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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The Penny Black was voted the world’s favourite stamp by collectors. The famous postage stamp celebrates its 172nd anniversary on May 6 this year !!

Shimla  March 2012  Vol. V  Issue # 51

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Dear Reader

This is the 51st issue of Rainbow Stamp News and with this issue its journey starts for another half century issues…and hope it will complete 100 issues in the years to come. I wish to thank all my contributors and readers for their best wishes motivating me to work for another 50 issues. My sincere thanks to all of you !!

India Post has given a tentative list of stamps to be issued in the year 2012 . The list shows that about 71 stamps are proposed to be issued this year. In the list, special set for London 2012 Olympics has not been included but this could not be missed and India Post will have to issue a commemorative set to mark this great event. Thus the total number of stamps will reach around 80 this year which is a very big number. There are 15 stamps in the list to be issued on ‘Personality’. The increase in number of stamps definitely reduces the quality of stamps.

The philatelic advisory committee of India Post must review the rules and make necessary amendments to reduce the number of issues per year and improve the quality of paper, printing and design of the stamps. India Post seems to beat other postal administrations in the world to issue record number of stamps per year . But the selection of theme and quality of stamps is not up to the mark. There is a need to make a change in stamp issuing policy and the number of stamps issued per year must be restricted to a certain number !

This is all for this month….Happy collecting !!

                                                                                                                                                          -- Jeevan Jyoti


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· 9 February 2012 India International Centre – Rs 5

· 24 February 2012 Employees State Insurance Corporation - Rs 5

Recent Special Cover and Postmark

Railway Staff College Cvr1

Jan 31: Vadodara, Railway Staff College Diamond Jubilee
Feb 10: Patna, Folk Painting, Bihar Stamp Expo
Feb 11: Patna, Arya Bhatt, Bihar Stamp Expo
Feb 11: Patan, Sufi Gaan, Bihar Stamp Expo
Feb 12: Patna, Sher Shah Suri, Bihar Stamp Expo
Feb 13: Patna, Girl Child, Bihar Stamp Expo
Feb 17: Agra, Taj Mahal, Agra District Philatelic Exhibition
Feb 18: Agra, Chandreshwar Library, Agra District Philatelic Exhibition
Feb 18: Agra, Head Post Office, Agra District Philatelic Exhibition

New Stamp Booklets


Bihar Circle of India Post issued 4 stamp booklets on December 10, 2012 during Bihar Stamp Expo at Patna. The booklets are priced at Rs 75 each and carry 4 commemorative stamps of Rs 5 each.


New Picture Post Cards

Bihar Circle of India Post issued 4 picture post cards on December 11, 2012 during Bihar Stamp Expo at Patna. The set of 4 cards on the theme of Sufism in Bihar is priced at Rs 100 and each card is affixed with a Rs 5 stamp and stamped with a special postmark on Sufi Gaan (singing). India post has printed MAX CARD on the reverse side of post however they are not maxim cards but are normal picture postcards.

View Booklets and Cards

In The News

Tributes to young achiever !!


Pakistan Post issued a postage stamp on Arfa Karim, Pakistan’s most talented young girl and World’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional on 2nd February, her 17th birth anniversary . Arfa Karim passed away on January 16, 2012 at the age of 16 after suffering an epileptic stroke. Her extraordinary contribution in the field of IT will be a role model for the younger generation. Arfa Karim became Microsoft-certified Professional at the age of nine in 2004 and had a science park in Lahore named after her. Arfa Karim was invited by Bill Gates to visit the Microsoft headquarters in the United States when she was only 10-year-old. Arfa’s stamp has become now one of the most popular postage stamps in the world among children and students .

UN Postal Union acquires world’s first postage stamp issued in 1840

The United Nations postal union reported this week it has acquired what is probably the world’s best-known stamp – the Penny Black – which was issued 172 years ago and shows a profile image of United Kingdom’s Queen Victoria on a black background.


The Universal Postal Union (UPU) now also owns two other Victorian stamps, the Penny Red and the Two Pence Blue, as well as an envelope bearing the Penny Black and cancelled on 22 July 1840, only two months after the famous stamp was officially issued on 6 May 1840.

The Penny Black will add to UPU vast stamp collection, which contains more than 800.000 stamps. The historic philatelic items were purchased for a total of 1.800 Swiss francs (1.965 US dollars), the agency said in a press release.

The Penny Black shows a profile image of Queen Victoria looking to the left. Although it is known as the world’s first postage stamp, the Penny Black is not considered rare. More than 70 million copies of the stamp were issued and it can easily be purchased. The other particular feature of the famous Penny Black are the Roman letters that are printed at the bottom two corners to identify the stamp’s line and column position on the printed sheet. The technique was also designed to discourage counterfeiters.

“The Penny Black is unique and its creation is one of the great moments in world postal history,” said UPU Director General Edouard Dayan. “The postage stamp has a certain magic; each stamp is a tiny ambassador that informs about the history, the art, the culture and the national heritage of our member countries.” The acquisition of the Penny Black was the idea of Jean-François Logette, the manager of the philatelic programme at UPU International Bureau.“The stamps in the collection are a testimony to great moments in the history of our member countries and the world and constitute an important philatelic heritage,” said Mr. Logette.

Before stamps existed, the recipient of a letter paid for the delivery cost, based on a complex tariff scheme. The postage-paid letter bearing a stamp was the brainchild of Rowland Hill, who initiated a reform of the British postal system and was knighted for his services. He apparently proposed the postage stamp’s creation after noticing that the postal service was losing significant mailing revenues because recipients could refuse to take delivery of an item.

Switzerland and Brazil followed in the United Kingdom’s footsteps by issuing their own stamps in 1843. Stamps appeared in the United States in 1847 and in France and Belgium in 1849.

Today, all countries issue their own and even the UN Postal Administration issues stamps, 80% of which are sold to collectors, while the rest are used on mail leaving UN offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna.UPU Member States are expected to send a copy of each postage stamp they issue to the International Bureau in Berne. The newly acquired stamps and envelope have been framed and will be displayed in the International Bureau conference room.

UN News Service

Special exhibition : Beethoven on Postage Stamps


The Beethoven-Haus presents in a new special exhibition a prize-winning collection from Japan of postage stamps relating to Beethoven and his lifetime.

19th March until 24th June 2012

Special exhibition - Beethoven on Postage Stamps

A collection from Japan on Beethoven and his lifetime

19th March until 24th June 2012 


Beethoven-Haus Bonn (Germany)

Ursula Timmer-Fontani

Tel. 0049 228 98175-16

Yukio Onuma (Mr.) (Japan, in English only)

Tel. 0081 3 3414 6258

From 19th March the Beethoven-Haus invites its visitors on an unusual journey back to Beethoven's era. A special exhibition named "Ludwig van Beethoven – His Life and Times" presents a collection from Japan which concentrates entirely on Beethoven and his lifetime.



'The holy grail of stamp collecting': Penny Red with rare imperfections set to sell for £550,000 at auction

One of the rarest and most sought after stamps ever produced is up for sale and expected to fetch over half a million pounds.


The plate 77 Penny Red has been dubbed the ‘Holy Grail of philately’ and is one of just nine examples of the stamp ever recorded.Although millions of Penny Reds were printed between 1841 and 1879, a number of plates were never used due to technical faults.Flaws in plate number 77 meant the stamp’s perforations were lined up incorrectly, so all of the test sheets were destroyed.

But at least one sheet was released into circulation by mistake - making the 77 every stamp collector’s dream. Dealer Stanley Gibbons heralds it as the 'most valuable single stamp' the company has ever had for sale in their 156 year history, with a value of around £550,000.

Collectors worldwide religiously check every Penny Red they come across to see if it is a real example of the 'philatelic Holy Grail'.Spokesman Vince Cordell said: 'This example has graced some of the finest stamp collections ever formed and is not only a magnificent exhibition piece but one of the great rarities of Great Britain and world philately.

'To date, four mint and five used examples have been reported, although some have not been seen for so long their authenticity is unconfirmed and often doubted.'Of the mint examples, there is one in the Royal Philatelic collection, one in the Tapling collection in the British Library, one in the Raphael collection that was stolen in 1965 and has not been seen since, and the fourth was in the Ferrary collection sold in the 1920s.

The used examples include two found in the early 20th Century that were damaged and have not been seen for more than 50 years, one that was lost in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and one in the Adams collection - now in the British Library.The fifth example is the one for sale by Guernsey company Stanley Gibbons, which it said was “realistically the only one that will ever be available on the open market”.

It is on a piece of envelope to the left of a common 4d red stamp and has a post mark bearing the number 15.The plate 77 Penny Red is on sale through their website now, and is being stored at the company’s high security vault in London.

Read more

Pictorial Postmarks on Bird from Germany

During  a philatelic exhibition  in  Kaltennordheim  on May 26th  2012 ,Germany, will be available a new  pictorial cancellation featuring the JACKDAW( Corvus  monedula) ,BIRD OF THE YEAR   2012 in Germany. Interested philatelists in  the cancellation  may contact Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Collector Group ArGe ZOOLOGIE  Mail: . Postage rates are 0,75 Euro AIRMAIL or  2,80 Euro REGISTERED AIRMAIL.

During the philatelic exhibition on   August 31th,2012 , a pictorial postmark featuring the bird EURASIAN CURLEW will be issued. Collectors with interest on this pictorial cancellation may contact Mr. Wolfgang Beyer please, MAIL: ,member of staff from the German Collector Group ARGE ZOOLOGIE. Postages rates 0,75 Euro AIRMAIL or  2,80 Euro for AIRMAIL/REGISTERED.


IPHLA 2012


Specialized International Exhibition for Philatelic Literature

IPHLA 2012 : A specialised exhibition for Philatelic Literature is going to be held  from 2 to 4 Nov.2012 in the town hall of Mainz (Germany). This exhibition will  be held under the patronage of FEPA & AIJP but some non European countries are also invited by them and India is also one of them.

Any author, journalist or publisher can apply for participation at IPHLA 2012 Mainz with one or more exhibits (print, static-digital like CD/DVD or a website) on condition he/she is a member of the BDPh or an association affiliated with FIP or FEPA. The application must arrive on time on the entry form provided for this purpose

The basis of the binding application is the different regulations currently provided by the BDPh. Any applicant is urgently advised to take note of these regulations, especially of the special regulations for IPHLA 2012 Mainz , which he agrees to by signing his application. NO FEDERATION COMMISSIONER WILL BE NOMINATED. Please go through website

For any information please contact to Mr. Wolfgang Massen, Email:


THAILAND 2013, International Philatelic exhibition will be held in Thailand from 2 to 14 August 2013 in Bangkok, under the patronage of FIP. The World Philatelic Exhibition will take place from 2 - 14 August 2013 at the Royal Paragon Hall 1-3, 5th floor, Siam Paragon, Bangkok. The event will feature not only some unique postage stamp collections, but also displays of other rare and valuable collectibles from around the world. A stamp contest and competition of OTOP products will also be held as part of the event, with an international panel of judges from member countries and representatives of countries submitting collections for display.

PCI has nominated Mr. R D Binani as Commissioner for India, his address :33-B Rowland Road, Kolkata 700 020  E mail : Mob:9830073058



INDONESIA 2012: International Philatelic exhibition will  be held under the patronage of FIP from 18 to 24 June 2012 at Jakarta Convention Center. The exhibition will be known as  INDONESIA 2012 WORLD STAMP CHAMPIONSHIP. Mr. S. Sahoo, is National Commissioner for India. His address is :- D-3, BJB Nagar, Bhubanshwar 751 014 Email:

Exhibitions in India



-image - Pradeep Kumar Malik, Patna

Bihar Stamp Expo 2012 was organized by the Bihar Circle of India Post from 10th February 2012 to 13th February 2012 in the historic Wheeler Senate Hall of Patna University, Patna. The state level philatelic exhibition as well convened under the chairmanship of the Chief Post Master General, Bihar circle, Smt. Kaveri Banerji. Her vast experience of organizing philatelic exhibitions, including International exhibition, INDIPEX 2011 at New Delhi was at hand to the team of the officers and officials engaged for this event. Sri Anil Kumar, Director of Postal services and the ex-officio Secretary of the Bihar Stamp Expo 2012 worked overnight with his team and left no stone unturned to make this event historic and successful in all respect. The active participation of the philatelists was also available to the organizing committee under the guidance of the veteran philatelist Dr. R. S. Gandhi.


The Stamp Expo was the eleventh state level philatelic exhibition for Bihar state. Till last state level exhibition, held in November 2007, it was being named as BIPEX.

Bihar Stamp Expo 2012 was inaugurated by His Excellency the Governor of Bihar, Sri Devanand Kunwar. In his opening remarks the Governor mentioned that the postage stamp is believed to be an ambassador of the culture of its country and stamp collecting helping a lot to create world brotherhood.


The exhibits were displayed in 320 frames. Out of these exhibits. 39 entries were in competition class, there were four exhibits competing for the Championship trophy. 13 exhibits were displayed under ‘One frame Exhibit’ class. In competition class only five entries belonged to Postal History, Traditional Philately and Postal Stationary classes. Rest of all were in the Thematic Philately Class.

Some very good international famed exhibits were also on display in the invitee class. To name a few were: ‘A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose……’ (Dr. Satyendra Kumar Agrawal); ‘Lion – the Magnificent’ (Anwar Jamal); ‘Radio Broadcasting’ (Ashok Tiwary); ‘Flags’ (Shekhar Chakrabarty); ‘Maps’ (A. K. Bagri); ‘Kishangarh State’ (Dhananjay Desai); ‘Meter stamps’ (Dr. R. S. Gandhi). An ‘Inverted Head – Four annas’ stamp from the collection of Sri S. C. Sukhani of Kolkata was also on display.

Along with several philatelic rarities, Indian philatelic gems like ‘Inverted Head’, ‘Gandhi Service overprint’ and ‘First Airmail Postcard’ were also on display and visitors were delighted to see them under one roof. This Expo proved to be a feast for the eyes of the philatelists.

As the state of Bihar is celebrating the centenary of its formation, India post, rightly, selected the theme ‘Celebrating Bihar’ for this Expo. Four Special Covers, four stamp Booklets and four Max Cards (?) were released during the Expo.

Special Covers were released on ‘Folk paintings of Bihar’; ‘Aryabhatta’; ‘Shershah Suri’; and ‘Save Girl child – Save Earth’.

Stamps Booklets were released on ‘Jainism’; ‘Buddhism’; ‘Sikhism’ and ‘Save Ganga’.

A set of four beautiful Picture Postcards depicting the four different Dargah Sharifs of Bihar with cancellation on ‘Sufism in Bihar’ was also released. Though India Post called these cards as Max Cards, but they are technically not Max cards.

In the sideline of the stamp Expo 2012, the letter writing, Stamp designing and Philatelic quiz competitions were also organized for the school children. More than thousand school students were participated in these competitions. The winners of these competitions were awarded at the closing ceremony.

‘Early India cancellations’ of Dr. Kanwaljit Singh Gandhi was declared winner of the Championship trophy in this exhibition. Six exhibits, listed below, were awarded Gold medals.

1. Early India cancellations Dr. Kanwaljit Singh Gandhi

2. I am bow and this my story Pragya Kothari

3. Twin Cobra overprints of Gwalior State Lallan Prasad Singh

4. Fascinating facts of Maps Rajesh Kumar Sinha

5. Jainism – A way of life Sanjay Jain

6. Vedic revelations Dr. Pradip Sarkar

Besides Gold medals top three exhibits were awarded special prizes as rolling trophies. 13 Silver medals and six Bronze medals were awarded to other exhibits competing in the competition class. One Frame exhibits were not awarded medals but they are ranked as per marks obtained by them.

Renowned philatelists Sri Dhananjay Desai and Sri Rameshwar Das Binani were in the Panel of jury .

The overall level of standard of Bihar stamp Expo 2012 was high in comparison to previous exhibitions. Many visiting philatelists accepted, without any hesitation, that the standard of the exhibition was as good as of any National level philatelic exhibition. Someone commented that he found it to be one of the best state level philatelic exhibitions ever held.

With a hope of better next time everyone bid adieu!  Read More…

Forthcoming exhibitions

Mar 3-4: Kolkata, National Mega Philatelic Exhibition Kolkata 2012

Venue: Olpadvala Memorial Hall, 52 Chowringhee Road, Opposite Rotary Sadan,

beside New Embassy Restaurant

March 2012 : Shimla – Shimla Dist. Level stamp exhibition

Organizers: HP Circle of India Post

March 2012: Gurgaon, Haryana State philatelic exhibition

Organizers: Haryana Circle of India Post

March 2012: Chandigarh, Punjab State philatelic exhibition

Organizers: Punjab Circle of India Post

Sub Foreign Post Office at Srinagar

India Post will set up a 'Sub Foreign Post Office' at Srinagar. Jammu and Kashmir Government has provided the space at Kashmir Haat that will help exporters to import and export their goods through Post Office. The Foreign Post Office also house staff from the Customs Department who check the packages on

the spot and once customs has cleared the consignment, it is directly sent to addresses outside India. For incoming packages the Customs officials decide on customs duty if any and post office collects it from the addressee. The Foreign Post Offices are only set up in metro cities around the country, but Srinagar has been chosen as a 'special case'.

Vadophil Auction


The Last date of  Vadophil Auction is 15th March 2012 instead of 28  February 2012.

View : all lots in Vadophil


MOBILE_PHILATELY_Newlogo deepak Modi Deepak Modi is a well known name in Indian philatelic community today. He is the first person in Indian philatelic field to introduce Mobile Philately, SMS Service in India a new tool for regular philatelic communication and updates. He is presently working as director in a cement trading company.The young and enthusiast philatelist from Jalna ( Maharashta) has unparallel energy and urge to bring innovations in Indian philatelic field and he makes all efforts for development and promotion of philately.


The logo of Mobile Philately was launched during Stampmania 2009 at Vadodara

(From L to R Deepak Modi, Timir R Shah, Prashant Pandya)

His philatelic interests are Indian stamps, philatelic lapel pins, philatelic literature, inaugural permanent pictorial cancellations and unusual postal services. He loves collecting world coins and currency. He is ardent lover of North Indian vocal classical music. His views hereunder will certainly enthuse the readers to think positive and do some genuine efforts for the promotion of philately in India . He is associate member of PCI. His entry in Literature Class got Bronze at INDIPEX 2011. It was for his coffee table book on Indian Miniature sheets - "Beautiful Miniature Issues of India". Deepak Modi is one of the young shining stars of philatelic community. We wish him all the best for a bright future in profession and hobby both !! Deepak Modi may be contacted at email :

image Interview with Deepak Modi

1. You have given a new direction to philately as a promoter through Mobile Philately . Please tell us how did you get in to this hobby and how the idea of Mobile Philately came to your mind ?

Ans. It was around 1995-96 I got in to this hobby. It so happened that when I was a school student, I saw an invitation card with a colorful stamp lying on the payment counter of shop where I had gone there to purchase some clothes. It was so beautiful that I requested shop owner to give that to me. And then my journey to the world of stamps started. One day one of my neighbors gifted me a stamp album with stamps and later in 1999 he guided me to open a philatelic deposit account .From there I was enthused in to this hobby.

Though I had PD A/c but I never got material in time and also no proper and timely information about the issuance of stamps, covers etc. was received. Though in the year 2000 site solved this to a big extent but even than that was not enough. It was in 2006 that Orkut social networking helped me get connected with various stamp collectors. And as suggested by one of my friends, I tried of designing some website but could not succeed due to heavy budgets. As the urge to do some innovation in philatelic information field was there, the idea of using mobile phone to get constant connectivity, exchange of information and updates clicked my mind and started working on it. Thus the concept of Mobile Philately was developed..

2. As a philatelist we would like to know about your philatelic interests. You introduced this new  branch of philately while you were pursuing your MBA. How could you manage time for this? What is your advice and appeal to the new stamp collectors….. school or college students who seem to be overburdened with studies all the time.

Ans : I collect India mint stamps in block of 4, FDC - machine cancelled from Mumbai GPO, Miniature sheets, Souvenir sheets, Sheet lets, Presentation Packs and Permanent Pictorial Cancellations. I am also trying to develop on two topics : Unusual Postal Services and Unusual Postage Stamps.

There is nothing which is difficult but it requires time management. I managed my time well while I was pursuing my MBA. I would appeal rather than suggest students to think about return of both time and money before investing. But investment in time has no substitute. This hobby certainly gives pleasure and satisfaction but students have to keep a balance. Luckily,I have been successful in this and have enjoyed collecting stamps and connectivity with people..

3. Parents, teachers and well wishers are always a big hurdle when it comes to distribution and devotion of time for a young student studying hard for building his career. How was your parents’ approach towards your  spending time on your hobby ?

Ans: I think this view is not correct that parents, teachers and well wishers are always a big hurdle . when it comes to distribution and devotion of time for a young student studying hard for building his career, Yes, they are certainly worried. My mother supported me to open PD a/c. I did not get much support from teachers but got huge support from well wishers from all corners. Whatever we say, studies are certainly important but with proper time and money management one can convince one’s parents and teachers. The students should make their parents understand the benefits of stamp collecting and then the approach of parents about devoting time to this hobby would certainly change.   .  

4. Your newer concept of using mobile has been widely accepted and appreciated too. According to you what is the future of mobile philately? What desired innovations you are looking in to it to make it more comprehensive and informative?

Ans: The wide acceptance of mobile philately is because of information availability at one’s fingertips which is quite prompt and easily accessible in comparison to internet and printed newsletter. The magic of mobile philately is that the collector gets news in just 140 characters in form of SMS which could be read at one’s convenience.

As far as the future of Mobile Philately is concerned, I must say the future of mobile philately is bright but it largely depends upon the guidelines of the SMS program (service provider) on which it works on and also on the regulatory body which regulates such services.

I am looking forward to make SMS more comprehensive and informative by sending images of new stamp issues, special covers etc along with SMS. I am very hopeful for its success.

5. Virtual philately too has made its strong place in the philatelic world. As it truly takes one to the world of stamps. How do you look at it ?

Ans : Let me first clear the term virtual philately to those who are not familiar with this name. Virtual philately is a new branch of philately and it consists of anything related to philately which is not in physical. For example  Power Point Presentation (ppt), a Video Clip, a Web Site, or a service like Mobile Philately or even a Virtual Stamp Exhibition.

Physically made stamp exhibits have limitations but virtual do not have, it enjoys the freedom to present your thoughts as compared to physical one and that’s the reason why it is making its mark in the philatelic world.

If I talk about the Indian scenario of virtual philately then I just want to say both the exhibitor and even juror have to go a long way to work upon. There is lot of space available to develop.

6. Fresh brains have ability to think about and adapt new things and ideas…. And so you have proved it but what else you have seen in the Indian philatelic scenario? What major transformation you wish to do to develop and promote philately?

Ans: Young people having fresh brains have more lust to do and adopt new. In Indian philately there are only a few young stamp collectors who too are now moving towards stamp trading.

For me the instant desired transformation for development of this hobby is to set up a database and network of all the collectors in India and to organize them. To bring them at a platform, I have drafted a plan under the name "Federation of Indian Philatelists" (FIP) which will work from bottom to top. Collectors from a small town will connect to every District, District to Region, Region to State and State to Nation.

Now what this group will do - very simple - it will organize stamp exhibition and workshop at every branch, every year on 26th January exhibiting each and every material issued by India Post in last year. Had any one have ever heard that any club, society or federation has organized an exhibition on common subject across the nation on a single day. We just have Lok Sabha Elections in this manner at this scale. The output of all this exercise will be that India will get number of stamp collectors every year.

It’s my dream let me know what the readers think of it......

I also wish India Post should bring following changes with immediate effect to bring a revolution into Indian philately:

1] Every stamp or any other material should be sold through PD a/c: This will assure the demand and supply and will help the DoP to decide the quantity to be printed and made available at each center.

2] Every PD a/c should be linked to India Post Saving a/c so that the holder can get interest on idle money laying into PD a/c and also there should be account portability which will help the PD a/c holder to get material from any part of the country by using the one single a/c.

3] No miniature sheet should be issued of basic postage value (Rs.5/- in present date) and if made available then should be printed 4 times the normal quantity.

4] There should be a nominal fees to propose and release a special cover say Rs.500/- instead of  Rs.10000/- *  as charged in present and to compensate logically, fees should be made applicable with each application proposing a new stamp to be released and at present there is no fees as such.

5] If India Post takes a positive step towards above suggestions then it can also charge some service cost from PD a/c holders and can use that revenue to increase the man power in philately department in order to provide better services to the customers..

7. Advent of technology has made the world a small village as communication has  become handy. How did the idea of using mobile for exchanging philatelic information came in to your mind? Why do you say this is mobile philately? Does the world mobile imply moving philately or the exchange and share of philatelic information using mobile phone?

Ans: A major population uses mobile service in India and it is very easy and fast to communicate and that’s the USP of Mobile Philately. The other faster mode is e-mail or updating at web site/blog but for that the reader needs to have internet connection even if he uses it on cell phone so a SMS was the best option I felt to work upon. I branded it by the name “Mobile Philately” because I wanted to make it popular among all the age group collectors and keeping the name generic it helped me a lot. You do not have to make much effort to remember the name of this service because the name is coined as mobile because it works on mobile technology and it’s all about Philately so simply it became “ Mobile Philately”.

8. With the invention and availability of new communication and entertainment systems now and also the changing styles of life… what do you think about future of  physical stamp collecting?

Ans: Believe me there is no option to physical stamp collecting. It will be there. But yes, one thing to add upon here, the administrations who are into releasing new stamps will have to make sure that they come up with innovative ideas, new materials, different ways and interesting subjects while releasing new material. For example from just simple paper stamps to scented, threaded, plastic, gold foil, odd shaped stamps. Newer philatelic products is the demand of time. Postal administrations have to think upon it.

9. This is a common question which we normally ask every one. Your views on future of physical stamp collecting / philately when the future seems to be of  e-mails and mobile phones.. where messaging, chatting, video exchanges etc.  every thing can be done except parcels or sending physical objects other than papers/documents.?

Ans: We have seen the changing modes of communication from physical meeting to the use of sound signals and now internet. And in near future, I expect more innovations in this field to add value to our life. With all this around us, we still love collecting stamps which for me will never die. The new modes will certainly help in developing philately. Mobile philately itself is an example, being a new tech still it is used to promote philately. .

10. Your comments on the newer philatelic products being introduced by India post and also being prepared and introduced privately?

Ans: There is lot of space to India Post to come out with various products and it is also utilizing it but what I have experienced is there is imbalance in availability of such products and the price tags are also not justified. About philatelic products which are privately introduced - It’s an open market anyone can come out with any product. It’s the buyer who has to decide what to go with and what to not.

This interview was conducted by Mr Naresh Agarwal.

image From the Desk of Naresh Agarwal

Philately has changed, the way it used to be done and enjoyed. Though professionalism, commercialism and favoritism have dominated the true joy and pleasure yet some sincere philatelists are still trying to get and give pleasure to the deserving stamp collectors. The function of philatelic societies in the past used to promote philately but now most of the societies die because of various vested and non-philatelic interests. India post though have great budget for philately promotional activities but most of it go just waste defeating the very purpose. Yet, in spite of all odds, some of the private societies are still working hard and honestly for the benefit of philatelists. To name a few SIPA, Stamps of India, BPS.. etc. My sincere thanks to all the philatelists and non-philatelists associated with these societies who not only help their members on regular basis but organize events and exhibitions of higher level regularly. Just think of the hard work, the money, the time and the energy spent on this when there is no aid from India post or from other sources.

My hats off to such dedicated persons. Stampamania 2009,SINE 2010 and SINE 2011, SIPEX 2010 , 2011 and many more exhibitions held in last 2/3 years have done a commendable service to Indian philatelists. But what we are doing as an individual or as a small local club?. I personally feel we all should help such dedicated societies who have no vested interest. We should help by all means. There are some other groups too who are willing to organize shows but they have financial constraints. They too need to be encouraged. PCI an apex body of philatelists should come forward and make some changes in its mode of thinking and functioning. Now is the time when PCI as some people call it “Professional community of Intellectuals” should come out of its shell. It should broaden the field of its activities. It should do justice to its existence.It should introduce young philatelists in to their think tank, team of jury and commissioners. Philatelists should always keep in mind that philately is all about sharing and is only for pleasure whether it is given or taken.

We know with a large number of stamp collectors and philatelists in fold, philatelists have established their own community and so we need to develop it. A strong will has to come from all the philatelists. Wrong notion of competitiveness too has spoiled philately. For me there is no competition in philately. In one of my articles, I had written “who says there is competition in competition class of philately?” It is just valuation of one’s exhibit.…. Just a display of collection in specific way. No medal is big or small, good or better. Awarding medals should be stopped. Just think why do we call it exhibition?.. Philately has to be enjoyed both independently and collectively. Let’s come together… a combined will , will certainly change the scenario. There will be pleasure and joy… nothing else in philately. So,we will say proudly that “Philately is king of hobbies and not the hobby of kings now”.

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Beginners’ Section

Which is the world's first post office?

Although the origins of the postal system date back to antiquity, the British Postal Museum claims the oldest functioning post office in the world is on High Street in Sanquhar, Scotland. According to the museum, this post office has functioned continuously since 1712 AD. Sanquhar is a quiet, insignificant town, but in its haydays, its residents included many influential aristocrats, who must have played a significant role in having the first post office located there. Those days, horses and stage coaches would carry mail.


In 2010, the Treskilling Yellow made the record for the most expensive stamp ever sold. It was thought the  Swedish rectangular treasure went for £1.6million, though it has never been confirmed.


The world's most valuable object by weight, the first owner is said to have been a Swedish schoolboy, who found it in 1885 among a pile of letters left by his grandparents.The Treskilling Yellow is 'one of about a half dozen highly notorious stamps in the world,' according to noted U.S. stamp expert Robert Odenweller.

Others include the 1856 British Guiana 1 cent Magenta which has been locked away in a vault since 1980 when it was bought for nearly one million US dollars by chemicals fortune heir John du Pont.Another is the 2 Penny Post Office Mauritius Blue that sold for £970,000 in 1993.

Specialized Section

JEAN de SPERATI: ‘Rubens of Philately’ & ‘King of Counterfeits’

image ©Dr.Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

Recently on face book I read about sale of forgeries on ebay. A collector purchased some 'OS' perforated stamps from a reputable seller on eBay.  When the item arrived he examined the stamps under a microscope, generally to check the items in a better view and shocked to discover that the stamps were forgeries. In Feb 3rd, 2012 issue of Lithuanian Philately, Audrius Brazdeikis also reported flood of forgeries in eBay marketplace. He warned about the recent explosion of fakes and forgeries of classic Lithuania covers appearing daily on eBay. A large number of suspicious postal history items (like the one shown below) are currently being offered by eBay seller “filatelia habana”.


Forged Lithuanian Cover

Discussions with the seller indicated the stamps had been purchased some time earlier from another eBay seller of lesser morals. AskPhil also quoted an example of someone paying $1,225 on eBay for three Tiger Woods labels, issued illegally in the name of Turkmenistan. In another instance when a collector put the scans of his purchase of recent US Fancy Cancel on Australian Stamp Discussion Forum, it all identified by the experts –forged.

image    image

Forged US Fancy cancels

In July 2011 issue of “Flash”, I read the report “The work of the expert group at Indipex 2011” by Geoff Kellow, RDP according to which two hand painted essays in one of the Championship class exhibit, were found bogus.

Anyone can be victim of such forgeries appearing sparingly even in reputed auction houses’ catalogues and internet professional stamps sites.


Neil Armstrong forgery stamps of USA

A lesson on Forgery

This reminded me my sittings with Mr. Batuk Bhairo Shahi, a noted expert of 1854 Lithographs of India and scare stamps & postmarks of early British Commonwealth countries, from whom I learned a lot about traditional philately. He always loved to share experiences of his London visits and his meetings with philatelists as well as philatelic dealers of international repute. I noticed his knowledge about printing techniques employed for early stamps are remarkable.

He also posses enormous amount of knowledge about stamp papers, printing plates, engraving techniques, kinds of ink used in printing and for postmarks in different periods- world over.

Whenever he receives cheque of handsome amount for his lots sold in foreign auction, he celebrates with a glass of ‘Lassi’ (sweet curd, a famous Banarasi drink) and while enjoying its sips starts unfolding few pages of the secrets of philatelic trade world over.

Once his topic was “National and International forgeries of varieties, proofs, original art, specimen and early postmarks”. It was awesome and my eyes wide opened when he showed few illustrations of all once in his possession. During graduation, I learnt in my Chemistry classes, by exposing to various chemicals, or leaving out in bright sunlight printed specimens can face colour change .Carefully applied chemicals can also be used to remove specific colours. But this can be applied to produce "rare" missing colour varieties in stamps has no belief over it unless he disclosed the fact that even in northern Uttar Pradesh, a person is doing all and famous for producing "rare" missing colour varieties in selected types of Indian and foreign stamps, beautifully as well as flawlessly. He was always in demand within Indian stamps dealers.

He also unfolded the secret in low voice about manufacturing of Original Artist Drawing, especially of a neighboring country and few little known postal administrations by the artist of a metro city on order. His examples of forged rare postmarks and pre stamp covers were unbelievable. Forgeries of Indian States stamps and post independence Definitive series are well known and easily available in philatelic market. Even examples of forged “SERVICE” stamps of 1948 Gandhi exist. When I asked – how this overprint is possible, his answer ‘very easily’ sprang me on seat. He told, just enlarge the required overprinted letter to be on safe side to match the font used, ten times, copy in Chinese black ink artistically and then reduce to match in size with the original. Rest is getting it printed by required printing technique. This is the most popular technique applied in preparing “SPECIMEN” stamps of ‘Mask’ and ’Wedding’ series of India occasionally appearing in auction catalogues and on Internet. I wanted to ask him, how this forgery can be detected but his Lassi was over and hence the lecture of that day.

He told in an another meeting about a very interesting incident he witnessed during his visit of a reputed dealer in England where he saw stacks of sheets of stamps bearing names of unknown countries. When he asked about it, the dealer smiled and said ‘countries are about to come out of Atlantic Ocean’.

Fake -Forgery-Counterfeit

He peeped into the history of Forgery and said any time there is a collectible commodity that is in high demand, there are people bent on deceiving collectors with counterfeited products. This goes for ancient artifacts, ancient Asian pottery, autographs, antiques, rare coins, and of course, rare stamps ... anything that can be sold to an unsuspecting buyer, in order to make money. For philatelists, "We use the term "forgery" to indicate stamps produced to defraud collectors (properly known as forgeries) and to defraud stamp-issuing governments (properly known as counterfeits).”Fake" is used to indicate the alteration of a genuine stamp to make it appear as something else and more valuable to stamp collector and for him, a cheap example into something that can be sold for great profit.

Fakes might refer to cancels, overprints, added or clipped perforations, stamp design alterations, etc. The earliest forgeries are all postal, and the Penny Black was the first stamp to be copied already in its first year in 1840. Though the first one forged is Spain, the six cuartos of 1850 (Scott #1), of which there is only one copy of the forgery known. The Spanish Post Office had to change its stamps almost annually between 1850 -1879 to stay ahead of the forgers.

He also pointed towards third type of forgery done by Postal administrations itself for security or propaganda purposes especially during war times (See my article “Postal Forgeries of Postal Administrations, Rainbow Stamps News, and Aug 2009).

By 1863 forgeries were so common that the book “Forged Stamps: How to detect them” was published by Pemberton & Album Weeds .The first stamp journal published in India in1894, “Indian Philatelist”, edited by Ms. Julio Ribeio concentrated on forgeries as ‘fakes’ were rampant at that time. In modern days “Fakes and Forgeries Experts” edited by Knud Mohar is also an impotent journal.

The first classical forgeries began to show up in the 1860's and by 1864, forgeries were being produced of both common and scarce stamps from a wide range of issuing countries such as Austria, British Guiana, Finland, India and Spain.

Master Forgers

There are many famous forgers of their time, Rainer Blüm, Sigmund Friedl, the Spiro brothers, George Zechmeyer, Samual Allan Taylor etc.

image image

Brighton forgeries of Jammu and Kashmir

But the most famous of all, by far of all times in the history of philately is Jean de Sperati and next to him, Francois Fournier. Their stamp forgeries were of excellent quality, and the forged stamps are sometimes nearly impossible to differentiate from the original government issued postage stamps of the time. Only difference between these two master forgers is the motto behind their forgery.

François Fournier

François Fournier (1846–1917) operated as a forger in Geneva from 1904 onwards. Fournier, unlike many of his contemporary forgers, did not seek to defraud the public. He described his material as facsimiles and promoted it to collectors who could not afford to purchase genuine items and to uneducated collectors as a preventive measure against being them deceived by dishonest stamp dealers.

Following Fournier's death, his former employee, Charles Hirschburger, continued the business until his own death in 1927. Subsequently, in order to prevent the stock from falling into unscrupulous hands, l’Union Philatélique de Genève purchased the entire lot, some 400 kilograms in weight, from Hirschburger’s widow.

After printing the word ‘FAUX’ on the front or the word ‘FAC-SIMILÉ’ on the back of the forgeries, representative selections were mounted on album pages by students from the Geneva School of Arts and Crafts. These pages were housed in 480 special loose-leaf albums which were sold in 1928 to interested individuals and organizations. The balance of the stock was burned. Over the years many of these albums have been broken up to satisfy the demands of collectors of individual countries.


Fournier’s forged stamps and Overprints of GB and India

Jean de Sperati

Where as Jean de Sperati (1884-1957), sometimes only signed his work in pencil on the back. His forged stamps are now often worth more than the originals. The Vancouver Island forgery refers to a stamp that was originally issued in 1865.

image image

5-cent Vancouver Island (1865) stamp of Queen Victoria, and its Sperati forgery

To produce this forgery, de Sperati bleached a real, cheaper stamp of the same vintage. He then used a process called photolithography to make an almost perfect copy of the stamp. In his lifetime, Jean de Sperati forged over 500 stamps.

How the era of Jean de Sperati’s forgery came to an end has also a very interesting story, told by Mr. Shahi.

A printer and engraver by profession, Sperati was able to mimic the detailed motifs, the pressure and the paper with such accuracy that he earned the titles ‘Rubens of Philately’ and ‘King of counterfeits’. He was born in Pisa, Italy in the year 1884; however he spent a large part of his life in France where he started collecting stamps and get interested in the printing techniques and photography which formed the basis for his eventual career as a stamp counterfeiter. From his first attempt he got the test of successes when his forged San Marino stamps received authentication of genuineness from the philatelic experts of his time. Around 1910, his first fake quietly appeared at a Berlin auction. The unsuspecting victim at that sale was Dr. Heinrich Koehler, a leading German dealer whose highly respected firm still flourishes today. His marketing strategies were unique .He first offered his manufactured forgeries of high priced stamps to various well-known experts for their opinion. Many were returned with certificates of authenticity. These he would put up at auction or offer them to a dealer in a city other than where the experts resided.

His Journey of successful forgery of more than 566 valuable stamps of about 100 different countries around the world continued for about 58 years coming to an end in 1942 when French customs intercepted his shipment marked valuable to a stamp dealer in Portugal containing several falsified German stamps and charged him with "exporting capital" without a license and trying to avoid customs payments. To save him from the law he admitted that the lot was only copies of the original stamps prepared by him but the report received by the police from the philatelic experts identified them original valuable stamps.

Anyhow, Sperati got successes in convincing the court that stamps were forged and then he was charged for fraud with a year in prison, 10,000 francs fine and an additional 300,000 francs for criminal intentions in 1948. In 1954 he sold all remaining forgeries as well as all dies and proofs at the "British Philatelic Association" for an enormous sum of money. He then withdrew from the forgery business and promised never again to falsify a stamp. However, when Sperati died in 1957, it was discovered he had still been hard at work. "Just for fun", he confided just before his death.

Many of his forgeries still lie buried in collections today, cherished by their unsuspecting owners who purchased them through thoroughly legitimate channels. If they knew they were holding Sperati forgeries they would be overjoyed to know, also, that they have become desirable collector items and have realized relatively high prices - in some cases more than the price of the genuine stamp.

Think before bidding

When I asked Mr. Shahi, what is the use of telling all about forgeries to me, he smiled and said ‘note down, it is a Gurumantra (lesson of a teacher), modern electronic techniques are making things easier for the forgers and homemade forgeries are reaching easily to the market through internet.

‘If you are a serious collector of any discipline and looking for classical postage stamps, Overprints, postmarks and early covers ESPECIALLY THE HIGH PRICED ONES, always pay attention to what you are buying even when the seller is of outstanding reputation as sometimes, the seller might not actually be aware that the philatelic item he is selling is not authentic. He may have bought it in a collection or from another seller, thinking it was actually real.

In this case only your high degree of education for various printing technologies employed time to time in printing of stamps, ink and types of paper used , and close observation on your computer enlarging the illustration of the lot to reveal the fine details ,can save your money detecting fakes and forgeries if at all exists.

image image

Issued and forged stamps of Queen Victoria, from Prince Edward Island (1870) the genuine stamp is engraved. This makes Queen Victoria's picture sharper. The forged stamp is a poor lithograph version of the portrait that looks quite fuzzy

(The funny thing about this particular stamp is that the forgery is more valuable than the genuine stamp! When Prince Edward Island became a Canadian province in 1873, it sold off all of its remaining stamps at a much discounted price. This meant that over 1.5 million really cheap stamps suddenly flooded the market. Since these stamps had next to no value, forgers had no reason to make copies. And since the forged stamps are harder to find than the original, it's the forgeries that are more valuable) .

image image

Enlargement may reveal the fine details helpful in detecting forgeries.

While bidding in online auctions, over the years, I have seen hundreds of classic stamp auction lots being offered, as genuine, but in many cases were an obvious forgery.

Mr. B.B. shahi is now 85 and rarely comes out of his house but still active in preparing sucessesful lots for British auctions. I am waiting for the day when he will again receives a cheque of handsome amount and plans to celebrate with a glass of mouth watering lassi and makes available more secrets of philatelic trade, to share with you all.


Hindenburg Crash Mail

image - Col J Dutta & Dr Anjali Dutta

A crash cover (including the terms air accident cover, interrupted flight cover, wreck cover) is a philatelic term for a type of cover meaning an envelope or package that has been recovered from a fixed-wing aircraft, airship or airplane crash, train wreck, shipwreck or other accident. Crash covers are a type of interrupted mail.


Crashes of flights carrying airmail were a regular occurrence from the earliest days of mail transport by air. In many cases of aircraft crashes, train wrecks and shipwrecks, it was possible to recover some or even all of the mail being carried, with perhaps some charring around the edges of some pieces if there had been a fire, or water damage from flying crashes or shipwrecks. In such cases, the authorities typically apply a postal marking (cachet), label, or mimeograph that gets affixed to the cover explaining the delay and damage to the recipient, and possibly enclose the letter in an "ambulance cover" or "body bag" if it was badly damaged and then send it to its intended destination.

Aviation related crash covers are a specialized collecting area of aerophilately and are much-prized items of postal history, because they are generally rare; but as tangible artifacts of often-tragic accidents they have a story to tell.


LZ 129 Hindenburg (Luftschiff Zeppelin #129; Registration: D-LZ 129) was a large German commercial passenger-carrying rigid airship, the lead ship of the Hindenburg class, the longest class of flying machines and the largest airship by envelope volume. Designed and built by the Zeppelin Company (Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH) on the shores of the Bodensee (Lake Constance) in Friedrichshafen, the airship flew from March 1936. The German zeppelin Hindenburg made sixty-three flights, including ten roundtrips to the United States in 1936.


The Hindenburg disaster took place on Thursday, May 6, 1937. The German passenger airship caught fire and was destroyed during its attempt to dock with its mooring mast at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, which was located adjacent to the borough of Lakehurst, New Jersey. Of the 97 people on board (36 passengers, 61 crew), there were 35 fatalities, as well as one death among the ground crew. The disaster was the subject of spectacular newsreel coverage, photographs, and Herbert Morrison's recorded radio eyewitness report from the landing field, which was broadcast the next day. The actual cause of the fire remains unknown. Although a variety of hypotheses have been put forward for the cause of ignition of the fuel that resulted in the fire, the prevailing theory is that a discharge of electricity from the storm that evening ignited some leaking hydrogen. The incident shattered public confidence in the giant, passenger-carrying rigid airship and marked the end of the airship era.


Largely intact cover with scorched edges, bearing four singles of Germany 75pf Air Post stamps, cancelled on board and tied by bold purple "Deutsche Luftpost Europa-Nordamerika Luftschiff Hindenburg 5.5.1937" double-circle date stamp and addressed to Mexico. Sold for $15,000 at Robert A Siegel Action 2007.

All Covers : 1937 Hindenburg Crash Covers

Postal officials salvaged approximately 367 pieces from the 17,609 estimated pieces of mail on the flight. Of these, 176 salvaged items were unburned (with a few exceptions) because they were stored in a protective, sealed pouch awaiting postal service on the return flight, and they later received a paquebot postmark. Several other varieties of Hindenburg crash mail exist from the final flight, including mail dropped over the city of Cologne in Germany, mail posted onboard (two cancel types) by passengers and crew, mail transmitted from other countries (Danzig, Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland), mail found in the wreckage after the postal inspectors left, and mail intended for the return flight.


The 367 covers salvaged from the Hindenburg disaster are especially desirable, with prices ranging from US $10,000 and up. A cover at the Corinphila auction in May 2001 realized 85,000 Swiss francs (US $75,000). Another cover, partially burnt, sold for US $15,000 at Robert A Siegel Auction 2007.


Forgeries exist. There has been a number of fake/counterfeit Hindenburg crash covers on the market recently. A recent one was listed on eBay. It was pointed out to the seller that the cover is a fake, for the following reasons. The burning/singing is across the front and back of the cover, which is the same for most fakes. Genuine covers are normally burned only around the edges as the covers were tied in bundles, thus only the edges were burned. The cover is addressed to Mrs. J.C. Dolan, 734 Kenesaw Terrace, Chicago, Illinois. The address on the fake cover is typed. Mr. Dolan was a passenger onboard the ill-fated airship, and there is a genuine card he sent to his wife. Dolan normally hand wrote the addresses, and he used cards - not envelopes. The name Curtis Dolan is seen in the upper left corner of the fake. cover. His name was actually Burtis Dolan, which the forger wasn't aware of.


Salvaged paquebot cover from the Hindenburg crash without any burning traces



Remembering Kailash Nath …..

- Anil Dhir

It was sad to hear about the death of Kailash Nath. For me he was one dealer who helped me built up my collection of Early Indian Classics. Kailash Nath was the epitome of a Philatelic Dealer. Every visit of his enriched my collection. Whenever I got his phone call, his shrill effeminate voice would inform me of another gem which he wanted to dispose off. Much as I dissuaded myself, I always found myself picking up stamps that I had never intended to buy.

In many ways Kailash Nath was a maverick, his prices were always different, much away from the market. I remember having missed out the Eric Stadd collection of the Lithos, he had wanted only Rs 250/- for each stamp, the collection had nearly 600 stamps. I picked up many of the classics from him for a song. I still get thrilled remembering the time he delivered the Scinde Dawks to me at the Bhubaneswar railway station. He was on his way to Chennai and gave me a call asking me to come to the Railway station; he handed over the stamps to me in the dead of the night as the train was late.

One instance that I will never forget was the time he came to Bhubaneswar sometime in 2003. He had got hold of a huge collection of early classics and the Rs 25 Edward was something which I wanted. I had gone along with fellow Philatelist Mr. Bijoy Sinha to his hotel room and we had got some stamps. However we could not strike the deal for the Rs 25 Value. Later in the day, Mr. Sinha rang me up and told me that Kailash Nath had rung him up and was enquiring about the Rs 25 Edward as he had found it missing and he was presuming that we had taken it away with the stamps we had purchased. A very agitated Mr. Sinha, who is one of the best Gentlemen Philatelist I have ever known, wanted to go immediately and settle the matter, but I dissuaded him. I rang up Kailash Nath and told him that he must have misplaced it and should look it in his bags. The it suddenly dawned on me that when we had gone to his room, the electricity was off and while we were looking at the stamps the current had come on and the fan had started. I recollected that some of the stamps were blown off and we had to pick them up and put them back in the stock books.

I reminded Kailash Nath of this and asked him to look on the floor and under the bed, but he told me that he had already done so and did not find anything. He was very agitated and was insisting that we may have carried off the stamps unknowingly. I went to his hotel in the evening to calm him, however I was sure that he had misplaced it somewhere. While there, he explained to me that he had left for Cuttack and on his return discovered the stamp was missing. I called the hotel manager and he told me that the room had been cleaned in the afternoon. Somehow in the back of my mind I had a feeling that the stamp must have been removed when the room was cleaned. The manager called the lady who had swept the room and she said that she remembered picking up some stamps which she had taken along with the other garbage and put in the garbage chute. The room was on the fourth floor, so torch in hand we went down to the basement and rummaged the garbage. Lo and behold !, the Rs 25 Edward along with half a dozen other stamps were extricated from the garbage. Fortunately not much damage had been done , and a very sheepish Kailash Nath begged for forgiveness. I asked him to apologise to Mr. Sinha, but he was afraid to do so. I informed Mr. Sinha, and he wanted to give a piece of his mind but in the end it was all’s well that ends well. However the fallout of the episode was that Mr. Sinha never met his again, even though Kailash Nath would call him up whenever he was in town.

The Scinde Collection of eight stamps that he had sold to me too had a very interesting story. The Stamps were from the collection of an ex-Royal from a small Feudatory State in Uttar Pradesh. The said gentlemen was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and would have to undergo surgery with little chances of success. He was selling off his entire collection, and Kailash Nath knew I was looking out for the Scinde Dawks. He wanted a cash and carry deal, but I was a bit wary as the Genuiness Certificate was not there. Kailash Nath told me that the stamps were genuine and that I could take his guarantee for it. I took a call and paid him upfront, the amount and the Stamps exchanged hands at 2 A.M. in the night on Platform No 4 of Bhubaneswar Railway Station.

After getting the Stamps I had sent them to London and got the Authenticity Certified from RPSL. I informed this to him and we was pleased as his stand was vindicated. A year later Kailash Nath approached me and told me that he wanted to buy back the Stamps as the original owner had recovered after a successful surgery. He was willing to pay me a premium along with the Certificate Fee. I rightly refused and they now formed a pride of my collection. For one full year, he would ring me up and keep on raising the price, but I still stood fast. He then told me that could at least give up one each of the White and Blue , as I had multiples. During one trip he got a hand written plaintive letter from the original owner asking me to return the stamps as he had recovered. I had my doubts, and told Kailash Nath that I would come to Varanasi and meet the person and only then decide. However, the stamps are still with me and I shall always remember Kaliash Nath for enriching my collection.

Kalaish Nath’s life has been sealed, signed, stamped and delivered to the almighty. The philatelists in heaven must be a happier lot now. May his soul rest in peace.

A stamp dealer to be remembered always…..

- Naresh Agarwal

It was a stunning news for me to know about sad demise of a veteran philatelist, dealer and trader Mr. Kailash Nath of Varanasi a big and respectable name in the philatelic dealer’s community in India. My eyes filled with tears and the memory disc took me a few years back when I used to have regular interaction with him either over phone or during some philatelic event. I still remember him sitting silently with his briefcase full of philatelic gems on table which he used to procure for him in any event he visited. He was never seen crowded with stamp collectors. With not so much material spread on the table he could be seen just talking with someone while watching and enjoying the stamp collectors moving from table to table. He had the deep intelligence to identify the person in real need of the philatelic stuffs he used to have in his gem box. He always helped the deserving one by quoting most reasonable prices.

I don’t remember how many and how much I have purchased from him but one thing for sure that he was always willing to help me and procure some item or the other for me. I remember him giving me Photographic Plate Proof of ILC, some very rare and unique mail transmission covers, various imperforate stamps and other items suitable for my “Automobile” and “Movement of Mail” collection and many more.

Though I was not able to purchase or also did not have the appropriate knowledge to really understand the gems which he offered me several times. His unique pre independence ( British Period) pigeon mail collection of as many as about 75 covers which he had procured from his father having a big part of the total covers issued during that era was offered to me just at a dream price but I missed the same. Believe me, now possessing even one cover out of those is a matter of proud for a collector.

I still remember his shrill and unique voice always full of energy pouring love and willingness to welcome and help. He always used to call me up whenever he planned to visit our state or pass through our city. I remember him staying in Hotel Ananda most of times his stay at Bilaspur. He always had intention to meet all the local philatelists.

He helped many senior philatelists by providing them his gems to complete their exhibits even on friendly basis which helped them to get high awards in Nationals and Internationals. He was a true guide for collectors and had tremendous knowledge which he pleasingly shared all the times. Even he sold such items with very relaxed and affordable payment terms. For me he was a true philatelist who never had any sense of competition. He was a true dealer who always gave importance to help philatelists rather than earning money. I know he had been an important person in promoting philately in our region as many of the senior philatelists here were dependent upon him for meeting their philatelic requirements and he always pleased them by procuring those from his sources. His contribution to Indian philately is unparallel. He proved the saying that stamp dealers are the backbone of this hobby.

The last time when I met him, I found him with lower half of his face covered with a cloth and his shrilling voice had almost lost as he had got his throat operated probably due to some cancerous disease. He was finding it difficult to speak. But I was told that he had almost been cured and would live long. But god has his own willingness.

Mr. Kailash Nath, though is not with us physically but will always stay in our hearts and mind. His memories will always guide us to follow the path he followed. I wish departed soul to rest in peace and pray almighty to give strength to all his family members, nears and dears and Indian philatelic fraternity to bear this irreparable loss

Reader’s Right

India Post rules for commemorative stamps

Anil Nawlakhe

Recently we sent an email to DDG (Philately) putting with a proposal for a stamp on RTI Logo . But as expected had no reply or acknowledgement. The recent rules (2011) for commemoration stamps includes condition of a lakh of proposed stamps to be purchased with compulsion by the proponent, which is not possible for any individual citizen. I think there is strong need to stress awareness on this condition in these set of rules.

The Oldest Letter box in Odisha (India?)

Dear Mr. Dhir

Many many congrats for your invaluable discovery which has given the world especially the philatelic one, an immortal asset and a heritage to be proud of. We are lucky for having person like you who is keen and dedicated philatelist, have sharp observation and searching eyes, a stamp collector can called a true and genuine philatelist, a man who loves searching the reality rather than moving in the virtual and hypothetical world. In one word “a man may be called a true “human””

So, I have no worlds to speak about your journey from the tree letter box to the wall mounted first letter box. Both have the similarity but the gap of time frame. Both have experienced the history, one the natural disasters and other the freedom movement of India. Both have the patience and the strength to bear the strokes of time. Both have the tendency to witness silently. Both have not only witnessed the history but have their own history too.

But your role in the discoveries of these is highly commendable. The boxes could have died with time if you were not there to shake hands with them. I understand your friendship with these heritage boxes which not only have served the people by retaining their mails/letters but have also seen the changes with time witnessing them patiently and silently. My heartiest thanks to you for your discoveries which has shown your extreme and eternal love for philately.

Well, coming back to your article; the narration, the explanation, the presentation, the illustrations, the sequence and placements of findings… all have been marvelous and have touch of your ingenuity. I truly share with you that I was just lost when I read it. I felt to be there with you during the moment you discovered. I felt to be there to touch it, to feel it, and ask it about its journey. Believe me, if I get a chance in this life, I will certainly visit the historical heritage post office which possessed this letter box. I have the same regard to that deteriorated post office building which gave motherly shelter to this said letter box and preserved it for so many years bearing the strokes of changing social, climatic and administrative conditions and the long passage of time. I would love to have some more explanation from you about the building. The wall that kept embraced the letter box, the inside picture of the box showing collection door. However, the surrounding where this letter box boasts for its presence has been very nicely depicted as I could visualize and feel my presence there. I would like to see some letters posted through that box in olden days to add to the service it provided. The stories of which it played a silent role.

Regarding my using the word “immortal”…believe me it has truly become immortal because of your discovery as you have now placed it in the minds, hearts and souls of the lovers where it will stay forever for the births to come. Scientifically too…material can destroy and not the matter. The soul of this letter box in form of matter will always remain…. I would give title to your discovery like this “Discovery of an immortal Heritage”.

Well, I cannot stop myself from writing but will have to. Please accept my heartiest congrats and thanks for this magnificent work which for me is not a chance discovery but a well deserved and looked for discovery. Looking for many many such efforts in time to come from you………… ……

- Naresh Agrawal, Bilaspur  

New Issues from other countries


7 February 2012 : Technology Then & Now – 5 x 60c + MS


The technological revolution of the 21st century has touched the daily lives of everyone around the world. Mobile phones have revolutionized our daily communication. Unlike fixed-line phones, today's 4G phones can provide a myriad of functions including internet, video and audio, enabling us to be connected globally.



March 2012 : Europa 2012 Visit to Azerbaijan

azer 2


20 March 2012 : Joint Issue - Israel and China - 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and China


The Israeli stamp features a white dove - the "dove of peace" and the Chinese stamp features a waxwing - the "bird of peace". Each stamp also features an element from each country's national flag: a Star of David and a pentagram.

New Zealand

15 March 2012 :75 Years of Royal New Zealand Air Force – 15 x 60c


Since its inception in 1937 the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) has made a significant contribution to war - and peace - time efforts in New Zealand and around the world. In 2012, the RNZAF is celebrating 75 years of service, and New Zealand Post is commemorating the anniversary with this stamp issue.


8 Feb 2012 : Singapore's Local Tea Time Snacks – 4 val.


SingPost's latest stamp issue offers a quirky tribute to Singapore's savoury and delectable local tea time snacks by giving them a fresh fun look. Featuring Singapore's popular local tea time snacks in a colourful and cartoonish way, this set of four stamps entitled Local Tea Time Snacks (S$2.66) will add a cheerful touch to cards, letters and packets, as well as a smile to the recipient's face. These snacks can be easily found in eateries all around the island: Lapis Sagu (1st local), Kueh Dadar (S$0.50), Bao or Chinese bun (S$0.80), and Kueh Tutu (S$1.10).

New Blogs & Websites

Stamp Collecting : - It is a nice Stamp Collecting site created by Shoban Sen Stamps with a Discussion Forum.

My Philatelic Journey : – A new Website created by Rajesh Pamnani of Hyderabad. The site is a very informative for the collectors of Indian Postal History.

A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi : - A new website created by ML Rajesh of Tiruvallur District of Tamilnadu. This website contains Gandhiji's memorabilia such as Stamps, coins, currencies, tokens, telephone cards, post cards, special covers, statues and a few rare photo graphs too. It is a complete website on Mahatma Gandhi .

Officially Sealed Mails of the World : -    A site dedicated to the study of Post Office Seals   -

Sports Philately : - Website on Sports Philately.

Se- tenant Stamps of India - It is a specialized Blog on se-tenant stamps.

Flags & Stamps - - It is a specialized blog on Flag Theme .

Glimpses of Modern Indian Philately :

Stamp Sathi : - A new website on Indian Philately created by Chintan and Ronit Parikh of Gujarat. It is a very useful site for all stamp collectors.

Phila India : – A new website on Indian Philately created by Mahesh Reddiar of Krerala

Postmarks of India : - This blog is dedicated to Permanent Pictorial Cancellations available at Indian Post Offices.

Discover Topical Stamp Collecting : - How-To, Tips, News, Reviews and Resources for Stamp Collectors

A new Blog on Modern Indian Postal History and Modern Philately of India, has been created by Mr Prashant Pandya. Idea of creating this blog ‘Glimpses of Modern Indian Philately’ by Mr Pandya is conceived to provide, share and discuss information exclusively on Modern Postal History or Modern Philately of India. Collectors of Modern Indian Philately around the world are invited to share the knowledge and information on the subject.

West Essex Philatelic Society : A philatelic society with lot of philatelic activities.

Gandhi Stamps : - The website is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi Philately. All the stamps issued on Mahatma Gandhi from various countries in the World have been featured.

Join Mobile Philately & Stay Updated - Mobile Philately is a mobile technology based philatelic community with short messaging service (SMS) that allows the community members to get latest updates related to Indian philately directly into mobile message box. - It is a site based on Question & Answers on Philately. Mr Prashant Pandya replies to queries.

Philatelic Clubs & Societies

Baroda Philatelic Society -

Deccan Philatelic Society – Pune, Maharashtra

Eastern India Philatelists’ Association -

Indian Stamp Ghar -

Indian Thematic Society, Ludhiana -

Ludhiana Philatelic Club

Mobile Philately -

Philatelic Society of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Rainbow Stamp Club -

Rajkot Philatelic Society – Rajkot, Gujarat

Gujarat Philatelic Association - Ahmedabad

South India Philatelists Association -

Stamps of India -

The Army Philatelic Society, Pune

The Lighter Side

Special Delivery - Amazing & Unusual Mailbox Designs


Have you ever thought about what your mailbox says about you? A standard box can say that you like to play by the rules, or that you just don’t pay much attention to things like that. But an offbeat custom mailbox can reflect your personality and let people – or at least your mail carrier – know a little about you. These mailbox designs are weird, unique, and a little bit crazy.


These mailboxes were all photographed by the community at Waymarking- Naresh Agarwal

Book Review


A new book by Mr Praful Thakkar "Glimpses of Indian Autographs" is a wonderful book. It is a specialized book for autograph lovers.

It gives the glimpses of autographs of eminent Indian personalities of various fields. The book contains around 600 autographs in 8 major groups which are further divided in 42 different categories. In each category about 13 autographs, along with the photographs of the celebrities, are presented. The effort in the book is made to project glimpses of different themes under which autograph collection can be made.

The autographs of Indian personalities are classified thematically into autographs oof Presidents, Bhrat Ratna, Music Masteros, Cricket Playerd,World ‘s Top models etc .The book gives some rare autographs of Indian Pricely Rulers alongwith their Coat of Arms. The book also gives a separate chapter to foreign personalities.

An alphabetically arranged index with details of celebrities is given at the end of the book to help the reader to find the location of particular autograph.The book gives a special section on ‘Association of Philately with the Autographs’.  A special chapter is added in the book which depicts the Autographs in the design of Indian Postal Stamps. Another chapter depicts original autographs, on the First Day Covers, of personalities, related or associated with celebrities whose stamps are issued.It is a complete book for autograph collectors as well as a delight to people of all ages and tastes. In fact this book is a great delight to everyone’s eyes and an asset for the possessor. Everyone would love to read it and an essential book for libraries, schools and colleges and a collectible item for book and autograph lovers !! I would recommend this wonderful book to one and all !! The book is hardbound with beautiful design layout and high quality printing.

Price Rs 1500 US $ 50 It is available at following address

Rekha P. Thakkar

34, Janvishram Society,Behind Sahjanand College, Ambawadi,, Ahmedabad 380015

Email: or

image Praful Thakkar, the renowned philatelist of Gujarat is Limca Book Record Holder in 2009 for Autographs & Canteen Tokens and  is a collector of autographs, stamps, First Day Covers (FDCs), coins, medals, tokens, badges , badge plates etc. and many more collectibles of India since last more than 45 years. He has written several books on these subjects of Hobbies. Mr Praful Thakkar may be contacted at e mail :

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Advertise in “ Year Book of Indian Philately ”


Dear Friend,

You must have seen a couple of editions of the “Year Book of Indian Philately” and must have liked them. The feedback and responses are very encouraging. We are inspired to do better and more, and trust us, you will find every next issue of the Year Book more informative, more interesting & more preserving. You must also have realized that a lot of hard and sincere work is required to make this happen. Another vital resource which is required for this type of task is the finances.

At the moment we are making all the shortages good by ourselves, but we wish to break-even at the least to sustain the work. Philately is our passion and we do not mind spending for it, but rising costs of production / publication have forced us to look out for the alternates and helping avenues.

In this context we take this opportunity to request you to please look around you and see if any advertisements are available around you or your influences, which can be secured for your favorite publication - the “Year Book of Indian Philately”. This will help us immensely to do further better and to our fullest capabilities for the promotion of this great hobby.

Rates for the advertisements can be sent / negotiated on hearing from you.  

We have added a novelty to this request for advertisements. We will provide the advertiser, copies of the Year Book editions (any of his choice), worth equal to the value of the advertisement he provides, (T&C applied). This translates into absolutely no spending on account of the advertisement published in the Year Book. He will have the opportunity to recover the entire cost of the advertisement by selling the copies allotted to him in the process.

Now, is there still any reason to shy away from this “never before” opportunity to advertise in a world class journal? Do we need to mention here that your advertisement in the Year Book of Indian Philately will reach a large number of serious and capable segments of the Philatelic fraternity the world over and will be preserved as a ready reference for the times to come? In every sense of the word this is an unique & unparalleled opportunity for an advertiser of any reputed product or service, philatelic or otherwise.

It will not be out of context to mention here that every time the Year Book has participated in any competitive exhibition, it has won an award there. Medals at the INDIPEX 2011 at New Delhi, at PHILA NIPPON 2011 at Yokohama in Japan, at CHINA 2011, at Wuxi in China and at SINE 2011, again at New Delhi, are among the latest laurels.

We look forward for a positive, encouraging and prompt response from you.

Thanking you,


Madan Middha

Editor / Publisher

For advertisement in “Year Book of Indian Philately” Contact Mr Madan Middha   email :

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Stamp of India Collectors’ Companion - India’s first and most updated weekly e-newsletter edited by Madhukar and Savita Jhingan from Stamps of India, New Delhi. E-mail: Website:

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Phila News, Editor Rajesh Pahariya and published by Philatelic Society of Rajasthan, Jaipur

VADOPHIL, Editor - Prashant Pandya and published by Baroda Philatelic Society, Vadodara. Website -

e ZEP Newsletter Editor : Dieter Leder email website

SIPA Bulletin Editor - Mr G. Madan Mohan Das and published by South India Philatelists’ Association, Chennai website :

FILA Capsule – Editor : Ajit Dash and  published by EIPA, Bhubaneshwar.

GPA News – Editor- Ilias Patel and published by Gujarat Philatelists’ Association, Ahemadabad.

Kar Phila News published by Karnataka Philatelic Society & edited by by Akshay Borad

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Deepak Dube, Korba (CG)

It is a matter of great elation of pride for me as an Indian philatelist to be  witness to the glorious run-up of  an Indian philatelic journal to such  universal  acceptance and acclaim as has been achieved by you with the 'Rainbow'.  If the vocation of  Philately , today , is a duality of the two orientations of being a 'hobby' and a novel avenue of  'investment ', with the latter tending to edge out the former, what you have achieved is to effectively champion the traditional 'hobby'- flavours of the vocation to a point where any shades other than this would --and very correctly so --  seem an inglorious  deviation. It is because of the now-dominant trend of the use,or misuse,of the Vocation for 'safe' monetary investments that it is gradually becoming a  game for the 'mature' ,to the exclusion of the ' immature ', i.e. the youngsters. You can,with the 'Rainbow', bring good weather back for the King of Hobbies and save it from turning just the Hobby of its 'Kings'. And we all have that faith you will.Please accept my 'golden' compliments for what you have achieved, and 'golden' wishes for a golden future.

Col J Dutta,Pune

Congratulations on the 50th issue of the Rainbow Club News. Looking forward to century and more.

Praful Thakkar, Ahmedabad

I have read your interview also. It is superb!!! Your passion for Philately has made a landmark! Your contribution to the hobby is unparalleled. I have yet to see another such dedicated personality as you who is doing extremely great service to philatelic fraternity. My best wishes to you in all your endevour.

V.P. Dhaky,  Secretary General, Gujarat Philatelists’ Association, Ahmedabad

Heartily Congratulations on 50th Golden issue of Rainbow Stamps News. Your regular devotion towards Philately is highly appreciable. Its really very delightful for all philatelists.

Anil K. Saxena , Gaya

I had written to you on your 1st issue in 2008. Now I am writing you on your 50th issue on its Golden Jubilee. In the 4yrs all 49 issue.  I saw many colors in your electronic magazine. It's really a Rainbows. Congratulate you on the occasion and hope for bright colors in the magazine and your life, please go on. God bless you.

Naresh Agrawal, Bilaspur

Please accept my heartiest congrats and best wishes for the issuance of 50th (Golden Jubilee) issue of Rainbow bulletin. It is  a big milestone laid on the path of your philatelic journey which is reflection of your dedication, hard work and of course patience too. Undoubtedly, you have paved new way for philatelic aspirants. This issue has certainly become very attractive and has very good contents. I hope this issue will certainly be liked  by all readers.

Prakash Modi, Canada

Congratulations. Many happy returns of the day. Wishing you long - happy - healthy life to serve the philately and hope to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. Sincerely heartfelt thanks for your efforts, dedications and support to the hobby.

Abhai Mishra, Dehradun

Best wishes for Rainbow. Many more glories await the Rainbow due to your tireless efforts.


This is a blog of e-stamp Club . The idea of this blog is to extend philatelic fraternity in all corners of the world. Readers may write about themselves with their collecting interests and share new ideas with other philatelists. New Post on recent issues, news on stamp activities and Contribution by members are published every day on this blog.

Readers may also express their views on any philatelic matter which will be published under Club News at Rainbow Stamp Cub Blog. Philatelic Clubs and Societies may also send brief write ups. News about new issues of India and abroad and other information related with Philately are regularly posted on this blog. Readers may send reports on new issues, special covers, cancellations & philatelic activities of their area for inclusion in this Blog. - Editor

Courtesy - News and Image Resource to this issue - Stamps of India, ; International Stamp News ; Mansoor B.- Mangalore ; Ashwani Dubey – Gorakhpur; Prashant Pandya – Vadodara; Col. Jayant Dutta – Pune; Dr SK Agarwal p- Varanasi; Naresh Agarwal – Bilaspur (CG)

Address for communication:

Jeevan Jyoti, c / o Mr. Ajay Srivastav, Director, Great Himalayan National Park, Shamshi, Kullu (H.P.) PIN 175126 India

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Attention -
Please send limited number of images in compressed jpg format only with your article. Please send text and images separately. Please do not send text or image for publication in PDF.

Any material from this newsletter may be reproduced only with the  permission from the editor.

…..Happy Collecting…………………………………………………………………

Rainbow Stamp News is edited and published monthly by Jeevan Jyoti, from Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) India.


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