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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Rainbow August 2019

Tourism in Israel
Date of Issue : 16 July 2019

Dehradun August 2019  Vol. XII  Issue No. 140
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Dear Reader,

I am pleased to present August 2019 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. Once again, some new stamps have been issued by India Post. The latest one on Indian Perfumes released at SINGPEX 2019, Singapore. The stamp designs are not attractive. The stamps feature two perfumes, Jasmine and Sandalwood in two Miniature sheets with two stamps each. It could have a better option with 4 different perfumes on 4 different stamps. The images shown on the stamps are blurred and lack sharpness. Though a large number of stamps on a variety of subjects are issued by India Post every year but the quality is yet to be maintained. The annual number of Indian stamps is very high. But in terms of its paper, design and printing quality, it is far behind. Now the printing technique has become very much advanced, better and high-quality stamps can be printed easily. There is no match of Indian stamps with the stamps of other countries in designing and printing.  For high quality stamps, the number of stamps per year must be restricted. India Post should bring out few stamps but excellent stamps. 

This is all for this month. More in next Issue. 

Happy Collecting !!


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A new concept of exhibiting Modern Indian Stamps

Only a few days back the postman delivered me a beautiful philatelic gem i.e. a book well packed. On opening the pack, I could see a book titled “ One Page, One Theme”  sent by one of my respected philatelic friends Sri Praful Thakkar, a retired I.A.S ., a prolific writer and an author of many philatelic and non philatelic hobby books and guides such as “Collector’s guide to First day Covers and Folders” and another  “ Collectors Guide to British India  bazaar Post Cards- Edwardian & Georgian Period” and many more. This in fact, was another gem of this super human, I mean another creation presented to me and to the philatelic fraternity by him.

Later, I got message from him whether I received the book or not. He was keen to know that the book reached me safe and sound.  I messaged him about the receipt and requested that I would be back to him after I carefully go through the book. In fact, I meant that I would congratulate him with proper and justified words of honor.

Primarily, hats off to this gentleman who in true sense is a genuine and hardcore stamp lover. He is true lover of stamp lovers. We can imagine the beautiful heart of a man who  has this  beautiful and powerful motto of his life “Share the knowledge, spread the knowledge” and also “ Share the happiness, Spread the happiness”. A super stamp lover and a super soul with pure mind and heart.

Mrs. Jyoti  later asked me to write a review on this book. I was honored but I felt that writing review by me will not be proper because I am too small to give any authoritative review on this master work by a master but yes, I can dare to give my views on this master piece.
This book titled “One page, One Theme” is a Philatelic Bouquet of creative presentations on several Indian collectable and exhibitable  themes. So well presented, this book at a glance gives idea of what Modern Indian Stamps possess.

While going through the preface and introduction of the author one can see the reason behind coming up with this creation. This truly is a very painstaking effort  by the author to give a direction and dimension to recognize fascinating subject of modern Indian Philately. Collecting stamps and arranging them in chronological order is a traditional way of collecting stamps but now innovations are coming up not only is philatelic products but in arranging and depicting them also. Through this book he has not only tried to promote Modern Indian Philately but also tried to guide philatelists to how to go about it. This “One page, One Theme” will take lot of new budding Indian stamp lovers in to its fold.

The  front outer page of the book itself is very attractive. One Page, One Theme itself is clear and conveys the contents of the book. About 150 exhibits of one page have been shown in the book. The exhibits pertain to different types of titles selected from Indian stamps issued so far. The titles show how much time author has spent in watching, talking and listening to the stamps. Titles like family members, Siblings, Slogans on stamps, Quotes on stamps ,  Same stamps with different denomination etc. are  unique. This book is wonderful guide for new comers to stamp field. Children and school students would be the major beneficiaries. One frame exhibit to now one  page exhibit. This of course is a concept that would encourage the youngest of the kids to be stamp love and   to display whatever has been collected by him or her. Children may be asked to show 16 pages with different themes in One Frame Exhibit.

This book can be recommended  for those philatelists who conduct workshops in schools to encourage student. This will certainly help and guide the children. It   is a  must book for school having hobby clubs. All the clubs and societies must have  at least one copy of this  book in their library. Author is ready to  present book free of cost to all such persons and clubs/societies and schools who truly intend to serve philately.
The idea of forming such exhibits is unique . The author initially  looked for autographs and signatures on Indian Stamps. While doing this he fell in intense love with the beauty and subject matter of stamps and then he started talking and getting guided by the stamps to come up with new titles. The new way of looking at stamps and arranging and displaying stamps.

For last 2 years getting up early at 4.00 am and passing through almost three thousand stamps carefully to search stamps related to particular title he thought. Then repeating the same again and again & finally  preparing an exhibit of one page or more giving small write up also. A tremendous work by a man of 80 + of age.

The story behind bringing out this book is also very unique and inspiring. The author set a wonderful example  showing his serious concern to take out this book. The height and spirit of dedication  is shown when on  4th of July 2019 he wrote his preface in the night and called the  publisher  urgently and asked him to get the book printed, bound and ready by 7th night as on 8th morning he was scheduled to be operated for Prostate Glands. The price quoted was not even negotiated. 11 pieces of this book could be  made ready by late 7th evening. After procuring those at hospital, he asked for permission from doctor that the book to be placed near him even on operation table. The doctors were amazed. Necessary discussions were held. The book was there beside him during his surgery.  Later, the doctor requested him to present him the book and for giving message to the medical fraternity about the positivity of the patient. A rare but motivational example.  After the operation he was given A+++1, the rating given to patients for their approach, recovery and wellness. On 17th he was relieved from the hospital and soon after on the same day he posted me one piece of this esteemed book out of those eleven fully bound and prepared by then. My heartiest thanks to this gentle friend of mine.

After hearing this story, I was amazed. Just think about the dedication and love this person has for philately. While I congratulate Sri Thakkar for this marvellous work, I recommend this book  to Indian stamp lovers as well as to the new comers to philately. It is a genuine guide book. The author is ready to present  this book to all those who sincerely need this.

: Naresh  Agrawal, email : Ph. 09425530514

Recent Indian Issues


12 June 2019 : Indian fashion series 2 – 2 x Rs 5, 2 x Rs 12 + MS
17 June 2019 : Ahimsa Parmodharma – 2 x Rs 15
6  July 2019 : Fakir Mohan College, Balasore – Rs 5
30 July : India - Korea Joint Issue  2  stamps Rs5 + Rs 25 + MS
1 August 2019 : Indian Perfumes - set of 4 Stamps and 2 Miniature sheets  4× Rs 25

Upcoming stamp Issues

1. Indian Fashion - Concept to Consumer: Series - 3. A set of 4 Stamps and Miniature sheet. (Denomination. 2×10/- & 2×15/- = 50/-) Date of issue.  August 2019.

2. Indians in First World War. A set of 11 Stamps and 3 Miniature sheets (Denomination. 6x5/-, 3×10/-, 1x15/- & 1x 25/-= 100/-).

3. India- Republic of Korea joint Issue A set of 2 Stamps and Miniature Sheet
Denominations 5/- & 25/- Date of Issue 30th July 2019.

4. Master Healers of Ayush A set of 12 Stamps and A Mixed Sheet.
Denomination 12 x 5/-. Date of issue. November 2019.

 Recent Special Cover

15 July 2019 : First International Flight from Indore
27 July 2019 Ballaripex 2019, Ballari – 5 Covers
29 July 2019 : Kashmir Mellow, Srinagar
30 July 2019 : Gangajal at your Door, Gorakhpur
30 July 2019 : Gangajal at your Door, Noida

In The News

SINGPEX 2019, FIAP General Asian International Stamp Exhibition  is being held in Singapore from 31 July to 4 August, 2019. Mr Anil Suri is the National Commissioner ,Here is the award list of  Indian participants

1st Row : Rajesh JhunJhunwala, Anil Suri, OK Prakash, Mohanchandran Nair, Anand Kakad,
2nd Row : Monteiro Daniel,Avinash Sharma, Dinesh Sharma, Sandeep Chaurasia, Ashwani Dubey

Indian Winners at SINGPEX 2019
1.Pankaj Tyagi 70 points – Silver
2.Ramchandran M 83 points - Vermeil
3.Rajesh jhunjhunwala 91points – Gold + Sp Prize
4.OK Prakash 83 points -  Vermeil
5.Nair Mohanachandran 78 points - Large Silver
6.Kakad Anand 80 points - Vermeil
7.Saraf pramod Kumar 65 points - Silver Bronze
8.Monteiro Daniel 71 points - Silver
9.Thakre vindhya 68 points - Silver Bronze
10.Thakre Mandhar 70 points - Silver
11.sharma Dinesh Chandra 80 points -Vermeil
12.chaurasia sandeep 71 points - Silver
13.Dubey Ashwani 70 points - Silver
14.k.sridhar 66 points - Silver Bronze
15.suri Anil 90 points - Gold
16.srinivasan Harsh Baradhan 68 points - Silver Bronze
17.S.Abhishek 70 points - Silver
18.Bagmar Sayam Sanjay 68 points -Silver Bronze
19.Sharma Avinash 82 points - Vermeil + Sp prize
20.Ganguli Rahul cp
21.srinivasan paramasivam cp
21.srinivasan paramasivam cp
Courtesy – CG Bhaskar, Jagannath Mani

Congratulations, SIMONA ! !

Simona Halep, The Romanian Tennis Ambassador - Miniature 

To honour the performance of a great tennis player and, particularly, the victory at Wimbledon on July 13th, 2019, Romfilatelia introduces into circulation, on Friday, 26th of July, 2019, the postage stamps issue SIMONA HALEP, THE ROMANIAN TENNIS AMBASSADOR, compound of one perforated souvenir sheet and one imperforated souvenir sheet. On the stamp of the souvenir sheet is illustrated the image of Simona Halep raising the 2019 Wimbledon trophy.

The imperforated souvenir sheet, is numbered, and it presents Simona Halep’s signature in gold foiling and it illustrates Simona Halep in the foreground, presenting the trophy to the public. In the stamp of the imperforated souvenir sheet, a image of the game is shown.

Simona conquers London and wins the first Wimbledon tournament from her professional career, after winning the final with a 6-2, 6-2 score, in the face of the previous world’s number one, Serena Williams. This is the first Wimbledon trophy won by a Romanian.

Simona Halep was born on September 27th, 1991, in Constanta and has an impressive record.She made her debut in international competitions in 2008, when she managed to win the juniors tournament in Italy and the Roland Garrosdedicated to junior players, in a 100% Romanian final, defeating Ana Bogdan.

Throughout her sports career, until winning the 2018 Roland Garros Grand Slam Tournament, Simona Halep won another 17 WTA singles tournaments (six in 2013, two in 2014, three in 2015, three in 2016, one in 2017, two in 2018) of which the most important being Premier Mandatorytournaments from Indian Wells and Madrid.

After another three Grand Slamfinals – two at Roland Garros (2014, and 2017) and one at the Australian Open (2018), Simona Halep won the Roland Garros Grand Slam Tournament (June 9th, 2018), the most important trophy of her carrier until that moment.

Until winning the 2019 Wimbledon Grand SlamSimona Halep accumulated over 64 weeks as world Number 1. Also, Simona Halep has been nominated, for consecutive two years, namely in 2014 and 2015, by WTA, The Most Popular Player of the Year, her player account being the most “accessed” on the women’s professional circuit website,

After many years of training and devotement in the service of tennis, Simona Halep succeeded in what was failed by another Romanian until July 13, 2019, the winning of the Wimbledon trophy.


Category Envelope (Below 18 Years)
1st Ms. Diksha,DAl4OlD, DA Block Hari Nagar, New Delhi-110064 Delhi
2 nd Mr. Siddha;tha Bhattacharjee, Revenue Plot No. 37, Rynjah, Shillon9-06 North East
3rd Ms. Mudra Joshi, 8-203, Shrinand Nagar-S Vejalpur, Makarba, Ahmedabad- 380051 Gujarat

Category. Inland Letter Card (Below 18 Years)
1st Ms. Diksha,DAl4OlD, DA Block Hari Nagar, New Delhi-110064 Delhi
2 znd Mr. Siddha;tha Bhattacharjee, Revenue Plot No. 37, Rynjah, Shillon9-06 North East 3
3rd Ms. Mudra Joshi, 8-203, Shrinand Nagar-S Vejalpur, Makarba, Ahmedabad- 380051 Gujarat
Envelope {Above 18 Years)
 1st Ms. Sulagna Sarkar, D-15, Jayshree Park, Kolkata - 700034 West Bengal
 2nd Ms. Sneha Chouhan, Maharaja Yashwantrao School, Narendra Tiwari Marg, Indore, MP Madhya    Pradesh
3rd Ms. Deepshikha Gupta, D/o Kali Prasad Gupta, Class X-A, S.J. DAV Public School, Chaibasa – 833201
Category Inland letter Card (Above 18 Years)
1st Mr. Devina Mohan, Kanneth House, Ettekkar, Edathala PO, Aluva, Ernakulam 683561 Kerala
2nd Ms. Gongotrisaikia, Geeta Nagar, Kachalukhowa, Nagaon, Assam -J82 0O1 Assim 
3rd Mr. Gupteshwar Nath Upadhyay, Flat-S,4th Floor, Mahasu Sadan, Bhagwati Nagar, Lower Khalini, Shimla.

Dhai Akhar Letter writing Competition  2019-20

Special Postmarks by India Post at China 2019

India Post provided, 14 Special Postmarks on 7 days, One design in two colors every day, at their Booth in CHINA 2019 World Stamp Exhibition, Wuhan, China. The First Day Covers for the “Indian Fashion Series 2” and “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma” issues were also provided with Wuhan postmark in 2 colors each. All this will soon be available on epostoffice.
Top of Form

Commissioner for NEW ZEALAND 2020 Philatelic Exhibition (FIAP)

Mr. Ajay Kumar Mittal has been appointed as Indian National Commissioner for the NEW ZEALAND 2020, FIAP Asian International Stamp Exhibition to be held in Auckland, New Zealand from 19 to 22 March, 2020.
For details contact : Mr. Ajay Kumar Mittal Email:
Phone: (M) +91 9811032311

Commissioner for LONDON 2020 Specialized World Stamp
Exhibition (FIP)
Mr. Surendra Kotadia has been appointed as Indian National Commissioner for the LONDON 2020, FIP Specialised World Stamp Exhibition to be held in London from 02 to 09 May 2020. The exhibition will be held in two parts from 02 to 05 and 06 to 09 May 2020, by changing over the exhibits on the evening of May 05.
Eligibility: The minimum eligibility for participation in a FIP exhibition for Senior Class & Youth Class (Groups B & C) is a Vermeil Medal and for Youth Class (Group A) a Large Silver Medal secured at a National Exhibition.

For details contact : Mr. Surendra A. Kotadia
Phone: + 91 22 2202 4130 / 2202 4131/ 2284 3244
Fax : + 91 22 2284 3275 
Mob : + 91 98199 03789

AEROPEX 2019 is a Specialised National Philatelic Exhibition to be held at Drill Hall, Torrens Parade Ground, Victoria Drive, Adelaide 5000, Australia from Dec 6 to 8, 2019 to commemorate the Centenary of the epic England to Australia flight of Sir Ross & Keith Smith in 1919.

AEROPEX 2019 is jointly organised by Australian Airmail Society Inc. and the South Australian Philatelic Council Inc. under the Auspices of Australian Philatelic Federation Ltd., and under the Patronage of Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Aérophilatéliques (FISA).

AEROPEX 2019 have following Classes: Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Thematics, Maximaphily, Revenues, Youth, Open, Literature, First Day Covers, Frugal Philately, Polar Philately, Cinderellas, Picture Postcards. All exhibits must have an aerophilatelic or astrophilatelic theme to be accepted. Entry fee is Australian $ 45 per frame in all classes and $ 45 per exhibit in Literature Class.

Mr. Madhukar Jhingan is coordinating the participation from India.

Exhibit Application form and the detailed rules of exhibition (Prospectus) are available for download here. The duly filled Forms along with a copy of the first page of the exhibit as well as the fees by the exhibitors in India should be submitted to the, Madhukar Jhingan +91 98111 60965 .

CHICAGOPEX 2019 will be held from Nov. 22-24th at the Westin Chicago Northwest USA.This year in CHICAGOPEX 2019 American National Stamp Exhibiton, five societies are participating, Polonus Philatelic Society, the Rossia Society of Russian Philately, the Lithuania Philatelic Society, the Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society and the India Study Circle.
CHICAGOPEX is one of the largest and one of the most prestigious philatelic exhibition of USA. Limited Exhibits will be accepted from Indian Participants who are members of India Study Circle for Philately. I will represent India Study Circle in CHICAGOPEX 2019 for Indian Participants.
All those interested in the participation please contact Mr. Ajay Kumar Mittal with details of their exhibit, earlier participation with that exhibit and awards won if any. Email:  Ph. / Whatsapp No.: +91 98110 32311
-       Ajay Kumar Mittal, Membership Secretary, ISC

National Stamp Show

Philatelic Congress of India, with active support of INDIA POST and Philatelic Societies is Organising National Stamp Show with a Specialized Section on Mahatma Gandhi's 150 years from 18-22 December 2019  at Mumbai.    The Se-tenant Logo Represents National Show and Special Gandhi Section.
News from Philatelic Societies and Clubs
APEX 2019 ( 9 - 11 August 2019 )

Venue : Bhagyamala Auditorium, Palayam, Thiruvanathapuram

-Mohanchandran Nair , Ananthapuri Philatelic Association

“ Hypex – 2019 ”
We are pleased to inform you that we are organizing “ HYPEX - 2019“, a three day exhibition cum Stamp, Coins and Currency dealers meet from September 6-8, 2019, to celebrate :
1. 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
2. 150 th anniversary of the first postage stamp of Princely State of Hyderabad.
at  FEDERATION HOUSE, FTCCI Lane, Near Pragati Art Printers, Red Hills, Hyderabad 500 004.
For further details and correspondence please contact :
Shri Prakash Agarwaal, President, HPHS : Ph.  93467772016  Emails:  ;
Sri B.K. Nagpal, Vice-President, HPHS ,Ph.: 98850 31013 ;Emails :
-B.K. Nagpal,
The Hyderabad Philatelic & Hobbies Society
KARNAPEX 2019, Mangalore

KARNAPEX 2019 - Karnataka Postal Circle is organizing State Level Philatelic Exhibition at Mangaluru from 12th October 2019 to 15th October 2019. It will be under the patronage and guidance of the Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle. This exhibition is being organized by the Karnataka Postal Circle with the active support of Dakshina Kannada Philatelic and Numismatic Association (DAKAPANA), Mangaluru & Karnataka Philatelic Society
The venue of the exhibition is  TMA Pai Convention Hall, Mangalore. For prospectus and other details. Kindly check
Exhibitors shall submit their entry form online at , take printout and submit the form in duplicate to the Secretary, Allotment Committee, KARNAPEX 2019, O/o the Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle, Bengaluru-560 001.

 Philatelic exhibition at Indore airport

On occasion of first international flight from Indore to Dubai a special cover was issued. Further a philatelic exhibition on aviation comprising of 10 frames was organised by Malwa philatelic society within airport premises. This exhibition was live from 14th July till 29 th July. The exhibitor were (1) O P Kedia- one frame on "Indian Airmail", two frame on "America's quest fir outer space" and three frame on "Men's conquest of heaven" (2) Sri Raunak Patel - Four frames on first flight covers. The exhibition received overwhelming response and many travellers called to congratulate us.

- O.P.Kedia, Indore

Book Review

One Page, One Theme - Philatelic Bouquet of Creative Presentations By Praful Thakkar

The recent book by noted philatelist and numismatist of Ahmedabad Shri Praful Thakkar is one of its own kind featuring about 150 themes on one Page. The book is very useful for Thematic collectors to select new and unique theme for one frame exhibit. Every theme given on A4 page format  can be well extended to 16 pages. In this book some very unique themes have been given that could be formed  into an excellent collection. It is a wonderful book for beginners and Thematic Collectors ! Baseline Messages on Postal receipts, Postal Siblings, Family Members, Living Personalities on Commemorative stamps, Messages, slogans and Mottos on stamps are some unique and new themes that could be opted and expanded in a very good exhibit. The book will definitely prove to be a very good guide for those starting a new theme and an asset for every stamp lover  ! Children would love this book and will get a guideline to start stamp collection on their favourite theme. This book is recommended for school libraries.

In this book, Stamps FDCs and other philatelic material is arranged theme wise with limit of ‘One Page’ or to complete the subject, extension of the same. As the ‘Theme’ is the common binding and highlighting factor, this exhibit of ‘One Page’ will enable one to build his Stamp collection. Theme wise. Approximately 150 Themes are presented in more than 250 one-page presentations in 68 pages. Collectors can build many more One Page Themes likewise. The design and layout of the book is quite attractive.

It is A/4 Size - 8.27" x 11.69" & soft bound book  printed in four colors on art paper. Pages : 76 ,Price: Rs 475 + Rs 75 (Shipping & Postage in India) / $ 15 + Postage ; For the book, please email to : ,  Ph. 09327022642

About the author

Praful K. Thakkar, I.A.S. (Retd.) is an ardent collector of autographs, stamps, FDCs, coins, medals, tokens, badges, badge plates, etc. since last more than 50 years. 'Share the Knowledge & Spread the Knowledge' is the motto of his life. As I.A.S. officer he has served the Government of Gujarat for more than 31 years. Even after retirement he has still continued this hobby of philately and he firmly believes 'Hobby is for Health & Hobby is for Happiness'. 

The hobby of Philatelic collection has given him new energy and enthusiasm. For him any such hobby is a worship that keeps him pure, fit and healthy. People have hobbies for happiness and harvesting profit in future. For him it is for keeping good health too. He lives in the hobby and hobby lives in him. To him the passion for this hobby is a source of happiness. And therefore, the symbolic slogan for this website is 'Living with Hobby is Living in Happiness'. He tries to share his knowledge, experience and happiness with all the collectors by presenting this gallery.

Doon Philatelic Diary

Stamp Cards on Dehradun issued by India Post in July 2007

Forest Research Institute Dehradun

Railways in Doon Valley

Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun

Beginners’ Section


-Major (Dr) Ritu Kalra
In 1911 the first official aerial post started. This took place almost immediately after the success of world’s first aerial post between Allahabad to Naini in India. The first demonstration of an official aerial mail delivery had taken place in February 1911 when Captain Walter George Windham had organised the first flight as part of an exhibition in Allahabad, India. After his return to Britain Captain Windham used his experience to promote the idea of special mail flights to celebrate the coronation of King George V.


This flight was planned between Hendon and Windsor Green Park. Captain Walter G. Windham of the Royal Navy took efforts to start U. K’s first aerial post after sanctions from the H.M. Postmaster General Windham and worked alongside the Grahame White Aviation Company to achieve this feat. The first flight travelled between Hendon and Windsor on 9th September 1911 piloted by Gustav Hamel. A  special Postal stationery of   6½d postcards and 1/1d envelopes was made available for the public to purchase in a multitude of colours and then carried on the flights.
Special mail boxes were established in London, Hendon and Windsor where the items were posted and franked with a special Handstamp. Mail postmarked in London was done with London dies 1-4 whilst those postmarked at Hendon used London dies 5 and 6. There was also a Windsor die 1 and 2 for mail serviced there but substantially less mail was sent from Windsor and these command a higher price. The die number itself can be found at the bottom of the postmark. Around 40 companies took advantage of the event by printing adverts on the reverse of the postcards and in some cases overprinted the illustration on the front.

 The postcard in the picture was flown between Hendon to Windsor and was posted to an address in Simla (now Shimla) which was then a part of joint Punjab in India. So this post card flew from Hendon to Windsor then it travelled by surface mail to India.
This post card reached Miss B. Thorpe in  Simla on the morning of 1st October 1911 at 6 A. M. It took almost 25 days to reach “Emma Ville”.

The handstamp used shows Die 1 cancellation of 9th September. Two stamps were used of half penny- one stamp of King Edward and the other of King George V hence,  there were two overlapping handstamps.


 Ernest, the sender beautifully wrote on the backside of the card on 8th September 1911. He had purchased the card for 7 ½ d ( whereas the official print states that the cost is 6 ½ d ) and posted it at the army and navy co- operative society , 105 Victoria street  ,  Westminster.  He had expressed that if the letter ever reaches he should be informed and it should be kept carefully as the stamps may be worth something hereafter. Windham was knighted in 1923 for his contributions in this field of aero philately hence he is addressed as Sir Windham.

The world’s first scheduled airmail service between 9 and 26 September 1911 via 16 flights carried 35 bags of mail from Hendon aerodrome in North-West London to Windsor Great Park marking the world’s first regular airmail service.

The design was created by William Lendon and featured a Farman biplane over Windsor Castle.  It was sold in Harrods, Selfridges and other major department stores in London like the Hobbs, John Barker , John Barnes,  Benetfinks, D. H. Evans, Gamages , Harrods , London Aerodrome, Selfridges, Aldwych,  Whiteley’s and General buildings  where the special postcards and letters could also be posted and collected by a private van. A huge amount of mail – about 58,000 postcards and letters – was subsequently received before the first flight took off on 9 September 1911.

The first airmail plane left Hendon on a sunny Saturday on 9 September  at 4.55pm a noted pilot Gustav Hamel took the controls on the day, flying a  Blériot  monoplane between Hendon Aerodrome and Windsor Great Park, He carried one small bag of mail weighing 23½lbs on the flight  and arrived safely at Windsor Green Park  just 12½ minutes later. The mail was then taken to the Post Office in Windsor by the cycle Postman, sorted and despatched to London by the 6pm train.

Four pilots were chosen: Gustav Hamel, Evelyn Driver, Clement  Greswell and Charles Hubert. However Hubert broke his legs after a crash at take-off and took no further part. The planes used were two Bleriot monoplanes and one Farman biplane.  The service was scheduled to run until the 15th with one return trip from Windsor on the 16th. However adverse weather conditions caused delays and a backlog of cards which resulted in the service running until the 26th.

 Gustav Hamel performing most of the 1911 flights in his Bleriot  monoplane. He became one of the best-known aviators of the time but died soon after these pioneering airmail flights when he drowned in the Channel in 1914. That flying was very precarious was also proven by the accident of one of the other airmail pioneers. Frenchman Charles Hubert crashed in his Farman biplane attempting to take off from Hendon on 11 September 1911 with eight mail bags and broke both thighs.

 Too many special letters and postcards had been seriously delayed due to unfavourable weather conditions, which meant that there were no further serious attempts to establish a regular airmail service in Britain before World War I intervened. However, in 1919 the first public overseas airmail service was launched between London and Paris and later extended to more distant destinations to cover the British Empire.
Major ( Dr ) Ritu Kalra, email :

137 Years Ago – 12 nations joined in a major scientific expedition

This MS was issued for the fourth IPY 

On August 1, 1882, the first International Polar Year (IPY) began. Early polar expeditions of the Arctic had been staged to find a northern sea route from the Atlantic to Pacific to reach the Spice Islands of the Orient. In the 1800s, many expeditions were sent out to find items from the 1845 Franklin expedition or to reach the North Pole.

Denmark sheet for the fourth IPY. 

A change occurred in the 1870s. Austrian Naval Lieutenant Karl Weyprecht proposed an international effort to go to the pole to study it for scientific reasons. In a presentation about one of his previous expeditions, he stated, “Decisive scientific results can only be attained through a series of synchronous expeditions, whose task it would be to distribute themselves over the Arctic regions and to obtain one year’s series of observations made according to the same method.” Weyprecht proposed that scientists from different nations establish arctic stations and work together to study the pole’s geography, weather, plant and wildlife, and magnetic and electrical phenomena. 

 Finland sheet for the fourth IPY.

Many in the science community supported Weyprecht’s proposal and it was endorsed at the Second Meteorological Congress in 1879. Later that year, representatives from Austria, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the US met to discuss the idea further. They met again in 1880 and 1881, deciding at the latter conference to coordinate the First International Polar Year. The year would run from August 1, 1882, to August 1, 1883. The participating nations would establish 13 Arctic and two Antarctic stations that would operate for one or two years. The timing of the IPY was selected so that it would occur during the transit of Venus in front of the Sun on December 6, 1882.

 Greenland sheet for the fourth IPY. 

One of the primary areas of study during the IPY was magnetism. In addition to the arctic stations, meteorological stations, magnetic observatories, and merchant and naval ships from around the world joined in. On the 1st and 15th of each month, they took magnetic measurements to get the most complete understanding of the planet’s magnetism up to that time. This period also saw a rise in sunspot activity, which helped in the collection of this data.
 Norway sheet for the fourth IPY. 

After the IPY ended, representatives assembled once again to discuss their data. They provided the first climate studies of the Arctic. While they didn’t take steps to combine their data as one would expect, the first IPY was considered an important event, as it was a major step forward in scientific study, especially as an international effort.

Sweden sheet for the fourth IPY
Fifty years after the first IPY, a second one was held from 1932-33. Forty-four countries joined in this time, studying meteorology, magnetism, atmospheric science, and the ionosphere, which helped advance radio technology. 

Stamp issued for the 1958 International Geophysical Year. 

A third IPY called the International Geophysical Year was held from July 1, 1957, to December 31, 1958. This IPY involved 67 countries studying a wide range of sciences including aurora, airglow, cosmic rays, gravity, oceanography, seismology, and solar activity. The US and the Soviet Union also launched the world’s first artificial satellites.

Canada First Day Cover for the 1958 Geophysical Year. 

The fourth IPY was held from 2007 to 2008. It included 50,000 researchers from over 60 countries working on 228 projects. It was the largest study of the Polar Regions in history. In recent years, the IPY database was established to collect all of the information from all four IPYs. New information is regularly added.

In Memory of Dr Satyendra Agrawal….


Rose Philately

Algeria 1974  Stamp Booklet featuring  Rosa odorata

Roses from Cyprus

The rose is the well-known fragrant flower of a small shrub with serrated leaves that is cultivated almost all over the world.

The rose bush and its bloom, the rose, were known from ancient times and have been cultivated as a decorative plant or to extract rose oil for the preparation of fragrances. In Christian times the rose was used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary and in general as a symbol of purity. In medieval times the rose was used as an emblem of various leading houses and as a decorative element on buildings. Rosewater is produced from the bloom of a specific type of rose bush with many petals, very fragrant, red or pink. The rose, because of its large variety of colours and scents, is one of the best-loved flowers and is used by man in all corners of the Earth to mark various events in their lives. 

Specialized Section
Indian Birds on Stamps-2

-Col J Dutta & Dr Anjali Dutta

India is endowed with a rich variety of birds known for their forms and colour, the vivacity of their movements and the sweetness of their songs. This vast sub-continent with its diverse climatic conditions and physical features affords suitable living conditions to a wide variety of feathered inhabitants. The four postage stamps brought out on Indian Birds on 28 April 1968 were greatly appreciated both in India and abroad. The stamps were namely, 25p Indian Pitta (Pitta brachyura), 50p Blackheaded Oriole (Oriolus Xanthornus), Re 1 Western Tragopan (Tragopan melanocephalus) and Rs 2 Himalayan Monal (Lopliophorus impejamus). 

Illustration from Alfred Brehm's Tierleben

Indian Pitta (Pitta brachyura) this passerine bird is native to the Indian subcontinent. It inhabits scrub jungle, deciduous and dense evergreen forest. Breeding in the forests of the Himalayas, hills of central and western India, they migrate to other parts of the peninsula in winter. Although very colourful, they are usually shy and hidden in the undergrowth where they hop and pick insects on the forest floor. They have a distinctive two note whistling call which may be heard at dawn and dusk. 

Blackheaded Oriole (Oriolus Xanthornus) This is a brilliant golden yellow and black bird of about the size of a thrush. The male and the female are more or less alike but in the female the upper plumage is tinged with greenish colour. Found practically throughout India, the oriole frequents open forest, groves of trees around villages, vegetation and even well- wooded urban gardens. The birds make a charming scene as they move about in the green foliage or dart from one tree to another, the brilliant plumage flashing gold in the sun. It is usually silent in winter, but its mellow fluty calls are increasingly on the air with the advance of warm weather which is the nesting season. Its food consists chiefly of fruits, insects and nectar of flowers .

Archibald Thorburn - William Beebe: A monograph of the pheasants. (created 1918-22) and Daniel
Giraud Elliot - A monograph of the Phasianidae, or, Family of the pheasants by D. J. Elliot] (created 1872)

Western Tragopan (Tragopan melanocephalus) The western tragopan or western horned tragopan (Tragopan melanocephalus) is a medium-sized brightly plumed pheasant found along the Himalayas from north-eastern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northern Pakistan in the west to Uttarakhand within India to the east. The species is highly endangered and globally threatened. 

It is one of the most colourful of the four species of tragopan or horned pheasant that inhabits the Himalayas at altitudes ranging from 1300 metres in winter to 3500 metres, in summer. The brilliantly plumaged cock tragopans have two long brightly coloured fleshy horns one above each side, which are erected during courtship. A brightly coloured wattle or 'bib' of naked skin adorns its throat and is also expanded at the same time. The specie depicted here is distinguished from the other three by its white-spotted black underparts. The hen is a soberly clad brown bird with white streaks in her upper plumage. Tragopans are highly prized by sportsmen and hunting and trapping has reduced their numbers to the verge of extinction in some areas. All tragopan species have now been officially placed on the list of endangered species in India and are totally protected by law.

 Himalayan Monal male and female

Himalayan Monal (Lopliophorus impejamus) The male, though rather heavily built and dumpy, is distinguished by his highly refulgent metallic black plumage. This makes the Monal one of the most spectacular pheasants. In marked contrast, the hen is a plain-looking mottled brown bird with a short tuft on the head and white throat. This pheasant is found throughout the Himalayan ranges at altitudes of 500 to 2500 metres. He has powerful legs and stout curved bills with which it digs vigorously for its food of roots and tubers, often in deep snow. The male has a wild ringing whistling call. As with the Trapogan, trapping has depleted its numbers in many of its habitats to an alarming extent, and the bird is now strictly protected by the game laws of most Himalayan States.

- Col Jayanta Dutta & Dr Anjali Dutta : email :

Phila India Stamp Guide Book 2019-20

The 20th Edition of Phila India Stamp Guide Book was released on 10th July 2019. It is a historic and important milestone for Phila India Guide Book which was started in 1964 from the house of Philatelia by the eminent Philatelist and Stamp Dealer Shri Manik Jain and has entered into the 56th year of publication. A rare feat among the philatelic publications in India.

Previously known as "Phila India Catalogue of Indian Postage Stamps" is a curation of prevailing market prices of Indian Stamps both Pre and Post Independence. The book has been a guiding light for philatelists in India around the world with interest in Indian Philately. It has become an important tool of learning for philatelists both young and old. The success of the publication can be judged by the fact that collectors and dealers both use the details and prices of stamps mentioned in the catalogue as a benchmark for exchange.

The third Edition which was issued in 1976 comprised of 65 mono-cloured pages (picture), has now in its current avatar, expanded to 464 multicoloured pages boasting illustrations of every single stamp ever issued in India. The catalogue is issued in hard-bound format together with a dust-case/cover and has maintained a uniform portable-friendly size over the years.

The Guide Book is very informative and user-friendly and deals in several important aspects of Indian Philately like - 
1.    Introduction to Indian Postal History & Essays
2.    Pre-Independence Issues including Officials
3.    Cinderellas
4.    Post Independence Commemoratives, Definitives, Service and Miltary issues
5.    Sheetlets, Miniature Sheets, Panes, Se-tenants and Tete-beches
6.    Guidelines to develop a stamp theme/collection.
The Guide will be available with dealers across India and collectors can purchase a copy of the book for a price of Rs.850/- (which includes packaging and shipping charges)

In words of Shri. Subir Kumar Mitra I.R.S and a philatelist - "I strongly recommend this guidebook to all Indian Philatelists who will definitely receive rich dividends in terms of knowledge, value, error, colour combination of Indian Stamps that they are collecting.

- Pragya Jain : email -

New issues from other Countries


9 May 2019 : Europa 2019 National Bird
27 July 2019 : Costumes of the Mediterranean

16 July 2019 : Tourism in Israel

Tourism in Israel

Israel is a gem of tourism. It is uniquely located at the point where Europe, Asia and Africa meet. Israel is one of the most diverse natural settings in the world and its small physical size allows tourists to travel within just hours from lush forested areas to the arid desert and from the snow covered mountains to the tropical shore. Throughout history the greatest empires fought for control of Eretz Israel, leaving their marks through spectacular archeological sites, immense fortresses and awe inspiring feats of construction. Israel is an advanced modern country that offers incoming tourists a wide range of high quality lodgings and transportation. Israel’s wealth of cultural institutions, museums and vibrant entertainment options round out the tourist’s experience and make it an unforgettable event.

Migrating with Birds, Hula Valley

The biannual migration of birds through the skies of Israel is unparalleled. Every autumn millions of birds make their way from Europe and West Asia to Africa for the winter. In the spring, some six months later, the birds return northward to their European and Asian nesting grounds. Israel, which is located between the Mediterranean Sea to the west and the broad desert areas to the east, serves as a narrow land bridge with an abundance of water sources. Large flocks of birds crowd around these bodies of water, creating a spectacular scene for all birdwatchers. The Hula Valley, at the foot of the Golan Heights, is one of Israel’s finest bird watching sites, drawing tens of thousands of ornithologists to see this breath taking natural wonder.

Immersing in History, Jordan River

Eretz Israel has a special place in the eyes of believers from the three monotheistic religions, and every year avid pilgrims make their way to see the many holy sites described in the scriptures. The Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, is especially significant to Christians, as told in the New Testament: “At the time Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan.” (Mark 1:9) Not only can pilgrims see the Jordan River, they can also be baptized at the modern baptismal site facility and experience the historic event for themselves.

Pure Desert Magic, Makhtesh Ramon

The Negev Desert in southern Israel is an arid desert area with spectacularly beautiful natural landscapes. Unique geological phenomena, such as the makhtesh, soft sand dunes and high cliffs create an extraordinary combination. The plants and animals living in this area had to develop special characteristics that allow them to exist in the dry climate and the people who choose to live in the Negev have had to adapt to desert life as well. The modern Israeli towns lying on the edges of the desert provide easy access for tourists to the barren wilderness. Numerous different tours of varying lengths offer desert experiences - on foot, in vehicles or even on camels.
The top margins of each stamp sheet feature panoramic views suited to the stamps.

26 July 2019 : Blind Talents

 Blind Talents - Painters

Latvijas Pasts in collaboration with the social company Blind Art has released a new stamp and a cover featuring works of art created using the tactile painting technique, a way of painting adapted to visually impaired people. The drawings have been made by the pupils of Strazdumuiža Residential Secondary School. 

The design of the stamp and the cover incorporates several works created during the classes of visual and tactile art at the development centre of Strazdumuiža Residential Secondary School by the pupils of grades 4 to 8, working jointly under the supervision of the teacher Baiba Pika.

The stamp created by the gifted blind persons includes the painting Garāmgājējs (A Passer-by), while the cover is decorated with the drawings Balerīna (Ballerina) and Gribu būt karalis! (I Want to Be King!). The first day postmark depicts the stylus, a centre-punching tool used in tactile painting.

Tactile Painting

Tactile painting is a special type of drawing adapted to visually impaired people. Paper is attached to a specially designed drawing object and a stylus is used to centre-punch the contour of the drawing object. The resulting silhouette of the drawing is turned over and painting with specialised finger paints or oil chalks is carried out by touching the tactile dots made in the centre-punching process. 

New Zealand
23 July 2019 : 2019 Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008)

In 2019 New Zealand commemorates 100 years since the birth of Sir Edmund Hillary. These stamps celebrate key moments in the remarkable life of one of our greatest heroes.

$1.30 Hillary Ridge, Aoraki / Mount Cook
The ascent of Aoraki/Mount Cook’s South Ridge, now named Hillary Ridge, contributed to Sir Ed’s preparedness for the climb on Mount Everest four years later.

$1.30 Mount Everest 
Making the first ascent of the world’s highest mountain not only made Sir Edmund Hillary a famous name, but it helped to put New Zealand on the map in the minds of people around the world.

$1.30 South Pole Expedition 
As well as leading the Ross Sea party in 1957/1958 and conducting scientific research for the International Geophysical Year, Sir Ed led the first vehicular crossing to the South Pole.

$1.30 Himalayan Trust 
Over half a century, Sir Ed built schools, hospitals, airstrips, water systems and bridges, and provided thousands of educational scholarships to the people of the villages around Mount Everest in Nepal.
$1.30 Ocean to Sky, India 
Led by Sir Ed, the Indo-New Zealand Ganges Expedition in 1977 took three New Zealand HamiltonJet boats from the Bay of Bengal across the Gangetic Plains and ended with the ascent of a 6,000 metre Himalayan peak.
27 July 2019 : International Year of Periodic Table
The father of the periodic table, in the sense of the systematic classification of all known elements (63 as of 1869), was the Russian Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, who first published it in the Journal of the Russian Chemical Society and whose summary was republished in German in the Zeitschrift für Chemie (12, 405-406 1869). Mendeleev's classification was extraordinary, not only because of its systematic nature, but also because of its predictive character: on the basis of the gaps in his periodic classification (based on atomic mass) he predicted the existence of ten new elements, of which seven have been discovered. To better understand Mendeleev's visionary character, we must remember that in 1869 the electron (Thomson, 1897), the proton (Moseley, 1913) and the neutron (Chadwick, 1932) had still not been discovered.
In 2019, 150 years have passed since this extraordinary creation of human genius and the United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 2019 the International Year of the Periodic Table. As an icon of chemistry, the Periodic Table represents the central character of this science and its interfaces with other areas of scientific knowledge and technologies. The celebration decreed by the United Nations is an opportunity to demonstrate the centrality of chemistry and its role in the resolution of humanity's greatest challenges in the fields of the environment, energy, food, health and sustainable development. The celebrations should also serve to raise society's awareness about the role of chemistry as a science that promotes development and well-being, and to motivate new generations to pursue careers in science and technology.

Miniature Sheet
1 August 2019 : Military Working Dogs
The furriest members of the US armed forces  grace the U.S. Postal Service’s newest stamps  released on 1st August 2019.

The stamps  feature artist renderings of four breeds commonly used as military working dogs: German shepherd, Dutch shepherd, Labrador retriever and Belgian Malinois.
In four different stamps, each breed is pictured wearing a working harness, posing against a backdrop of a white star against a red or blue background. Their senses of smell and sight “are literally superhuman,” allowing dogs to do what servicemembers alone could not, according to the War Dogs Association.

New Pictorial Cancellations
Polar Bear

From August 8th to 11th  a new pictorial postmark in Elverum (Norway) will be available . The postmark features a Polar bear (Ursus maritimus).

175 years of Zoological Garden , Berlin

On August 1st, 2019  a new stationery (envelope) with Special pictorial postmark  will  be available featuring 175 years  of Zoological Garden at Berlin.

- Wolfgang Beyer , Germany : email :

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- Ananthapuri Stamp Bulletin July 2019 issue edited by Mohanchandran Nair

-  Judaica Thematic Society (UK)  August 2019  Newsletter edited by Gary Goodman

-  Deccan Philatelist Vol 19 No 2  2019 edited by Col Jayanta Dutta

- Journal of The Army Philatelic  Vol 17 No 3 2019 edited by Col Jayanta Dutta

-The Hyderabad Philatelist June 2019 issue edited by Prakash Agrawal

-The Hyderabad Hobby Magazine June 2019 issue edited by Prakash Agrawal

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