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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rainbow July 2015




Canada Post unveiled a set of new stamps and a souvenir sheet showcasing the weather phenomenon.. This set of stamps released on 18th June 2015, shows weather phenomena in striking splendor. From brilliant flashes of lightning to the sudden beauty of a double rainbow, the stamps photographically depict the remarkable variety of Canadian weather in photographs from every corner .

Dehradun    July 2015   Vol. VIII    Issue # 91

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Dear Reader,

I am pleased to release July 2015 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. Wishing you all a very Happy Monsoon Season ! In this issue, please read discussion on Generic Medals which was already raised by our columnist Mr Naresh Agrawal in the last issue. Here he again explains the dissatisfaction and disappointment faced by the participants when they get  generic medal. I hope this discussion would help to bring a change in the medal awarding system in National and International Philatelic Exhibitions. At state level exhibitions, the new trend of awarding generic medals could be followed as the exhibition budget is small in state shows. But National and International exhibitions are big budget exhibitions and the entry fee  in these exhibitions is also very high. So why the participants are consoled with generic medals for their hard work and money spent on the exhibit ?? Actual medals can be awarded   very easily in these exhibitions by the organizers. Let’s all  appeal to FIP and National Philatelic Federations around the world to resume awarding properly graded medals in the exhibitions as the medal awarding  system was in practice few years ago.

This is all for this month. More in next issue.

Happy Collecting !!

                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Jeevan Jyoti



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clip_image008From the Desk of Naresh Agrawal



Last month, I raised the issue of giving Generic Medals in High Level shows to the winners or the participants getting grades. Which according to me is not a healthy practice. I did think of taking up some new issue this month but I found it better to continue the discussion on the subject for this month also as I could see good response from philatelists on the subject. I could clearly see that most of the philatelists were hurt by this practice as it washed away the achievement and the spirit of competitiveness from winners of high grade in any show. Mrs. Jeevan Jyoti who placed the matter on the social media through face book inviting views from the philatelic fraternity, did a good job to encourage readers to come forward with their open views. It gave good results too. The views mainly comprised of a common opinion that generic medals should not be given but actual and genuine medals should be awarded. Opinion on giving cash awards instead of medal also came. Honoring Invitees properly was also a valid and valued opinion. Though some of the philatelists did say that medal winning hardly made any difference or some just laughed away on the practice of medal awarding and giving comments on the intention of the organizers and showing their dissatisfaction on the verdicts of the jury.

Well, some time I wonder what exactly the think tank of philately regulation committees of different nations do? How do they come to some conclusion? FIP do consider carefully and thoroughly the various aspects before recommending anything, then what exactly is the motto behind appreciating awarding the generic medals. I do understand generic word is now getting popular all over world but its application is different at different places and for different products.

Coming first to the opinion given by my dear friend Dr. Satyendra Agrawal supported by Mr. Shantunu Panigrahi that cash awards should be given instead of medals. I can understand his opinion is based upon the fact that it would be easier for all concerned. But with all due respect I beg to differ from them here. I believe at higher level medals should be given as per FIP norms as commented by Mr. Ajay Mittal who says that all medals should be as per old guidelines of FIP. Actual medals give the winner /collector more satisfaction mainly for higher award winners. This has been supported /opined by many others. But I feel it would be even better if name of the participant winning/achieving that medal is inscribed on it. Though little difficult but possible. We must understand that the medals are given to suitably appreciate the efforts of winner and also to encourage him and other philatelists. It should not be mere a piece of metal or GENERIC one but should be SPECIFIC. So the new word would be SPECIFIC MEDAL and not GENERIC MEDAL. May it be grade or rank, the medal should be specific.

We must understand one thing that appreciation is good too but recognition is very essential to provide/deliver more satisfaction to the winner/achiever and for promotion of hobby. The recognition can only be given in broader spectrum if proper, appropriate and specific medals are given. Mr. Dharmendra Kapoor rightly took up the issue of promotion of philately. He says “It was better if views were demanded for promotion of philately instead of Medals “ as he thinks the medals do not depict the true picture of standard and quality of one’s exhibit. His comments on judgment reflect the same. Well, here the discussion is not on the quality of judgment. Here the issue is whatever be the judgment, let’s take it as fair and so to give proper honor and recognition to the achiever / a winner in depictable and projectable form. One of our friends goes a little ahead and showed his concern on honoring the invitees in any such show. True, invitees too need to be honored gracefully.

Well, we all know that exhibitions are held to promote philately and competitions are held to give more satisfaction and to honor the efforts of philatelist & medals play a vital role to give more satisfaction to a philatelist for proper recognition of his efforts. I would conclude my opinion by saying that Generic Medals should be avoided and Genuine, Actual, Specific medals should be given which serves the very purpose.

- Naresh Agrawal : email : 


Should Generic Medals be given in stamp exhibitions ????

This is a topic of debate. I put it on social media to get the views of the readers. No one supported the practice of giving generic medals. Here are views of some of the philatelists. My personal opinion does not differ from others and I also do not support this new trend of awarding generic medals . I appeal to all the organizers of the exhibitions that instead of giving generic medals to the participants they should award medals with different grades. So that a difference between a higher and lower medal is clearly visible. - Editor

Comments from the Readers

imageAbhai Mishra – Dehradun

Of late it has been seen that generic medals are being awarded at various philatelic exhibitions. For organizers it is easy to manage plus they do not have to shell extra amount in preparing graded medals. From philatelist point of view it is really pathetic and demeaning. Now days they charge exorbitant amount as frame fees. A philatelist invest so much of his/her time as well as money in preparing a world class exhibit. At the least they deserve to be awarded suitably. The medals should be properly graded, indicating the metal content explicitly. This will not only encourage the participants but also provide satisfaction for receiving something as per the exhibit level.


imageSridhar Krishnan If actuals given to s a honour to them...generic means making a mockery on participant winners.

Generic medal under estimates the potential strength of a Philatelic exhibitor... To encourage Philatelist and to grow philately in general, ONLY actual medal(s) should to be given to the participants...If actual medals  are given to s an honour to them...generic means making a mockery on participant winners

imageDrSatyendra Agrawal No such medals, only cash is to be awarded.

Any body knows the percentage of Gold and Silver in International, National And State levels LG, G, LV, V, LS, and S? If it has no physical value why not only paper certificates? FIP in the name of authentication and organizers from dealers and exhibitors earning a lot but in the name of Gold and Silver medals what they are giving, only God knows. I will again stick to my previous post-, ONLY Cash with certificate mentioning other details....

imageAjay Mittal I fully agree with the views that all medals should be as per old guidelines of FIP. Actual medals gives the collector more satisfaction mainly for higher award winners.

imageAtish Kumar Jain If everybody gets the same medal.....generic medal then what's the point of competition???
Each winner should be honoured as per his achievements.

Recent Indian Issues


clip_image014clip_image015 clip_image017


· 20 March 26, 2015 - Indian Ocean and Rajendra Chola I – Rs 5

· 27 March 2015 – Engineers India Limited – Rs 5

· India France Joint Issue – Rs 25 + Rs % stamps with Miniature sheet

· 18 April 2015 – Patna High Court – Rs 5

· 21 April 2015 - Old Seminary Kottayam - Rs 5

· 21 June 2015 – International day of Yoga – Rs 5

Recent Special Covers


5th June 2015 : World Environment Day Kottayam

20th June 2015 : Dr. K. S. Shah Birth centenary year , Jamnagar

21 June 2015

International Day of Yoga – Cover issued in Mauritius (India – Mauritius Joint Commemoration)

International Day of Yoga – Cover issued in Goa

22nd June 2015 : Celebrations of Sri Ahobila Mutt, Srirangam

23rd June 2015 : Kodagu District Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Madikeri

27th June 2015 25th Anniversary of Rotary Club of Bangalore, Downtown

27th June 2015 : Golden Jubilee Celebrations of S. S. Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Panaji

28th June 2015 : Shri B. Ramachandra Adityan – Kayamozhi, Tuticorin district

29th June 2015 : Special Carried Cover on Chennai Metro Rail

View : Special Covers

In The News

Personalised Stamps on International Yoga Day released by Hungary Post - 21st June 2015


On 11 December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared 21st June as the International Day of Yoga. This day was observed in as many as 177 United Nation countries, including Hungary.


Embassy of India, Budapest had organized a large-scale event to celebrate first International Day of Yoga at The Bálna, Budapest on 21st June 2015. The event was opened by speech from Indian Ambassador to Hungary Shri Malay Mishra and Chief Guest Dr. István Simicskó Minister of State for Sports. Ms. Gaborne Kallai, Dy-Mayor of the 9th district and Dr. Laszlo Banyai, Senior Adviser to Dy-Mayor of Budapest Dr. Gabor Bagdy, Swami Vaishampayan were also present on the occasion.

On the occasion personalized postage stamp was released by Hungary Post to mark the International Day of Yoga by Mrs. Agnes Sarkozy, Director of Philately of the Hungarian Post (Magyar Posta).

Special Cover on First International Day of Yoga from Mauritius (India – Mauritius Joint Commemoration) – 21st June 2015


A Special Commemorative Cover was released by the Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Prime Minister of Mauritius during the International Yoga Day celebration at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre, Pailles, Mauritius on 21th June 2015. Lady Jugnauth, Anil K Gayan, Minister of Health and Quality of Life, Director General of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, CEO of Mauritius Post, Shri Anup Kumar Mudgal, High Commissioner of India to Mauritius and leaders of various local socio-cultural organisations were among the other dignitaries present. 2000 enthusiastic Yoga practitioners from all over the country were present on the occasion.

The special cover contains an insert which carries the special IDY message of Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth, as well as an extract from Hon'ble PM Shri Narendra Modi's UNGA address of September 2014. The cover has a high-denomination stamp (MUR 50/-), depicting a Hibiscus species endemic to Mauritius. The Hibiscus flower is also well known for its Ayurvedic healing properties.

Commemorative Postcard on International Day of Yoga



On 21st June, 2015, the Portuguese Yoga Confederation and the Embassy of India jointly commemorated the International Day of Yoga, with support from the City of Lisbon at the Prof. Moniz Pereira Stadium, Lisbon. The celebrations began with the message from the Prime Minister of India, Shrí Narendra Modi, followed by a Global Yoga Class based on the Common Yoga Protocol developed in India.


Customised stamp on International Yoga Day from Brazil – 21st June 2015


The Brazilian National Post launched customised postage stamp in honor of International Yoga Day, at an event held at SESC Vila Mariana, São Paulo (SP) on 21st June 2015. The issue launching ceremony was conducted by Vice President of Logistics and Postal Orders, José Furian Filho, and was attended by Ambassador of India in Brazil, Sunil Kumar Lal.


The stamp commemorates the ancient practice born in India who, over the centuries, was irradiated to other parts of the world, and highlights the gesture of joining hands in order to reflect the union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness, the perfect harmony between mind and body, between man and nature, within a holistic approach to health and wellness.

The stamp issue also highlights other symbols permeated with meaning: brown leaves refer to the earth element; green to nature; blue tone alludes to the fire element; and the sun, a little further up, breaks out as a source of energy and inspiration.

Stamps on the postboxes – Royal Mail marks the 50th anniversary of its Special Stamps programme


Royal Mail’s modern Special Stamp programme which celebrates the heritage and culture of the UK, marks its 50th anniversary in 2015. As part of these celebrations, Royal Mail is installing 50 plaques with images of some of the most popular stamps on 50 post boxes in locations across the country.

Each of the 50 postboxes is located in one of the UK’s cities, towns or villages that has a special connection with the featured stamp. In the first 50 years of the Special Stamp programme a total of 2,663 stamps have been published and every new stamp design is approved by Her Majesty, The Queen before it is issued.

They will feature a variety of stamps including Winston Churchill, Bagpuss, Dylan Thomas, Robert Burns, the Giant’s Causeway, York Minster and Sherlock Holmes. They will feature in various towns across the UK ranging from London to Llandudno, Belfast to Blackpool, Leeds to Leicester and Edinburgh to Exeter. It is hoped that they will attract interest and attention from locals and tourists alike.

Andrew Hammond, Director Stamps & Collectibles, Royal Mail said: “The UK’s towns and cities have influenced stamp designs over the past 50 years. At the same time, our iconic red postboxes have formed memorable landmarks across the country since 1852. We are delighted to bring the two together, creating new points of interest around the UK in celebration of our stamps heritage”.

The first 50 years of Royal Mail’s Special Stamp programme has featured a total of 2,663 stamps and every new stamp design is approved by Her Majesty, The Queen before it is issued. The Special Stamp programme has mirrored the changes in society and culture at large.

Criteria for the creation of Special Stamps to celebrate events and commemorate anniversaries relevant to UK heritage and life was devised by the then Postmaster General, Tony Benn, who in 1965 started work with designer David Gentleman to modernise stamp design.

As part of the programme to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Special Stamp programme, Royal Mail has launched an online gallery of every Special Stamp issued since July 1965.

News from Philatelic Societies

From Eastern India Philatelists’ Association, Bhubaneshwar

Naturepex-2015, Bhubaneswar


In a special meeting of EIPA held on 3rd May 2015, it has been decided to hold a special Philatelic Exhibition will be held on Nature and Environment during 26-28, December, 2015 at Bhubaneswar in active participation of Department of Posts. This will be the 3rd Eastern India Philatelic Exhibition and will be named as 'NATUREPEX-2015.



The exhibits relating to Flora & Fauna, Nature, Environment and other related exhibits will be displyed in the exhibition. The exhibition is open to the philatelists of Eastern India i.e. Odisha, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunanchal Pradesh.

The exhibition will be competitive one consisting of 400 frames. 20 % of the total frames will be reserved for Youth categories. In absence of sufficient youth exhibits these will be filled up by other exhibits. The frame fee is rs.200/- per frame.

There will be three types of medals i.e. Gold, Silver and Bronze. Three special cover on nature and environment will be issued. The exhibition will be mainly in three groups i.e. Thematic on Nature, FDC,Special covers & Postal Stationery, Youth and School category all based on nature & environment. It has also been decided to open about 30 dealer's Booths at the exhibition site.

- Ajit Kumar Dash, Bhubaneshwar

Recent Stamp Exhibitions

World Stamp Show-NY 2016

World Stamp Show, New York 2016 will be held from 28th May to 4th June 2016 at New York, USA.

clip_image041 clip_image043

Shri Dhananjay Desai of Ahmedabad  is Commissioner  for this exhibition. He may be contacted for participation at email :

Website of exhibition :

Bulletin of exhibition can be downloaded from :

Application form is available at :

Date :  May 28-June 4, 2016

Venue : Jacob Javits Convention Center, 655 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001 on Level 3 taking up 294,000 square feet.

Over 200,000 beginner through advanced stamp collectors, their families and friends are expected to attend this once-a-decade event.The exhibition is being organized Under the patronage of the American Philatelic Society with major support from The Collectors Club of New York and The Philatelic Foundation along with their members.

Hong Kong 2015

clip_image045clip_image047Mr Ajay Kumar Mittal has been appointed National Commissioner for HONG KONG-2015 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition) going to be held from 20th November to 23rd November 2015.

Mobile : 9811032311, 9311332311
Email :


Commissioner for Singapore 2015

clip_image049clip_image051 Mrs Damyanti Pittie is the National Commissioner for Singapore 2015 . Singapore 2015 World Stamp exhibition is to be held in conjunction with Singapore’s 50th Year of Independence from 14 – 19 August 2015 at Sands Expo® & Convention Center, Singapore. SINGAPORE 2015 is the 3rd World Stamp Exhibition to be held in Singapore.

Singapore last hosted the World Stamp Exhibition in 1995 and the inaugural World Stamp Championship in 2004. Gathering the experience of both exhibitions and with effort to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in 2015, Singapore managed to bid for the hosting rights of this event successfully.

The main highlights will be, Display from the archives of the Singapore Philatelic Museum, Exhibits from distinguished collections showing the development of Singapore’s 180 years of postal history and stamps and Exhibits of world-wide award winning collections.

The logo comprises of the name of the exhibition SINGAPORE 2015 together with the Lion Head symbol of the nation and four wavy lines representing the sea, bracketed by two symmetric edges of a postage stamp, one on the top and another at the bottom. It symbolizes the world stamp exhibition in Singapore in the year 2015.

The significance of the various components that make up the logo is explained below:

The two perforated edges of a stamp signifying the connection of stamp collecting activities with SINGAPORE 2015, the name of the exhibition. The Lion Head, which is incorporated in the 0 of 2015, is Singapore’s national symbol denoting that the exhibition is staged in Singapore.

The “four wavy lines” is a roller cancellation commonly used to obliterate stamps, also means “four seas” in Chinese to signify international or worldwide linkages, implying the international nature of the stamp show being held in Singapore, an island state surrounded by sea.

Philatelists eligible and willing to participate may contact her by e.mail /or by post on following  e.mail and contact address.  The IREX and Forms can be down loaded from Singapore 2015 web site :



SUKET, 4th Floor, 29-B, Dongersi Cross Lane, Malabar Hill, Mumbai-400 006.

Tel.No.00 91 022 23644337. Fax No.00 91 022 23633696.

E-mail: or

CG Award 2015


Presented by
Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co. KG

Organised by
Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co. KG,
Steinbeisstr. 6+8, D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen - Germany, Tel +49 (0)7142-789400; Fax +49 (0)7142-789410;

Conditions of participation
All working groups, societies, clubs, associations, or publishers of philatelic magazines or newsletters publishing a periodical (at least once per calendar year) are entitled to participate.
Periodicals submitted must be periodicals published between September 1st, 2014 and August 31st, 2015 to qualify.

Closing date
for entries is September 30th, 2015.

Registration and Submission
To register please fill out the application form (; also available in printed form from the organizing committee) and submit 4 copies of one periodical published after August 31st, 2014 to the organizing committee. We accept submissions in all languages, however an adequate English, German or French translation must be provided for publications in other languages. Application forms have to be filled out in German or English.

Entries for this year’s award must be received by September 30th, 2015. You can find the participating conditions under Regulations

New Philatelic Advisory Committee (PAC) reconstituted

A philatelic Advisory Committee (PAC) functions in the Department of Posts to advise the Government about the issue of Commemorative/Special Postage Stamps and other allied matters of philately including formulation of guidelines for issue of such stamps to ensure philatelic value of the stamps when issued. It is a recommendatory body. The terms of each non-official member of this committee is for a period of two years from the date of issue of the notification, or until further orders, whichever is earlier. It functions under the chairmanship of Hon’ble MOC & IT. This committee comprises official members from the Department of Posts, Department of Economic Affairs and certain non-official members who are selected by a set procedure. They comprise Members of Parliament, eminent philatelists and prominent personalities from the fields of Art and Culture.

New Philatelic Advisory Committee has been reconstituted by Government of India for the terms of two years in the month of May 2015.

List of Philatelic Advisory Committee Members :

Chairman: Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad (Minister of Communications & IT, New Delhi)
Vice Chairman: Ms. Kavery Banerjee (Secretary, Dept. of Posts, New Delhi)

Official Members:

1. Shri S. K. Sinha (Member, HRD, Dept. of Posts, New Delhi)
2. Ms. Saroj Punjani (Jt. Secretary & Financial Advisor, Dept. of Posts, New Delhi)
3. Shri Vineet Pandey (Chief General Manager, BD & Mktg. Directorate, Dept. Of Posts, New Delhi)
4. Shri Saurabh Garg (Joint Secretary, Currency & Investment, Dept. of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi)

Non-Official Members:

5. Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey (Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, New Delhi)
6. Shri Anil Madhav Dave (Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, New Delhi)
7. Ms. Geeta Chandran (Natya Vriksha, New Delhi)
8. Ms. Mahashweta Maharath (Patna)
9. Shri Deepak Sharma (CEO, Linkage Technologies, Bhopal)
10. Ms. Vijayalakshmi Vijayakumar (Bengaluru)
11. Prof. Amar Nath Sinha (Patna)
12. Shri Babul Dey (Artist & Philatelist, Kolkata)
13. Shri Sudhir Tailang (Delhi)
14. Shri Ruskin Bond (Mussoorie)
15. Shri Kapil Dev (New Delhi)
16. Shri K. Nalla Tambi (Bengaluru)
17. Dr. Rakesh Sinha (Mumbai)
18. Shri Bindheshwar Pathak (Sulabh Sanitation & Social Reform Movement, New Delhi)
19. Shri Satya Narayan (Patna)
20. Ms. Parineeta Bagga (New Delhi)
21. Shri Bimal Kumar Jain (Patna)
22. Dr. P. L. Chaturvedi
23. Prof. Satish Chandra Mittal (Saharanpur)
24. Shri Dilip Shah (President, Philatelic Congress of India, Jabalpur)

Member Secretary
25. Ms. Anula Kumar (Deputy Director General, Philately, Dept. of Posts, New Delhi)

Postal Museum inaugurated at Postal Training Centre, Vadodara – 20th June 2015


The Postal Museum was inaugurated by Shri Ganesh Sawaleshwarkar, Director, Postal Training Centre, Vadodara in the premises of Postal Training Center, Vadodara on 20th June 2015. Inauguration function was well attended by local philatelists, staff members of Department of Posts and Postal Training Centre.



The postal museum displays an array of paraphernalia of the bygone era’s postal system. Leather cash bags, red cloth cash bag, old scale and weights, scale box, various badges worn by postal employees made of brass, aluminium and plastic, old Morse (telegraph) instrument , old order books of different post offices, code names and index letters book, old postal guides, post office manuals, binder, different sizes of letter boxes, wooden letter box, mobile (cycle) post office box, postman uniform and bag, leather portfolio bag, mail overseer bag, lantern, stamp cancellation machine etc. have been displayed in the museum. Philatelic covers and a statue of Halkara are also on display in the museum.

Set of 48 Picture Postcards released by North Karnataka Postal Region


North Karnataka Postal Region, Dharwad has released a set of 48 picture postcards on the theme ‘Birds of the Himalayas’ to observe the International Biodiversity decade 2011-2020. Set of 48 picture postcards is priced at Rs. 150/-.

The Himalayas, is a mountain range which separates the Great Indian Plains from the Tibetan Plateau. This range is home to nine of the ten highest peaks on the Earth, including the highest, Mount Everest. The abrupt rise of the Himalayan Mountains from less than 500 meters to more than 8,000 meters in a few hundred kilometers has resulted in a huge diversity of flora and fauna. Nearly 1000 birds have been recorded in the Himalayas of which 15 species are fully endemic.

On the address side text ‘IN’ and 6 boxes has been provided which is probably for the use of Postcrossing (a postcard exchange project) members to mention the POSTCARD ID.

Beginners’ Section

Young People for a Healthy Diet


Austrian Post has released a special motivating and colorful stamp on theme “Young People for a Healthy Diet”.

This year, young people were encouraged to submit drawings, paintings, collages or photographs on the topic of a healthy diet – the technique being at the participant’s choice. The topic of a healthy diet is particularly important for children and young people because it is at this early age that the basis is laid for later dietary habits. Obesity is a topic that affects an increasing number of young people, and a varied age-appropriate diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit is the best precondition for turning healthy children and young people into healthy adults.

The youngsters had time until the end of January to submit their works of art, which they did in large numbers. After the closing date, an expert jury selected their favourite. The choice fell on Jakob Hansbauer, a 14-year-old stamp collector from Elsbethen near Salzburg, where he attends the grammar school in Akademiestrasse. Like many others, he had read about the competition in the journal “Die Briefmarke”, which he receives each month through his Austrian Post subscription, and decided to participate. Jakob, who likes drawing in his free time, designed a face, made up of a head of cabbage, carrot hair, an orange, a pear, a pea pod and a banana, and winking cheerfully.

As he said in the interview with Sybille Pudek, the head of the Youth Department of the Federation of Austrian Philately Associations (VÖPh) for the magazine “Die Briefmarke”, his idea was that this picture should generate an appetite for fruit and vegetables. He is particularly proud that his drawing is now decorating the stamp, since he collects all the stamps he can get his hands on. His other hobbies include hiking and nature, as he said in the interview.

This stamp, the result of this year’s “Young people for a healthy diet” competition, has a nominal value Euro 0.68 with a surcharge of 20 cent to be used for the youth work of the Federation of Austrian Philately Associations. This includes a large number of activities such as school projects in which children are introduced to philately, seminars and the provision of material to youth groups. In addition, this 20 cent surcharge is used for presence at exhibitions and for the holding of the “Young people’s day” at the Christkindl post office near Steyr.

Specialized Section

Some Remarkable Cancellations and Postmarks – 29

clip_image065 - Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap

The All India Series of 1873-84 Cancellations (Type 20)

This type termed as “Single-Barred” Cancellation is a rectangle (22x22 mm) with thick bars running parallel to the diagonal and diminishing in size. This type was used by the “Experimental Post Offices” until a numbered obliterator was supplied to them. But it was also used by Post Offices in Burma and by the Temporary Post Offices. Although prescribed in 1873, it was used for “Experimental Post Offices” in 1882.


1883Registered Cover from Chowk Kasba to Vizianagram (Fig.1), franked by 2x Half Anna (SG75)+ 1x2As (SG44) cancelled by Type 20 “ Single-Barred obliterator, alongside Experi- mental Round Date-stamp, “A/E-?/APR.20”(Fig.2) and arrival mark “VIZIANAGARAM/1 DY/AP28” and Reg.-Cachet (Type 62)



Fig.1 Renouf Type 20 Single-barred Obliterator


Fig. 2 Experimental Roundate Stamp


18XX Cover from Thayetmyo (Burma) 9 to Calcutta, with adhesives cancelled by Type 20 (Fig. ) obliterator, indicating that it was an experimental cancellation. Back-stamped “THAYETMYO/NOV: 18” and Calcutta Receiving Marks



Fig. 3  Thayetmyo Receipt Mark

Type 20 used by Stationary Post Office of R.M.S.



Ca. 1878 Cover from Bhagulpore (?) to Hooghly (Calcutta) with Half Anna adhesive on the back, cancelled by Type 20 obliterator, alongside is: “T.P.O.Mail AGENT/APR:9/BHAUGULPORE” double ring mark. This indicates that Type 20 obliterator was used by Stationary Post Offices of R.M.S., because Mail-Agents did not perform travelling duties.

: Dr Avinash B. Jagtap email :



On 150th Anniversary of “ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ”



© Dr.Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” is scheduled for its 150th anniversary celebration on 4th July 2015 in Great Britain and many other parts of the world. The story of Alice in Wonderland remains a perennial favourite of children, and indeed adults, around the world. This 1865 classic is probably second only to the 17th-century allegory, ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress,’ as the most translated English novel having more than 170 translations, from Afrikaans to Zulu. It can now be read in Esperanto, Nepali,Hindi, Slovak, Dari, Pashto and the South African language Xhosa. There are editions in Braille,late Egyptian hieroglyphs, Shorthand and Brazilian Sign Language too.Alice is Alis (in Yiddish), or Alisi (in Tongan) or Anya (in Russian), and, despite her advanced age, to readers everywhere she remains a curious youngster whose adventures have never gone out of print.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, GB 1994 and Israel 2010

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is tale of a girl named Alice falling through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures. The tale plays with logic, giving the story lasting popularity with adults as well as with children. It is considered to be one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre. Its narrative course and structure, characters and imagery have been enormously influential in both popular culture and literature, especially in the fantasy genre.


Three early hand-painted covers depicting fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures

The tale was first told by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a teacher at Christ Church in Oxford, on 4 July 1862, to the three young daughters of Henry Liddell, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, on a river boat tripup the River Thames from Folly Bridge in Oxford. To entertain, he told them a story about a little girl, sitting bored by a riverbank, who finds she tumbling down a rabbit hole into a topsy-turvy world called Wonderland.


GB issue of 2015 and Gerald King’s 'Alice in Wonderland’ ‘Emergency Inflation ‘stampand Cinderella Cover

Royal Post commemorated this day in 2012 as 150th Birthday of Alice and issued a very beautiful Smiler Sheet.


150th Birthday of Alice’s Smiler Sheet ,GB 2012

The children, especially Alice, adored the story and begged Carroll to write it down. It took him until February 1863 to write out the whole text, taking great pains to write in neat ‘manuscript print’, designed for the young Alice to read. Once the text was complete, Carroll began to add the illustrations which give a charming impression of his own vision of Wonderland and its inhabitants.


Illustration by Carroll in the original manuscript

The final 90-page manuscript was completed in September 1864, bound in green morocco leather and given to Alice on 26 November titled “Alice's Adventures Under Ground” with his inscription reading ‘A Christmas Gift to a Dear Child, in Memory of a Summer Day’.


Cover and inside pages of the original manuscript gifted to Alice as Christmas gift

Three years later, the story was published under Dodgson’s pseudonym, Lewis Carrollentitled “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland”.


First edition of “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll

‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground’ and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland differ in quite a few respects, most significantly in their length. ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground’ contains 12,715 words compared to ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ which was expanded by Carroll to 26,211. For illustrations, John Tennielwas commissioned and many of his illustrations were based on Carroll’s original sketches in the manuscript.


First edition of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, 1865 with illustrations of Sir John Tenniel, an English illustrator and political cartoonist for the magazine 'Punch'

Tenniel's drawings remained black and white for over 40 years until 1911, when eight prints in each book were hand coloured. Few such examples are depicted on Palau and GB issues.


Coloured illustrations by John Tenniel

There is little doubt that Tenniel’s drawings have helped make Alice in Wonderland an icon, just as much as the words of her creator Lewis Carroll.

In 1928, Alice sold her manuscript of "Alice's Adventures Under Ground", because she needed the money to pay death duties. She died on 15 November 1934.


Alice and Lewis Carroll

Many postal administrations are coming out with their philatelic items, eye-catching as well as giving modern look to Alice and other famous characters of this old classic in celebration of 150th anniversary of this classic , “Alice in Wonderland” in 2015.Few notables are depicted here.

Royal Mail, GB is celebrating this anniversary on grand scale issuing Stamps, Booklet, Stamp cards, FDC, Presentation pack and a set of 13 pictorial and one non pictorial postmarks.


FDC, GB 2015


Postmarks Commemorating150th anniversary of “Alice in Wonderland”, GB 6-1-2015

Another notable issue commemorating 150th anniversary of “Alice in Wonderland” is from Alderney, designed by the famous artistKeith Robinson of UK. He also has given a modern look to all of the characters of this globally loved story. In his own words, “I wanted Alice to be a modern little girl, so I updated her outfit, hairband and hairstyle. She’s about 90% based on my daughter actually.

The rabbit is sort of based on Captain Mainwaring from Dad’s army as he’s a pompous character, obsequious to his superiors and disdainful to his juniors.I had the Beat Generation writer William Burroughs in mind for the caterpillar. He’s got that wonderful voice – that’s JUST how the caterpillar would speak!

And the Hatter is quite unashamedly Terry Thomas. By the way, you might notice his hat is a giant tea cup and the famous price tag on the hat is like one of those dunking tea bags on a string.”


Modernisation of Wonderland characters, Alderney 2015

Madagascar also marked its entry in anniversary celebration and issued a set of one Miniature Sheet and one Souvenir Sheet.


Madagascar, 2015

A unique Cinderella cover is also issued to commemorate this event with three unique Wonderland Cinderella stamps prepared by Gerald King, a well-known British Philatelic Artist and author of a unique book “Alice through the Pillar-Box”, a philatelic fantasy book of 50 pages filled with "Cinderella" stamps and covers telling the story of Alice in Wonderland.


Cinderella cover commemorating double anniversary – 150 years since the publication of Alice in Wonderland and 50 years since the release of the first series of Gerald King’s Alice stamps, 2015

This is all about new issues commemorating this event till writing of this article. Many more is expected to be surfaced in remaining part of this year 2015.

- Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal : email :

Lighter Side

World’s Largest Ball of Stamps


Here is an interesting news about one of the most unusual pieces of art made with the help of postage stamps. It is World’s Largest Ball of Stamps – the rarity that can be found in a little town in USA.

The ball is a relic from a time when people had more hobbies and less entertainment. And people mailed things to each other affixed with postal stamps. The sphere is 32 inches in diameter, weighs 600 pounds, and contains a reported 4,655,000 canceled stamps. It was stuck together, layer upon layer, by the sticky tongues and fingers of the Boys Town Stamp Collecting Club starting in 1953.

Why did they do it?

Mary Huard, a Visitors Center manager, speculated that “It must have been an exceptionally cold winter”. Mary also volunteered that the Ball was originally thought to have been started around a pencil stub, but is now believed to have been wrapped around the core of a golf ball.

By July 1955 the Ball had just about reached its current size, and it was featured in the syndicated newspaper column of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

“The next day”, according to a sign next to the Ball, “crowds of people came to view the unique artifact, some traveling over one hundred miles”. Work on the Stamp Ball essentially ceased at that point, and it has remained as it was, still the World’s Largest Ball of Stamps after almost 60 years.

Unlike most rare objects, even very large balls, the World’s Largest Ball of Stamps is displayed in the open. You can touch it if you want to; no alarms will go off. But adding to it, or picking off stamps, is forbidden. The Ball sits on a low pedestal in front of a colorful wall mural, also made of stamps. The mural gives the Ball a sunburst diadem when it’s viewed just right.

A few feet away from the Ball is the “penny bin” of Boys Town, where philatelists of all ages can rummage through boxes of loose stamps to their hearts’ content. It’s a shrine for the stamp-happy, but all are welcome within the orbit of this Orb.

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New issues from other Countries


16 June 2015 : World`s largest children’s camp – Artek.


Russian Post has released a special stamp to mark the 90th anniversary of the world`s largest children’s camp – Artek. The playful and colorful stamp was issued and put into circulation on the 16th of June.

Artek is an international children center on the Black Sea in the town of Hurzuf located on the Crimean peninsula, near Ayu-Dag. It was established on June 16, 1925.

The camp first hosted only 80 children but then grew rapidly. In 1969 it had an area of 3.2 km². The camp consisted of 150 buildings, including three medical facilities, a school, the film studio Artekfilm, three swimming pools, a stadium with a seating capacity of 7,000, and playgrounds for various other activities. Unlike most of the young pioneer camps, Artek was an all-year camp, due to the warm climate.

Artek was considered to be a privilege for Soviet children during its existence, as well as for children from other communist countries. During its heyday, 27,000 children a year vacationed at Artek. Between 1925 and 1969 the camp hosted 300,000 children including more than 13,000 children from 70 foreign countries. After the breaking up of the Young Pioneers in 1991 its prestige declined, though it remained a popular vacation destination.


1 July 2015 : 1000thanniversary of Leipzig


This year one of the most outstanding German cities – Leipzig – celebrates its 1000thanniversary. On this occasion German Post releases a special commemorative stamp that has been already designed and is scheduled to be put into circulation on the 1st of July.

This year Leipzig celebrates the 1000th anniversary of its first documented mentioning – 1000 years that has made Leipzig what it is today – a multi-faceted city, a city made up of its people. Therefore, a program for this festival year has been created that speaks to a wide audience – young and old alike, to the citizens of Leipzig as well as to the city’s many guests.

With the Longest Civic Festival, “Lipsia’s Lions” Street Theatre Festival and the Gewandhaus Orchestra Festival Concert, Leipzig 2015 e. V. is organizing the central highlights of the anniversary. Additionally, the 2015 calendar is going to be enriched by numerous other events.


1 July 2015 : Monaco Oceanographic Museum celebrates its 50 millionth visitor


The Monaco Oceanographic Museum will celebrate its 50 millionth visitor ! On this occasion the Post Office releases a special stamp that depicts the Museum itself. The issue is scheduled to be put into circulation on the 1st of July.

Since it was first opened in 1910, this temple to the sea has offered a unique opportunity for people to learn about, fall in love with and protect the oceans.

Today, the museum is one of the cornerstones of Monegasque identity and it plays a full role in spreading the Principality’s influence in terms of science, the economy and tourism.


4 June 2015 : “ Different kind of Estonia ”


Estonian Post has released a philosophical stamp issue under the name “Different kind of Estonia”. The items depict a giraffe with unusual black-white coloration and extremely long neck. The issue was unveiled and put on sale on the 4th of June.

The giraffe came out of the spruce forest smiling – just imagine the look on the neighboring village children’s faces when they see him. Perhaps they’d think that there’s something wrong with the cow’s neck! But no, thought the giraffe, it was indeed the cow who had invited him.

Lately, it had appeared to the cow that she couldn’t put things in perspective anymore. It seemed like something needed to be changed, but she didn’t know what or how. So it was up to the giraffe now to look over the horizon. Maybe something could be done differently. And maybe everything would then become better.

Promotional Section

Book on Meghdoot Cards


Post Independence Postal Stationery of India, Part 1 ‘Meghdoot Postcards Guide’ (2002-2014) By P.D. Heda : Hardbound Pages 130: Price Rs. 650 (US $30/-), ( Postage extra) Published by P.D. Heda.

‘Meghdoot Postcards Guide’ (2002-2014), Post Independence Postal Stationery of India, Part 1 by Shri Purushottam Das Heda, philatelist from Hyderabad, features complete listing of Meghdoot Postcards issued from 2002 to 2014. The book gives comprehensive list of 948 Meghdoot Postcards with details of design, release dates and printing quantities.The book consists of 130 pages printed on art paper with multi-color illustrations . The layout and dersign of the book is fine. It is an excellent reference book for thematic Stamp collectors as Meghdoot cards have been issued on various subjects, covering tourism, conservation of water, energy ,environment, wildlife etc. campaigns on various social issues like cleanliness, health. education etc.

This book would be very much helpful to postal stationery collectors and especially those who are interested in Meghdoot Postcards. However the book is informative and a good reference book for all philatelists. For the book, Author Shri Purushottam Das Heda can be contacted via email or on mobile no. +919848089049.

About the author –

clip_image124 Shri Purushottam Das Heda is an engineer by profession. He started his journey in the field of philately in 1962 at the age of 17. His area of interest is in “ Post Independence Postal Stamps and Stationery.’ In postal stamps, his interest is emphasized on primter’s registration imprints on sheet margins, commonly known as ‘Traffic Lights’.


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