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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rainbow January 2015


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Happy New Year !!

2015 is the Year of Ram ( Sheep) . The sheep is the eighth sign in the Chinese astrological calendar, and “eight” is traditionally believed to be a lucky number. The number is also considered to attribute peace and prosperity. These stamps celebrate the Chinese Year of the Sheep. Chinese New Year will start on 19th February 2015.

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Dear Reader,

With the release of January 2015 issue of Rainbow Stamp News, I wish all the Readers, a very Happy New Year. The year 2014 ended with Malaysia 2014 stamp exhibition. Heartiest congratulations to all the winners. These days we find few number of entries in International stamp exhibitions. It’s main reason is the high cost of participation in these shows which includes heavy entry fee and extra charges for custom clearance, insurance, transportation and dispatch of exhibits, awards, catalogue etc.. So it has become very difficult for many participants to send regular entries in these shows. A participant has to spend about 40 – 50 thousand rupees for a five frame exhibit in an International exhibition. This amount is beyond limit of many deserving exhibitors. If extra expenses are reduced, participants may get a big relief and can aspire for more international shows.  For promotion of philately, active participation of philatelists is very important. So this point must be considered by the concerned associations and organizations.

This is all for this month. Once again, wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!

Happy Collecting ! !

                                                                                                                                                                              -- Jeevan Jyoti



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image From the Desk of Naresh Agrawal

image ……INPEX 2015 ????

First of all a very happy new year to all my friends !!

The last National Level Philatelic Exhibition by India Post in India was held in 2008 December in Chennai. Thereafter we saw World Level Stamp Exhibition in New Delhi in 2011 February. However, one noticeable National Level Stamp Exhibition was also held in Mumbai in February 2013 which was organized by Empire of India Philatelic Society, Mumbai. During this period of last 6 years after INPEX 2008, we saw so many Distt. Level Shows and a few State Level Shows being held throughout in India by India Post. There are so many states where State Level Show has not been organized for many years e.g. Chhattisgarh State where the last State Level Exhibition was held in 2007.This is 8th year after that show. This may be the case in other states too.

Let’s analyze the situation as far as development of philately is concerned. The Distt. level shows held in last few years have lost their standard as we saw exhibits of much below standard and also very few new faces were seen in the philatelic field at most of the places. We must appreciate that such exhibitions are the opening doors for philatelists to enter and go up in philately and also to introduce non philatelists to this field. But we saw that these exhibitions failed in their objectives. Most of the shows failed to educate the new philatelists and to enthuse them.

The State Level Shows are the shows where a philatelist truly establishes himself as a matured exhibitor and the shows open ways to National Level Shows. Let’s not talk about the standard of such shows held in the last few years as some of those were quite good too but our concern is the number of shows. In many states of India there was no such show and so the philatelists of that state were deprived of getting opportunity to slam the doors of National Shows and also to refine their collections and exhibits. A poor scenario.

It Is presumed that National Level Shows are held every alternate year but is over 6 years in India that there has not been any National Show by India Post. The reason is known to the department. If this is the scene then we cannot think about development of philately in India. Department must understand that philately is already under various threats such as change in life style, upcoming and introduction of new generation communication system, availability of different means of entertainment and the fast growing commercialization of philately.

Looking in to the above, there is a great need of good State Level Shows in those states in India where there has not been any such show for last two years. There is immediate need of one National Level Show to enthuse the philatelists by giving them not only the opportunity to participate but to view good exhibits to enjoy and refine their collections and exhibits.

Hope India Post will seriously think upon this matter and help us to see a National Level Show only in 2015. Wishing all the philatelists a very happy, fun filled and eventful 2015.

- Naresh Agrawal : email :

Recent Indian Issues



image image image image image  


· 20 August 2014 : Gaiety Theatre, Shimla – Rs 5

· 3 September 2014 : Indian Musicians – 2 x Rs 25, 6 x Rs 5

· 25 October 2014 : Anagarika Dharmapala – Rs 5

· 4 November 2014 : Liver Transplantation in India – Rs 5

· 12 November 2014 : UTI ( Unit Trust of India ) – Rs 5

· 28 November 2014 : India – Slovenia joint issue – Rs 25 + Rs 5 & MS

· 29 November 2014 - Sagol Kangjei – Rs 5

· 4 December 2014 -  Swami Ekrasanand Saraswati – Rs 5

· 15 December 2014 – Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan – Rs 5

· 24 December 2014 - 150 Years of Kuka Movement -  1st War of Independence – Rs 5

· 30 December 2014 – Baba Amte – Rs 5

Recent Special Covers


24 November 2014 – 13th Silviculture Coference at FRI Dehradun

27 November 2014 – KOCHIPEX 2014 - Golden jubilee year of ‘Sahrudaya,’ Welfare Services ,Ernakulam

27 November 2014 - 25 Years of Mothers Milk Bank - Mumbai

28 November 2014 : 100th birthday celebrations of Shri V R Krishna Iyer, Ernakulam

30 November 2014 : Platinum Jubilee Celebration of Shree Kashi Vishwanath Seva Samitiy
15 November 2014 : 400th Anniversary of Chhoti Dadabari Jain Temple, New Delhi
1 December 2014 : Chennai GPO, 1000th CBS Office
9 December 2014 : Malepex-2014, District Level Philatelic Exhibition at Malegaon  sp cover on ‘Power looms of Malegaon’


10 December 2014 : Malepex-2014 SDp cover on 'Bhuicoat Fort of Malegaon

12 December 2014 INS Circars Platinum Jubilee, Vishakhapatnam

18 December 2014 - Special Cover :The feast of Sao Joao

19 December 2014 - Special Cover :  Goan Tiatr (Also known as Konkani Theatre)

20 December 2014 - Special Cover :  Dekhni Dance of Goa

21 December 2014 -  Special Cover : Exposition of the Sacred Relics of St Francis Xavier

26 December 2014 – Andpex -2014 - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel - VV Nagar


In The News


Malaysia 2014

image - A report by Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo, Commissioner for India

Malaysia 2014 was a composite exhibition of two divisions -‘World Youth Stamp Exhibition’ and ‘29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition’- held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Hall 1 & 2 from 1 December to 6 December 2014, the first was under auspices of FIP and the second with patronage of FIAP. There were 455 frames in World Youth and 238 frames in FIAP divisions. World Youth division included general i.e., open classes on three categories of Thematic Philately viz.,Nature (92), Culture (96 frames) and Technology (87 frames) as well as Modern Philately (26 frames). Thus the World Youth exhibition was partly General World Exhibition. Taken together the whole exhibition was comparable to a larger Indian State level exhibition. Another aspect was conspicuous that there was no involvement of the customs authorities in receipt and return of exhibits – a fact which made Malaysia 2014 unique and it remains to be seen if any other country follows this system and if any other government closes its eyes to the system of temporary export of collections having items requiring items more than 100 years old.

As the national commissioner I had difficulties in getting higher medal winning entries as the expenditure in obtaining ASI clearance and subsequent Insurance charges were prohibitive. Nevertheless I could get application for 22 entries in time but the organizers for reasons of paucity of space reduced to 11 entries besides not accepting one vermeil medal winning entry on ground of Malaysian law. No entries went without any award. Trouble was greater as the Organisers depended on paperless internet correspondences which restricted entries to computer-savvy candidates.

World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014

Participant -  Exhibit – Frames – Marks - Medal

Aditya Kiran Das – Bangladesh - 3 frames -  65 points - Silver Bronze

Raghav Jhunjhunwalla - The different aspects of the world of cricket  - 70 points - Silver

Mrinal Mathur - From Wheel to Car  - 4 frames - 61points - Bronze

Biraj Laxmi Mohanty - Raptors of the World -  5 frames -  65 - Silver Bronze



Praful Thakkar, Pradip Mohanty, Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

29th FIAP Asian International Stamp Exhibition

Narendra Kumar Saboo - Portuguese India – 5 Frames – 75 points - Large Silver

Pradip Mohanty Early -  Indian Cancellations 1854-99 – 5 Frames - 83points -  Vermeil

Praful Thakkar - Collector’s Guide to FDCs & Folders of India with set of stamps, se-tenant stamps & Miniature Sheets - 68 points - Silver Bronze

Praful Thakkar -  Collector’s Guide to FDCs & Folders of India 1947-64 - 67 points - Silver Bronze

Satyendra Kumar Agrawal -  History of Indian Miniature Paintings Through Philately -  61points -  Bronze

Rajesh Jhunjhunwalla - The Great Quetta Earthquake - ONE frame - 71 Points

Biraj Laxmi Mohanty - Indian Languages in Fiscals of India - ONE frame - 66 points

The certificates are yet to be distributed as they could not got signed by the Chairman of the Jury as he went home before the time for personal reasons.

The weather in Kuala Lumpur was salubrious though it was drizzling sometimes. The clean air and bright sunshine made up the mood for the exhibition. Coming after almost 20 years gap in the country the Malaysia 2014 was a grand success.

Stamp Design Competition by India Post

“Independence Day 2015” - Stamp Design Competition by India Post


Department of Posts is holding a “Independence Day 2015 – Stamp Design Competition”. The theme of the competition is Women Empowerment.The Terms and Conditions to participate in the competition are as follows:

i. Entries are invited for ‘Independence Day 2015 – Stamp Design Competition’ . The participants are to make an original design on this subject (should not be copy of picture painted by someone else).

ii. Any citizen of India can participate in this contest. The design could be in ink, water colour, oil colour or any other medium (computer printed/printout will not be allowed). The design submitted should be such that can be depicted on the stamps in a visually appealing manner so as to be of interest to philatelic collectors.

iii. Participants are free to use drawing paper, art paper or any other type of white paper of A4 Size.

iv. The following particulars should be written legibly on the reverse of the design:
1. Name of the participant*
2. Age*
3. Gender*
4. Nationality*
5. Full and complete residential address with Pin code
6. Phone/Mobile Number*
7. E-Mail ID (if available)
* It is compulsory to provide the information.

v. An undertaking stating that ‘The artwork submitted is original and no copyright issues are involved’ should be sent along with the entry. In case of any legal dispute related to copyright issue, Department of Posts will not be liable for the same.

vi. The design should be sent without being folded, through “Speed Post” only, in A4 size envelope. The participants should mention “Independence Day 2015 – Stamp Design Contest” on the envelope in which the drawing is sent.

vii. The prize winning designs will be considered for use on stamps and other philatelic material. The prize money will be as follows:

First prize: Rs. 10,000/-
Second prize: Rs. 6,000/-
Third prize: Rs. 4,000/-

viii. The entries should reach on the following address by 31.03.2015.The entries received after the last date of receipt will not be entertained.

To, ADG (Philately) Room No. 108(B), Dak Bhawan, Parliament Street, New Delhi - 110001.

Rare stamp was sold more than £23,000 at auction in Warwick


A stamp bought nearly 50 years ago for the equivalent of just 21p has been sold at auction in Warwick for more than £23,000.

Auctioneers at Warwick & Warwick were amazed to see the 1/9d stamp from the 1967 Discoveries and Inventions collection receive such attention when it went under the hammer at the auction house in Millers Road.

In fact, experts described it as “the most important modern British stamp to be sold this century” and it was eventually sold for a final buying price of £23,600, including buyers’ commission of one per cent.

The owner of the stamp bought it at a post office in Rochdale, Lancashire, to add to his collection and only realized the stamp may be valuable when he checked it at home.He quickly returned to the same shop but by that time the rest of the sheet had been sold.

According to experts, what makes it so valuable is the orange colour having been missed from the stamp so that the Queen’s head is missing.

The stamp is in a vertical pair with a normal stamp above it and could have been from the bottom row of the sheet meaning this was potentially one of 20 that may have the colour omitted.

Hong Kong 2015


image Mr Ajay Kumar Mittal has been appointed National Commissioner for HONG KONG-2015 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition) going to be held from 20th November to 23rd November 2015.

Philatelists are requested to send  following details of the Exhibit they wish to participate with.

  1. Last Exhibition Participated
  2. Level of the Exhibition : International/Asian/International/State
  3. Award won in the exhibition
  4. No. of frames

Last date of complete forms to be sent to the National Commissioner  is 20th February 2015. Please contact:

Ajay Kumar Mittal

National Commissioner


D-57 South Extension Part-1
New Delhi-110049
Mobile : 9811032311, 9311332311
Email :

Taipei 2015 - 30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition


image Mr Umesh Kakkeri has been appointed  Commissioner for India for Taipei 2015, to be held from 24th  to 28th April 2015. The Exhibition in Taipei  will be co-hosted by Chunghwa Post, the Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation, and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

For detailed information, Please contact Mr Kakkeri, email :   Visit official website : Taipei 2015


Commissioner for Singapore 2015

image The Philatelic Congress of India has appointed Mrs Damyanti Pittie as National Commissioner for Singapore 2015 a F.I.P. World Exhibition to be held from 14th 19th August, 2015.

Philatelists eligible and willing to participate may contact her by e.mail /or by post on following  e.mail and contact address.  The IREX and Forms can be down loaded from Singapore 2015 web site :



SUKET, 4th Floor, 29-B, Dongersi Cross Lane, Malabar Hill, Mumbai-400 006.

Tel.No.00 91 022 23644337. Fax No.00 91 022 23633696.


Permanent Pictorial Cancellation at the CMC Hospital Post Office, Vellore – 9th December 2014


On the occasion of birth anniversary of Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder (1870-1960), founder of the Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, India Post released a Permanent Pictorial Cancellation at the CMC Hospital Post Office on 9th December 2014.


Philatelic Exhibitions

Silverpex - 2015, National Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition at Kannur - 9th - 11th January 2015.

KARNAPEX 2015 – Bangalore, 16 – 19 January 2015 , Venue : Sree Kantiveera Indoor Stadium, Bangalore.

SINE, Stamps of India National Exhibition at New Delhi - 30th, 31st January - 1st February 2015.

Hyderabad Stamp, Coin & Note Fair - 2015 at Hyderabad - 6th - 8th February 2015.


Mumbai District (City & Suburban) Level Philately Exhibition
Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th January 2015
Venue:2nd Floor, Auditorium Hall,
Mumbai GPO Annexe Building,
Mumbai GPO,
Mumbai 400001
Time; 10.00 hrs TO 19.00 hrs on the above dates.
SPECIAL COVERS: Subject to the approval of the CPMG, Maharashtra Circle Special Covers with special cancellations will be issued on all the three days.
Workshops & Quiz: Workshop on philately will be held on 24th January 2015 at the venue from 10.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs. Quiz will be held from 14.00 hrs to 15.00 hrs.

Allaphilex-2015, Philatelic Exhibition to be held at Allahabad on 9th and 10th January 2015

A two day Philatelic exhibition ‘Allaphilex-2015’ will be held on 9th and 10th January, 2015 at North Central Zone Cultural Centre, Allahabad. Philatelists of Allahabad and from across the country will participate in the exhibition to showcase their collection of Postage Stamps and other Philatelic materials. Philatelic exhibits will be showcased in about 80 frames. In the exhibition there will be segments of Invitee and Competition for Senior and Junior. During the exhibition Philatelic Workshop, Letter writing, Stamp Design and Quiz competitions will also be organized to attract youth and School Children.

For more information please contact O/O the Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Allahabad Division before 31st December 2014.

Stamps gifted to school by a philatelist

image Mr R D Mathkar of Mumbai gifted 5500 stamps to GUNDECHA Education Academy, Mumbai for the promotion of philately among school children. This collection was contributed by eminent philatelists Mrs Damyanti Pittie, Mr Suketu Jhaveri, Mr AT Haji, Mr. Tarifa Barma Mr Rajan Jayakar Mr S. Farukh and Dr Avinsh B. Jagtap.

Beginners’ Section


Amelia Earhart

image image


American aviator Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in May, 1932, flying between Newfoundland and Ireland – and thus went on to enjoy celebrity status worldwide. She captured the public’s imagination and became a role model for women in America. The achievement ensured her not only worldwide acclaim but a place in aviation history.


Earhart was closely associated with philately and it greatly assisted her career. The sale of her flown philatelic souvenirs helped offset the expense of her aeronautic adventures and further ensured her legacy in aerophilately. She personally collected examples of her mail and exhibited them at TIPEX, the May 1936 international stamp exhibition, where she also spoke and distributed exhibitor awards.

Stamps Amelia Earhart

Born in Kansas in 1897, she disappeared during her ill-fated 1937 flight around the world, on which Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, carried approximately 5,000 souvenir covers in the nose cargo compartment of her Lockheed Electra airplane. Collectors had ordered and paid $5 each for an autographed, cacheted cover in advance of the flight. Earhart’s intention was to add stamps and acquire postmarks along the route, and reports indicate that she did receive postmarks before take-off in Oakland and again in Karachi. Rescuers found no trace of Earhart after her plane ran out of fuel on July 2 and went down during her desperate search for Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean.
In 1968, Elsie M. Williamson, assisted by stamp dealer Jacques Minkus, donated Amelia Earhart’s personal collection of flown mail with photographs and a leather flight suit to the Philatelic and Postal History Division of the U.S. National Museum. Williamson had acquired the collection directly from Earhart’s husband, George Palmer Putnam.

Read More…

Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Consistently rated by scholars as one of the top three U.S. Presidents of all time, along with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd United States President and held office from 1933 until his death at the age of 62 in 1945.
George W. Linn, publisher of a weekly philatelic newspaper, created envelopes encouraging stamp collectors to vote for a fellow philatelist for president. He remains the longest serving American president, being elected to office four times. Roosevelt led the United States through two of the greatest crises of the 20th century – the Great Depression and the Second World War.

Known as ‘the stamp collecting president’, Roosevelt was introduced to philately by his parents in 1890, at the age of 8.
Roosevelt immersed himself in the hobby and allegedly begged family members to send him mail and bring him stamps from around the world.He would collect every stamp that he could lay his hands on. As a result, by the time he was elected president, he had such an enormous collection that he had albums for practically every country in the world.


It was claimed that Roosevelt had 1.2 million stamps in his collection, part of which is pictured above. Throughout his life, his stamps travelled with him in a wooden trunk. He allegedly spent hours each night with his stamp collection and was even involved in approving a new stamp on the day of his death. He once described his hobby thus: “Stamp collecting dispels boredom, enlarges our vision, broadens our knowledge, makes us better citizens and, in innumerable ways, enriches our lives.” George W. Linn, publisher of a weekly philatelic newspaper, created envelopes encouraging stamp collectors to vote for a fellow philatelist for president.

Courtesy : Dipok Dey

Specialized Section

Some Remarkable Cancellations and Postmarks – 25/3

image - Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap

The All India Series of 1873 – 84 Cancellations (Renouf Type 17a)

The “non-disbursing” post offices (subordinate to each disbursing office) were numbered consequently and the number was placed above the line of disbursing office as shown in Type 17a as it is demonstrated by the duplex cancellation of Tranquebar on the post-card.


1881 Type 17a duplex cancellation of Tranquebar (“TANQUEBAR/DEC 21=13M-21”) on a postal stationery card (HG N0.7) addressed to Madras, bearing the transit mark of Egmore (Dec.23) and the arrival mark of Madras (Dec.23). Tranquebar was a Danish Possession on the west coast of India since 1620. It passed into British hands in 1845.



187X Cover franked by Half Anna adhesive tied by “BHEWANEE/SEP 15/17/L-3” Type 17a duplex cancellation, indicating Non-Disbursing Office No.17 and Disbursing Office No.3 of the Punjab Circle. ERRONEOUS OBLITERATOR corrected later on, see below), Sorting Marks of Agra, Delhi, Ajmer, Etwah (R.Type 132).


Revised Type 17a for Bhewanee



187X Cover bearing 2x Half Anna adhesives cancelled by the revised Type 17a duplex obliterator of Bhewanee “BHEWANEE/NOV30/3/L-17”, Transit Marks of Dudwans, Arival Mark of Koochawun + “TOO LATE” (Renouf T. 77)

- Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap : email :


Chinese New Year (Part I)


© Dr.Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

A long, long time ago, there was no calendar in China. Since people didn't have means to measure time, they didn't know when to grow crops and when to expect seasonal changes. Jade Emperor, the almighty Chinese God, took note of the situation and wanted to help.


Jade Emperor



Jade Emperor Spirit Money with the image of the Jade Emperor surrounded by the Eight Immortals

He set up a system that runs in a 12-year cycle. He called it the Chinese Zodiac. This is very like our signs of the zodiac. The Chinese zodiac follows a twelve year cycle, each of the years being named after an animal. The Chinese believe that people born in a particular year take on the characteristics of the animal associated with that year.


Chinese Zodiac 12-year cycle

Naming of the Year

Jade Emperor hold a swimming race contest on his birthday, and invited the animals of his kingdom .He told them that the first twelve animals across the fast flowing river would be the winners and they would each have a year of the zodiac named after them. The winners were Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

In fact, the zodiac animals started for worship of animals in old times and twelve most important animals in ancient people’s life in was selected to vividly represent the Twelve Earthly Branches (the duodecimal cycle in Chinese calendar). Cat was absent in the name list because there was no cat in China very long time ago.


Twelve Animals of the Lunar New Year cycle

Like the Western calendar, the Chinese lunar calendar is a yearly one. However, this calendar is based on the movements of the moon, with each month beginning a new moon. Because of this cyclical dating, the beginning of the year can fall anywhere between late January and mid-February. A complete cycle takes 60 years and is made up of five cycles of 12 years each.


Chinese Lunar Calendar

Although the Chinese calendar traditionally does not use continuously numbered years, outside China its years are often numbered from the reign of the 3rd millennium BC Yellow Emperor who introduced the first cycle of the zodiac.


Yellow Emperor

But at least three different years numbered 1 is now used by various scholars, making the year beginning AD 2015 the "Chinese Year" 4713, 4712, or 4652 and first day is February 19 and is Year of the Sheep.


GB 2014 Lunar Year 2015 (19 Feb2015-7Feb2016) Smilers Sheet

Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territories with significant Chinese populations, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Philippines, and also in Chinatowns elsewhere. Chinese New Year is considered a major holiday for the Chinese and has had influence on the lunar New Year celebrations of its geographic neighbours. Traditionally, the festival was a time to honour deities as well as ancestors.

History of New Year Celebration

Exact beginning of the New Year celebration in China is unclear however, it was said to start from the year end religious ceremony in Shang Dynasty (1766 BC - 1122 BC). A few said that it started from as early as Emperor Yao and Shun (~2300 BC).

At the beginning, the date of celebration varies from mid-winter to early spring but with the introduction of solar base calendar, Emperor Wu (157 BC - 87 BC) of the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220) established the first day of the first month as the beginning of the year, where it remains.

During Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun (~ 2300 BC) the celebration started at very small scale.



Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun


Whereas limited to onlyreligious ceremony during Shang Dynasty (1766 BC-1122 BC).


Shang Dynasty

During Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220), New Year celebration is officialised at the first day of the first month.

image image

Han Dynasty

Use of Crack bamboo which creates loud cracking sound when put on fire was also introduced which was believed that the sound can drive away evil.


Crack bamboo

Use of Fireworks in New Year celebration started during Wei Dynasty (220 - 265) and Jin Dynasty (265 - 420) and also the tradition of Shou Sui formed.

image image

Wei Dynasty and Jin Dynasty

Fireworks using gun powder came out during Song Dynasty (960 - 1279).

image image

Song Dynasty

Legend about the beginning of Chinese New Year

The legend says, long ago, there was a man-eating predatory beast called Nian, extremely fierce, with a long head and sharp horn looking like either dragons or unicorn. It dwelled deep in the sea the whole year long, but on every Chinese New Year eve it would climb onto the shore to devour livestock and harm humans in a near-by village.


Man-eating predatory beast - Nian

Therefore, every Chinese New Year's Eve, all the villagers would take their old and young deep into the mountains to hide from Nian. The people were afraid and could not find a way to rid themselves of this dreadful beast. One day an old man appeared, offering to subdue Nian. When the beast arrived at the village to wreak havoc as usual, it was met with a sudden burst of exploding firecrackers. Startled by the noise, the flashes of light and red banners flying about, it hastily turned and fled! and never came to the village again.

From then on, every Chinese New Year's Eve, families would hang red banners, beating drums and gongs, set off fire crackers, and light their lamps the whole night through, to drive the imagined monsters away and to celebrate the victory over it awaiting the New Year. The custom spread far and wide and became a grand traditional celebration of the "Passing of Nian" ("Nian" in Chinese means "year")". The Chinese often greet each other by saying Xin NianHao, which means Happy New Year! Xin means new and Hao means good. Sometimes they also say GuoNian, which means 'lives the festival.'


The Chinese often greet each other by saying Xin NianHao, which means Happy New Year!

How New Year is Celebrated

Celebrating the Lunar New Year is a family affair that holds great importance to those of Asian descent around the world. It is a time to cast away the bad blood of the previous year and to wish for good fortune in the coming year. It is also the time for the whole families to get together with full of rich and colourful activities, and hopes with the advent of spring and flowers blossoming.

Preparations tend to begin a month from the date of the Chinese New Year (similar to a Western Christmas), when people start buying presents, decoration materials, food and clothing. A huge clean-up gets underway days before the New Year, when Chinese houses are cleaned from top to bottom, to sweep away any traces of bad luck, and doors and windowpanes are given a new coat of paint, usually red. The doors and windows are then decorated with paper cuts and couplets with themes such as happiness, wealth and longevity printed on them.



New Year Celebrations

During holidays firecrackers are lit, drums can be heard on the streets, red lanterns glow at night, and red paper cut-outs and calligraphy hangings are hung on doors. Children are also given red envelopes with money inside.The end of the New Year is marked by the Festival of Lanterns, which is a celebration with singing, dancing and lantern shows.

The Lion Dance


Street celebrations often include a traditional lion dance which is thought to bring good luck.

image image

Lion Dance

There are usually two dancers. One acts as the head and the other the body.

image image image

Two dancers forming head and body of a lion

On the head of the lion is mirror so that evil spirits will be frightened away by their own reflections. They dance to a drum, cymbals and a gong andscatters lettuce leaveshung above the doors of houses or businessesto symbolize a fresh start for the New Year and the spreading of good luck.

The Dragon Dance

Dragons are of course legendary animals, but they are important to Chinese people who think of dragons as helpful, friendly creatures. They are linked to good luck, long life and wisdom. They have special powers so they can fly in the air, swim in the sea and walk on land. The Dragon has features of other animals such as the horns of a stag, the scales of a fish and the footpads of a tiger.

image image

Chinese Dragon

Dragon dances are also performed at New Year to scare away evil spirits. During the dance the performers hold poles and raise and lower the Dragon. Sometimes one man has a 'Pearl of Wisdom' on a pole and he entices the Dragon to follow him to the beat of a drum, as if searching for wisdom and knowledge. They are in length from a few metres to up to 100m long. Longer Dragons are thought to be luckier.


Performers hold poles and raise and lower the Dragon

image image

Dragons are from a few metres to up to 100m long

The Lantern Festival

The celebrations end on the fifteenth day with ‘The Festival of Lanterns’.


‘The Festival of Lanterns’

Everywhere is decorated with lanterns of different sizes and in the streets there is music and dancing.


image image

Lanterns decoration and music and dancing

Red lanterns are thought of as lucky.


Red lanterns


Fireworks are used to drive away the evil in China. Right after the 12:00PM of the New Year's Eve, fireworks will be launched to celebrate the coming of the New Year as well as driven away the evil. It is believed that the person who launched the first Fireworks in the New Year will get good luck.



Red Packet distribution

On the day itself, an ancient custom called Hong Bao, meaning Red Packet, takes place. This involves married couples giving children and unmarried adults money in red envelopes. Then the family begins to say greetings from door to door, first to their relatives and then their neighbours.


Red Packet


Giving money to children and unmarried adults in red envelopes

- Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal : email :

Indian Fiscals Overprinted for use in Aden

image Col (Dr) Jayanta Dutta & Dr Anjali Dutta

The British colony of Aden, which is now part of Yemen, issued revenue stamps from 1937 to around 1945. Prior to having its own issues, Aden had used revenue stamps of India.

All issues were printed and overprinted by offset-litho by Security Printing Press, Nasik, India.

Court Fee stamps

The first set of Aden’s Court Fee stamps was India's King George V stamps overprinted. Only the 8a and 1r values are recorded, but possibly more exist. The King George VI stamps were also similarly overprinted. Thirteen values were issued, ranging from 2a to 20r.


India's 1 rupee King George V stamp overprinted Aden


1937 Indian King George VI Court Fee stamp 8 annas overprinted for use in Aden.


Indian King George VI Court Fee stamps overprinted for use in Aden


20r similarly overprinted

Notarial stamps

Only two Indian stamps were overprinted for Notarial use in Aden, and they were the 2r stamps of Kings George V and VI, overprinted ‘ADEN’ at the top of the stamp


Notarial issues of India (22 x 38mm) overprinted ADEN.  Perf 14.  Wmk Multiple Stars.

Revenue stamps

The first set of Aden Revenue stamps was India's King George V key type, with the inscription ADEN REVENUE at the foot, with values from 2a to 10r. Around 1945, a similar set was issued but with the portrait of King George VI and with values ranging to 50r


Key types of India (King George V) inscribed ‘ADEN REVENUE’ in lower appropriation tablet.  Perf 13¾ (2a to 12a) or perf 14 (1r to 4r).  Wmk Multiple Stars.

Barefoot additionally lists the 2r, 5r and 10r values


As previous issue, but with portrait of King George VI.  18 x 29½ mm (2a to 12a), 21½ x 38mm (1r to 10r), and 20½ x 56½ mm (50r).  Perf 13¾ (annas) or perf 14 x 13¾ (rupees).  Wmk Multiple Stars.


1. J Barefoot Ltd, British Commonwealth Revenues (8th Edition, privately published, 2008)

2. W Barber, The Impressed Duty Stamps of the British Colonial Empire (update to 1st Edition, privately published, Chesapeake, Virginia, 2009)

- Col (Dr) Jayanta Dutta & Dr Anjali Dutta : email :

New Stamps from other Countries


15 January 2015

Lunar Year of the Goat stamp

image image

Macao Post has designed and is ready to release Lunar Year of the Goat stamp series. The issue consists of five stamps that will be put into circulation on the 5th of January.


Chinese New Year is an important traditional Chinese holiday celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar. In China, it is also known as the Spring Festival, the literal translation of the modern Chinese name.

image image image

Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally run from Chinese New Year’s Eve, the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar, to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month, making the festival the longest in the Chinese calendar. Because the Chinese calendar is lunisolar, the Chinese New Year is often referred to as the “Lunar New Year”.


6 January 2015



To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll’s classic book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Royal Mail commissioned illustrator Grahame Baker-Smith, winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal and author of FArTHER, to illustrate ten key scenes from the book.

The stamps will be issued on the 6th of January 2015.

Art-directed by Godfrey Design, Baker-Smith offers a fresh, lively interpretation of unforgettable characters such as the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat and Alice herself, making the story come to life with new vivacity. The unusual vertical se-tenant format not only suits the topsy-turvy story but also adds philatelic interest.

The presentation pack, designed by Godfrey Design and written by Professor Hugh Haughton, tells the story of the genesis and publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. From the “golden afternoon” in July 1862, when Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson – better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll – told an outlandish tale to the young Alice Liddell and her sisters, through illustrator John Tenniel’s role, to the myriad editions over the past century and a half, the pack offers real insight into the story behind this classic children’s tale. Beautifully illustrated, it includes a photograph of Alice Liddell taken by Dodgson himself.


12 December 2014


Russian Post issued New Year stamp depicting traditional troika of horses that became a real symbol of winter and this holiday. New Year is a special holiday. It came long time ago, but still remains one of the most vivid and long-awaited triumph.

For the Russian people three horses has always been a national symbol. It is mentioned many times in the poems, songs and literary works. Russian trio appeared in the second half of the XVII century.

The first half of the XIX century is the peak of their popularity. According to foreigners this troika embodies the bold Russian soul and is a symbol of Russia. The stamp depicts three horses in the colors of the flag of the Russian Federation.

image Editor’s Mail Box

Kenneth Sequeira – Dubai (UAE)

May you continue to grow in every way.
And thank you, Ms Jyoti , for keeping us happy all through the year.
With all good wishes for the future

Cdr. G Sri Ramarao,I.N,(Retd.) - Visakhapatnam

Heartiest congratulations on completion of 7 years of publication of Rainbow Stamp News.

Rashmi Luthra – New Delhi , Editor - After School,

Many Many Congrats and millions of good wishes on the 7th birthday of Rainbow News. I feel lucky to have found your blog during random surfing. Keep up the useful and interesting work in this field - its important .Thank you so much for the Nov. issue of Rainbow Stamps. I have read thru the entire bulletin and have gathered very useful such as under water Post Office,Indians in Antactica,booklet on Nehruji and Fahranheit scale.

Dr Avinash Jagtap - Switzerland

Thank you for sending me the December issue of "Rainbow Stamp News", I appreciate very much the series of articles by Dr.Satyandra Kumar Agrawal. Wonder, how he collects all universal philatelic details decorated with rare scans of the philatelic items as per the topics he has selected! Thanks a lot for his dedication to thematic philately !

The Lighter Side

Unique Methods of Mail Carriage

I have a good collection on my theme “Mail and Its Movement”. A vast theme which has vast scope. This also includes carried mail covers. During my study on mail carriage systems ,I came across various unique methods for carriage of mail or messages being used from time to time. We broadly know the mail to be as Air Mail, Surface Mail, Sea Mail but various experimental methods have been used from time to time. Rocket Mail, Missile Mail, Submarine Mail, Pneumatic Mail, Air graph, V Mail, Pigeon Mail, Tin Can mail, Balloon Mail, Runner mail, Dog sledge Mail, Parachute Mail, Glider mail, Ropeway Mail, Hovercraft Mail, Helicopter Mail, Ferry Mail, Electronic mail , Snail Mail, Mail carriage by Train, Plane, animals etc. are some of the traditional, modern and experimental mail carriage methods. I want to share with you all some of the interesting methods ever used to send messages which are not only unique but are thrilling too . – Naresh Agrawal


A message in a bottle is a form of communication whereby a message is sealed in a container (archetypically a glass bottle but could be any medium, so long as it floats and remains waterproof) and released into the sea or ocean.. Among other purposes they are used for scientific studies of ocean currents.

The first recorded messages in bottles were released around 310 BC by the ancient Greek Philosopher Theophrastus as part of an experiment to show that the Mediterranean sea was formed by the inflowing Atlantic Ocean

BOTTLE MAIL ( discovered after 98 years)

After floating on the lonely seas, adrift for nearly a century, the world’s oldest message in a bottle has finally been liberated and graced with a Guinness record only in 2012.After nearly 98 years, the bottle had traveled only a disappointing 10.7 miles from its original launch location.

The bottle had been discovered in April 2012 by Mr. Andrew Leaper, a Scottish skipper aboard the fishing boat Copious, who found a bottle trapped in his fishing net as he sailed east of Shetland, an island group northeast of the U.K. mainland. The bottle, which reportedly spent 97 years and 309 days at sea, beats the previous world record by more than five years.

The bottle was originally launched back in June 1914 as part of a scientific study to map sea currents around Scotland. More than 1,800 bottles were released, but only 315 of them have been found according to the BBC. The bottle Anderson found in 2006 was part of the same scientific experiment.

BOTTLE MAIL (The letter that revealed Chinese love story)


In 2008,a romantic message-in-a-bottle discovered by a mother and daughter at a Socttish beach has sparked a mystery about whether it could have travelled 5,000 miles across the seas from China.

Nicola MacFarlane, 41, and daughter Lucy, four, from Portobello, near Edinburgh, were scouring Portobello Beach when they came across an old glass bottle sticking out of the sand containing  a note inside written in Mandarin.

The message/mail dates back to 1985, discovered after 23 years.The translated message-in-a-bottle. “ Da Hai : Ocean, I hope no-one will get this bottle, as we just wish you can hear our voice, and get your blessing.

‘Today is the Chinese Valentine’s Day, we pray that our relationship will last forever and we will have a long happy life together.‘We declare our love and that we are the only one in each other’s life. ‘Though the person who picks up this bottle, in a different country using a different name, it’s one world.

‘So please make a voice about our relationship and tell everyone about it. Today can you please be our witness that our love will last forever, two people, two hearts but one life.

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