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Merry Christmas !! 


Shimla December 2011 Vol. IV Issue # 48

Monthly e-Stamp Bulletin Edited by Jeevan Jyoti for free circulation among philatelists

Readers are requested to send reports of philatelic activities in their area for publication. Short write ups by the readers about their journals, societies, publications and philatelic requirements can be sent for inclusion in this bulletin to or and by post to –

Ms. Jeevan Jyoti, c / o Mr. Ajay Srivastav, Director, Great Himalayan National Park, Shamshi, Distt. Kullu. PIN 175126. (H.P.) India

Note- This bulletin is only for circulation among a limited group of philatelists without any commercial purpose. The bulletin will be sent to the readers only on request. Those who wish to receive it regularly please reply giving the name of your city / country with the subject SUBSCRIBE RAINBOW

Dear Reader

It gives me immense pleasure to release 48th issue of Rainbow Stamp News. With this issue it completes 4 years of publication and enters the fifth year. I can’t imagine how the time of four years passed away. During the journey of 4 years I came to know many new friends from the field of philately and my circle of few friends which could be counted on finger tips expanded into a big philatelic community. Perhaps this is the best part of my philatelic journey. The objective of this newsletter is just to bring all stamp collectors closer and give them updates of philatelic activities . It is also my endeavor to encourage all those who have lost interest in this hobby and make it their pastime again. Of course with the time the hobby is diminishing but internet is a good medium to rejuvenate the interest of all those who once cherished the joy of collecting stamps but could not pursue further.

This journey of four years could have not been successfully completed without the contribution of my esteemed readers and distinguished philatelists who contribute articles and news regularly .

I always try to make this newsletter available to my readers on 1st of every month. But this issue is delayed due to some unavoidable personal reasons and I could not publish it timely. I wish to express my gratitude to all my readers and regular contributors who put colors every month to make it a Rainbow magazine !!

At last I wish to share here that some years ago I met the veteran philatelist and artist Shri Dipok Dey in Kolkata whom I know since my school days and he always encouraged me to do something new…. he just said to me “ Jyoti , you write and continue to write as he knew I had worked with late Shri BJ Kumar, editor U - Phil Times, published from Kanpur and I could work for a magazine…I said I will do but could not think how to work  consistently for a magazine…. As publishing a stamp magazine is not an easy task…especially when you are always moving from one place to another. At that time Internet was not so popular…but gradually it became the part of everyday life and it gave me an idea to bring out a colorful online Internet magazine…It is before you….I never knew that it will be a successful venture….. Now it has readers in  India and abroad. How can I forget your love and respect for Rainbow ??? I am always indebted to all of you …… and will always try my best to give more Rainbows in the years to come…even if the time is not favorable to me…....This is all in this issue…More in Next….

Have a Great Time…..Happy Collecting !!

                                                                                                      …. Jeevan Jyoti


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Rainbow completes 4 years of publication


Messages from distinguished Philatelists and contributors

Four long years and still going strong !

· Mrs. Jeevan Jyoti has been editing and publishing "Rainbow Stamp News" for the last 4 years. At the onset of every month "Rainbow Stamp News" appears punctually, without fail, on the screens of enthusiastic philatelists and stamp collectors in all countries and continents. I think this is something to be taken into consideration by every Indian, with utmost pride for and thankfulness towards the worthy editor of this wonderful monthly on internet from India and that too it reaches thousands all over the globe free of charge. Another aspect which I must stress, that it is in colour. All stamps, covers and cancellations are reproduced in their original size and colour, which undoubtedly adds to the philatelic knowledge of the viewer and reader. I do not know, if today there is any other publication of a similar get-up and composition available on internet in the world.

Also the articles which appear every month in "Rainbow" are sumptuous feasts to the eyes of the beholder and they are the useful tools to increase the philatelic as well as general knowledge of every philatelist dealing with different sections of this wonderful hobby.I wish that this link of publication may continue in future month by month, without pause and may Mrs. Jeevan Jyoti create a special place of her own in the philatelic journalism. I wish "Rainbow Stamp News" and its editor and publisher Mrs. Jeevan Jyoti every success and a long life in service of philately! - Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap  (Binningen, Switzerland)

· On completion of 4 glorious years of Rainbow Stamp News, my hearty Congrats to you for achieving this milestone single handedly and so successfully. The point worth mentioning is that you have maintained total non-commercial approach in your publication, without any sponsorship too ! I wish you continued success for long time to come. - Shrikant Parikh - Ahmedabad

· Jeevan Jyoti deserves to be congratulated for her ever growing devotion in publishing from last four years "RAINBOW STAMP NEWS" which is like dream come true for philatelists of all ages and repute. - Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal,   (Gold medalist philatelist and Journalist) - Varanasi

· I am happy to learn that  your blog 'Rainbow Stamp News' is completing journey of 4 years. Information provided on your blog is very interesting and useful to the philatelists and because of this reason your blog has gained good popularity and have attracted several visitors. Wish you many more successful and happy years of blogging and good luck for the future journey. Prashant Pandya - Vadodara

· It’s a matter of pleasure that Rainbow is completing its 4 years. Congratulations to you for successfully publishing the same with your pure ingenuity which has not only given Rainbow a  height of glory in philatelic field but given you a status of a true, dedicated philatelic service person. Certainly , you have given new directions to philately and today we see many many e-magazines which follow Rainbow... Rainbow, the pioneer of e-publishing in India will always possess its name in the hearts of philatelic generations to come. Frankly, Rainbow has presented and served philatelists/readers with variety of philatelic material, information and stuffs to help them enhance their knowledge and get guidance to improve collection and exhibits irrespective of class of philately .I mean a service provider to cater a budding stamp collector to a veteran in this field. The popularity that Rainbow has gained can be gazed from its association with renowned philatelists world over.I hope Rainbow will continue its tireless service to the philatelic community like it has been giving .But one thing again needs to be considered seriously that Rainbow is not complete without your sincere mention. You being the creator.. deserves all thanks, congrats and appreciation for giving such a gem to us. Your hard work, dedication and will to serve has given this height to Rainbow.

I wish rainbow a very big success and look forward for its long association in future. To be very frank, Rainbow has now become part and parcel of my life and so of the others too. A dose of Rainbow in the morning, keeps a philatelist healthy and energetic for the whole day. Finally, my thanks to you and best wishes for continuation of Rainbow for the years to come. - Naresh Agarwal, Bilaspur (C.G.)

· I am happy to know that your bulletin "Rainbow Stamp News" is going to complete 4 years of its successful publication. At the present philatelic scenario it is very difficult to maintain a bulletin with updated news and figures without the support from the Postal Department. I must congratulate you for taking sincere effort with keen interest for editing the useful monthly bulletin. Now a days your bulletin is very popular not only in India but also in other countries. Philatelists and stamp collectors, irrespective of their age, are getting benefit out of your bulletin. I wish and hope you will continue the same tempo in future. My best wishes for your success. - Ajit Kumar Dash, Secretary, Eastern India Philatelists’ Association, Bhubaneswar

· Congratulations to you for completing four years of “Rainbow Stamp News”, which is actually RAINBOW in real for philatelic world. Credit for its success goes to your timeless efforts and enthusiasm behind the same. This internet bulletin is need of the prevailing time with advanced and fast growing technologies. And this internet version is really so attractive for one and all due to actual coloured pictures, which can’t be available in any magazine of India. Hope it gets more success in future – my best wishes are always with you. - Suraj Jaitly, Ludhiana – Editor, ITS stamp News

· I am very happy to know that Rainbow Stamp News will be now entering into its 5th year of e publication. The time is moving like anything, I still feel that it was just few months back I went through the 1st posting of Rainbow News but now see the Rainbow will be celebrating its 4th birthday. I believe that Rainbow due to its assorted articles on stamp collecting have made its own place among the readers. My best wishes to Rainbow Stamp News, the contributors, the readers on completion of its 4 years of publication. - Deepak N. Modi, Jalna (Maharashtra)  Promoter - Mobile Philately

· Heartiest congratulations  This speaks volume for your untiring and quality work Fantastic and all the best.  - Vijay Deshpande, Pune

· It’s a great news indeed that your monthly e-Stamp Bulletin “Rainbow Stamp News” is heading towards ‘Silverware’ year. I congratulate you and appreciate your zeal and zing. - Babul Dey, Kolkata

· I express my sincere and heartiest congratulations for successfully completing four years in philatelic publishing. Your pain stacking efforts and cordial relations with fellow philatelists have helped you in sustaining this e-news letter, otherwise it is very difficult to remain in publishing in philately. - Ilyas Patel, Ahmedabad

Many Thanks to you all for  kind words & Best Wishes !!

                                                                                                                                        - Editor

Recent Indian Issues

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clip_image001[14] 2 September : Surendra Nath Jauhar – Rs 5

clip_image001[15] 3 September : Dev Narayan – Rs 5

clip_image001[16] 7 September : Tejaji Maharaj – Rs 5

clip_image001[17] 8 September : Tripuraneni Gopichand – Rs 5

clip_image001[18] 25 September : Jaimalji Maharaj – Rs 5

clip_image001[19] 30 September : The Trained Nurses Association of India – Rs 5

clip_image001[20] 9 October : Chitrapur Math – Rs 5

clip_image001[21] 12 October : The Punjab Regiment & 1 Para - SF 1 – Punjab

clip_image001[22] 8 November : Centenary of ICMR – Rs 5

clip_image001[23] 14 November : Children’s Day – Rs 5 & Rs 20 + MS

clip_image001[24] 25 November : Grand lodge of India – Rs 5


Forthcoming Stamps from India Post

Dec 06: Smile Train / Cleft Palate Surgery

Dec 11: Kavi Pradeep

Dec 19: Golden Jubilee of Goa Liberation

Dec 19: The President’s Fleet Review

Dec 22: Srinivasa Ramanujam

Dec 00: R Venkataraman


Special Cover – Postmark

Nov 04: Anantnag, Achabal

Nov 04: Anantnag, Badgam

Nov 04: Anantnag, Verinag

Nov 04: Anantnag, Kokarnag

Nov 06: Srinagar, Voluntary Health Association of India

Nov 07: Baramulla, Mohd Maqbool Sherwani

Nov 11: Mumbai, 11-11-11

November 11 : Thunchath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, Palakkad ( Father of Malayalam Language) – 2 covers

Nov 16: Jammu, Comptroller & Auditor General of India

Nov 16: New Delhi, St Xavier's Senior Secondary School, Nilambari district philatelic exhibition 1/4

Nov 16: New Delhi, Kamla Nehru Ridge, Nilambari district philatelic exhibition 2/4

Nov 17: New Delhi, Coronation Park, Nilambari district philatelic exhibition 3/4

Nov 17: New Delhi, Fatehgarh (Mutiny Memorial), Nilambari district philatelic exhibition 4/4

Nov 19: Ahmedabad, Heritage Week

New Stamp Booklet Picture Post Cards

Philatelic items issued during Chinar -2011, Srinagar

· :-4 stamp booklets (containing 6 stamp of 5.00 each)

· :-15 stamp booklets (containing 10 stamp of 5.00 each)

· :-Stamp cards (set of  8 cards) with India Post logo on back side

· :-Picture post cards (set of 12 cards) without India Post


A special stamp Booklet on Children’s Day has been recently issued by Gujarat Postal Circle. View more details of Booklet..

In The News

China opens first 'space post office'


A new task for Chinese astronauts -- collecting and chopping mail ?

To celebrate docking of the Shenzhou-8 unmanned spacecraft with space lab module Tiangong-1, China's post authority has opened a new branch office outside the country and out of this world -- 343 kilometers above the Earth, to be exact.

Opening for business , the China Post Space Office has two venues -- one on-the-ground base inside the Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Center (BACCC) and one "virtual office" aboard the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft.

There is also a new designated post code -- 901001. China Post Group’s general manager Li Guohua told China Daily the post office will be able to deliver mail from the public to astronauts in future. The office will also issue postal souvenirs that depict China's major astronautic events, such as stamps and envelopes.
We weren't exactly sure what a virtual space post office was or how it all worked, so we made some calls. We left the 'why send mail to space when you can email or Skype chat' question for another day.According to staff at the BACCC post office (which houses the worldly version of the space post office) the new branch handles normal postal as well as courier services. All mail going through the BACCC office will be chopped with a special postmark showing the date in numerals, and “Beijing” and “Space” in simplified Chinese.

Philatelic fans can also send a letter to themselves to obtain the postmark by providing an extra envelope with sufficient return stamps (RMB 0.8 from Beijing, RMB 1.2 from other Chinese cities) and an address. Beijing News reported Shenzhou-8 had in its payload three postcards to space this trip.

According to the report, it is possible the Shenzhou-9 manned spacecraft, expected to launch in 2012, will take stamps and letters from the public into the final frontier.And what sort of mail might be carried?

“For example, [people] can send us their wedding photos or vows to travel to space with the spacecraft. After [the spacecraft] brings them back, the space post office will mail them back to the owners on the agreed date,” an anonymous manager at Beijing Haidian post office told Beijing News.

Special 11 .11.11 card from Malta Post…


Malta Post Philatelic Bureau has issued the eleventh Card in series on the date when the day, month and year coincided - 11.11.11.

The first Card in this series had been issued on 1 January 2001, with a date stamp carrying the same figures - 01.01.01. The last Card in this popular collectable series is expected to be issued on 12th December of the year 2012, and stamped with the figures 12.12.12.

This Philatelic Bureau Card  carries the €2.07 stamp from the set Malta - Iceland Joint Issue 2011:which was issued in September 2011 and has been numbered and cancelled with the "Fishing Villages" date impression 11.11.11.

The Card is available from Friday 11th November at all Post Offices in Malta and Gozo, from the Mobile Post Office and from the Philatelic Bureau.Further information is available from the Malta Post Philatelic Bureau at or on  Ph. 2596 1740.

In Memoriam Steve Jobs


Hungary Post (Magyar Posta) is issuing a philatelic novelty in memory of Steve Jobs. The numbered commemorative sheet includes a perforated photograph and has been issued in a limited edition. The commemorative sheet will be available in a special holder for collectors of philatelic rarities and people who wish to preserve the memory of the visionary genius.

The perforated design of the commemorative sheet features a portrait of Steve Jobs. On the right of the border design there is the inscription "In memoriam Steve Jobs 1955-2011" and at the bottom left the inscriptions "EMLEKIV" and "Commemorative Sheet". The numbering is printed vertically at the top right and Magyar Posta's logo at the bottom right. The commemorative sheet can only be purchased as part of the commemorative card placed in a Hawid mount. The external and internal sides of the commemorative card are decorated by silhouettes of certain movements characteristic of Steve Jobs, while on the inside there is an extract from the writing of Erno Rubik in Hungarian and English.

5,000 copies of the commemorative sheet and commemorative card, designed by Barnabas Baticz, were printed. This commemorative sheet cannot be used to pay for postage.

Europa 2012 Theme – Visit….


Europa stamps have always very special theme. Europa  2011 theme was Forests and next year’s theme is going to be related with Tourism and has been declared as Visit…


Jersey Post will issue two stamps on 10 January to commemorate Europa 2012 theme. All the stamps will be related with tourist activities or scenic beauty of the particular country.

Forthcoming International Stamp Exhibitions..

IPHLA 2012


Specialized International Exhibition for Philatelic Literature

IPHLA 2012 : A specialised exhibition for Philatelic Literature is going to be held  from 2 to 4 Nov.2012 in the town hall of Mainz (Germany). This exhibition will  be held under the patronage of FEPA & AIJP but some non European countries are also invited by them and India is also one of them.

Any author, journalist or publisher can apply for participation at IPHLA 2012 Mainz with one or more exhibits (print, static-digital like CD/DVD or a website) on condition he/she is a member of the BDPh or an association affiliated with FIP or FEPA. The application must arrive on time on the entry form provided for this purpose ( Exhibit Entry Forms ).

Applications for ‘IPHLA 2012’ can be submitted until February 1, 2012.

The basis of the binding application is the different regulations currently provided by the BDPh. Any applicant is urgently advised to take note of these regulations, especially of the special regulations for IPHLA 2012 Mainz , which he agrees to by signing his application.NO FEDERATION COMMISSIONER WILL BE NOMINATED. Please go through website

For any information please contact to Mr. Wolfgang Massen, Email:


THAILAND 2013, International Philatelic exhibition will be held in Thailand from 2 to 14 August 2013 in Bangkok, under the patronage of FIP. The World Philatelic Exhibition will take place from 2 - 14 August 2013 at the Royal Paragon Hall 1-3, 5th floor, Siam Paragon, Bangkok. The event will feature not only some unique postage stamp collections, but also displays of other rare and valuable collectibles from around the world. A stamp contest and competition of OTOP products will also be held as part of the event, with an international panel of judges from member countries and representatives of countries submitting collections for display.

PCI has nominated Mr. R D Binani as Commissioner for India, his address :33-B Rowland Road, Kolkata 700 020  E mail : Mob:9830073058

China 2011 - 27th Asian International Philatelic Exhibition

The 27th Asian International Stamp Exhibition China 2011, co-sponsored by State Post Bureau, Jiangsu Government, China Post and All-China Philatelic Federation, was held in Wuxi Taihu International Exposition Center from November 11 to November 15, 2011.

Award List of Indian participants

Heartiest Congratulations to all participants !!


Dinesh Chandra Sharma- Lucknow, Lallan Singh - Patna, Naresh Agarwal- Bilaspur (CG), Madan Middha – Gwalior,Surendra Goel-Raipur,Dipesh Miglani- New Delhi

  1. B. K. Jain  -  75 Points –  Large Silver
  2. Surendra Goel – 78 Points – Large Silver
  3. Virendra Sharma - 81 Points – Vermeil 
  4. N. K. Agrawal –78 Points – Large Silver
  5. Lallan Singh – "Hows And Whys of Birds" - 81 Points - Vermeil
  6. Lallan Singh – “The Four Seasons” - 70 Points - (1 frame)
  7. Naresh Goel - 68 Points – Silver Bronze
  8. Dinesh Chandra Sharma – 82 Points - Vermeil
  9. P. Sarkar – 67 Points – Silver Bronze
  10. R. Bhansali – 60 Points - Bronze
  11. Naresh Agrawal – automobiles - 75 Points - Large Silver
    MINIATURE SHEETS – 62 Points - Bronze
  13. Madan Middha – Literature - 61 Points – Bronze


INDONESIA 2012: International Philatelic exhibition will  be held under the patronage of FIP from 18 to 24 June 2012 at Jakarta Convention Center. The exhibition will be known as  INDONESIA 2012 WORLD STAMP CHAMPIONSHIP.

Mr. S. Sahoo, is National Commissioner for India. His address is :- D-3, BJB Nagar, Bhubanshwar 751 014 Email:

Due to technical problems, there will be a delay in the bulletin and hardcopies of Entry Form + Inventory List of the INDONESIA 2012 World Stamp Championship to be sent to all countries by the organizing committee.

The organizing committee of INDONESIA 2012 WORLD STAMP CHAMPIONSHIP has rescheduled the deadline for sending the entry form.

THE CLOSING DATE IS ON 15TH DECEMBER 2011. On that date the entry form should already arrive to the Organizing Committee.

image Wedding Bells

Many Congratulations to Mr Ajit Dash on the wedding of his elder son Biswajit Dash with Manini Tripathy which held on 27 November 2011. Best wishes to newly wedded couple for a long and married happy life from whole philatelic community.



A gala Stamp and Stationery Mela is going to be organized at Bhubaneswar, Odisha for the 1st time by Eastern India Philatelists’ Association, Bhubaneshwar.

Date : 7 - 8th January 2012.

Venue : Hotel Keshari, Master Canteen Square, (Near Bhubaneswar Railway Station).

Co-ordinator :  Mr. Shanti Swarup Rath, e-mail – Cell: 09437034621 Dr. Bibhudatta Mishra, e-mail – Cell: 09437282638

Interested Dealers are requested to contact the coordinators either by Phone or e-mail .


Utkal Philatelists and Numismatic Association, Cuttack

Orissa Philatelic Association, Cuttack

Department of Post, Orissa Circle, Government of India

School Partner: Mother’s Public School, Near Unit-1 Market, Bhubaneswar

Read details..   Programme

Stamps of India National Exhibition


National Stamp Exhibition, SINE organized by Stamps of India and Bhartiya Daktikit Sangstha, Kolkata, from 3- 6 November 2011 at Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan, New Delhi. The exhibition was inaugurated by Ajay Maken – India’s Minister of State (Independent Charge) Youth Affairs and Sports.

The exhibition had special display on 100 years of Delhi; World’s First Stamp – Penny Black;, Scinde Dawk – Red and White - A popular name for the first stamp issued in Asia in 1852; India’s first stamp issued in 1854; 1st Aerial Post Cover between Allahabad and Naini; 1st stamp of Independent India and a variety of stamps honouring India and Indian from countries across the world.

The jury team was led by Dr Sita Bhateja as President with Sahadeva Sahoo, and AK Bayanwala as Vice Presidents, Anil Suri as Secretary, Savita Jhingan, and Arun Agarwal as Jurors. Rajesh Varma and Prashant Pandya were the Apprentice Jury while P R Maru was the Senior Consultant. The Jury awarded 12 Gold, 32 Silver, and 17 Bronze medals. The complete Award List is available on the website at
Other Special awards include Kishor Chandak, Indian Postal Instructional Labels & Markings 1874 – 1907, Gold with National Champion Grand Prize; Abhai Mishra, Icy Continent & Indian
Expeditions, Gold with National Grand Prize; Anirudh Sethi, Fiscals of Gondal State, Gold with Best In Class ‘Revenues’; George Sebastian, The Sun Myths And Manifestations, Gold with Best in Class 'Thematic'; Abhiti Mishra ABC Through Stamps, Silver with Best in Class 'Youth'; Carmel High School,Flora & Fauna, Silver with Best in Class Trophy - 'School Collection'

Forthcoming Exhibitions in India



A state level exhibition is proposed to be held in Lucknow from 16 to 18 December 2011 at Lalit Kala Academy Regional Centre, Aliganj Lucknow.


Rajpex 2012 State Level Stamp Exhibition is proposed to be held from 4 Jan to 7 Jan 2012 at Jaipur. For more details contact Rajesh Paharia General Secretary, Philatelic Society of Rajasthan
Jaipur. email :



Gujrat Postal Circle will organize a state level exhibition GUJPEX – 2011 at  Akota Atithi Gruh,  ( opposite Akota Stadium, Akota Road ,Vadodara from 23 – 25 December 2011 . During the exhibition 6 special covers will be issued. Stamp Collectors from Gujarat state can participate in this exhibition. For more details contact : Timir Shah e mail : or Secretary ,GUJPEX –2011,o/o Postmaster GeneralVadodara Circle, Vadodara – 390002. Gujarat

The date of acceptance of entry forms for participation and booking of dealer’s booth for Gujpex-2011 is extended from 05.12.11 to 12.12.11.

Mahapex 2012

Pune will host the four-day 11th state-level philatelic exhibition, Mahapex 2012, at Ganesh Kala Krida Rangmanch from January 13 next year. After 25 years, Pune will be hosting such an exhibition for Maharashtra and Goa. The Prospectus of 'Mahapex 2012' was unveiled by Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra circle, Faiz-Ur-Rehman, on Friday at Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management.

The postmaster general of Pune region, Colonel (retd) KC Mishra, mayor of Pimpri-Chinchwad Yogesh Behl were present on the occasion. Among Philatelists Pratisad Nurgaonkar, Basti Solanki, Dixit, Col. Dutta, Mrs.Dutta, Col.Pujara, Vinayak Avate from Pune, Suketu Zaveri and Surendra Kotadiya from Mumbai, P.G.Bhargave from Nasik, M.J.Karajagi from Solapur and Deepak Modi from Jalna were also present.

Mr .Rehman said that it would be a big-budget event, where renowned Indian philatelists would be participating. The show will host 400 exhibition frames exhibited by over 300 philatelists from the two states.

Exhibitions in December 2011

Dec00-00: Alwar, Philatelic Exhibition

Organizers: Alwar Division of India Post

Dec00-00: Jodhpur, Philatelic Exhibition

Organizers: Jodhpur Division of India Post

Dec 9-11: Pune, COINEX-PUNE 2011 National Numismatic Exhibition

Venue: Sankalp Hall, Lalbahadur Shastri Road, Navi Peth, Opp. Petrol Pump, Pune

Organizers: International Collector's Society of Rare Items Pune


Ajit Dash needs no introduction to the philatelic community. He is a noted philatelist and Secretary of Eastern India Philatelists’Association, Bhubaneswar and honorary editor of Phila Capsule , newsletter of EIPA. I have long association with Mr Dash and know him well for his active work during all the exhibitions organized in Bhubaneshwar. He is at present Government Examiner of Questioned Documents, Document Examination Laboratory, Vigilance Directorate, Odisha, Cuttack. Mr Dash has specialized in Dog theme and has been awarded several national and International awards for his exhibit. In his professional career Mr Dash received National Award for Best Scientific Paper in Document Science in XIX All India Forensic Science Conference, 18-20, January, 2009, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He is a very active and enthusiast philatelist and received medals in various National and International Philatelic Exhibitions for his specialized thematic exhibit on Dogs. Here Mr Dash answers to some of my questions and gives a guideline for the promotion of philately. Mr Dash also shares here memories of his long philatelic journey and experiences in obtaining some rare philatelic items and the best time spent with his philatelic friends .I am pleased to publish his interview in this special issue. - Editor

imageInterview with Ajit Dash

Q1. When did you start collecting stamps and how were you introduced to this hobby ?

Ans:- I started this hobby of collecting stamps since 1969 when I was at class-VII. I used to collect used stamps from covers thrown in the dustbins of different government/private offices. I don’t know how I was introduced to this hobby. What I remember, once I had seen some stamps pasted in an ordinary Khata of one of my senior colleague in the school which had impressed me and I started collecting the stamps. There was always a competition during the recess period as to who will first collect the covers from the dustbins.

During my School period (1969-1971) at Dhenkanal District of Odisha, CTO stamps of different countries were found inside the wrapper of a chocolate, the name of the chocolate I couldn’t recollect, those were sold in a small cabin adjacent to my School. The demand of the chocolate was very high. I used to collect stamps of Hungary, Poland, USSR, etc. in this process of purchasing more and more chocolates. This was a unique system during that period through which Philately was promoted. Any philatelist has come across such experience? I shall be happy if some philatelists may like to share his experience.

Editor : That was Frutex…Am I right ?. Which was also available during my school days.

Q2. You have a specialized thematic collection on dogs. What prompted you to choose this theme?

Ans:- Basically I am a Police officer. Long back I was also in charge of the Dog Squad of Crime Branch, Odisha for few months which developed a special attachment towards this animal. I was very much impressed upon the manner in which the stiffer dogs detect the criminals or explosives or the narcotics during search operations. Being a philatelist I decided to collect stamps on dogs only during 1995.

Q3. You have special interest in Thematic Philately. What are other branches of philately which you really enjoy ?

Ans:- Besides my thematic collection I also like to enjoy the other branches of philately such as Traditional, Mophila, Special covers, Maximaphilly and Postal stationery.

Q4. You have an active association "EIPA' which holds exhibition time to time. In your opinion what type of support   the Philatelic Societies need from Postal Department to organize private philatelic exhibitions successfully?

Ans:- Philatelic Societies and Department of Posts are the two sides of one coin. Hence all the philatelic exhibitions, starting from the District level to International level, should be done with mutual understanding and co-operation of both the sides. Most of the Philatelic Societies/Associations are having Philatelist with sound philatelic knowledge and the Department of Posts has the man power and administration in organizing the exhibition. The Department should always extend their official support along with some financial assistance as far as practicable to a Philatelic Association or Society who are intending to organize such exhibitions. The major expenditures incurred in the exhibitions are (a) Frames, (b) Appointment of Jury and (c) Medals. The Philatelic Societies/ Associations in India have hardly any buildings of their own, although they are registered. It is not possible for a Society/Association to prepare and store adequate number of display frame for the exhibitions. Hence the Department of posts may consider in preparing sufficient display frames as per the FIP Guidelines in each Districts so that those can be used in conducting small exhibitions at District level, which will obviously generate philatelists from the grass root. There are sufficient spaces available in Postal stores for storing these frames. This will be a onetime investment for the department which will be of much help on long run. The present trend shows lack of interest in philately not only in youths but also in the senior level. It is the need of the time to take some special steps to create awareness among the youths for this noble hobby. Department of Posts is getting major revenue by selling the philatelic stamps and stationery in India. Another major problem which is also a cause of discontentment is the enhancement of fees by the Department of Posts for release of special covers by Philatelic Societies or private parties. It is seen that the issue of special covers have been reduced remarkably after the enhancement of the fees. This is not at all a good sign for the future of Philately. In my opinion the Department of Posts may reconsider this enhancement for the betterment of Philately. Department of Posts may charge nominal fees for the frames prepared by them which can be utilized for their maintenance.

Q5. A philatelic magazine gives updates about this hobby to collectors. But today only few magazines are seen in print format. As an editor and publisher what difficulties arise in bringing out a stamp magazine in print format?

Ans:- A philatelic magazine always gives updates about this hobby to collectors. Pain is always there for an editor when he thinks of its print format. There is limited space available for a magazine on print format. It is very difficult for an editor when there is more/less news or information for publication. Time is a major factor for the editor. The editor has to give sufficient time for the edition of the news or information for the magazine. Once these are edited timely, the other important task of its timely printing and stapling. Preparation of labels of the subscribers, pasting them on the magazine along with the postage stamp and their timely dispatch are other important factors which is difficult to manage with limited man power and finance. Hence, it is essential for an individual/ Organization to be financially strong and have sufficient manpower to handle the above line up. The problem of getting articles, proper title for the editorials suiting to the situation is always there. Publication of a magazine is always a collective effort. If it goes below the minimum level, it is not possible to run a magazine in print format.

Q6. In your opinion, what is the present status of philately in India ?

Ans:- The present status of philately is not good in India. There is lack of interest from the Department of Posts. Although the Department is getting major revenue from philately, the share given for philatelic promotion is negligible. Lack of interest in also noticed among the youths. The apex philatelic body in India is defunct. No alternative steps are taken for preparation of new Jury panels either by Department of Posts or by the PCI. Time will come, when there will be no accredited jury in India to evaluate the exhibits in exhibitions. It is high time to think every philatelist seriously about this problem. There are no adequate representatives from each state in the Philatelic Advisory Committee (PAC) of the Department of Posts who can take initiatives for bringing out stamps relating to their own states on different themes. It is seen in the past few years that more and more stamps are released on personalities of specific area. This practice should be avoided. There are vast fields in India for release of new stamps; some of them can be taken instead of these personality series. Vast reorganization is required in the postal set up for the promotion of Philately. In my view this noble hobby is going to be a dying hobby unless special attention is given.

Q7. What is your opinion on the number of stamps issued by Department of Posts every year. Don't you think that the number of stamps should be reduced and stamps on personalities must be restricted and new themes should be given place on stamps.

Ans:- It is totally disappointing regarding the stamp issue programme of Department of Posts, Govt. of India as noticed in the past few years. Although some revolutionary steps are taken in issuing aromatic stamps, hexagonal stamps, personalized stamps, etc., it appears that there is no specific guideline or rule in issuing the stamps. The programmes are changed time and again; in spite of strong standing orders the stamps are frequently pre issued; there is lack of timely supply of FDC, brochures, stamps, cachets at the Philatelic Bureaus. In my opinion there should be 40-50 stamps released every year. There should be a limitation on issue of stamps on personalities subject to 10% of the total number of stamps released, 40% on thematic, 20% on Culture, 20% on Flora & fauna and 10% on exotic stamps. Govt. may think of issuing local stamps on personalities for issue in the specific States to which the person belongs. This will create a new branch on Local stamps and the concerned Postal Circles may be empowered to issue such stamps with due approval and consultation of the concerned State Governments. The stamps on the National leaders only be released nationwide so that the Philatelists can get interest in collecting them. It happens that young philatelist lose interest in collecting stamps on those personalities whom he neither read nor know in their school books.

Q8. What do you think about “One Frame Class” in the exhibition ?? What is the future of this class ?? Do you agree that medals should be awarded in this class too in order to encourage more collectors to participate in the show ?

“One Frame Class” is a phenomenon started about 10-12 years back which helps a beginner to build a new theme, when there are sufficient stamps not available with him on the subject selected. The beginner may develop his theme to a higher frame competitive class after getting sufficient materials on the subject. Hence this one frame exhibit leads and inspires him for further development. Sometimes there are limited stamps available on specific theme and the scope of their availability is scarce, then it is appropriate to build a “One Frame exhibit” on the subject or country and there is hardly any scope for its extension to higher frames. It is difficult to evaluate a ‘one frame exhibit’ when there are several ‘one frames’ on same subject, there is a possibility of committing errors in evaluating in such “One Frame Class”. A philatelist cannot display all the important items in “One Frame exhibit” when the subject of the theme is common and interpretation of “important items” in such themes may vary from jury to jury. Another drawback is that, there is no provision of medals in this category for which this category fails to attract the main stream. A Philatelist has to edit several steps in against his will due to limited availability of space. In my opinion the future of “One Frame Class” is not bright, unless some changes have to be made in them in the rules. Two types of evaluation procedure is needed one for the beginners who are upcoming on common subjects and the ones where there is less scope of their development. I agree that medals should be awarded in this class too in order to encourage more collectors to participate in the show.

Q9. Give suggestions and new ideas that India Post could use to promote philately among youth.

Ans:- A major reorganization is necessary in the present set up of India Post, if at all necessary for the promotion of philately among the youth. The department may think of a new branch namely “Philately Management”, Officers and men of different ranks can be engaged in this work. Philatelic Societies and leading philatelists can be selected by appropriate examination/selection and a National Panel of Philatelists can be prepared which will be renewed in every 4 years. Small committees can be formed in each district or circles comprising of philatelists from the National Panel and the officers of Department of Posts with some budgetary provisions. These small committees can monitor philatelic activities in the districts and submit their reports from time to time. It is their responsibility to hold small exhibitions, essay competitions, stamp design competitions, philatelic quizzes, etc. in different schools at regular intervals. They will also look after the procurement of philatelic materials such as stock books, hawids, protecting covers, etc. and supply them to the students who have interest in philately at a subsidized/ appropriate price. In my opinion items should not be given free of cost except in exceptional cases. The department may follow a procedure in bringing new exotic items which will attract philatelist. The subject of Philately can be introduced as an optional subject in school/college level and some provision of research work leading to Ph.D can be thought by the Department which will give scope to the senior philatelists to do more research work on their subject and can give new shape and vision to Philately. By this process the Department of Posts will enhance the revenue collection to a higher level and also promote philately in youth.

The Department of Posts, may consider establishing small Philatelic Libraries in each Philatelic Bureau. Stamp reference Books, International Catalogues ( SG Catalogue, Scott Catalogue, etc.) may be purchased and made available in such libraries for the benefit of the philatelist, which are not usually within the reach of a common Philatelist. These catalogues are very much helpful in building a collection may be of any branch of Philately.

Q10. Describe the pleasure of stamp collecting in your own words.

Ans:- Collection of stamps should always be limited to hobby only and should not be used for any other means. The colorful stamps in stock books are like flowers in the garden. A real philatelist gets pleasure whenever he looks his exhibits in an exhibition irrespective of the awards given to him. In cricket an umpire is always honored even if he gives a wrong decision, as it is always presumed that the decision is not intentional. In philately also the same think might be occurring, but we should respect the jury decision. It is seen in several occasion, unfair situations have been created which is not at all which is also not a healthy symptom for the future of philately. One should think that he is collecting only and only for pleasure and not for any think else so that he can enjoy the hobby of kings or the king of hobbies.

Q11. Last but not the least share your most memorable moment with the readers of your philatelic journey....... Any rare philatelic item you got by mere chance or any special memories of a philatelic event

Ans:- I have covered almost 42 years of my philatelic journey. There are people who have inspired from time again to be in this hobby one of them I should name Mr. Anup Kumar Raut, who had given the initial boost when I was about to leave this hobby. I must name Late Major S. C. Mohanty who had provided all philatelic support during that time. He was the only person who was regularly holding philatelic activities in his house and Cuttack during those periods. I was serious about this hobby only during 1994-95. The concept of EIPA was the out come of a small Philatelic club namely Bhubaneswar Philatelic Club formed during 1997 after ORPEX-1997 by sitting four members Mr. Bijoyshree Routray, Mr. Debasis Mitra, Mr. Anup Kumar Raut and myself. EIPA has come up during May,1998 with an intention of Promoting Philately and to give new shape to the present trend. We are proud that our Association has foot prints not only in Odisha but also in several other states like West Bengal, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, etc. We are having Philatelists of International Reputation. We have successfully conducted one exhibition EIPEX-2008 at Bhubaneswar which was inaugurated by the Governor of Odisha. Besides, our Association also extended full support and co-operation in organizing the National Exhibition MILLEPEX-2000 at Bhubaneswar. The design of the stamp and FDC on sea turtle Olive Ridley was done by our senior Philatelist Mr. B.K.Sinha which was released during the exhibition by Sh. Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha. Another Philatelist Mr. Anil Dhir have published several Philatelic Books. He also produced and directed one Documentary film titled “The Last Post’ which earned several awards. There are also other Philatelists namely Shanti Swarup Rath and Dr. Bibhudatta Mishra who are consistently updating latest philatelic information in their own philatelic websites. The interview on Philately of Dr. Mishra was also published in an leading Philatelic Journal of United Kingdom. We are proud of them. We are also proud of other Philatelists of our Association having sound philatelic knowledge and ability to hold even International exhibitions. The achievement of our Association is a collective effort and support of all our members.

The rare item I got by chance was the Guru Granth Sahib stamps. One I went to Cuttack Philatelic Bureau for some stamps where I came to know that the stamps on Guru Granth Sahib have been released. I purchased one sheet of sheetlet, two miniature sheets and two FDCs. I asked them for cancellation, in reply they told that the cachet has not yet come. I returned back to Bhubaneswar and tore some stamps from the sheetlet and used them on FDC and sent by speed post to my son. I did not knew about the withdrawal of the stamp at that time. But the same stamp was not on sale at Bhubaneswar Philatelic Bureau. In our EIPA meeting I told my Philatelic friend to collect the stamps on Guru Granth Sahib form Cuttack. Some of them has purchased and some could not. Later I came about the withdrawal and thought If I could have purchased one more sheetlet, as the sheetlet I purchased was torn.

The chance I lost to get the stamp of RK Shukla. One of my friends Mr. Rajesh Sinha advised me to purchase stamps on RK Shukla immediately from Bhubaneswar GPO as the print was one lakh only. I didn’t take him seriously and by the time I turned up to the GPO all the stamps were sold out which were available with the dealer at Rs.10/- per stamp at that time. This happened too many of our philatelists. Thanks to Mr. CR Das, who was kind enough to distribute one stamp of RK Shukla to all of us who didn’t have the stamp.

Mr Ajit Dash may be contacted at email :

Beginners’ Section

India is the first country to issue the first stamp in Asia . These stamps are popularly known as the Scinde Dawks . It was July 1, 1852 when Mr. Bertle Frere , the commissioner of Sind ( now in Pakistan ) introduced paper stamps which were limited to Sind district only for circulation . The central design of the stamp was the East India Company's wide arrow and the stamps were embossed in different colours . The value of the stamp was 1/2 anna and the words 'Scind District Dawk' were printed on it in a circle . Vermillion stamps were issued first but they had a very short life because they were embossed on very fragile paper . White stamps were issued later on but embossing on white paper could not be seen clearly . So stamps were finally issued in blue colour on white paper . These stamps are famous among stamp collectors as Scinde Dawks were not only first in India but also in Asia . Scind Dawks were withdrawn by Sind Posts Department on September 30, 1854 because regular stamps of India were issued on October 1, 1854 . Scind Dawk is one of the rarest stamps of the world . India issued on October 19, 1977 a 100 paise stamp on the occasion of Asiana -77 depicting this famous Scind Dawk stamp .


Souvenir Replica of 3 Scinde Dawks – White, Blue & Red

: Timir Shah, Vadodara

Specialized Section


image By Naresh Agarwal

Contd…from the last


The Black Plague, was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, widely thought to have been caused by a bacterium named Yersinia pestis (Bubonic Plague), but recently sometimes attributed to other diseases.It most likely began in Central Asia and spread to Europe during the 1340s and showed devastating effects reducing the world’s population from an estimated 450 million to between 350 and 375 million in 1400.

09.01.1730 Lipsia(Leipzig) to Firenze(Florence).’C.Aviso’,(with advice of payment). Scorching and the craynned’S’ (for Sanita’) indicate Venetian precautions against plague.


Prior to 1730, the Venetians opened suspect letters and “Perfumed” them, without applying heat. From 1735,new regulations required heat treatment; and if opened, to be certified by an endorsement, hand struck marks being used from the 1760’s.The crayon ’S’ was provisional.(the slits were made for a ribbon and seal to close the letter, and not for fumigation.)

Epidemics affected mail at Honolulu ten times between 1853 and 1900 and six of those occasions came in the UPU Period. Not all of these episodes involved disease in Hawaii. Some were epidemics at places such as San Francisco or in Asia and steps were taken in Hawaii to disinfect mail from those placed before delivering it. Covers from at least two periods when Honolulu was gripped with cholera or plague show evidence of disinfecting.


By the early 20th century, plague, typhus, and yellow fever were known to be transmitted by arthropod vectors


Disinfected Cover dated Oct.26,1912 from St. Petersburg to Rakhinka, Astrakhan (addressed to "Dr. Dmitri Yakovlevitch, who was fighting the Plague") and struck with fine straight line "Obessarashenko" disinfection marking in blue-black. Cover was received in Astrakhan (8/11) and the disinfection cachet was probably applied there on arrival.


Disinfected cover dated Nov. 27,1911 franked from Novaya Kazanka (Astrakhan)) to St. Petersburg during epidemic of Plague in Astrakhan and struck (probably on dispatch as there are traces of staining to the envelope) with fine Cyrillic "Dezinfitsirovano" straight line disinfection cachet in violet.

Later scientific knowledge attributed the spread of the Plague and Cholera respectively to rat fleas and polluted drinking water. The measures taken to disinfect mail are now seen not merely as inadequate but unnecessary .


Anthrax is an acute disease in humans and animals caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis which is highly lethal in some forms caused caused by inhalation, gastrointestinal absorption, skin exposure. This is usually fatal, and symptoms usually begin days after exposure. There are effective vaccines against anthrax. Some forms of the disease respond well to antibiotic treatment.

image image

Mail in the collection of author treated for anthrax packed in polythene/plastic cover with mail disinfection related information

The 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States, also known as Amerithrax from its FBI case name, occurred over the course of several weeks beginning on September 18, 2001. More than 5000 letters containing anthrax spores were mailed through USPS to several news media offices killing five people and infecting severely 18 others.

Until the 20th century, anthrax infections killed lacs of animals and people each year in Asia Australia, Africa, North America, and Europe. French scientist Louis Pasteur developed the first effective vaccine for anthrax in 1881. Thanks to over a century of animal vaccination programs, sterilization of raw animal waste materials and anthrax eradication programs in different parts of the world which has checked the spread of Anthrax in big way.

image image

Letters dated 18.09,2001 postmarked Trenton, N.J. Outside, they were addressed to NBC anchor Tom Brokaw and to the Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle containing anthrax spores /powder killed 5 people and infected 18 others throughout the US. including 2 postal workers.  


It is a respiratory disease in humans which is caused by SARS corona virus .There has been one near pandemic to date in the years 2002 and 2003 with more than 10.000 known infected cases and about 1000 confirmed human deaths. Within a matter of weeks in early 2003, SARS spread from the Guangdong province of China to rapidly infect individuals in some 37 countries around the world.

image image

Disinfected Post card dated 13.09.2003 suspected infected by SARS

Looking in to the severity of the epidemic, in 2003 the proposal of the constitution of a new European monitoring, regulatory and research institution had been made, since the already available system of surveillance had found an enormous challenge in the global emergency of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). In the absence of a targeted vaccine, general preventive interventions have to be relied upon, including high healthcare surveillance and public information. Quarantine has, then again adhered to as the same had strongly suggested its validity.

image image

Disinfected Post card dated 01.05.2003 suspected infected by SARS


Foot-and-mouth disease, FMD or hoof-and-mouth disease, is a highly consanguineous and at times fatal viral disease of cloven hoofed animals, including domestic animals such as cattle, water buffalo , sheep, goats, and pigs. It is caused by foot and mouth disease virus. 


22.04.1920 Official letter from Fraubrunnen, podst free,to the local police, during a food and mouth epidemic. Sprinkled with “Kresapol”(a saponated solution containing Cresol ).Disinfected ( Desinfiziert ) with a rubber hand stamp, at the contonal police station.


Disinfected cover dated 08.06.1923 Dieterswil, North of Bem to Thun, S.E.of Bern. Desinfiziert cachet

YELLOW FEVER : In 1793, yellow fever swept through Philadelphia, then our federal capital. Alexander Hamilton left town, and President George Washington remained at Mount Vernon until the fall frost had been reported up North. Mail from the tropics, particularly Hawaii, was treated against yellow fever. In the United States in 1712, when yellow fever threatened Boston, mail from docking ships was first exposed to burning sulfur. Mail from the tropics, particularly Hawaii, was treated against yellow fever.

Ordinance Pertaining to the Destruction, Disinfection, and Sanitation of "Infected Property"

This is an ordinance, passed by the city council of MacClenny, Florida, December 18, 1888, emphasizing replacement of items destroyed in the course of disinfection, while putting in place the possibility of imprisonment or a $100 fine for failure of property owners to comply. The ordinance illustrates the necessity of a direct relationship between local authorities and the national Marine Hospital Service prior to the establishment of the State Board of Health. It also shows how rigid and stringent the disinfection and inspection measures sometimes were.


Typhoid fever is an illness caused by the bacterium Salmonella Enterica Serovar Typhi. It is transmitted by the ingestion of food or water contaminated with farces from an infected person. The bacteria then multiply in the blood stream of the infected person and are absorbed into the digestive tract and eliminated with the waste. This bacteria grows best at 37°C . In the history Typhoid has also spread like an epidemic at different places from time to time.

In 1813, typhus decimated the French army in Moscow, forcing Napoleon to retreat to Paris.


Army Surgeon-General on Typhoid Fever

The cover has been designed and manufactured by Brigadier-General George M. Sternberg, a leading bacteriologist and Surgeon-General of the United States Army, during his sanitary recommendations in 1898 emphasized the danger of polluted water and advocated usage of boiled or purified water and proper disposal of waste to check spread of Typhoid Fever. The cover’s actual user, however, enclosed a letter detailing the stateside ravages of typhoid fever.



Goods imported into the country could be seized and treated or even destroyed. The certificate hereunder shows the disinfection of wine flagons imported from Timor. The parcels post section of every state sent goods to be disinfected to their local quarantine station or board of health. Parcels of second-hand clothes or animal products were often treated.


The Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate certify that the goods contained inside the container have been fumigated/disinfected against insects, fungi or any other kind of parasite that could be carried within the wooden material. In some countries is not mandatory; costs are different depending on the quantity of goods to be disinfected and are not included in the Shipping expenses.


Once letters had been decontaminated, some sort of certification was noted on them. As late as 1837, a paste or wax seal was affixed to fumigated letters. But this certification was impractical with large numbers of letters, so soon each letter was simply stamped, much like a modern-day postal cancellation. Cancellations, cachets, seals and marks were used to certify the same.



Japan early disinfection examination stamp K5752


These health certificates were initially referred to the medical health of the ships, vessels and the material arrived in to a zone and not referred to the individuals normally until mid of the 20th centaury Later these were issued to individuals.


Italian Health Passport


It is the license or health certificate given to a ship to enter port on assurance from the captain to convince the authorities that he/she is free from contagious disease. The clearance granted is commonly referred to as Free Pratique.


Pratique issued at New Heaven, Connecticut in April11, 1777 during an epidemic of smallpox. It reads “This may certify that Samuel Jacket is clean from the smallpox so that he may return to his business and not expose to public”


The card were issued to passengers certifying that they were fit and needed not to be detained at quarantine.


The card was required to be kept by passengers to avoid detention by Quarantine in New York, or while travelling by Rail or Steamers in the United States


At Sydney Harbor, the ships arriving needed a certificate of freedom from disease that pertained to the entire ship, and that would be determined by the route on which the ship had come. If the ship had come to Sydney from London via what was then Ceylon, and if there was known to be an epidemic of cholera or smallpox in Ceylon, then that entire ship would be understood to be diseased and it would be put in quarantine for a certain period of time. So for mail to be assured as clean the entire ship was needed to have clean certificate of disinfection and cleanliness irrespective of the health or otherwise of the individuals on board.


Early 1940 Quarantine Inspection Card Issued by Dollar Steamship Company for passenger arrival at Honolulu


In the past for almost last 500 years and even now , the mail has been considered a major carrier of epidemics throughout the world as its quantity and movement has increased tremendously. And so, there are strict and regular measures employed to check the same. Different sanitation, quarantine disinfection and decontamination rules, laws and acts were made from time to time by different governments, authorities and administrations. Quarantine is still in existence and is being appreciated at times. However, with the development in medical sciences, there has been change in treatments given to the mail adhered to in past because of lack of knowledge regarding the cause of disease. Also different methods have been adopted utilizing latest technology to handle good quantity of mail in limited time with assurance of disinfection.


clip_image001Naresh Agrawal is a well known name in the field of philatelic writing in India as he has been writing on selected topics of philately which have not been so widely explored in India. His work has always been in direction to promote philately in one way or the other. His remarks and suggestion given from time to time have been well acknowledged. He has pursued this hobby since his childhood. In this article he has again taken up a topic to introduce the philatelic fraternity in general with a strange but strong aspect of philately. The matter, the text and the images have been taken in parts from different net sources and reshaped in to an article to make readers understand in brief the history, necessity, methods and other aspects of disinfection of mail and mail articles. Printing and publishing limitations have restricted and limited the article. Author thanks all the sources from where the information has been taken while informing that the article has been shaped only for philatelic fraternity for development of this hobby .

Mr Naresh Agarwal may be contacted at email :


Advertising Postal stationeries, Stamps and Postmarks

image ©Dr.Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

Postal Stationeries

With the birth of postage stamp and Postal stationeries, advertisements got their pride of place on these items in many ways, sometimes to meet the printing and other expenses or for collecting charities for many social organizations if needed.

And companies or organizations used this opportunity of advertisement of their products or special events on Postal items to reach the desired concerned community, within and outside the country, economically. Advertising covers are "miniature works of art".

When First Postal stationeries of the world, Mulready Sheets and Mulready Envelopes were issued by Great Britain in 1840, proudly advertisements of many firms, social and government organizations, daily use products etc. printed on them.

image image

Mulready Sheet

After Mulready Sheets and Envelopes, soon more and more postal stationeries of different kinds allowed a part of free space of them for commercial advertisements. Few types of stationery provided as much as 75-80 % of their free space for advertisements e.g. Bavarian Letter sheets, French Lettres-Annonces,

image image image

Letter sheet,          Bavaria Lettres - Annonces, France

Advertising Telegrams, Belgian Gyro covers, News paper Wrappers etc.

image image


image image

Giro Cover, Belgium                            Newspaper Wrapper, GB

Even few inserted additional advertising leaves inside them. The best known example is BLP Letter issued in 1920 for a limited period and only in one country- Italy. It is a letter on which many advertisements appear on the front, back and inside and few even got inserted advertising leaves. Part of the yield from the advertisements was used to sell the public at a lower rate than the normal franking value and a fair-sized yield not to Post Office but to an organization which provided support to the war-wounded.

image image image

BLP Letter, Italy

A rare method of advertising on embossed prestamped envelope was an advertising ring around the stamp indicum.

image image

Advertising Ring/Collar

In modern times PAP stationery envelopes of France, Publibels of Belgium, Lottery cards of China, Eco cards of Japan, Meghdoot cards and Customized envelopes of India are also remarkable advertising postal stationeries with variety of pictorial themes available on them.

image            image

PAP Stationery Envelope, France                                Publibel, Belgium

image image image

Lottery card China,                    Eco card, Japan,                        Meghdoot card, India

image image

Customized envelopes of India

An imprint on an envelope, usually in the upper-left corner, for the commercial, institutional or private source using the envelope, similar to business card or letterhead imprints is known as ‘Corner Card’. It usually includes a return address. Indian Bazar Card also falls in this category. Also envelopes supplied to guests along with stationery are among the most common advertising covers.

image      image

Corner Card, USA                                           Bazar Card, India

Especially, 19th & 20th C Advertising stationeries of above types seem important for their thematic appeal illustrations or texts but they have no place in thematic exhibits as these have been printed after the item has left the Post Office.

Postage Stamps

Stamps were used for advertising in number of ways. Sometimes printing advertisement on their backs, on margin, attached labels or on stamp itself as its design.

1 .Back of Stamps

One of the earliest forms of advertising on stamps appeared on their backs .In 1893, New Zealand sold advertising space to the advertising firm of Truebridge, Miller and Reich to use the space on the backs of its 1882 and 1893 issues bearing portrait of Queen Victoria for advertisements.

image image

Advertisements on back of New Zealand Stamps

All sorts of products were marketed on these stamp backs, including cocoa, Beecham's Pills, Flag Brand Pickles, Sunlight Soap, coffee, coal, sewing machines, cough syrup etc. printed before the gum was applied. Each stamp of the sheet had a different advertisement. Usually the advertisements are in red, red-brown, brown or purples and all shades in between. The sheets were in 4 sections of 60 giving a whole sheet of 240. Here is one reconstructed sheet showing how they were issued.

image image image image

Reconstructed Sheet of Advertisements on whole sheet of 240, New Zealand

Many other countries also followed this tradition of using back of their issues for advertising.


Advertisement on back of South African Stamps

Usually, embossed foil stamps issued by many countries from 1960 were produced with a foil layer on top of a paper layer, the back of which has repeating lines of tiny type / illustration for postal information or any type of advertisement.

image     image

Advertisement of Harry Winston, American jeweler

Whereas Odd Shaped, self-adhesive stamps attempted advertising on their peeled off backing.

image image image image

Advertising on peeled off backings

Many countries have used the back of the stamp to explain what is depicted on the front.

image image image image

Stamp design details on their backs

This advertising venture on back of any stamp was not successful for the reason, once a stamp was affixed to an envelope or advertising labels of self-stick stamps peeled off, nobody could see the advertisement.

To be contd…..

Dr SK Agarwal may be contacted at e-mail :

Forgery – Be alert

Here is an article on forgery . The article was published in PPS (Portuguese Philatelic Society) Bulletin no.195/October 2011 . I am reproducing the article to make people alert about the forgery. We will have to stop these forgers in interest of genuine philately !!


Forged 'SPECIMEN' on stamp of King Carlos I (Mouchon design) of year 1903

New Bechuanaland Forgeries

By Dave Davies

I am very sorry to have to report to the membership that the very situation that I feared and tried to avoid when writing the report on the Bechuanaland U.P.U. "Specimen" forgeries in Bulletin No 183 (pp. 19 -23) has occurred

Because I only had a suspicion of who was the peddler of these dangerous forgeries and did not have proof positive I was unable to name him. I had hoped that when he knew that someone was on his trail he may have reformed. I am sorry to tell you that greed seems to have got the better of him and the forgeries are still being offered at auction, the last time at an auction house in Germany as recently as February 2010.

Read full article..

Reader’s Right


This is just to draw the attention of all regarding Poor Speed Post service of India Post . I sent my exhibits for SINE, a national stamp exhibition, speed Post article No.   EE735499912IN  to Mr Madhukar Jhingan, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi from Bhuntar Sub Post Office Kullu on 31st October 2011. As per Speed Post  tracking record the article reached New Delhi on 2nd November. But it was not delivered to the addressee on 2nd November. In fact there was no transaction on 3rd and 4th November. On 5th November the article was delivered to the addressee.

Is it a reliable service of which  India Post boasts of ????? Due to negligence of the Postal Department my exhibits could not reach the destination and it could not be displayed as the exhibition started from 3rd  November 2011.

Who is responsible for this delay ….. ??? The concerned post office must give a clear explanation for this delay . Why was the article not delivered on the date it reached New Delhi. It was not sent either on 3rd or 4th November.   It caused  lot of inconvenience and  my exhibits  could not be displayed in the exhibition. Interestingly my 3 other exhibits posted from Chennai on the same day that is 31st October reached the addressee on 2nd November.

Being a philatelist I am highly disappointed that due to negligence and poor working of India Post my exhibits were deprived from participation in the exhibition…. What about if it was someone’s admit card for examination or interview letter for a job ??????  How India Post justifies its working ??? - Editor

A comment from reader….

The article is about philately. It’s a nice one. But the author of this article is more of a business person rather than a professional philatelist. Budding philatelists, who cannot assess the exact value of a stamp get cheated by these people because they sell stamps at a very higher price in online portals like ebay. These guys are not at all professional and they tend to cheat newbies by playing cheap tricks. Beware !!!! In fact I am an enthusiastic philatelist, got cheated by these people badly. I lost around $ 70 because of a damaged item they've sent and refused returns. It was my first bitter experience till date.

This comment was given by a reader on an article published in RSC Blog. The name of the dealer mentioned in the comment has been removed

New Issues from other countries



2 November 2011Remembrance Day 11.11.11

Remembrance Day, initially known as Armistice Day, marks the anniversary of the armistice on 11 November 1918, which led to the end of World War I - the Great War. Remembrance is observed through one minute's silence at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in honour of those who have died or been wounded in all theatres of war.

The significance of the commemoration throughout allied nations increased in 1920, with the return to Britain of the remains of an unknown soldier. Felled on the battlefields of the Western Front, he was interred with full military honours. At the end of World War II, the Australian government agreed with Britain's proposal to rename the annual observation Remembrance Day, extending the commemoration to those who have served in all military conflicts.

The most notable symbol of Remembrance Day is the red poppy, or Flanders poppy (Papaver rhoeas). It gained resonance for being among the fi rst plants to bloom on the battlefields of northern France and Belgium during the Great War. For soldiers, the red petals represented the blood of their fallen comrades.


17 November 2011 :From the Treasurey of Estonian Art Museum


Famous market painting by Henn-Olavi Roode

The paintings of Henn-Olavi Roode (4 Nov 1924 – 25 Dec 1974) constitute the most extensive attempt to interpret and develop post-war modernism in the constrained circumstances of the period. Roode did not limit himself to one sphere alone, and his searches in painting were expressed in city, interior and marine views. In the mid-1960s he took up abstractionism while also experimenting with portraits in different interpretations. In 1962 he painted his famous Market, which has been called the artist's manifesto. Roode's most important canvases were large compositions with numerous figures; they are the most serious works concerning the relations of figures, movement and space in the Estonian painting of the 1960s.


4 November 2011 : Discovery of the Clipperton Island.


Clipperton Discovery Stamp from France The French Post has issued a stamp dedicated to the discovery of the Clipperton Island.

Often called the island of passion, Clipperton is located in the Pacific Ocean, over 6,000 km from Tahiti and 1,300 km from the coast of Mexico. It is an isolated atoll of subcircular form of 6 km2 from which approximately 2 km2 of land. It contains a lagoon closed and isolated from ocean water masses, surrounded by a strip of narrow land.

The island was discovered on Friday, April 3, 1711 by Frenchmen Gustave Charles Martin de Chassiron and Michel Dubocage, commanders of the frigates "Princess" and "La Decouverte". The name of the Clipperton Island comes from the name of English naturalist and pirate John Clipperton, who, from some sources, had crossed the waters of the island, and from others, had even landed there in 1704.

The island has long been coveted by Mexico and England, but on January 28, 1931 the French sovereignty was recognized there thanks to the log-books of Martin de Chassiron and Michel Dubocage. Its fauna and flora are quite limited; we should note first of all the presence of crabs (Gecarcinadae), masked boobies, and a few coconut trees.

Hong Kong

24 November 2011 : Hong Kong- China, Romania Joint Issue :



image image

25 November 2011 Christmas – 2 val.



3 November 2011 : 20th Anniversary of foundation of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The Russian Post has issued a stamp to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of foundation of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The CIS is a regional international organization aiming to regulate the cooperation between the 11 former Soviet socialist republics of the former USSR. The stamp illustrates 11 flags of States-members of the CIS as well as its emblem.

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A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi : - A new website created by ML Rajesh of Tiruvallur District of Tamilnadu. This website contains Gandhiji's memorabilia such as Stamps, coins, currencies, tokens, telephone cards, post cards, special covers, statues and a few rare photo graphs too. It is a complete website on Mahatma Gandhi .

Officially Sealed Mails of the World : -    A site dedicated to the study of Post Office Seals   -

Sports Philately : - Website on Sports Philately.

Se- tenant Stamps of India - It is a specialized Blog on se-tenant stamps.

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Glimpses of Modern Indian Philately : A new Blog on Modern Indian Postal History and Modern Philately of India, has been created by Mr Prashant Pandya.

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Phila India : – A new website on Indian Philately created by Mahesh Reddiar of Krerala

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My Best Wishes To RAINBOW…

- Naresh Agarwal

It was a great philatelic day

When Rainbow spread its ray

So beautiful and so colorful

Red, orange, green and gray

It gave philately a new direction

Taught how to make a collection

Touched every facet of philately

Gave readers due satisfaction

The stamp news and the tales

The articles and the mails

The information it imparted

Was always fresh not stale

The journey of four years

Has been full of pleasure

It has nicely served its readers

Given them philatelic treasure

The Editor behind it

Has worked hard day and night

Her dedication and discipline

Made Rainbow a popular site

It’s each and every content

Full of knowledge and passion

Served well a child to an old

Really needs a special mention

Wish Rainbow to glow with glory

Wish Rainbow to write its story

Wish Rainbow to never depart

Wish rainbow to live long in hearts !!

How the Rainbow News Stepped in to Fifth Year …

- Jagannath Mani, Bangalore

Dear Readers I tried to narrate The Story of Rainbow News, How It stepped in to fifth year from four successful years of journey  after crossing many hurdles,  the story Line is About the Angle and the Rainbow ….

The Three Years Before One day an Angle came out of the heaven to play in the rain and while playing she got wet and to dry her wet white dress she went to sun light .The sun rays passed through her white dress and formed the Rainbow. Her friends loved to see the Rainbow.

Often she gets wet in the rain and cheers herself up in the sun light and tries to fulfill her friends’ wishes so that they could enjoy it and share their joy with others !

It did not turn out to look like an ordinary Rainbow, one day though her dress got soaked and didn’t dry up quite right, she never let her friends disappointed she went near the sun to give an awesome Rainbow….

Being the Good natured person, she did not throw away her wet dress, she gave her new creation a name. As she called it as Rainbow News in honor of the Rain that created it. She thought that it would be the perfect to cheer up when it rained in her own creation.

Everyone loved it! So every time it rains she gets wet and cheers up in sunlight and brings us a rainbow News. So everyone can enjoy by viewing it, I hope she doesn’t even mind getting wet for long time for the cause of Rainbow News.

Even the Rainbow News looks like half of the Circle as that of Rainbow. The Rainbow News Has won few awards for her Credit, and won many hearts. I wish her Voyage to Continue for the good cause and bring more Rainbow News in future.

With Rainbow Regards,

Jagannath Mani 

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- Prem Pues Kumar, Jamshedpur

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I find no words to appreciate your newsletter. Through your Newsletter, I come to know lots of new and unknown information Moreover, the web links published in it are useful to me to a great extent. I extend my heartfelt thanks to you and take this opportunity to greet you to succeed in your ambition.

KK Miglani, New Delhi

I congratulate you for the excellent web site which is full of information & current activities on philately.


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