many other topics of philately have been explained through the slide show. The children and beginners would like it very much and will be encouraged to the hobby of Stamp collecting. It is recommended for Schools, stamp clubs and Philatelic Bureaus and is very useful in organizing a philatelic workshop. It was awarded a Bronze Medal at Inpex2008. For more details about this CD, Readers may contact: Ph: 9463389963

Philatelists Speak……

Naresh Agrawal, Bilaspur

Through this letter, I would like to congratulate my friends Mr. Satyendra Agrawal and Mr. Dinesh Sharma both in particular for their achievements in INPEX 2008.This has proved me wrong or have shown me, come what may, a thematic philatelist too can get GOLD in Indian National Exhibition also. (Because I had taken up the issue that why GOLD is not awarded in Thematics) Well done, my friends. I know for you it was easy to get Gold abroad but in India, it was very - very difficult. So you have proved that the knowledge, the research, the display, the presentation techniques, the material, the variety, the rarities can not be neglected for a longer period and it has to be awarded and recognized one day or the other. I request both of my dear friends to start giving their comments on how to build a thematic collection step by step. Though so much is being written on this, but every one has his own way of putting up the things and to explain. So, their experience in this regard will help the other philatelist. Firstly I shall learn much from their views. Very frankly speaking, during Inpex-Empirepex 2001, I learnt from the exhibit of Mr. Satyendra Agrawal that variety of material certainly gets appreciation and this shows how broad one can think about usage of variety of philatelic material and how much search and research needs to be done. There was much more to learn from exhibit of Mr. Dinesh Sharma too. It might not have attracted the public in general because of the lack freshness and the fragrance of roses which are very close to the hearts of the public in general but the material shown, the philatelic knowledge reflected was tremendous. The rarities, the storyline, the placements were marvellous. What I want to say is that with so much of hard work done by them, they should get recognition as veteran and masters of philately. I hope this message of mine will be suitably conveyed to them and they will prepare themselves to serve the philatelic fraternity. In fact, what I am thinking is that now the initiative is to be taken by us ourselves to see that the philatelists get better guidance so that they get better awards in the future exhibitions instead of cursing the jury. We must not forget that there can not be foolproof jury and there can not be the result which would satisfy each and every one. So, my dear Dinesh, I want you to take up the torch of knowledge to enlighten the thematic philatelists and dear Satyendra Ji you take out your roses so that every one could smell the fragrance of these. Further, I would like to tell my friends who are annoyed with the jury of Inpex 2008 for not giving them proper awards which they feel they deserved. Friends, why don't we excuse the jury? I will write on this later in some other article. But my personal advice is that 'gone is gone' now we should concentrate on the future exhibitions and should see how can we improve our exhibit.Looking forward to the response from dear Satyendra Ji and Dinesh Bhai.

Pradip Mohanty, Cuttack

A magazine requires research papers so it will be more useful to collectors. You see how many news bulletins are giving research papers other than regular news?? Now the internet has given a wide scope for news as well research works. But I found instead of enjoying the hobby with a dedicated research work. We are more interested in investment oriented and prizewinning spirit. Once you collect then the same will be investment. Regarding prize winning it’s like choosing a girl for marriage. A girl may not be appreciated by you but will be appreciated by others, so the juries. I have seen last 20 years in all exhibitions that philatelists complain about their collections not deserving the good marks. How we expect our expectations when the persons examining the collections are not well informed/not adhering to guidelines for judging and favoring the competitors.We are talking about the INDIA POST regarding mismanaging the exhibitions and failure to create awareness about the philately. Why this is going on? In my opinion we the senior philatelists are responsible for this .There is no well managed Apex association .We are busy in infighting among ourselves and finger others. But we should know once we finger others there are another three fingers directed to us. So first we assess ourselves before fingering others as a result we will get the answers from ourselves for all our questions.

Beginners’ Section


Penny Black was the first postage stamp of the world. On May 6, 1840 adhesive stamps for the prepayment of postage were on sale for the first time in England, and in fact, for the first time anywhere in the world. This idea was developed largely by Sir Rowland Hill, and was the beginning of postage stamps as we know them. After much research into postage costs and administration, he proved that there was no benefit in charging according to the distance over which a letter was carried. His scheme for a prepaid postage charge of one penny-regardless of distance- was introduced after much hostile Government and official opposition.

The first stamp- The 'Penny Black' - was a black stamp with a portrait of Queen Victoria, and the words 'Postage' and 'One Penny' and various check letters in the bottom corners. Since it was the world's first stamp, there was no need to put the name of the issuing country on it. Do u think? Is the Penny Black the world’s most expensive stamp? No, it’s not. But it is the world’s most famous stamp. The total print run from all plates was 286,700 sheets with 68,808,000 stamps. An unused Penny Black stamp is valued in the 2001 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue at $3,000, and a used one is valued at $180. After all, as the world’s first pre-paid postage stamp, it heralded the greatest communication boom in history. On the first day over 112,000 letters were posted, each with a used Penny Black affixed. Over 168 million letters were posted in 1840. However, mint examples remain rare. Why? A penny in 1840 was a considerable amount of money. If you paid a Penny you made sure you posted your letter. You can see from the image that the Penny Black did not incorporate the United Kingdom’s name on the stamp. It had no need to. It was the first to this day the UK remains the only country that does not use its name on its stamps. The Penny Black is an important part of world history, a major part of British history. And of course a favourite item for philatelists all over the world.

Stamp Value
What makes a stamp valuable is its rarity. It is difficult to tell when a stamp is new whether it will be valuable one day. The British Guiana one cent stamp is the rarest stamp in the world (only one was ever made). It was found by a schoolboy in British Guiana in 1873. If you had it you would be a multi-millionaire! Some stamps, such as the Penny Black, are very scarce and are therefore very valuable. There are many other rare stamps that are eagerly sought after by collectors. In 1958 Alfred Caspary's stamp collection sold for US$2,750,000. Ten years later, Josiah Lilly sold his collection for almost $4 million dollars. Both had made a lifetime hobby of stamp collecting. What a great reward for doing something you enjoy.Specialized Section

Specialized Section

By Dr. Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

Dr. Satyendra Agrawal is not only Man of Roses but also applauded for his excellent collection on Disney characters. He also has the credit of a First ever Solo Philatelic Exhibition of 300 album pages on Disney Theme: "Disney Art on Stamps", in 1995 at Varanasi. It attracted philatelists and Disney lovers of all ages, received congratulations from American Topical Association USA and reviewed in Topical Times, May June 1996 issue. His article on Roses published in last issue was very much appreciated by the readers. Here is another comprehensive article by him on ‘DisneyWorld in Philately’ for you.- Editor

No emblem of the 20th century is more universal than Mickey Mouse; no signature is more widely recognized than that of his creator, Walt Disney. The Disney version - whether of a favorite fairy tale or of that famous 'signature' -is simplified, idealized and uncomplicated. Though not faithful to the original, it invariably takes the place of the original in the world market place. His creations appeared in the form of Comic Books, Animated pictures and now on STAMPS.
Collecting Disney postage stamps is one of the fastest growing specialties in our hobby. The Disney stamps have probably done more to recruit new collectors, young and old, than any other stamp issues. The Disney stamp has representative in every continent. Every kind of philatelic material appears here -essays, proofs, archival prints, letters, postcards, wrappers, stamps, cancels, meters, souvenir sheets, postal cards, special printings, specimen, Cinderella, cachets, etiquettes and corner cards etc.
The first Disney topical stamp was issued by United States on 11 Sept. 1968 features portrait of the man responsible for it all -Walter Ellis Disney. His success as an entrepreneur is astonishing, but it was his talent with the pencil and the brush that made him beloved of all around the globe. He created famous cartoon characters like "Mickey Mouse", "Donald Duck" and "Goofy". He also established world biggest amusement park -Disney Land and EPCOT Centre in USA.150 million copies of this stamp were sold throughout the US in the first seven days.
The second commemorative set was released by San Marino two years later in 1970. This set is the first time that any Disney character appeared on postage stamp. The highest value of the set (220L) is the first time that a scene from an animated feature film was pictured on a stamp. This is also significant because "The Jungle Book" (appeared on 220L) was the last animated film that Walt made. San Marino FDC for this issue is considered the rarest of the Disney Covers. The regular issuance of Disney stamps started from 1979, the year the United Nations designated as "International Year of the Child". Many countries began to issue co-coordinated omnibus sets of Disney stamps and S/Ss, so that a group from several countries fits a common theme. Some are already scarce and expensive, notably the 1980 Easter set from Barbuda.
Disney stamp series are produced for Christmas, the Olympic Games, International Stamp Shows and the United Nations annual programmes, as well as for such topics as famous authors and space. The early issues generally were based on fantasy, but more recent emissions have included historical topics, landmarks, cultural highlights from countries hasting international stamp shows and athletic events. Stamps depicting Disney characters as well as known figures from classic literature and fairy tales e.g. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Aladdin, Pinocchio etc. are very popular among Disney phillies Disney Comic Book covers and early Disney Toys are other favorite stamp series widely collected today. One way to organize a thematic Disney Collection is by individual Disney Cartoon Characters or stories. Life history of world famous Disney Cartoon characters is also available in full detail on Disney stamps. It includes, how they are created, the changes occurred in their shape and style with time, their famous movies and shorts, family, friends and their funny activities. These stamps and covers are also very popular among Topical Philatelists.

Regardless of what is to come, the issues which have already been released are among some of the most colourful and exciting stamps in the world. Each stamp has its own story to tell, whether specially drawn for a specific issue or a redrawing of a classic piece of art work. It may surprise some collectors to learn that competition for better Disney material is as keen as it is in many areas of traditional philately with prices to match. Mickey Mouse Fancy cancels of USA used between 1926 and 1935 are key items for Disneyphillies. The earliest known usage of a Disney subject postcard (1930) and advertisement cover (1931), 20th century fancy cancels of Disney subjects (1932-1937), Disney meters from the 1930s to today, Disney novel cachets from the 1930s to modern times, World War II Disney censored mail and patriotic covers including V-mail etc.

To keep Disney topicalists up-to-date on new issues, new meter slogans, cancels, covers and background information on the stamps and characters portrayed thereon, a quarterly newsletter "DISNEMATION" is publishing regularly from Canada. "Hand book of Disney Philately" is also released by Iridore Baum of the Wonderful World of Stamps in Montreal in 1990. The official catalogue of Disney Stamps is published by Barrett Warthen. Disney topic is growing fast and has a good future too. Many Disney collections have won highest awards in National and International Stamp Exhibitions. Some are "Walt Disney- Master Showman" by Corky Lynch, "The Sun Never Sets on Mickey Mouse" by Ken Lawrence, "Disney Philately" by William Silvestre, "Happy Birthday Donald Duck" by Tushar Agrawal etc.

The Last Post

- By Anil Dhir

The Last Post is not only a piece of Postal History, but also a literary piece. Some of you must have read about it but here it is in own words of Anil Dhir. Those who love to read short stories would appreciate it very much. He has well portrayed the life of Nila Nayak. The 20 minute short film is recommended to be shown in Schools, colleges and all the philatelic Bureaus of India for it is keeping the tradition alive. It should also be telecast on television so that people would be able to know about it. Philatelists will appreciate the film very much. As most of the dialogues are in Oriya but English captions are also given. The well presented film showing the life of Nila Nayak as well as the living tradition of existing Tonga mail Service shows the technical skill of Mr. Dhir in making a film also besides being an avid philatelist and philatelic author.-Editor


This is the story of Nila Nayak, his two horses Budhhu and Sania, and the rickety mail cart in which he carries the mailbags for the Post Office in the picturesque town of Jeypore in Eastern India. It is a story of a small town man, caught up in the agony of existence, his own and his family’s, a man who has sacrificed his present and his future for the sake of the past. Nila Nayak belongs to the breed of maverick individuals, for whom the quote “the meek shall inherit the earth” is very appropriate. This is his story, the story of a man, who in spite of all adversities still maintains a family tradition that was set by his great grandfather, and in spite of all odds, he still trudges through and ekes out a meager living from a job that he and his family have being doing since his living memory. The story encompasses the lives of Nila, his wife Chanchala, his son Padmanabh, the postal department and the people of the small town of Jeypore. This is the story of how, in spite of the radical changes that have happened in a century, Nila’s small microcosmic world remains unchanged, unaffected and pristine. Most of the inhabitants of this small city would describe Nila Nayak as an uncouth alcoholic, who gets punch drunk from the morning and meanders his way thru the day, carrying the mail for the post office in his ramshackle and creaky one horse cart. He is a very familiar sight, and a character that is known to every one in the place. In the course of the many trips he makes to the Bus Stand, where he drops the mail bags, he stops to listen to people, who either call him a no good drunk and enquire whether he has had his morning tipple, or ask about his health and the health of his horses. They usually pass their judgment on the overloaded mail cart and express their doubt whether he would make it to the bus stand in one piece. This is not without reason, as the overloaded mail cart frequently breaks down, and Nila Nayak can be heard hurling invectives, swearing and cursing the Post office mandarins and calling them names that he would not dare use even for his horses.
Why does Nila still do a job that is not remunerative? Why has he passed on the baton to his son and convinced him that his future too lay in carrying the mail? Why does the Post office, which boasts of modernizing all its services, still carry the mail in the horse Tonga? These are the questions, which intrigued me, and made me journey into Nila’s world. What I learned has culminated in this book. It was just plain curiosity, triggered by my philatelic interests that made me go down to Jeypore to meet the man. I had heard of him, tidbits from different sources, small newspaper stories and short news clips, where the fact that the mail was still carried by a horse drawn cart was the point that was emphasized. Little mention was given to the human face that undertook the work. It was more of a horse story. The week that I spent with him, going about on his Tonga, loading and unloading the mailbags, and being drawn into his and his family’s lives was an experience which was very soul stirring.
I have written the book and made the film from the different perspectives of Nila, his family members, the post office, the community and citizens of Jeypore and in the end given my own inferences. His two horses too, in their stable equinine senses, must have had their theories, but I have left their perspectives unpenned. This is not a story of man animal relationship, tradition versus modernity, modern postal history or of crumbling family and social values, but it is rather a human interest story which speaks of one mans determination to live life on a path set by his forefathers, his frustrations at the metamorphosing world where his mettle remains unchanged, the bleak uncertainness and chill penury which has driven him to drunkenness and despair, and a state where there is no silver lining behind the dark clouds that loom on his life’s horizon.
The proceeds and earnings of this book and film will all go to Nila Nayak, with the abject intention that he and his mail cart keep rolling, uphill and downhill, carrying the mail as has been done for nearly a century.


Winners of Large Vermeil medal at INPEX 2008 Chennai

Competitive Class

S.No. Exhibitor’s Name Title Marks Medal /Sp. prize

1 Moses Mathuram G Essays Proofs, Repaints& Specimen stamps of India 87 Large Vermeil + Sp Prize

2 Narendra Kumar sahoo Portuguese India 85 Large vermeil

3 Abdul Hai Pre Independence India 85 Large vermeil

4. Binod Kumar Kasera Definitive Stamps of India 85 Large Vermeil

Class Postal History Sub Class: India Pre Adhesive Period

5. G. Amarchand Hand struck stamps of India 89 Large vermeil

Sub Class: India after Independence

6. Gopal Biswas India Pre Independence postmarks 89 Large vermeil + sp prize

7. Shruti Kishore Chandak Classic Period of India’s RMS 85 Large Vermeil

Sub Class: Indian Feudatory States

8. Somani Shag Chand Postal history of Kishangarh state 85 Large Vermeil

9. Prakash O K Cochin Anchal History 85 Large Vermeil

Class: Postal Stationery

10. Valmick K. Desai Pre Independence postal stationery 85 Large Vermeil

Class: Thematic class

11. Lallan Prasad Singh How’s and why’s of Birds 85 Large Vermeil + Sp Prize

12. T. Ramlingeswar Rao Railways 85 Large Vermeil + Sp Prize

Rainbow Stamp News congratulates all the winners of INPEX-2008

Editor’s Note- Readers are requested to write about their achievements and details about their exhibits whether small or big for inclusion in this column. We respect all those who are associated with the hobby of Stamp Collecting. It doesn’t matter what award you win it matters how closely you are attached to this hobby.

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Cartoon Characters and Harry Potter on Australian Stamp Souvenir Sheets 2007
1. Mickey and Friends- souvenir stamp sheets bring together favorite Disney characters including Mickey Mouse.

2. Disney Princess - This features five of the most famous Disney princesses, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle and Snow White.

3. Winnie the Pooh -This souvenir stamp sheet features the main Winnie the Pooh characters in the stamp tabs and commemorate Winnie’s 80 years of adventures.

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8. 19 Feb 2008 Centenary of Scouting in Australia from 1908 – 2008 – 50c, $1.35, $2.00The centenary of the Scouting movement was celebrated worldwide in 2007 marking the first experimental camp for 20 boys at Brown sea Island, England in August 1907. The founder of Scouting, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, used the opportunity to test his ideas for an outdoor education program that "developed pluck, intelligence, initiative, and a spirit of adventure". The success of this initiative led to two publications: Scouting for Boys and Scout both appearing in installments in 1908. Scouting quickly spread around the world and the arrival of these pamphlets in Australia led to the rapid development of scouting in this country.The 50 cent stamp depicts Joeys, Cubs and Scouts in an action shot that highlights the resourcefulness and teamwork sentiment so strong within the Scouting culture. The international stamps feature a more global image that depicts the goodwill of Scouts from around the world including an Australian Scout in an orange shirt, and a commemorative profile of international founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell.

9. 26 Feb 2008 visiting birds to the CoCos Islands- 2 x 50c, $1.00, $1.45Of the approximate 60 species of birds recorded, 25 have been seen on North Keeling Island (Pulu Keeling National Park) in recent times.The bird population of Cocos (Keeling) Islands can be classified as endemic; birds that breed on the island; migratory non-breeding visitors; and vagrants; irregular visiting birds that periodically “drop in” on their migratory route. This new bird issue features four of the visiting birds to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

10. 3 March 2008 Gorgeous Australia -$1.35, $2.00, $2.70, $4.00This international issue showcases four spectacular gorges occurring in different landscapes types in Australia. The gorges featured on the stamps are: Grose River Gorge, NSW - $1.35 Wa lpa Gorge, NT - $2.00 Katherine Gorge, NT - $2.70 Geikie Gorge, WA - $4.00


24 March 2008 The Games of the XXIX Olympiad- Torch Relay - 2 Stamps + 1 M/SValidated by IOC, the Olympic Flame will be lit in Olympia, Greece according to tradition on March 24, 2008. From March 24-29, the Torch Relay will travel across Greece, ending at the Panathinaiko Stadium, the site of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. After the handover ceremony in the stadium, the Olympic Flame will arrive in Beijing on March 31, 2008. In Beijing, a ceremony will be held for the arrival of the flame into China and Beijing 2008 Olympic torch relay will commence.Ukraine26 Jan 2008 XXIX Olympic Games Beijing 2008 – 1.00 Archery, 1.30 Fencing, 2.47 Cycling, 3.33 Rowing

United States

6March 2008 Four Legends of American Science-1. Theoretical Physicist, John Bardeen 2. Biochemist, Gerti Cori 3. Astronomer, Edwin Hubblle 4. Structural Chemist, Linus Pauling - 4 X 41c

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