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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shimla October 2008 Issue No. 10

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Dear Philatelist

The month of October is the month of festivals and of course the month of philatelic exhibitions which are being held round the country. In this month it comes to my mind that India is a country of festivals. It is a humble request to India Post to issue few stamps on Indian Festivals which are celebrated with great joy all over the country. We have lot of stamps on personalities, monuments, Flora & Fauna, Sports and other themes. But the subject of festival and culture is lacking in Indian Theme. If we analyse the issues of India, we find there is dominance of personalities on Indian stamps. India is a country with rich cultural heritage and is known for its variety of culture found in different states. So the theme of culture should have an important place in Indian stamps. With this idea I just hope that you will enjoy this issue. We also have the birthday of our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi on October 2 which is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti all over the country . Our philatelic tributes to this great patriot of India. Have a nice festive season and Greetings to all of you for Id, Durga Puja, Dussehra and Deepawali. Till next month Happy Collecting!........

.......Jeevan Jyoti


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Recent Indian Issues

· 2 August 2008 Aldabra Giant Tortoise - 500P, 1500 P + M/s
· 8 August 2008 Beijing Olympics 2008
· 12 August 2008 Indian Coast Guard – 4 x 500P + M/s
· 21 August 2008 Ustad Bismillah Khan – 500 P
· 17 September 2008 Sir Pitti Theagarayar, Dr. T.M. Nair, Dr. C Natesan

P Theagarayar

P. Thegayar was born at Egathur on April 27, 1852. He obtained bachelors degree from the Presidency College, Chennai. He served as member of Madras Municipal Corporation for 40 years since 1882. He was elected to the Madras Legislative Council in 1910. He was served as Chairman of Madras Municipality from 1920 to 1923. He founded South Indian Chamber of Commerce and served its Chairman from 1910 to 1921. He passed away on June 30, 1925.

Dr. C. Natesan

C Natesan Mudaliar was born in Tiruvallikeni area in Chennai in 1875. He graduated from Madras University. He worked first as lecturer in Pithampuram Maharaja College and later as interpreter in Gordon Woodrof Company. He then joined the Medical College as a student and became a doctor. He was elected to State Assembly during 1920-1926 and 1935-1937.

Dr. T. M. Nair

Taravat Mahadevan Nair was born on January 15, 1868 at Koduvayur, now in Kerala. He was precocious child and passed his matriculation examination with flying colors while still in Class 5. After his early education at Palghat he went on to acquire a master's degree in Arts from Presidency College, Madras. He then achieved a degree in medicine from the Medical College, Madras. He went to England in 1889 and obtained the highest degree in medicine MBCM in 1894 followed by a Doctorate from Edinburg University in 1896. He specialized in ENT from Paris, France. He was Secretary of the Student Union in his college days and published a journal called 'University Student'. He was Vice President of the Indian Association in London. He published 'Antiseptic' a popular medical monthly for 16 years. He published a newspaper 'Justice' for Justice Party for many years. He also edited 'Madras Standard' a magazine published from Chennai. He regularly wrote on the ideologies of the Justice Party in British media.He presented his views on communal representation principle in the British Parliament in 1918. He traveled to England again in 1919. He passed away on July 17, 1919 at London.

New Postal Stationery

New Meghdoot Post cards

Jharkahnd: Kasturba Gandhi Resident Schools, Hindi

Jhaarkahnd: Technical Education, Hindi

Jharkahnd: National Rural Employment Guarantee, Hindi

Jharkahnd: Girl Child Education, Hindi

Jharkahnd: Integrated Child Development, Hindi

Education or All, HindiGirl Child Support Plan, Hindi

Consumer Rights, Tamil

Unit Trust of India Infrastructure Fund,

Unit Trust of India Female Feticides, Hindi

Stop Child Marriage,

HindiAIDS, Hindi

Mother Protection Plan, Hindi

No Scalpel Vasectomy, Hindi

Inoculations, Hindi

Narmada Fertilizers, Gujarati

Rudra Shiva, Tala, Chhattisgarh, Hindi

Inland Letter
Oriental Insurance, ISP, Hindi
AIDS, OriyaDisaster Management advertisement in Assamese

Special Cover – Postmark
23 August: Madanganj (Kishangarh), 87th Birth Anniversary of Mahasati Umrao Kanwarji Maharaj Sa

In The News


This stamp was issued on 3 September 2008 and was designed to promote the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008 which was held on September 12-14, 2008 at the Prague-HoleŇ°ovice Exhibition Grounds. The monastery Na Slovanech was founded in 1347 by the Emperor Charles IV for South Slavonic monks of the Benedictine order with the aim of strengthening Slavonic relationships and removing controversies between the Western and the Eastern churches. It was the only Slavonic monastery of Charles' empire where the monks used the Old Slavonic language as the language of liturgy. The name Emauzy comes from the chapter of the Gospel read on the consecration day (the one describing the meeting of Jesus with his disciples at the village of Emmaus). The monastery became a centre of education and arts. The three-navy church of the Virgin Mary, St. Jerom and the Slavonic Patrons Saint is one of the largest churches in Prague. Adjacent to it on the southern side is a four-wing monastery with ambulatory around the paradise garden. The site also includes the Gothic royal chapel, the chapter hall and the Baroque refectory. The cloister is decorated with pairing painting; however, only a small part of the original cycle of 85 scenes from the Old and the New Testaments was preserved. These unique frescos belong to the most precious monuments of the Gothic era.

Heartiest Congratulations to Indian participants at PRAGA 2008
Indian participation in PRAGA 2008 World stamp exhibition was as given below. It was a specialized exhibition limited to Traditional, Postal History, One Frame, and Philatelic Literature classes. Damyanti Pittie was India's National Commissioner.

Large Vermeil Medal
Damayanti Pittie -- 'Bombay City Cancellations till 1900'Postal History - 87 Points
Abdul Matin Mollah -- 'Indian Government Fiscal and Judicial Stamps and Stamp Papers', Literature - 87 Points
Large Silver Medal
Sathi Veerachandra Menon -- 'Postmarks of Travancore State' Postal History - 75 Points
Silver Bronze Medal
Colonel Jayanta Dutta, 'Deccan Philatelist' Literature - 65 Points

Congratulations to participants in OLYMPEX -2008, Beijing

Winners from Bangalore (From left our member M.Jagannath,T. N Prahadarao,K Gautham Achar,Varun Bala Krishinan

LONDON 2010 International Stamp Exhibition
The London 2010 exhibition will run from May 8 to 15, 2010 and will have some 2460 competitive frames. Mr.Yogesh Kumar of Bareilly is the National Commissioner from India. A special feature will be an invited exhibition of 32 frames relating to King George V. There will be about 200 trade and postal administration stands. As part of LONDON 2010, Festival of Stamps will be held. It will be year long programme of exhibition events and activities marking the centenary of the accession of the George V, the Philatelist King. The British Postal Museum & Archive (BPMA) and Royal Philatelic Collection are working in partnership with the Guildhall Art Gallery to produce the exhibition 'Empire mail: George V & The GPO'. This unique exhibition will explore the reign of King George V and will be open from May 7 to July 25 2010 at the Guildhall Art Gallery.

Venue: The Business Design Centre

An era of conflict and great change, the reign of George V spanned from 1910-1936 and saw the development of a number of communication methods, which brought the world closer. The exhibition will explore themes from king's reign such as innovations in mail transportation, the first Atlantic Air Crossing, the rise of graphic design in the 1920 and 1930s and wartime memories.
Frames and competitive classes
There will be some 2400 competitive frames available, comprising 1200 frames on show from 8 to 11 May, with the exhibits then changed for a different 1200 frames from 12 to 15 May.It is planned to include the following competitive classes:

Traditional Philately
Postal History
Philatelic Literature
Postal Stationery
Thematic Philately

There will also be a Youth Philately Class (one frame only), and also a One Frame Class which will be restricted to King George V philately and related material.The London 2010 International Stamp Exhibition has been granted full FIP Patronage as a World Exhibition, and all the competitive part of the exhibition will be run according to FIP standards. The contract for FIP Patronage was officially signed at the St Petersburg International Exhibition. The Bulletin 1 of the LONDON 2010 is now available at The prospective exhibitors are encouraged to submit an electronic entry form online at Alternatively, the entry forms may be downloaded from or obtained from the national commissioner. India's national commissioner is Yogesh Kumar of Bareilly. When a would-be exhibitor submits the online form, a copy goes to the exhibitor, the national commissioner and to the organizers. The national commissioner is then required to either approve or reject the entry. The entries approved by the national commissioners will be considered by the organizers for allotment. The entry forms can also be obtained by post from National Commissioner : Mr. Yogesh Kumar VISHNU BHAVAN, 370 Mc Nair Road, Prem Nagar, Bareilly – 243005 ( U.P.) Tel. No. 0581-2543379 (R) & 2576441 (O)

Regional UK stamps celebrated in Re - Issue
Royal mail re-issued the nine original Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland country definitive designs to mark the 50th anniversary of the first country definitive stamps to be issued in the UK. Country Definitive stamps first appeared in August 1958, prior to which, only symbols of all four countries of the UK appeared on one unified design, but calls for a ‘regional’ stamp began as early as 1945 when the Channel Islands requested their own postage stamps. Eventually after several false starts, individual committees were formed designs selected and after all practical and political issues were resolved, new stamps appeared for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.Now Royal Mail has selected nine of these original country definitive designs, and re-issued them as postally-valid stamps to appear on a special anniversary Miniature Sheet.Each of the designs has its own regional identity, but all bear Dorothy Wilding’s captivating photograph of the young Queen Elizabeth.

Tributes to R. Seethraman …. The Raja of collections…..

Mr. Raja Seetharaman was our member. It is very shocking and disappointing that he is not with us. Our deepest condolences. He will always be remembered for his great contribution in the field of Philately. The whole philatelic Community will always miss his presence. Our distinguished reader Mr. Krishnaswamy Ramarathnam writes from Chennai about this active philatelist….. – Editor

Mr Raja Seetharaman, a young and very active philatelist of Chennai died at a very young age due to an accident on 3rd September. He was a multifaceted personality being a historian and Numismatist in addition to being a philatelist. His collecting interests in Philately include Gandhi Nehru and Diana. He was a Collector of varied things which include wedding cards, Neighborhood Tabloids of Chennai, Expired Credit Cards, Calling Cards. Bulbs etc. His belief was that one can collect anything as long as it fascinates. The remarkable thing about Raja was that he used to plan meticulously and preserve his collections. He had a separate room earmarked in his house for his collections. Unassuming and mild mannered, Mr Raja Seetharaman used to take active part in organizing Madras Day celebrations since its inception.

He used to bring out Special Covers meticulously designed and executed on the occasion of Madras Day for the last three years. This year’s Madras Day function where he had brought out a cover is perhaps the last public function he attended. He was a Life Member of South India Philatelic Association and Madras Coin Society. His Stamp and Coin Exhibits have won Prizes in many exhibitions. A Graduate of Vivekananda College Chennai. Heritage and Culture were very close to his heart. A visit to his house in Chintatdiripet Madras would bear testimony to his love for Heritage. He and his family have renovated the house without losing any of its old charm or heritage. Mr Raja Seetharaman is survived by his mother and two sisters. Our heart felt condolences to them.

- Krishnaswamy Ramarathnam, Chennai

India Post launches New Logo
A Raja, the Minister of Communications & Information Technology launched a new logo of India Post. The construct of the new logo is inspired by the fact that India Post carries emotion across physical distance. At first glance, it is an envelope and at the next glance, it is a bird in flight, unhindered and unrestricted. The following bold strokes convey free flight. The choices of colors are Red and Yellow. Red has been chosen for its traditional association with the Postal Service. It embodies passion, power and commitment. Yellow communicates hope, joy and happiness. With the introduction of the new logo India Posts embraces change to be a vibrant and dynamic organization, with modern and professional approach in its service to individuals and businesses.
Forthcoming exhibitions

Philatelic exhibition in Bhubaneswar
The Eastern India Philatelists' Association, Bhubaneswar is going to organize a philatelic Exhibition ”Eastern India Philatelic Exhibition-2008 (EIPEX-2008)" at the Jayadev Bhawan, Unit-II, Bhubaneswar on 25th and 26th October, 2008 to commemorate the 10 year of foundation of EIPA with active support of the Department of Posts. The exhibition will be a non-competitive one and is limited to the members of EIPA only. A special cover will be released on 25th October, 2008 to mark the occasion. All the participants will be given a certificate of participation with a commemorative medal or memento. The details of prospectus, entry forms, inventory forms are available in the website http:// The last date of submission of entry forms is 15.10.08. Interested philatelists may contact Contact Mr. A.K. Dash , E-Mail :

Oct 2-3: Chandigarh, ONE FRAME EXHIBIT STAMP EXHIBITION Organized by: Chandigarh Philatelic Club at fourth floor, GPO, Chandigarh . A special postmark on Mahatma Gandhi theme will be given. For details Contact: Rakesh Walia

Oct 13-15: Surat, Philatelic Exhibition Oct 14-15: New Delhi, Philatelic Exhibition
Oct 17-19: Bangalore, Philatelic Exhibition KARPHILEX -2008 from 17 to 19 October at Basava Bavan, Bangalore.

Oct 23-25: Jaipur, Inter School Schoolpex-2008 at St. Xavier's School

Nov 21-23: Thrissur, Philatelic Exhibition, THRISSURPEX-2008 organized by Philatelic Club Thrissur, part of their 30 year celebrations at Pandy Samooha Madhom. A special postmark on Mahatma Gandhi theme will be given .

Guest of the Month

Mr. Timir R. Shah is editor of Vodaphil published by Baroda Philatelic Society and a well known philatelist of Gujarat. He is secretary of Baroda Philatelic Society and a life member of Kutch Hobby Circle, Mumbai. He has participated in various National and State level Philatelic Exhibitions. His collecting interests include Indian Postal Stationery, Indian Air Mails, Counter Printed Stamp Labels and in his Thematic interest includes Orchids, Mushrooms, Roses and Plants Utility. He has won awards in several philatelic exhibitions and has also displayed his collection in Invitees Class of Bhrugupex 2003, Suratpex 2003 and Vadopex 2005. He has successfully organized Vadopex- 2000 as well as Dak- Bharti 2004 in association with GPA Ahmedabad and philatelic workshops in Vadodara Navsari and Surat. A Post Graduate in Microbiology with P.G. Diploma in Environmental Science, Mr. Shah has special interest in thematic collection related with Botany as well as in the collection of Counter Printed Stamp Labels. I am pleased to publish here his article on Counter Printed Stamp labels. I am highly thankful to the philatelists of Gujarat who have given a lot of contribution to both Rainbows. - Editor


In order to keep pace with the rapid technological development and with an eye to reduce the overall cost of operations, INDIA POST has launched a massive drive of modernization. One of the offshoots of such a move is the introduction of Electronic Data Processing Machine – EDP Machine (a personal computer with hard disc drive loaded with application specific software package) and a Printer.
This system is capable of handling every aspect of “ accountable “ mail articles like RP, INS, RL, SP, MO. etc., right from weighing ( a precision Electronic balance based on strain Gauge sensor is directly connected to the EDP machine wherever required ), calculating the appropriate postal charges, generating a Counter Printed “ STAMP “ Lable cum Registration Number Slip, which is struck on the article being booked ( as there are “ PRINTED ” out on a self sticking paper stock ) while producing the corresponding receipt for the patron, for the cash paid. With the introduction of Bar Code, the machine readable version of the typical PIN code of the office of delivery of the article and other relevant details like the office of the origin as well as the serial number of the article, are also imprinted on the label, so that OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) machine can be used even for forwarding, tracking and sorting of such mail pieces, leading to easy accountability at every stage of the transmission route.

Foreign Air registered letter

Following different type of Counter Printed Stamp Label observed.
REG : Registered
REG AD : Registered Acknowledged
RP : Registered Parcel
RP-AD : Registered Parcel Acknowledged
RL : Registered Letter
REG-BKPKT AD : Registered Book Packet Acknowledged
RPKT-AD : Registered Packet Acknowledged
RL-AD : Registered Letter Acknowledged
IP : Insured Parcel
PS : Postal Service
PS-RL : Postal Service Registered Letter
FGN-AIR-RLAD : Foreign Air Registered Letter Acknowledged
FON-AIR-RL : Foreign Air Registered Letter
VPL : Value Payable Letter
VPL-INS : Value Payable Letter Insured
MO : Money Order
STATUS MO : Money Order
: Ordinary MO
SP : Speed Post
SP (Duplicate) : Speed Post Duplicate Receipt
SP-POD : Speed Post Proof of Delivery
SPP : Speed Post Parcel
Other Services

Speed Post Passport Service, Telephone Bill receipt, etc.

Without India Post logo

TYPE I: Without India Post Logo

SHAHIBAG P.O. Booking P.O.
REG. / A 77 Service Type / Sr. No.
DATE Date of Dispatch
Wt. / Ins./To address Wt. / Ins./To address
Stamp affixed Rs. Stamp affixed Rs.

TYPE II : With India Post Logo ( red in colour )

VADODARA H.O. Booking P.O. with or without message
REG. / A 77 Service Type / Sr. No.
DATE / TIME Date of Dispatch / Time ( Hrs-Min )
Rs. Postage
WEIGHT In case of Service Mail – No Rs. / Weight

India Post logo left side

TYPE III: With India Post Logo (red in colour – right or left side of label )

VADODARA H.O. Booking P.O. with or without message
REG. / A 77 Service Type / Sr. No.
Counter No. / Operator Code
AMOUNT RS. Postage
DATE / TIME Hrs – Min / Hrs – Min – sec
Wt / Receiving City with Pin

TYPE IV: With India Post Logo (red in colour)

· Right hand having a India Post Logo ( red in colour ) in almost all types
· Left hand side India Post Logo also observed in area, viz. Hyderabad.

Line 1 : VADODARA HO ( 390 001 ) Booking PO with PINCODE
Line 2 : MO No. : B 6300 ( Counter 2 ) Type of Service ,Counter No.
Operator Code & with Sr. No.
Line 3 & 4: To Address
Line 5 : Sender Address

First 5 lines are common in almost all the labels but variation observed in following lines form Post office to Post Office and for type of postal service used.

Type A : MO Value / Commn
Messgae and Date of dispatch

Type B : MO Value / Commn / Taxes
Date of dispatch

Date of Dispatch
To address

Type D : Date of Dispatch / Time of Dispatch ( Hrs – Min – Sec )
MO Value / Commn

Type E : P-Stamp Rs.
Wt. / Amt Null / Date of dispatch

Type F : Wt.
Amt , Date of despatch , Time of dispatch ( Hrs – Min – Sec )

Type G : Wt.
Postage Stamp , Date of dispatch , Time of despatch (Hrs – Min – Sec )

Type H : P- Stamp Rs. ----
Amt / Wt / Date of dispatch / Time of despatch (Hrs – Min )

Type I : Wt. , VP Amt : ----
Amt , Date of dispatch , Time of dispatch ( Hrs – Min )

Type J : Wt.
PS / Amt / Date of dispatch / Time of despatch (Hrs – Min – Sec )

Type K: INS for Rs. ---/ P- Stamp Rs. ---
Wt / Amt ; NULL / Date of despatch

With BAR Code

Type L: INS for Rs. ---/ P- Stamp Rs. ---
Wt / Amt ; NULL / Date of despatch

Type M : INS for Rs. ---/ P- Stamp Rs. ---
Wt / Amt ; NULL / Date of despatch with Time of Despatch ( Hrs-Min)

Type N: INS for Rs. ---/ P- Stamp Rs. ---
Amt : / Wt / Date / Time of Despatch ( Hrs-Min)
Bar Code of Dispatching Office

Type O: INS for Rs. ---/ P- Stamp Rs. ---
Amt / Wt / Date / Time of Despatch ( Hrs-Min)

Remarks: * Philatelists are requested to furnish the details regarding other types if not included in these articles.

* Views & Suggestions are welcome.

Beginners’ section

Stamp Collecting Equipments

Many types of stamp collecting equipments have been designed to assist the stamp collector. Here are some of them used by philatelists.

Hinges: The most important of all is the stamp hinge. Mounting stamps in album is done with specially prepared gummed paper called ‘hinges’. One should buy a good quality peelable hinges so that they don’t damage the stamps.

Mounts: Collectors of ‘mint’ (unused stamps with full gum) stamps who are very careful to avoid any damage to their collections use mounts which are also called Hawid Mounts available in crystal white and black.

Use of Tweezers & Hinges

Tweezers: Since stamps, especially MINT, that are clean and with full gum just as printed should be fingered as little as possible. They are picked up by a pair of stamp tweezers whose ends are flat to avoid any damage to stamps. With a little practice it will soon be an easy task to pick up both stamps and hinges with these tweezers, thus avoiding any greasy marks on stamps.

Magnifying Glass: It is used to see finer details of stamps. Many type of magnifying glass with light or without light are available in the market.

Water Mark Detector: A small black tray in which a drop or two of benzene is put. Stamps are dropped for a moment in the liquid and the watermark, if there is one, becomes clearly visible.

Perforation Gauge: A card with a graded scale of measurement used to determine the perforations of a stamp.
Album: One needs an album to store the stamps. These are of many types. Stock Books are best to store the stamps. Loose leaf albums are also available with details of a particular country. The used stamps can be mounted with hinges whereas mint stamps should be mounted in hawid mounts only.

Stamp Catalogues: To get the details of stamps various catalogues are available. Stanley Gibbons & Scotts are the well known catalogues, popular all over the world as well as Michel (German) which is very popular in Europe among non – English speaking collectors. We also have online catalogues available on Internet.

Specialized Section

Guidelines for exhibiting First Day Covers and Special Covers

The First Day Cover and Special Cover items referred to as covers should confirm to the principles of maximum possible concordance between the postage stamp or stamps, the Cachet, and the postmark. The quality of the constituent elements and the concordance between these elements give the Cover the qualification of correct philatelic material. Cover exhibit consists of First Day Covers and special Covers.

The postage stamp/s on the cover should be postally valid. Stamps violating ‘Code of Ethics of the UPU” are not admissible. It must be in perfect state. Covers showing several stamps are considered, if one or more of those are concordant with the illustration of the cachet or in the case of a non cacheted cover, forms part of the set. In case a stamp has secondary or partial subjects, each subject may be dealt with separately. The use of automatic vending machines is allowed, but will not score high points except in exceptional circumstances. Non pictorial postmarks are allowed, but will not score high points except in exceptional circumstances.

The cover may be produced and sold by the Postal Administration, a private cover publisher, a philatelic individual or institution. The postmark’s pictorial design and the place of cancellation should have a direct connection with the subject of the stamp and must have the date of issue of stamp/s. the cancellation giving the name of the post office as well as the date should be clear and has to be struck so that the cancellation ties the stamp or date to the cover. This is applicable to special postmarks. It must have the date of the stamp issue and all stamps must be postmarked.

The Cover exhibits can be classified by Country or group of countries, Study or Themes. The exhibit by Country or group of countries includes Covers affixed with stamps issued by one country or by a group of countries having geographical, historical or cultural bonds. The covers may be displayed in chronological order, but such exhibits may not score high points. The specialized exhibit or study will be based, according to the exhibitor’s choice, either on the constituent elements of the cover, or on the different concordances ( either of stamp, cachet or cancellation) or on a specific period. The exhibit including covers related to a theme is limited neither in space nor in time. In these three types of exhibits, so called ‘variants” can be simultaneously shown such as Covers with the same stamp on different covers and with different cancellations and the study of variants of the cancellations.

For Cover exhibits, special significance is given to the philatelic and related knowledge and the maximum concordance. A good concordance between the title, the plan and the contents of the exhibit, a logical and judicious classification of the Covers adapted to the real thread of the plan. The research in Covers should be based on the observance of the three concordances: of subject, of place and of time. The concordance of place requires a connection between the name of the place or the locality shown on the postmark and the subject of the stamp and the cover. The greater the connection between topic or the design of the issued stamp and the place of postmarking will be considered of greater importance. The rarity of covers depends on the relative rarity of one of the three elements in its scope.

Reader’s Right

Editor’s note-
The aim of this stamp newsletter is to provide instant information and facts on philately to the readers and not to hurt anyone’s feelings. A new column Reader’s Right has been started from April issue. Readers may express their views, anguish and resentment through this column on philately. The platform is not used for any vested interest to cause derogatory to philately. When writing your views be sure that it should be related to philately only. It should not be used to express personal feelings between persons or groups in any manner. Please send your postal address and Ph. No. and if possible a photo too when writing on any controversial issue.

I have been reading your blog since many days. I have a general question which I think you are able to explain. In the website of Post it is said that the foreign letter cost is now Rs.20, but when I went to the Post office they said it as Rs.25, Who is correct, Why sudden rise of rates upto Rs.10, What is the cost to send a picture postcard to a foreign country, hope you will explain. Thanks

A Reader

It’s a good question. The minimum charges for foreign mail is Rs. 20 ( Foreign Surface Postage). But the rates given in the list issued by India Post (also available on its website ) Para N0. 4 it specifies rates for Air Mail service i.e Rs. 5 as Air Surcharge. This may be for the letters specified as Air Mail. As the charge for Post card is different for ordinary & Air Mail ( Rs. 7 for ordinary & Rs. 12 for Air mail Post cards). But I never found any difference in these two services as the mail reach at same time by both ways. Readers may also write their comments on these two different rates. You may send your Post card by affixing Rs. 7 stamp and post letter ( upto 20 gms) to any UPU country with Rs 20 stamps . – Editor

Dear Philatelic Friends,

My friend requested for pictures of stamps of USA of specific religions - Eid (Islam/Muslim), Kwanzaa (Native Aboriginal), Hanukkah (Jewish) and Chinese New Year (Stamps courtesy of Sukumar Chaudhuri - Kumar Gupta).

Recognition of the faith diversity within the nation.

This is in connection with my request to the postal administration of United States Postal Services (USA), Canada Post (Canada) and Royal Mail (U.K.) to issue DIWALI stamps for the Hindu, Sikh & Jain faiths, who form a substantial population in the respective countries. X'mas (Christian) stamps are too numerous of these nations hence not shown here. India has issued stamps of diversity, greetings and religious festivals, though secular!

Please let us know, if you are aware of similar thematic stamps of globally.

A thing of beauty is joy forever.

Prakash Mody, Canada

New Issues from other countries


15 August 2008 Aland Mythical Peasant bride – 1.50 Euro


27 September 2008 Argentina national Flower Festival (Scented stamps) – 2 S/s of 5 P each


8 September 2008 Tourist Precincts – 4 x 55c, $ 1.10, $ 1.65, $ 2.75 ;
8 September 2008 Waterfalls of Australia - The Waterfalls featured are: Russell Falls, Tasmania - $1.40 Jim Jim Falls, NT - $2.05 Spa Pool, Hamersley Gorge, WA - 2.80 MacKenzie Falls, Victoria - $4.10

23 September 2008 Special occasions depicting ten beautiful stamps focusing on life’s special occasions and personal milestones.

Czech Republic

3 September 2008 World Stamp Exhibition Praga 2008 – 10 Kc


15 September 2008 50th Anniversary of NASA – 4 Stamps & M/s ;
15 September 2008 Cruise Ships IV 4 Stamps & M/s


7 August 2008 50 years of Gorch Fock, the training ship of German Marines – Sheetlet -10 x 50c

4 September 2008 Dinosaurs M/S with 4 stamps

5 September 2008 Extreme Sports series – 4 x 250 W

16 September 2008 royal Headgear – 10 x 50s

New Zealand

6 August 2008 Stamps & M/s on Alphabets – 26 x 50c


29 August 2008 Bridges of Poland – 2 x 1.45 zt & 2 x 3 zt


26 September 2008 Pharmaceutical Ceramics – 2.25€

18 September 2008 RAF Uniform – 3 x 1st class, 3 x 81p

The Lighter Side

Do you know?

Classic Error Albino 1/2 Anna stamp of Q.V. - H.K. Jain, Mandla (M.P.)

Albino stamp of Q.V. (1/2 a.S.G.No.85, blue green) used on back side of 1/2 envelope. A registered cover dispatched from Mail Office Delhi Railway Station to Bikaner city. An Albino stamp along with normal stamp of Q.V.1/2 Anna affixed on back side of Q.V.1/2 a. green cover & cancelled by circular Dispatch seal "M.O.DELHI R.S./REG.8 FE./00 (ie.1900)".The delivery circular seal shows "BIKANIR REG./FE.10./00." The impression of outer frame of stamp as well as traces of green colour clearly seen (by magnifying glass) on Albino stamp. This type of major error not reported in any catalogue so for.

Rarities of Canada
The prepayment of postage by means of stamps was authorized in Canada early in April 1851, at that time no stamps had been provided. For a short while before supplies became available. R. W. Kelly, Postmaster of new Carlisle, Gaspe had some envelopes printed in black with the words’ Three Pence’ enclosed in an ornamental frame, and used them to denote the prepayment of postage. Only one such envelope has been found.

Canada’s most famous rarity is the 12d black of 1851. it is inscribed “Twelve pence” instead of One shilling. Because, unlike that of the penny, the value of a shilling differed in various parts of north America: in new England it was equal to 10d while in New York its value was no more than 7 ½ d. the term twelve pence admitted of no. of misunderstanding. The 12d highest denomination of Canada’s first issue of three stamps was little used. In the few years it was on sale only 1,510 examples were sold. In 1857 the 49,490 stamps comprising the remainders were withdrawn and destroyed. Consequently the black stamp was in short supply on the philatelic market right from the beginning and in 1865 collectors paid as much as one Pound each for specimens an extraordinary price for any stamp in those days. Despite its rarity it has been estimated that at least 50 examples, used and unused, have survived, and there are three unused pairs.

Another Canadian rarity is the 1959 – 5 cent stamp to mark the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway; it exists with the centre inverted. The stamp was printed in red and Blue, thus necessitating two separate printing operations. On 20 August 1959 an office boy was sent to the nearest Winnipeg post office to buy thirty 5 cent stamps. The office was in a Departmental store where the postal clerk took the uppermost sheet of the fifty of the Seaway stamps from a file, tore off thirty and handed them to the boy. Back in his office he gave them to the girl in charge of mail, who removed three and affixed them to letters which for mailing by lunch time; as the girl affixed one of the remaining stamps to the first envelope she was suddenly struck by the fact that the central design was upside down. A few days later another part sheet of twenty eight turned up at Picton, Ontario, and subsequently two more complete sheets of fifty were discovered in post office stocks; those two sheets were withdrawn from use and returned to Ottawa.

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