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Friday, November 6, 2015

Rainbow November 2015


November is the Month of Vegetable Harvest !


Date of Issue : 6 November 2015

Autumn, and especially November, is the season of rich of vegetable harvest. The farmers from around the world are busy with their fields…This period of the year gives people the greatest amount of vegetables that provide us with a plenty of vitamins and energy. Finnish Post issued a new set of stamps depicting chili peppers, tomatoes and herbs… The chili peppers depicted on the stamps include the orange Habanero, Heatwave, Joe’s Long, Jamaican Bell, Jalastar and Summer Heat. The tomatoes on the stamps include beefsteak tomato, cherry tomato and organic tomato. Herbs are represented by basil, salvia and cilantro.

Dehradun November 2015 Vol. VIII Issue # 95

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Dear Reader,

I am pleased to release November 2015 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. This issue is a bit late due to UTTARPEX 2015 as I wished to include detailed report of the exhibition in this issue which I personally visited. UTTARPEX 2015 was the first Zonal stamp exhibition of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand. More than 350 frames were displayed in this exhibition from the participants of UP and Uttrakhand. It was a joint stamp exhibition of UP and Uttrakhand, but postal department of Uttrakhand did not take any active interest in this exhibition. There was no publicity about this exhibition in Dehradun GPO. Even the staff of GPO Dehradun was not familiar with the term UTTARPEX – 2015 and not aware of any such show. The exhibitors of Dehradun sent their forms and exhibits by Speed Post, which should have been submitted at GPO Dehradun counter.

UP Postal Circle hosted this exhibition. Lot of amount seemed to have  been spent in organizing this show.  The big share of amount allotted for this exhibition was spent on decoration and warm hospitality of the guests and other VIPs. “The exhibits” which is  the heart of the show was given less importance in this exhibition. Some of the frames were in very bad condition. It was difficult to have the clear view of the exhibits from the blurred scratched glasses of the frames.

It seems that the exhibition was not organized for the promotion of philately but to spend the allocated funds in the name of philately.  It was like the Annual Function of UP Postal Circle. However, the exhibition was grand and at least, the common people could have a glimpse of a big function with band and magnificent decoration, passing through the road in front of the venue. Everything was fine and superb except the philatelists’ part was a bit unsatisfactory….High Price Special Covers and Picture Postcards….No Refreshment / Tea/coffee cold drink  stall at the venue… But had the sweet fragrance of Roses that were used liberally with other flowers  to create beautiful Alpana to welcome the visitors…..It was pleasing and not tiring  to go upstairs to see the exhibits with the sweet smell of roses….

imageFestive season is in full mood ! Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Deepawali !!

This is all for this month. ……Happy Collecting !!!


- Jeevan Jyoti


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imageFrom the Desk of Naresh Agrawal




UTTARPEX 2015 , a zonal exhibition jointly conducted by UP and Uttrakhand Circles has just been concluded. Though as gathered, the same has been a successful exhibitions which has appreciated efforts of the participants by awarding them with good number of Golds and other awards. The team Uttrapex 2015 deserves all appreciation for this. And congrats for the success of the show. Not talking about various other aspects about it, I straightaway come to the point of SECURITY DEPOSIT which was imposed upon the exhibitors who wished to participate in it. Lots of talks and discussions were held on face book and other social media which highly condemned that decision of the organizers. When I first read the same on face book, I was surprised about this unwarranted demand of security deposit by the organizers. My immediate reaction was who is to deposit the security money, participant or the organizer? Only in the last column of mine last month, I talked about authorization and funding by government to the philatelic societies to move a step ahead for promotion of philately. I never knew, the government had some other intentions. One thing for sure promotion of philately is not on the main agenda of DOP. On one hand we are talking about even NO FEE for participants in philatelic exhibitions and on the other hand such undesired, discouraging and unwarranted demands by the DOP. No words to express our feelings. In my opinion, the organizers needed to give security deposit to the exhibitor who handed over his/her valued exhibits to them which were much more valuable and precious than the security deposit they asked for. It might sound different / absurd to some extent but the fact is this only.

I don’t know who has brought in such an unacceptable and irrelevant idea of getting security money deposited by a participant which is highly detrimental for the promotion of philately. This is highly discouraging and disgusting too. I do appreciate that the bureaucrats sitting on the top have some other view and opinion & they might not clearly see the facts but when it comes to a decision related to a sensitive community of people like philatelists, they need to think thrice before they decide and implement or enforce their decision. Need not to say that for organizing such exhibitions, societies and seasoned philatelists are consulted and their opinion must be honored. Here I feel probably they were not.

I appreciate the various comments given here in the face book by many of the philatelists of various stature who have highly condemned this idea. Some of them commented that the move was good for demotion of philately. Some highly recommended boycotting such exhibitions. Some just laughed off indicating what was happening in philately. One very senior and seasoned philatelist wrote quote “ you are right that philately which is already declining fast does not seem to have bright future. By charging so heavily the organizers are simply discouraging philatelists. The purpose of the exhibitions should be promotion of philately” unquote. One of the philatelists informed about very good and appreciable move by the organizers of one of the oncoming show of the similar stature. He writes, quote “In our ongoing Stamp Show 2015 we have not paid any such security deposit. Normal charge per frame is Rs 200 for all normal classes. For modern, social philately class frame charges are Rs 100 and for youth there is no such fees” unquote. One person wrote, quote “You better write to minister of communication & copy to DDG Philately and CPMG U.P. Mention about the boycotting the exhibition in letter and killing of philatelic activity in country” unquote. Some people shared very bad experiences which clearly showed that if such practices continued, the philately will certainly die as it won’t attract new stamp lovers and so killing this beautiful king of hobbies.

Well, I thank everyone for their views and sense of serious concern shown towards promotion of philately. I don’t appreciate boycotting any show which are in one way organized for us. I understand, the higher ups of DOP must understand and appreciate the emotional aspect of philately other than commercial. Philately primarily is a hobby close to heart of people and not a source of business. There is a serious need think and organize debates, seminars and discussions to find out the future of philately, the impact of changing communication systems all around, change in social set ups influencing the promotion or even survival of philately & finally to find out ways and methods to check all these for betterment and promotion of this hobby. One must appreciate that such exhibitions are held to encourage philatelists and promote philately and not to discourage philatelists.

I hope that in future, the organizers of such shows in India will take care of such anomalies and think about true promotion of philately doing true justice to the money to be spent and the human efforts and time to be put in to organize the show. DOP needs to be thoughtful and generous in their thinking and attitude. It should respect the feelings of the philatelists and think for betterment and promotion of philately at all levels at all the times.

- Naresh Agrawal : email :

Recent Indian Issues

image image



· 1 October 2015 – Mahant Avaidyanath – Rs 5

· 15 October 2015 - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – Rs 5

· 15 October 2015 –Charkha – 2 x Rs 5 & 1 MS

· 21 October 2015 : Border Security Force  - Rs 5

· 29 October 2015 : Third Africa-India Forum Summit (AIFS-III) - Set of Six commemorative stamps and Miniature Sheets

· 2 November 2015 - First Gorkha Rifles and Third Gorkha Rifles - 2 x Rs5

Recent Special Covers


7 October 2015 : Asian Mycological Congress 2015, Goa

8 October 2015 : Daker Saaj - Stamp Exhibition 2015 : Sombhu Mitra – Calcutta

9 October 2015 : Silver Jubilee of Post Forum, Chennai

9 October 2015 : Digital India Post, Mumbai

8 October 2015 : KNLPEX-2015 : Raahgiri Karnal , Karnal

9 October 2015 : KNLPEX-2015 : Smart City Karnal

9 October 2015 : Daker Saaj - Stamp Exhibition 2015 : Adi Shakti Mahamaya Sri Jeen Mataji's Siddhpith , Kolkatta

10 October 2015 : Daker Saaj - Stamp Exhibition 2015 : Lions Club of North Calcutta

11 October 2015 : Daker Saaj - Stamp Exhibition 2015 : Centenary of First Meeting of Tagore with Gandhiji, Kolkata

12 October 2015 : Daker Saaj - Stamp Exhibition 2015 81 Years of Establishment of All India Village Industries Association, Kolkatta

13 October 2015 : Ahimsapex-2015 :100 Years of return of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa to India, Lucknow

13 October 2015 : 75 years of State Training Centre, Umtyngar

13 October 2015 : Centenary of St. Edmund’s School, Shillong

15 October 2015 : Mysore Silk Centenary Celebrations, Bangalore

23 October 2015 : World Polio Plus Day, Mumbai


30 Oct 2015 : UTTARPEX 2015, Sukanya Samridhi

31 October 2015 : UTTARPEX 2015, Digital India

1 Nov 2015 : UTTARPEX 2015, Clean Gomti. Lucknow

2 Nov 2015 : UTTARPEX 2015, Lucknow : Swamp Deer and Musk Deer, rare wild animals of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand

3 Nov 2015 : Vigilance Awareness Week 2015, Bhubaneswar

Army Postal Cover

29 October 2015 : Bicentenary of The First Gorkha Rifles - 14 GTC Subathu, Himachal Pradesh.

View : Special Covers

Special Postcards issued during Uttarpex 2015


Ganga and Yamuna rivers are common thread touching and joining the two states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. To commemorate the shared heritage of both the states and also to commemorate the First Zonal Philatelic Exhibition of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand Postal Circle, a unique event 'Sarit Pravah' was conceived by the organisers of Uttarpex-2015. As a part of this event limited number of picture postcards (500 nos.) depicting important places of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand on the bank of the two rivers Ganga and Yamuna were posted from the post offices located at those places starting at Gangotri and Yamunotri and culminating at the confluence of the rivers at Sangam at Allahabad.


Picture Postcards were posted in serial manner along the course of the rivers and are affixed with the special cancellation, apart from the date stamp of the post office of posting. The entire series of postcards traversing the journey has been collated as a set and each set has been numbered to make it unique. The set of 14 Picture Postcards also included a card showing details of posting and a certificate of authenticity signed by Postmaster General, Allahabad. Set of 14 Picture Postcards depicting the journey of River Ganga and Yamuna was also released at the inaugural function.


Details of Posting of Postcards

River: Yamuna

Sr. No.

Office of Posting

Date of Posting

Office of Posting of Special Picture Postcards




Kharsali B. O. - 249 141




PTC S.O. - 247 002




Mathura - 281 001

River: Ganga




Gangotri B. O. - 249 135




Rishikesh S. O. - 249 201




Shukratal B. O. - 251 316




Ahar B. O. - 203 398




Rajghat B. O. - 203 393




Kakoda B. O. - 243 601




Kannauj MDG - 209 725




Bithoor B. O. - 209 217





Allahabad Fort S. O.  - 211 005




Certificate of Authenticity by PMG Allahabad


Card showing details of Posting of Picture Postcards.

New Stamp Booklets


Six stamp booklets were released on 1. Mahatma Gandhi, 2. Nabakalebara 2015, 3. International Day of Yoga, 4. Samrat Ashoka, 5. Women Empowerment and 6. FIFA World Cup 2014 during Daker Saaj - Stamp Exhibition 2015, Kolkatta.

image image

In The News


Abhai Mishra of Dehradun receiving the “Best Exhibit” award at UTTARPEX 2015


imageUttarpex - 2015, First Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand Zonal Philatelic Exhibition was held at Lalit Kala Academy Lucknow from 30th October 2015 to 2nd November 2015. Exhibition was inaugurated by Shri Ram Naik, HE Governor of UP on 30th October 2015. About 350 frames were displayed in competition and invitation class.

imageBest Exhibit Award ( Senior Category ) – Abhai Mishra : ICY Continent and Indian Expeditions

imageBest Exhibit Award ( Junior Category ) – Arpit Chaurasia : India Pre Independent Postal Stationery

Gold Medal Winners


Abhai Mishra, Jeevan Jyoti, Ashwani Dubey, Ashish Puri, Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Suman Dubey, Rajprit Singh Saluja


View complete : Award List

Following points were noticed in the show :

1. Exhibits displayed in poor glass frames. Some glasses of the frames were so blurred and scratched that the exhibits were hardly visible.The glory of Taj, The pride of India was shattered as this exhibit was displayed in the worst frame with highly blurred and scratched glass. The best “one frame exhibit ” Dehradun POW Camp during WW II that won highest points (90) in one frame category, its frame was put in such a way in a close corner that one could not read the sheets of extreme left side of the exhibit.

2. The Price of Special Covers and Picture Postcards issued during the exhibition was Rs 25 each and Rs 600 per set respectively. Brochure for all covers were not available. It is the first time that in any official stamp exhibition the price of the special cover is Rs 25. Normally as per India Post rules the price of Special Price is fixed at Rs 10.How the officials made it for sale at Rs 25 each.

3. Security Money of Rs 1000 was charges from the exhibitors per exhibit. This fee was charged for the first time in the history of stamp exhibitions. It has never been demanded from the exhibitors. Though it is refundable. What is the logic behind it ???? Instead the participants should have taken security money from the organizers for their rare collections.….

4. The time of Award ceremony was changed at the last moment from 11 AM to 3.30 PM ( Time mentioned in Invitation Card)so many participants could not attend the award ceremony as they had to catch the train.

5. Some exhibits were not displayed properly which caused inconvenience to the visitors in going through the exhibit. In some of the exhibits the sequence of the pages was changed so it was difficult to get through the proper flow of the exhibit theme.

6.Extravaganza on decoration and cultural programme. What is the co-relation between a Philatelic Exhibition and Cultural Programme of Dance etc...

7.Some results caused controversy , Discussion in Critic session with Jury members went on but the exhibitors were not satisfied.

8. No co-operation from Uttrakhand Post Department they did not bother to accept entry forms and exhibits at Dehradun GPO counter. No publicity poster about this Zonal Philatelic Exhibition at Dehradun GPO.

9. In brief the exhibition was organized not to promote philately but to spend the funds lavishly on other activities so as to make a gala function for the postal department staff and not a special activity for the philatelists.

10. No facility given to the visitors / In 4 day exhibition. There was no food stall for the visitors coming from outside Lucknow.


'Republic Day 2016' Stamp Design Competition

Department of Posts is holding Stamp design competition for Republic Day 2016 and the theme of the competition is “Vibrant India”.

Terms and Conditions to participate in “Republic Day 2016 - Stamp Design Competition” are as follows:

  1. Entries are invited for ‘Republic Day 2016 - Stamp Design Competition’. The theme of the competition is “Vibrant India”. The participants are to make an original design on this subject (should not be copy of picture painted by someone else).
  2. Any citizen of India can participate in this contest. The design could be in ink, water, colour, oil colour or any other medium (Computer printed/ printout will not be allowed). The design submitted should be such that can be depicted on the stamps in a visually appealing manner so as to be of interest to philatelic collectors.
  3. Participants are free to use drawing paper, art paper or any other type of white paper of A4 size.
  4. The following particulars should be written legibly on the reverse of the design:

1. Name of the participant*
2. Age*
3. Gender
4. Nationality*
5. Full and complete residential address with Pin Code*
6. Phone/Mobile Number*
7. E-mail ID (if Available)
*It is compulsory to provide the information.

  1. An undertaking stating that ‘The artwork submitted is original and no copyright issues are involved’ should be sent along with the entry. In case of any legal dispute related to copyright issue, Department of Posts will not be liable for the same.
  2. The design should be sent through “Speed Post” only, in A4 size envelope. The participants should mention “Republic Day 2016-Stamp Design Contest”on the envelope in which the drawing is sent.
  3. Selected designs will be considered for use on stamps and other philatelic material. The Prize money will be as follows:
    First Prize: Rs. 10,000
    Second Prize: Rs. 6,000
    Third Prize: Rs. 4,000
  4. The entries should reach on following address by 30.11.2015. The entries received after last date of receipt will not be entertained.

ADG (Philately)
Room No. 108(B),
Dak Bhawan,
Parliament Street,
New Delhi – 110001

Winners of EUROPA 2015 Stamps


Turkey is the Gold Winner

Turkey is the winner of the 2015 Best Europa stamp contest organised by PostEurop. Hungary finished second and Finland is third.This 2.50 TRY stamp is part of a two stamp set.It's the third time Turkey wins the on line voting and since 2011 they always finished in the top 2 ! They won in 2011 and 2013 and finished 2nd in 2012 and 2014 !

PostEurop announced Turkish PTT (Turkey – gold), Magyar Posta (Hungary – silver) and Posti (Finland – bronze), as the top three winners of the 2015 PostEurop EUROPA Online competition at the PostEurop Plenary Assembly in Limassol, Cyprus.

Hungary – Silver


Finland – Bronze


Earlier this year PostEurop launched the public online voting competition on Europe Day. This year’s EUROPA theme “Old Toys” took everyone on a trip down memory lane. The Post Offices from around the world participated in this great philatelic contest. All stamps designed especially for this competition can be viewed at : Europa Stamps 2015: Old toys.

Best Europa stamp - Jury prize to Russia


Additional prizes were also handed over to the winners of the 2015 PostEurop EUROPA Jury competition “Marka” (Russia – gold), PostNord (Sweden – silver) and Latvijas Pasts (Latvia – bronze) during a special ceremony at the distinguished Brussels Town Hall, during the Belgian Philatelic Grand Prix ceremony on Saturday, 19 September 2015.

“Like Confucius once said ‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember. I do and I understand’, these Old Toys have reminded us of the little joys that once helped us during our childhood, to experience and better understand the world. Congratulations to all the winners and especially to Turkish PTT-Turkey and ‘Marka’-Russia, for their achievements in this year very close competition” stated Anita Häggblom, Chair of the Stamps & Philately Working Group.

In this year’s theme “Old Toys – a trip down memory lane” inspired 56 entries. Each work of art was placed online for almost 4 months during which a campaign took place and encouraged EUROPA Stamps enthusiasts to vote for their favourite stamp. More than 10,000 votes were registered during that time with the winners emerging based on total votes received. Below are the runner ups.

The full list of winning stamps since the first contest in 2002 when Malta won.

Europa 2016 Theme : " Ecology in Europe - Think Green "

Common design issue


Celebrating Europa stamps 60th anniversary - 1956-2016


Date of Issue : 31 March 2016

Recent Stamp Exhibitions

imagePHILATAIPEI 2016 : World Stamp Championship Exhibition

Mr. Anil Suri is appointed the National Commissioner for India of PHILATAIPEI 2016 World Stamp Championship Exhibition being held at Taipei, Taiwan from October 21 to 26, 2016. This is fourth World Stamp Championship show which will be the highest level of competition in philately where the best philatelists in the world will compete for awards.  There will be 3 finalists: The World Champion, First Runner Up and Second Runner Up.  The World Champion is therefore recognized as having won the highest award in the world's stamp competitive exhibitions. The first WSC was held in Singapore in 2004 and incidentally Anil Suri was also the National Commissioner for India for this. The 2nd and 3rd WSC were held in Israel 2008 and Indonesia 2012 respectively.

The World Stamp Championship takes the competition beyond Grand Prix at FIP world philatelic exhibitions. The eligibility to participate in the World Stamp Championship Class that is limited to Traditional Philately and Postal History is having won Gold, Large Gold, Grand Prix National, Grand Prix International, Grand Prix d'Honneur or Grand Prix d'Exposition at the exhibitions with patronage or auspices of FIP. The restrictions imposed vide FIP GREX 9.1 and 9.6 applicable to the FIP Championship Class and Grand Prix d'Honneur respectively do not apply to the World Stamp Championship Class.

GREX Article 9.1 - Participation in the FIP Championship Class is restricted to exhibits which have received 95 or more points in FIP World Exhibitions in any three separate years during the previous 10 years.

GREX Article 9.6 - On receiving the Grand Prix d'Honneur in the FIP Championship, or having completed eligibility under Article 9.4, an exhibit may only be shown out of competition by the same owner.

PHILATAIPEI 2016 will have following classes in addition to the World Stamp Championship Class: Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Thematic, Revenue, Youth, Literature, One Frame and Modern Philately.

The Entry Fee for One-Frame Exhibit is US$120, and for Literature the Fee is US$90 per exhibit. The participation is free for Youth Class. The Entry Fee for all other classes is US$80 per frame.

The forms will be made available soon. The last date for submitting the forms is January 15, 2016.

Those interested in participating may please contact the National Commissioner for India of PHILATAIPEI 2016 World Stamp Championship Exhibition, Anil Suri, E-70 Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019, email: , Mobile 9811176908.

World Stamp Show-NY 2016

World Stamp Show, New York 2016 will be held from 28th May to 4th June 2016 at New York, USA.

imageimageShri Dhananjay Desai of Ahmedabad  is Commissioner  for this exhibition. He may be contacted for participation at email :

Website of exhibition :

Bulletin of exhibition can be downloaded from :

Application form is available at :

Date :  May 28-June 4, 2016

Venue : Jacob Javits Convention Center, 655 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001 on Level 3 taking up 294,000 square feet.

Over 200,000 beginner through advanced stamp collectors, their families and friends are expected to attend this once-a-decade event.The exhibition is being organized Under the patronage of the American Philatelic Society with major support from The Collectors Club of New York and The Philatelic Foundation along with their members.

Hong Kong 2015

imageMr Ajay Kumar Mittal has been appointed National Commissioner for HONG KONG-2015 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition) going to be held from 20th November to 23rd November 2015.

Mobile : 9811032311, 9311332311
Email :

News from Philatelic Societies

EIPA, Bhubaneshwar

NATUREPEX-2015 postponed new dates to be announced soon

The Department of Posts, India has not yet given their formal permission to go ahead with the National Philatelic Exhibition, NATUREPEX-2015, although we have submitted the required agreement in non-judicial stamp papers two months back, as per their rule. The reason is better known to them. We had tried our best to get the permission for the event. Under the circumstance it has compelled us to defer the exhibition indefinitely. The next date will be decided after getting the permission from the DOP.

- Ajit Kumar Dash, EIPA, Bhubaneshwar

The 1929 Airmail Stamps of India


A new book “ The 1929 Indian Air Mail Stamps of India was recently  released. The Book lists more 200 errors in 6 stamps of 1929 Airmail issue Interested philatelists may contact Markand Dave : Email :


Doon Philatelic Diary

Rahul Sanskrityayan and Hern Cliff, Mussoorie

- Abhai Mishra

clip_image002Mahapandit Rahul Sanskrityayan was born on 9th April 1893 in village Pandah of Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh as Kedarnath Pandey. He learnt sanskrit grammar, literature and philosophy at Varanasi. Though he did not acquire ant formal degree yet he was a master of many languages and had command in history, archaeology, science and Indian philosophy. He was a keen traveller and his travels took him to places such as Russia, Ladakh, Nepal, Ceylon, Tibet, Japan and Korea. He visited the erstwhile Soviet Union twice, and, like Kosambi, taught for some time at Leningrad. Besides his native Hindi, he gained mastery over several other languages such as Sanskrit, Pali, Urdu, Tibetan, Persian, French and Russian.

He is also known as the father of Hindi travel literature. He was very much attached with Himalayas and wrote many books on it, like 'Darjeeling Parichay', 'Kumaon', 'Garhwal', 'Himachal Pradesh', 'Jaunsar-Dehradun tatha Tibet mein sawa varsh'. He was a wanderer and travelled extensively but the charm of 'Mussoorie' has great effect on him and in 1950 he purchased 'Hern Cliff' cottage in picturesque Happy Valley of Mussoorie. Along with his wife Dr. Kamala Sanskrityayan and his family he stayed here between 1950-1958. During his stay at 'Hern Cliff' he wrote 56 books on different subjects.


Cover dated 16 Jan 1952, sent by Rahul Sanskrityayan from Hern Cliff, Mussoorie to Prateekman Sah, Gyantze, Tibet via Kalimpong cancelled at Savoy, Mussoorie in front and Tibet at back with various unpaid/due and CDS postmarks.



Today 'Hern Cliff' is part of Central School for Tibetans which caters for the education of large Tibetan population of Mussoorie. The pathway between Central School’s main gate and the Buddhist Gompa is named in honor of Rahul Sankrityayan.

Beginners’ Section


London's Post Office had an Underground Railroad which among other things employed cats to kill mice, because postmen delivered letters in cloth sacks, which mice loved to eat. Three cats were officially appointed by the Post Office in September 1868, earning an allowance of one shilling a week. On May 7, 1869, it was reported that ''the cats have done their duty very efficiently’’ The official use of cats soon spread to other post offices too.

For nearly 80 years they worked happily with minimal pay until an assistant postmaster general fought for their wages to be increased.


“Tibbs The Great “ The last active Postal Employee

The most popular cat of all, however, was named Tibs, who was born in November 1950 and lived in the Headquarters’ refreshment club in the basement of the building. He not only kept Post Office Headquarters completely mouse-free during his 14 years’ service, but found time to appear at a ‘Cats and Film Stars’ party and have his portrait included in a 1953 book Cockney Cats. Tibs worked diligently until his death in November 1964. The last Post Office HQ cat, Blackie, died in June 1984, since when there have been no more cats employed at Post Office Headquarters.

Courtesy - Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal : Facts-Philately-Enjoyment Digest

Specialized Section

Some Remarkable Cancellations and Postmarks – 33

-image Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap

Madras Urban Cancellations (Renouf Types 26)

Type 26 is the only Madras Local Cancellation. This is in a duplex form. The right duplex is a circle enclosing a square divided into small squares and framing the letter “C” over the numeral I. The left duplex shows two circles containing the words “MADRAS” and “INDIA PAID” and the date in the centre. This cancellation was used for foreign mail between 1864 and 1865.




1865 Cover from Madras to London franked by 8 As (SG46) and a pair of 8 Pies (SG53) de -faced by Type 26 cancellation. Postage Paid: 13 Annas and 4 Pies for letters not exceeding 1 oz. to Great Britain, via Marseilles as per June 1863 Rate.


Renouf Type 9 for Comparison


1869 Folded letter from Marseilles (France) franked by 8 As (SG62) and 8 Ps(SG57) obliterated by Type 9 Duplex Cancellation “MADRAS/AU 5/1868/INDIAN PAID/=1”. Adhesive intentionally over struck by “ARBUTHNOT & Co.”(Forwarding Agents) in rectangle, B/S “PD/MADRAS”(Type 67/Foreign Mail Mark). Postage paid: 10 Annas and 8 Pies for letters to Europe, not exceeding half an ounce, as per August 1866. Mark “INDIAN PAID” instead of “INDIA PAID” in the bottom of cancellation duplex.

Any correspondence is welcome -- Dr Avinash B. Jagtap : email :


Fiscals of Burma under the British Colonial Rule and

Japanese/Thai Occupation Part II

image-- Col (Dr) Jayanta Dutta & Dr Anjali Dutta

Contd. From the last issue …

Mily Admn Issues

1945. As in 1938-40 issue overprinted MILY ADMN for use under the British Military Administration of Burma.


1a purple-brown, 1½a turquoise-green and 2a carmine

1946. As in 1938-40 issue but colours changed.




3p brown, 6p deep violet, 9p green, 1a blue, 1½a orange, 2a claret and 4a purple

1946. Victory. Perf 13. Wmk Multiple elephants' heads (sideways).


2a carmine

1947. As in 1946 but overprinted Interim Government in Burmese.



3p brown, 6p deep violet, 9p green and 1½a orange

Foreign Bill stamps

In 1937 King George V issues of India were overprinted BURMA.


2a green and blue, 3a green and blue, 4a green and blue, 6a green and blue,

8a green and blue, 12a green and blue and 1r purple and red.

Insurance Stamps

In 1937 King George V Insurance issues of India were overprinted BURMA.



2a green and blue, 3a green and blue, 4a green and blue, 6a green and blue,

8a green and blue, 12a green and blue and 1r purple and red

Notarial Stamps

In 1937 King George V Notarial issues of India were overprinted BURMA.


1r purple and black

Share Transfer Stamps

In 1937 King George V issues of India were overprinted BURMA.



Typographed overprint at top of stamp (2a, 4a, 5r) or at sides (8a, 1r, 10r)

2a green and red, 4a green and red, 8a green and red, 1r purple and blue,

5r purple and blue and 10r purple and blue.


Typewritten overprint at top of stamp only 10r purple and blue

Note: the typewritten overprint on Q9 may be a local provisional, though such an overprint could easily be a forgery. Examples of this stamp should be treated with caution pending further evidence of authenticity.

Special Adhesive Stamps

In 1937 King George V special adhesives of India were overprinted BURMA.





Portrait of King Edward VII (500r) or King George V (others). Perf 14 except where noted.

2a green and brown, 3a green and brown, 4a green and brown, 6a green and brown,

8a green and brown, 12a green and brown, 1r purple and green, 2r purple and green,

3r purple and green, 4r purple and green, 5r purple and green, 6r purple and green,

7r purple and green, 8r purple and green, 9r purple and green, 10r purple and green, 20r green and brown, 30r green and brown, 40r green and brown, 50r green and brown,

50r green and brown Perf 11 x 14, 100r green and brown,

100r green and brown Perf 11, 200r green and brown (perf 11 x 14), 500r green and green (King Edward VII)

Note: the 2a and 8r are listed by Davis & Meech and the 6r in Davis' Addenda (Fantail 3) but we could not illustrate them.


BURMA overprint on INDIA 1935 10 Rs Special Adhesive Stamp on document

Japanese Occupation Special Adhesive

In 1942 Japanese Occupation Special Adhesive. 18½ x 31 mm (cents values) or 23 x 39 mm (rupee values). Imperf (50r to 200r) or roulette 7 (others). No watermark.


25c deep orange, 50c turquoise, 1r carmine, 2r deep green, 5r red-orange,

10r red-brown, 50r brown, 100r deep blue and 200r deep violet.

Stamp Papers

c1920s. Stamp paper of India overprinted BURMA. Various types a) to h).


a) Portrait of Queen Victoria, inscribed FOR COPIES ONLY in cartouche at top, opt BURMA in English at top left and in Burmese at right

3a brown (image from Davis & Meech)

b) As a) but portrait of King Edward VII

3a brown

5a green (image from Davis & Meech)

c) Two or three medallions featuring King George V, no cartouche at top. Ovpt BURMA once centrally in large seriffed capitals, or surcharged also (Z9). With De La Rue imprint (Z10) or Hindi imprint (Z11/12) below design.


2r on 4r8a brown

60r green (De La Rue imprint)




60r green

75r green (image from Davis & Meech)

g) As f) but additionally inscribed INDIA COURT FEE in top margin

75r green

h) Larger portrait of King George V, inscribed INDIA COURT FEE below portrait, opt BURMA twice at top left and right 5000r

?colour (image from Fantail 14)


1920s-30s. New King George V types specially printed for Burma. Inscribed Government of Burma at top, and Revenue Stamp above the portrait.


Govt of Burma Revenue stamp papers in denomination Rs 5 and Rs 10. Mythical lion and Peacock motifs


a) Watermarked BELOW ONE RUPEE in floral frame

4a deep blue and yellow-green, 8a deep blue and yellow-green, 8a very pale blue and yellow-green,


2a deep blue and yellow-green, 4a deep blue and yellow-green, 8a deep blue and yellow-green, 1r purple-brown and light brown and Chocolate and light brown,

2r purple-brown and light brown, 5r purple-brown and light brown, 10r deep brown and olive-green, 25r deep brown and olive-green,

100r green and slate-blue and 250r orange-red and yellow-brown



1930s. Similar to but inscribed Court Fee Stamp above the portrait, with Court Fee also inscribed in cartouche at top. Watermarked GOVERNMENT OF BURMA.

10r deep brown and olive-green

25r deep brown and olive-green

100r green and slate-blue

250r scarlet and orange

Japanese Occupation of Burma Stamp Papers


1942-45. Arms, crossed swords, chinthes and banners. Lower central inscription in angular lettering (25r) or rounded (others). Various watermarks.

a) No watermark, 50c violet

b) Wmk GOVERNMENT OF BURMA and peacock in circle

1r deep green, 2r brown, 5r purple-brown, 5r bottle-green, 10r bottle-green and

10r dull mauve



5r purple-brown


SP of r 200

Mily Admn Issues


Burma Military Administration overprint on King George V Rs 5 Stamp Paper

References & Acknowledgments

Many thanks to Andrew McClellan for his monumental works in his blog spot Revenue Reverend

1. G Davis and A Meech, A Catalogue of Telegraph and Revenue Stamps for Burma and Myanmar (Burma Philatelic Study Circle, 1998)

2. G Davis, Addenda and corrigenda to A Catalogue of Telegraph and Revenue Stamps for Burma and Myanmar, The Burma Fantail (Newsletter and Journal of the Burma (Myanmar) Philatelic Study Circle) 3 (vol 2, no 1, January 2005), pp4-5

3. J Barefoot Ltd, British Commonwealth Revenues (8th Edition, privately published, 2008)

4. T A Mickey, Revenue stamps used as postage stamps, The Burma Fantail 8 (vol 3, no 2, April 2006), pp17, 20-24

- Col Jayanta Dutta & Dr Anjali Dutta email :

Lighter Side

Collection of stamps and Coins are parallel to each other. One who collects stamps had certainly collected some coins in the childhood. Same is with the collectors of coins. There are some who love to collect both. So I am giving this interesting article for the lovers of stamp and coin collectors. - Editor


image© Dr. Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

Innovations in printing technology led birth of un-usual stamps and generated a big philatelic market as well as good source of income for the issuing postal authorities’ world over. There are odd shaped, 3D, scented, lenticular, video, unusual embedded materials, seeded, talking, multimedia, Intelligent printing dual layered images etc. (for more details read my article “There Was A Stamp”, Topical Times, USA Mar-Apr 2012) and now numismatic world also jumped in this field and mints and treasuries around the world have started producing unusual coins of beyond our imagination in limited quantities. These coins often feature unique properties and innovative touches not commonly associated with regular currency, which could increase a coin’s desirability in the eyes of numismatists. Some of their appearances are so attractive that no one can resist having staring look at them.


If we keep aside the ancient crude shaped coins in modern days, the most popular shapes are all simple geometrical with circular in majority. But in recent years Somalia is arguably responsible for some of the most distinctive odd shaped coins in the world, and it’s a trend within the country that doesn’t look to be abating. It issued coins in shape of expensive Motorbikes, Sports Cars, Musical Instruments and Animals. One side of all such coins are coloured and other side is sometimes coloured or original metal colour depicting denomination and issuing country name etc.


Tomark rock ‘n’ roll’s 50th anniversary in 2004, Somalia came out with a limited-edition series of 6 guitar-shaped $1 coins,designed after famous electric guitars.The designs include the classic red and white Gibson Les Paul, an American Flag Stars and Stripes Gibson Flying V, a black Gibson Flying V, a pink star Guitar used by various rock stars including Gary Glitter and Abba, a blue Gibson X-Plorer and a yellow Klein.

Based on the popularity of these coins, Somalia issued another set in 2012, this time with Jimmy Page's double-necked guitar and a rectangular one like Bo Diddley played.

These multi-coloured1.75-inch in size Guitar coins have proved unbelievably popular with coin collectors, guitar enthusiasts, Rock 'n Roll fans and the general public but they’re perhaps not the most comfortable coins to keep in your pocket.



Somalia 2004 and 2012 set of Guitar shaped coins


Following the success of the guitar shaped coins;the Federal Republic of Somalia again issued in 2007 a set of 6 One Dollarsilver-plated multi-coloured coins shaped like motorcycles. The designs are based on Harley-Davidson and other popular motorcycles.Each coin is approximately 45mm (1.75 inches) long and 25mm (1 inch) high.



Somalia 2007 set of Motorcycle shaped coins modelled afterHarley-Davidson bikes with black or silver platedbacks displaying country name, denomination etc.


The2010 multi-coloured coins from Somalia are shaped like famous sports cars. The six coin set includes a green 1965 Ford Mustang, red Ferrari, yellow Porsche, blue and orange car that the mint calls a Lamborghini, though some sources claim it is a Ford GT40, gray Aston-Martin DB-5, as used in the James Bond films, and a black Corvette. The obverse includes the Somali arms, date and denomination. The coins are approximately 45mm (1.75 inches) long.




Somalia 2010 set of Sports Car shaped coins with silver platedbacks displaying country name, denomination etc.


In 2008 Somalia released a set of six multi-coloured coins depicting North American wildlife - in the shape of the animals. The silver-plated coin 1 Dollar coins include a Polar Bear, wolf, buffalo, moose, mountain lion and Grizzly Bear. The animals are depicted in colour on one side and the denomination, date and arms of the Federal Republic of Somalia on the other side of the coins.


Wild Life Series Animal shaped coins of Somalia 2008 SOMALIA, 2008

To be contd…

- Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal : email :


Book Review



Collector's Guide to British India Bazar Postcards - Edwardian & Georgian Period ” by Praful Thakkar

: Book Review by Naresh Agrawal

Bazar Postcards of British India is a fascinating section of Indian Postal Stationery which has colors, creativity and charisma. These cards have come up on the surface of philately only in last few years as such an important aspect of Indian philately had been lying hidden, untraced and unexplored properly. Through an article in “India Post” long back in 1981 by Mr. D.L.Sen knocked and try to find it out but again the same was lost. However, at different times after 1981, there has been occasional brief talks of these post cards through various articles by different authors on Indian Postal History in different philatelic magazines. Thereafter about 7/8 years back, through some stamp dealers, Bazar Post Cards rediscovered their identity when those were being sold by dealers by the name of “Bazaar Cards” but with not much appreciation. Only in 2012, I too dared to re-introduce this beautiful aspect of Indian philately before philatelic fraternity through my comprehensive article on Bazaar Cards in Year Book of Indian Philately 2012 by Sri Madan Middha and also published the same in Rainbow Stamp News in the same year. Different small articles covering different aspect of Bazaar Cards were also published in different philatelic Magazines and Journals. But that was not enough. Yes, it certainly attracted many philatelists who started looking for such cards amused by their ornamental and artistic beauty but had not much information. And then came the most humble, thorough gentle and learned Sri Praful Thakkar who took up the big hard task of putting before philatelic fraternity a complete, detailed and comprehensive research oriented study of these cards.

Comprised of 240 fully colored pages of 6" x 8½" printed with four color on art paper, soft bound; his new book titled “Collectors Guide to British India Bazar Post Cards - Edwardian & Georgian Period is a genuine guide of British India Bazar Post Cards of Edwardian & Georgian period. It is truly a majestic and classic gallery of these cards with colorful illustrations of more than 1700 colorful images of different cards in reduced size covering a huge number of the known variety of these cards. Appropriate classification based on periods such as Edwardian and Georgian; designs of the images giving glimpses of collar for affixing stamps, calligraphic lettering for words POST CARD and artistic variety of pictures printed on address side; variety of different images such as British Royalty, Indian Princely State Rulers, Ravi Verma paintings-oleographs, other such as mythology, social and history & advertising images etc. gives a comprehensive detailed study of these cards. Author has numbered the cards very clearly based on classified period, categories, varieties, variations etc.. However, I feel since this is the first appreciable attempt to classify these cards which are available in huge number and variety, there is ample scope to further modify the suggested classification in the book.

For better understanding of this book one should go through the format of this guide, its numbering system and a chapter on introduction of Bazaar Cards. However, I feel since this is the first appreciable attempt to give numbers to these cards which are available in huge number and variety, there is good scope to further modify the suggested numbering system in the book.

This book is recommended for all Indian Postal Stationery Lovers, Indian Postal history Lovers and to a big extent it will help thematic collectors also. In one word it can be said that the book is finest example of Deltiology which is well explained, displayed and guided. As per author market value/pricing given in the catalogue is speculative and indicative based on market value. Hence, these prices can not be taken as standard market prices as in India the prices are much lower than what has been quoted / reflected.

Looking in to the size, paper and printing quality and the quantity of color images; the price of the catalogue at Rs. 1350.00 is quite justified. This book for me will serve as true guide for philatelists. However, there is ample scope for further research and categorization.

I congratulate Sri Praful Thakkar for publication of this master piece which is outcome of his hard work, dedication and philatelic ingenuity.

New issues from other Countries


Christmas 2015 : 30 October 2015


Christmas time is the season for joyous celebration and goodwill and this year’s Christmas stamp designs convey greetings based on the traditional religious story of the birth of Christ and also on modern designs featuring familiar trappings of the festive season.

The religious stamps include a colourful and joyful interpretation of the traditional Biblical story. The mini sheet from this issue represents the scene shortly after the birth of Christ. The tiny baby lies in his manger, surrounded by Mary and Joseph and the adoring animals.

An owl gravely observes the scene from the rafters above. To the right, the three wise men, also called Magi or kings, have arrived from the east on their camels searching for the Saviour. They find the Christ Child by following a guiding star, and on arrival offer gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. A scarlet angel announces the arrival of the wise men with a triumphant trumpet fanfare.


Not all who observe the celebration of Christmas are Christians, and the other three stamps are designed to appeal to those who prefer a more secular celebration. For many, Christmas is foremost a time to gather with family and friends and reflect on the year past. It is also an opportunity to show forgiveness, peace and reconciliation, to demonstrate love for those dear to us, and to enjoy a holiday break. The two designs represent the symbolic dove of peace and, as a gesture of generosity and love, a wrapped gift.


16 October 2015 World Food Day


This postage stamp celebrates a day which was established by member countries of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 1979. The theme of World Food Day for the year 2015 is “Social protection and agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty” in order to emphasize the importance of measures that are being taken with the goal of reducing rural poverty and creating an approach to food and resources for buying food.

Researches show that a small number of countries through history has experienced a rapid economical development and poverty reduction, and that there has not preceded an agriculture development.

Agriculture is not only an economic activity. It is a way of life, coexistence with nature, heritage of our ancestors and a cultural distinction. Its non-material contribution is immeasurable in preserving ecological bio-diversity, managing water resources and protecting habitation, landscapes and the earth.

The most essential role of agriculture is solving the world famine problem, most commonly in rural areas. And the only way of solving this problem is that inhabitants of rural areas produce enough of their own food or that they have enough money to buy that food.

That is why support is necessary at all levels, in order to encourage economic and technical cooperation in between non-developed countries and developing countries. It is especially necessary to stimulate participation of rural women in activities that affect their everyday life activities. (Željka Šaravanja)

The Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar has issued a commemorative postage stamp in a sheet of 20 stamps, a postmark and First Day Cover (FDC).


6 November 2015 : Vegetables of the Year


Finnish Post decided to underline the importance of vegetable for people’s nutrition by issuing a new set of stamps depicting chili peppers, tomatoes and herbs…

The chili peppers depicted on the stamps include the orange Habanero, Heatwave, Joe’s Long, Jamaican Bell, Jalastar and Summer Heat. The tomatoes on the stamps include beefsteak tomato, cherry tomato and organic tomato. Herbs are represented by basil, salvia and cilantro.

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Courtesy - News and Image Resource to this issue : International Stamp News; Indian Philately Digest ; Europa Stamps Abhai Mishra - Dehradun, Prashant Pandya – Vadodara, Sandeep Chaurasia and Ashwani Dubey – Gorakhpur;  Sreejesh Krishnan – Trivandrum, M. Gulrez - Mumbai

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Rainbow Stamp News is edited and published monthly by Jeevan Jyoti, from Dehradun ( Uttarakhand) India.


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