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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rainbow September 2014


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Most magnificent stamps featuring spectacular views of Taj Mahal. UNPA issued a set of 6 stamps on Taj Mahal, a world heritage site of India on 16 July 2014

Dehradun September 2014 Vol. VII Issue # 81

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Dear Reader,

I am pleased to release September 2014 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. Once again the season of philatelic exhibitions has started. Philatelists are requested to send entries in the exhibition with full participation. It is a matter of pleasure that I am getting regular updates about international exhibitions from National Commissioners which I am sharing in the newsletter and daily news of Rainbow Stamp Club. I thank all the National Commissioners for sending timely information  about  International Stamp Exhibitions  for wide publicity among the philatelists.  This way we can expect more participation from philatelists in international shows. Heartiest congratulations to all the winners of Philakorea 2014 and best wishes to those participating in the forthcoming exhibitions.

This is all for this month….More in next issue…...

Happy Collecting ! !

                                                                                                                                                          - Jeevan Jyoti



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image From the Desk of Naresh Agrawal

Care to be taken while designing special covers

It is highly appreciable that special commemorative covers are being issued by different organizations to commemorate, in remembrance of or to make the event graceful as a token of remembrance. These special covers certainly play an important role in development and promotion of philately as the subject matter of the covers in form of the picture / vignette printed on it, cachet and cancellation or any post mark applied on it, the information given on it in form of text or small images and labels, if any affixed & so the stamps, if affixed in concordance with the essence of the event.

Well, these covers are either designed privately or by the postal authorities but approval for issuance of the same and the cancellation is given by the respective postal authorities. Once approved, the covers and cancellations get the official stature and so become eligible for inclusion in any philatelic exhibition in competitive class.

Designing of the such covers need a special care so that these have postal, philatelic and aesthetic value. I have seen many covers and cancellations being designed by novice who make gross mistakes in designing the covers which is not appreciable. There are some important issues / factors which need to be taken care of while designing a cover. These are :

1. The size of the cover should confine to the specific dimensions set by the approving authority.

2. Image/ vignette to be printed on cover must relate to the event on which the cover is being released. It should have straight relationship with it. The image should be clear. The placement should be on one side covering less than half portion. We have seen oversized vignette spread over more than half portion of the cover and that too in dark colour leaving no space for address writing and affixing stamps and for cancellation.

3. A very good design of the vignette can become very bad ,if not printed well. Selection of the paper, color and printing technique /process play important role. One should be very careful in this respect.

4. Specific date for the event can be written below or above the vignette

5. The cancellation too should have strong relationship with the subject matter of the vignette. It should contain all elements such as date, name /location of the post office, Image/sketch, name or any short slogan. Any design such as circular, rectangular, horse shoe etc., can be taken. But size of the cancellation should not be very big.

6. Designing of the cancellation and making of the cancellation are two different aspects. Very good design may become bad ,if making of the cancellation is not up to the mark. Care should be given that the lining of the cancellation is sharp, the making should be such that the ink is not spread or the lines are thin, uniform and sharp. Sharp cancellation gives very clear view and looks very fine.

7. These covers should bear minimum postage stamps of any kind equivalent to the minimum inland letter mail rate.

8. On the back related text can be written preferably in two languages or a small related image too can be  printed. Publicity slogans  can also be written. Sponsor ,if any  can be given place on the back page

9. Cachets can be designed suiting to the event.

10. Related labels too can be used as an innovative stuff

11. Space for signature / autograph if possible or required should be made available of the covers.

12. Size of the stamp to be affixed, cancellation to be applied, cachet, if any to be impressed and the vignette are of most careful consideration as all these are to be accommodated on the cover while taking care of the fact that it gives good look to the cover.

13. Innovations are welcomed and these add beauty and grace to not only the cover but to the event also. Usage of other material other than paper and color can be done such as gold, silver, bronze printing / embossing. Cloth such as Khadi, silk etc has been used in many of innovative covers.

14. Last and not the least, avoid any controversial design and if at all required or desired seek proper permission before going ahead with it.

15. There should be proper coordination amongst text, cancellation, image / vignette on the cover such as time span and other physical aspects.

If all these points are taken care of properly, the covers and cancellation shall come up nicely and will add to its philatelic and aesthetic value.

- Naresh Agrawal : email :

Recent Indian Issues

image image image

image image

· 11 February 2014 : Central Vigilance Commission – Rs 5

· 25 February 2014 : Hasrat Mohani – Rs 5

· 25 April 2014 : National Council of Churches in India - Rs 5

· 30 April 2014 : 50 years of Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital, Delhi – Rs 5

· 30 April 2014 : Chattampi swamikal – Rs 5

· 14 May 2014 : Drukpa Lineage – Rs 5

· 12 June 2014 : FIFA World Cup 2014 – 2 x Rs 5 + 2x Rs 25 + MS

· 20 August 2014 : Gaiety Theatre, Shimla – Rs 5

Recent Special Covers


4 July 2014 : Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Rotary Club of Madurai West - Madurai

15 July 2014 : Centenary Celebration of Dr. V. S. Rishi - Chennai.

18 July 2014 : " Gandhi:- Centenary of Start of Journey to India" - Special cover released by

Chhattisgarh Philatelic Society, Raipur

19 July 2014 : Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) - Sivakasi

24 July 2014 : Centenary of the Red Building, Chennai

24 July 2014 : APPEX 2014 - the textile craft of Machilipatnam -Vijayawada

25 July 2014 : APPEX 2014 - Wild Life Sanctuary (Mangroves, Coringa)- Vijayawada

25 July 2014 : APPEX 2014 – NREGA - Vijayawada

25 July 2014 : Gandhipex-2014 – Ahmedabad

26 July 2014 : APPEX 2014 ‘On the Summit of Success’ – 2 covers

26 July 2014 : 158th Anniversary of Bal Gangadhar Tilak – Patna

3 August 2014 : Commemorative Cover issued by Nepal Philatelic Bureau on Official visit of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to Nepal


8 August 2014 : 200th Flower Show, Lalbagh - Bangalore

6 August 2014 : Prof Jayasanker – Hyderabad

17 August 2014 : 50 years celebration of Jain Social Group at Pune.

22 August 2014 : 375th Madras Day Celebration, Chennai

23 August 2014 : GULPEX 2014 – Gullbarga

22 August 2913 ODIPEX 2014 : Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves – Bhubaneshwar


23 August 2014 : ODIPEX 2014 NALCO – Bhubaneshwar

23 August 2014 : ODIPEX 2014 INTACH - Bhubaneshwar

24 August 2014 : ODIPEX 2014 East Coast Railway HQrs, Bhubaneswar

24 August 2014 : ODIPEX 2014 - Pale-capped Pigeon- Bhubaneswar

24 August 2014 : ODIPEX 2014 Maha Bodhi Society – Bhubaneswar

29 August 2014 : 81st year of Lalbaugcha Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal - Mumbai

New Stamp Booklet by India Post


India Post – Tamil Nadu Circle - Chennai - issued  a booklet today, approved by PMG. Brihadeeswara Temple - MRP Rs. 100 (contains 4 x Rs. 5 stamp of Brihadeeswara Temple issued in 2010)sponsored by SIPA (South Indian Philatelists Association), Chennai and Bombay Sweets, Thanjavur.

Special folders cum booklets –

image image

Two Special folders cum booklets were issued during APPEX 2014 exhibition. One on a Saga of Buddhist Monuments in Andhra Pradesh containing 28 pages and printed on Glossy paper, which includes 6 nos. of Rs. 5 stamps and another on Sathya Sai Baba with 4 nos. of Rs. 5 stamps, each costing Rs.125 and Rs.35 respectively.



Forthcoming stamp issues for July to November 2014 declared by India Post

1. Musicians of India - (i) Ravi Shankar, (ii) Bhimsen Joshi, (iii) D. K. Pattammal, (iv) Gangubai Hangal, (v) Kumar Gandharva, (vi) Vilayat Khan (vii) Mallikarjun Mansur (viii) Ali Akbar Khan – 3 September 2014

2. . Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan - September, 2014

3. UTI - October/November, 2014

New pictorial cancellation from Germany


On September 7th 2014 a new pictorial cancellation will be issued in 22527 HAMBURG.
The cancellation is featuring a walrus (Odebenus rosmarus). Interested philatelists may please contact: Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Collector Group ARGE ZOOLOGIE.E.Mail: . Postage rates: 0,75 Euro AIRMAIL, 2,90 Euro Registered AIRMAIL.

In The News

Commemorative Cover issued by Nepal Philatelic Bureau commemorating the official visit of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to Nepal - 3rd August 2014


Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi paid an official visit to Nepal from 3rd - 4th August, 2014 at the invitation of the Prime Minister of Nepal, Rt. Hon'ble Mr. Sushil Koirala. Hon'ble Shri Narendra Modi, met with the Rt. Hon. Sushil Koirala, Prime Minister of Nepal, at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers at Singha Durbar, Kathmandu on 3rd August 2014 .


To commemorate the official visit of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Nepal Philatelic Bureau issued a Commemorative Cover and The two Prime Ministers affixed the first cancellation mark on the commemorative cover during the Bilateral Meeting at Singha Durbar.

Shri Pradip Jain of Patna had sent suggestion to Ms. Urmila Kaphle, Director of Nepal Philatelic Bureau to issue commemorative cover to mark the visit of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to Nepal. Mr. Jain had also suggested design for the cover.

Indian Winners at Philakorea 2014


Philakorea 2014, World Stamp Exhibition was held in Seoul from August 7 to August 12, 2014. Here is the award list of Indian participants . Heartiest Congratulations to all participants !

SR     NAME /  Medal                   TITLE OF EXHIBIT           MARKS

1   ANIL SURI                    FISCAL OF COCHIN                             95                      LARGE GOLD

2  KS, MOHAN                 POSTAL HISTORY OF COCHIN          86                      LARGE     VERMEIL

3    AVINASH SHARMA     OLYMPIC GAME                                 84                       VERMEIL

4     DINESH SHARMA     HISTORY OF OLYMPIC GAME          66                       SILVER BRONZE
                                             THROUGH PHILATELY
5   SURENDRA KOTADIA  INDIA BOOKLETS OF POST           63                        BRONZE

6   PRAFUL THAKKER    COLLECTORS GUIDE TO FIRST       63                    BRONZE
                                       DAY COVER & FOLDERS OF
                                       INDIA WITH SET OF STAMPS,
                                       SE- TENANT STAMPS &
                                       MINIATURE SHEET

Allocation of Exclusive Bar Code Series for Speed Post Articles containing Passport for Regional Passport Offices

India Post has decided to allocate a new exclusive barcode series having prefix “PP” for Speed Post articles containing Passports booked by various Regional Passport Offices across the country. A new barcode series for each circle and the RPOs linked for booking purpose has been prescribed. All RPOs will switch over to the new barcode series for the purpose of booking of Speed Post articles containing Passports with effect from 15.09.2014.

‘ Republic Day 2015 ’  Stamp Design Competition by India Post

Department of Posts is holding a “Republic Day 2015 – Stamp Design Competition”. The theme of the competition is Clean India.
The Terms and Conditions to participate in the competition are as follows:

  • Entries are invited for ‘Republic Day 2015 – Stamp Design Competition’. The participants are to make an original design on this subject (should not be copy of picture painted by someone else).
  • Any citizen of India can participate in this contest. The design could be in ink, water colour, oil colour or any other medium (computer printed/printout will not be allowed). The design submitted should be such that can be depicted on the stamps in a visually appealing manner so as to be of interest to philatelic collectors.
  • Participants are free to use drawing paper, art paper or any other type of white paper of A4 Size.
  • The following particulars should be written legibly on the reverse of the design:
  • Name of the participant*
    1. Age*
    2. Nationality*
    3. Full and complete residential address with Pin code
    4. Phone/Mobile Number*
    5. E-Mail ID (if available)

*It is compulsory to provide the information.

  • An undertaking stating that ‘The artwork submitted is original and no copyright issues are involved’ should be sent along with the entry. In case of any legal dispute related to copyright issue, Department of Posts will not be liable for the same.
  • The design should be sent without being folded, through “Speed Post” only, in A4 size envelope. The participants should mention “Republic Day 2015 –Stamp Design Contest” on the envelope in which the drawing is sent.
  • The prize winning designs will be considered for use on stamps and other philatelic material. The prize money will be as follows:-

1. First prize 10,000/-
2. Second prize 6,000/-
3. Third prize 4.000/-

  • The entries should reach on the following address by 15.10.2014.The entries received after the last date of receipt will not be entertained.

ADG (Philately)
Room No. 108(B),
Dak Bhawan,
Parliament Street,
New Delhi – 110001

My Stamps to mark 75 years of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) – 8th August 2014.


Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), founded in 1939 is the premier professional association of pharmacists in India, with a member base of over 10,000, spread across the length & breadth of the nation. IPA operates in India through 17 state branches and more than 33 local branches. The members represent various facets of pharmaceutical profession viz. Industry, regulatory, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy & education. IPA is also actively associated in managing several academic programmes.


On 8th August 2014, IPA Convention, 2014 was organised on at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore. The convention was hosted by IPA Karnataka State Branch. During the Convention My Stamps with logo of Platinum Jubilee year were released to commemorate the 75 years of the Association.

My Stamps new designs launched


India Post has launched 10 new themes of My Stamps viz. Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Mysore Palace, Fairy Queen, Port Blair Island, Ajanta Caves, St. Francis Church and Greetings.

These new themes are based on local tourist attraction places. Therefore the distribution of the same has been prepared in view of the location of the above places, except Taj Mahal, Fairy Queen and Greetings which are distributed to all postal circles, rest of the themes are circulated only to the concerned circle headquarters.

Read More..

 Taipei 2015 - 30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition


imageMr Umesh Kakkeri has been appointed  Commissioner for India for Taipei 2015, to be held from 24th  to 28th April 2015. The Exhibition in Taipei  will be co-hosted by Chunghwa Post, the Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation, and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

For participation, Please contact Mr Kakkeri, email :   Visit official website : Taipei 2015


Commissioner for Singapore 2015

image The Philatelic Congress of India has appointed Mrs Damyanti Pittie as National Commissioner for Singapore 2015 a F.I.P. World Exhibition to be held from 14th 19th August, 2015.

Philatelists eligible and willing to participate may contact her by e.mail /or by post on following  e.mail and contact address.  The IREX and Forms can be down loaded from Singapore 2015 web site :



SUKET, 4th Floor, 29-B, Dongersi Cross Lane, Malabar Hill, Mumbai-400 006.

Tel.No.00 91 022 23644337. Fax No.00 91 022 23633696.



Mr. Ajeet R. Singhee is invited by MALASIA-2015 (FIAP) as Juror from India.

Odipex-2014, 9th Odisha State Level Philatelic Exhibition: 22nd to 24th August 2014


The 9th Odisha State Level Philatelic Exhibition ‘Odipex-2014’ was organised by Odisha Postal Circle at Marawari Society, Unit-6, Bhubaneswar. 408 frames were on display at the exhibition. 20 stamps dealers across the country also attended the exhibition. The exhibition was well attended by general public, philatelists and students during all three days. During the exhibition ‘My Stamps’ were also made available.6 Special covers were released in this exhibition.


A quiz competition was also organised on the occasion for the school children and a power point presentation on Philately was given by Sri Ajit Dash, Secretary, EIPA on the occasion followed by quiz competition in junior and sub-junior group. A Philatelic book ‘Philatelist Kaleidoscope’ written by Dr. Bibhudatta Mishra and Shri Shanti Swarup Rath was released by Shri Bijoyshree Routray, EIPA President.

View : Award List

World News

Greenlandic stamp received international recognition in vote competition


Greenlandic stamp was recognized during special vote competition organized by the European postal network Sepac . A stamp from TELE-POST depicts a photo of a beautiful musk ox bull from the national park in northeast Greenland. The stamp collectors from around the world voted this Greenlandic stamp to be their favorite Sepac stamp in 2013. There were a total of 12 nominees Sepac stamps to choose from.

The photographer behind the image is the biologist Lars Holst Hansen (born 1973), who is associated with the Zackenberg Research Station in Northeast Greenland.

Series of Blue four-cent Magentas sets record at an auction….


The series of blue magenta stamps was sold for more than €6 million just after the British Guiana one-cent magenta had stolen the spotlight. Many collectors were just as interested in the balance of John du Pont’s British Guiana collection, which went on the block just a few days later in a sale conducted by David Feldman.                                      

The sale realized more than €6 million (US$8.75 million) with every single lot selling for more than the pre-sale estimate. While the sale was conducted in Geneva and bids were in Euros, this report converts prices realized to Canadian dollars, including buyer’s premiums.

“In 40 years as an auctioneer, I have never had the experience where every single lot was underbid to an astonishing multiple of the original estimate, leaving no lot unsold,” Feldman said.

Because the four-cent stamps were used for regular correspondence, a large number of them survived.

A four-cent black on blue used on cover, with the initials EDW for E.D. Wright, a postal clerk at the time, realized US$420,000. It was the most expensive stamp of this series.

Underwater Post Office commemorated on new stamps

image  image

"Underwater post offices of yesterday and today are featured on two recent stamp issues.The Bahamas commemorates the 75th anniversary of the world’s first undersea post office on four stamps issued Aug. 16. Vanuatu pictures its underwater post office, opened a little more than 10 years ago, on an unusually shaped self-adhesive stamp issued July 23."
Shown above, newly issued stamp from the Bahamas honoring the world’s first undersea post office and the pioneering underwater photography work of John Ernest Williamson and new stamp from Vanuatu.

Read More…

Controversy over stamps…..


The controversy about newly issued Irish stamps


The controversy recently started about John Redmond stamp issued by Irish Post. The scandal over stamps featuring John Redmond has taken another twist recently with a Labour TD Eamonn Moloney saying An Post was wrong to commemorate the Irish Party leader in the first place.

Former Fine Gael Taoiseach John Bruton has already criticized An Post for producing a stamp featuring a satirical cartoon of Redmond on a mock First World War recruitment poster.

Mr Maloney said today that An Post was wrong to produce a stamp commemorating Redmond and should immediately withdraw it.

“It is indeed appropriate to remember and commemorate the thousands of Irish boys and men who were slaughtered during World War One, but it is wrong for An Post to commemorate a politician who promoted, recruited and shamed Irishmen into killing for Great Britain”.

“The 1914-1918 Word War is constantly referred to as the Great War. But, there was nothing great for the 200,000 Irish recruits who fought in it. There was nothing great for the almost 50,000 young Irishmen who were slaughtered,” said Mr Maloney.

He said An Post rightly deserved credit for producing a stamp commemorating those who died, but, the stamp commemorating Redmond who recruited these men into that war should be withdrawn.

An Post have produced two stamps featuring Redmond in recent months to coincide with the centenary of the enactment of the Home Bill and the outbreak of the Frist World War.

A 60c stamp released in May featured Redmond and the Ulster Unionist leader, Edward Carson.The 68c cartoon stamp released a month later features the Irish leader as a cartoon character in a British recruitment poster.

Speaking at the Parnell summer school Mr Bruton described the stamp as unflattering and said that Redmond should get proper recognition for his achievement in getting the Home Rule Bill passed.

“I would have thought that if we want to look at the passage of 100 years of Home Rule next month something more constructive could have been found,” said Mr Bruton.

A spokesman for An Post said the stamps would not be withdrawn pointing out those recruitment posters “were the mass media of their day”. He said the Redmond stamps were part of a series of stamps commemorating the war and more would be issued in the coming years.

Controversy over theme of recent US stamps

US Postal Service criticized for favoring pop culture on stamps

By Marianne Levine

Tribune Washington Bureau


The new Janis Joplin stamp issued on Aug. USPS

WASHINGTON — Harry Potter, Elvis and Bugs Bunny share one thing in common: Traditional stamp collectors are not fans.

Some philatelists say the committee that helps the postmaster general pick new stamps is favoring pop celebrities and fictional characters over cultural sites and historical figures, undermining a long tradition.

“‘Harry Potter’ is a perfect example,” Ken Martin, executive director of the American Philatelic Society, a nonprofit stamp-collecting foundation that claims 44,000 members. He, at least, doesn’t approve of the fictional boy wizard or his British creator, J.K. Rowling.

“Why do you honor a British author’s book?” Martin asked. “Wouldn’t it be much more appropriate to honor something that reflects our country’s heritage, not the product of another country?”

The answer, by all accounts, is money. “Spider-Man” and “Star Wars” stamps vastly outsell those commemorating the Civil War, insects and spiders and Pacific Coast lighthouses.

The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service released its “Harry Potter” stamps last November in 20-stamp booklets and found another hit.

The stamps display images from some of the eight wildly popular films, including Harry reading his acceptance letter to Hogwarts, the school for young witches and wizards and firing his wand in battle. Magical creatures like Dobby the house elf and Hedwig the owl are also featured.

The postal service issued its latest limited-edition commemorative stamp on Aug. 8. It honors legendary blues rocker Janis Joplin, the hard-drinking lead singer of Big Brother and the Holding Company who died at 27.

Postal officials make no apologies for embracing pop culture given its snail-mail image in the digital age. It especially hopes to lure young people into collecting stamps.

“We need to change and improve to serve the changing needs of the American public,” said Toni DeLancey, a postal-service spokeswoman. “Those current Americans that we want interested in stamps, these are probably the images they want to see.”

DeLancey said the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, a 12-member group appointed by the postmaster general that evaluates future stamp issues based on public submissions, is just keeping up with the times.

But not everyone agrees. Last month, Benjamin Bailar, a prominent stamp collector who served as postmaster general from 1975 to 1978, angrily resigned from the committee after accusing the postal service of “prostituting” its stamps program.

In his letter to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, first obtained by Linn’s Stamp News, Bailar suggested the committee be abolished if it is going to recommend cartoons and the like.

“The stamp program should celebrate the things that are great about the United States and serve as a medium to communicate those things to a world-wide audience,” Bailar wrote.

In an interview, Bailer said the stamp program “deserves more than comic strip characters and pop music characters.”

- The Seattle Times

Book Review

I am pleased to write the review of the book, ‘Indian Antarctic Expedition Philatelist’s Guide By Abhai Mishra.” He presented this book to me personally few days back. It’s a pleasure to share it with all the readers. I thank Mr Abhai Mishra for giving a wonderful gift to the philatelic community in the form of this beautiful book. – Editor


Indian Antarctic Expedition Philatelist’s Guide By Abhai Mishra - Pages 116 - Price For India  Rs. 1500/- postpaid. For foreign via paypal 50 euro postpaid Available at : or contact Abhai Mishra  email :

A book titled "Indian Antarctic Expedition-Philatelist's Guide" by noted philatelist, Mr Abhai Mishra was recently released in Dehradun. The book traces the history of Indian Antarctic Expeditions through mails and letters carried with the expedition. It documents the Indian Antarctic postal history through cancellations, cachets, labels, envelopes, letter  heads, QSL cards, postcards used during the expedition. The book reveals very rare and lesser known facts of Antarctica. The book illustrates, hundreds of rare letters carried with the expedition and describes each and every Indian Expedition in detail.


Author with Dr Giriraj Singh Sirohi,First Indian to visit Antarctica

The book has 54 chapters.These include historical perspective (with details about Dr Giriraj Singh Sirohi, First Indian to visit Antarctica and Dr Paramjit Singh Sehra, first Indian to winter over in Antarctica) , Various date cancellers used in Indian Antarctic Post Offices,Institutions managing the Indian Antarctic  Program, Indian Antarctic Expeditions,Indian Antarctic Stations ( Dakshin Gangotri, Maitri and Bharati), Lists of Commemorative stamps, special covers, Cinderella and booklets pertaining to Indian Antarctic Expeditions, Indian Antarctic Clubs, lists of QSL Cards used by the HAM operators  during the expeditions,, honorary postmasters of Indian Antarctic Post offices, Feats and Facts of Indians in Antarctica and List of estimated price of  Indian Antarctic Covers .

The author has given guideline as to how to use the book. Various  Philatelic items illustrated in the book have been numbered for reference purpose. Specific numbers have been assigned to Covers, Letter Heads, Labels, Postcards, Cachets, Viewcards, QSL Cards and Date Cancellers. The details about these numbers have been given under special chapter “ Numbering System”.

The author himself was part of twenty-first Indian Antarctic Expedition in 2002 as communication officer. He writes…‘When I saw the first iceberg, draped in the evening sun and glittering like gold on the vast expanse of water, I decided I will definitely write a memoir of my journey to the forbidden continent. It never happened.’ But in this book Mr Abhai Mishra writes about his Antarctic Expedition both as a scientist and philatelist with a deep research on various type of philatelic items issued  on Indian Antarctic Expeditions. As a scientist he explains all technical terms, organizations and technical units associated with the expeditions as well as many interesting facts which he himself experienced during the expedition. As a philatelist he categorized all the philatelic items related with Indian Antarctic Expedition  which he could obtain or create so meticulously in a catalogue form. The material listed in the book primarily belongs to author’s collection which took about ten years to form.

In fact this book has  created  a special branch of postal history which could be called Postal history of Indian Antarctic Expeditions . It  will be cherished by all philatelists as this is a novel and difficult subject . Difficult in the sense that to collect letters from Antarctica,lot of patience is required as it may take about a year for the letter to reach its destination by various modes of Transport like ships, snow automobiles, aircraft helicopter, sledge etc..The author has put great efforts to  list and catalogue the material related to Indian Antarctic expedition which beautifully  emerged into new branch of Indian postal history. This book will be very useful to those too who love to know more about Indian Antarctic expeditions as the book gives  necessary details  about all Indian Antarctic Expeditions and personal thrilling experiences of the author .

The book is first of its kind to be written on Indian Antarctic postal history.  The book has a nice  layout with high quality printing on very fine paper. Various philatelic items illustrated in the book are very sharp , clear and  are in their original color   . This is an essential reference book for the lovers of  Indian Postal History and those collecting stamps on   Antarctica or scientific expedition themes. The book will be an asset to the libraries of educational institutions as well as to the  libraries of the philatelic societies. Every philatelist will be proud to have this book in his/her collection.

About the author

image Abhai Mishra is an amateur philatelist since 25 years.He has designed over fifty Special Covers and cancellations for the Department of Post. As a philatelist he specializes in in the area of Indian Antarctica and Uttrakhand. He has authored a book titled – ‘A Philatelic Journey’, published by Deptt of Post, Uttrakhand Circle.Professionally he is a scientist with Defence Research and Development, presently working at DEAL, Dehradun. He may be contacted at email :

I would like to share here one more review of this book by a non philatelist, Mr US Pandey who is a banker,  novelist and a  writer. His review is available at following link..- Editor

A Scientist and a Philatelist

Indian Antarctic Expedition —Philatelist’s Guide

image -  A Review by US Pandey

New Publications


"PHILATELIST KALEIDOSCOPE" by Dr Bibhudatta Mishra & Shanti Swarup Rath


A new philatelic book "PHILATELIST KALEIDOSCOPE" by Dr Bibhudatta Mishra & Sr Shanti Swarup Rath of Bhubaneshwar was recently released during Odipex 2014. For the book ‘PHILATELIST KALEIDOSCOPE’ Dr Bibhudatta Mishra may be contacted at   email :

The book has 10 chapters touching thematic areas meant for youth collectors who are in collection of postage stamp but ignorant about the hobby. Beside the book will help general readers & students providing general knowledge

The first chapter Stamps collection-Rainbow of diversity focuses Introduction with short description about philately, First stamps of the world, UPU etc. In addition, outline the categories in philately, types of collectors, types of accumulator etc.

The second chapter’sCheapest mode of Communication-Popular postal stationary & services speaks notes on various postal heritage buildings with stamp images, Indian Postal services such as Money order, National savings scheme, Postal Life Insurance, India Post Freighter, Postal Index Number, Speed Post, Modern Postal System etc. Further, Postman and Types of Letter boxes, Types of postage stamps, Postal Stationery used in India were given with factual information.

The Third Chapter’s Amateur Collectors-Beginner’s Tip paid attentions on what to study in stamps, what to collects, cancellation & types of cancellation etc with example of postage stamp or symbols.

The Fourth Chapter begins with India Pride such as National symbol, National song, National Flag, National Bird, National Flower, National Fruit, National tree, National Sports, National Land animals and many more. An interesting depiction in this chapter is all the Bharat Ratna Awardee in two pages with postage stamps, Noble laureate, Param Vir Chakra, Magsaysay awardee, oldest newspaper, oldest observatory etc. All the unit and subunit of the chapter has list of stamps released by India Post on the same content. An unit of this chapter describe the Fascinating Indian Stamp Facts.

The Fifth Chapter has the description of Mahatma Gandhi-Father of the Nation. The chapter also presented with list of Miniature Sheet, Cancellation & se-tenant published by India Post on Gandhi.

The Sixth chapter focuses on Rastrapati Bhawan, Loksabha & Rajya Sabha, President & Prime ministers (Name sequentially with period in the position. The chapter decorated with all the stamps, se-tenant & miniature sheet.

The seventh chapter titled “Cruising the Magnificent jungle Safari-Wild, domestic and Aquatic Animals” presented with briefing about all the wild animals with postage stamps & stationery, Domestic animals & fish, sea shell, amphibians etc. The chapters end with brief about 10 National Parks on which postage stamp released.

The Eighth chapter comprised of “Wonders of Indian Birds-Sweeping the sky with tiny wings”describing all types of bird stamps such asdefinitive bird stamps, conservation in bird, raptors, Antarctica birds, Migratory birds and butterflies.

The ninth Chapter has the heading “ Valley of Calm Trees & Plants-Faded Petals from a beautiful Bouquet” presented beautifully all types of tree i.e large tree, flowering plants, Perfumed flower, medicinal flowering plant, medicinal plant, orchids, mangrove plants, Himalayan Flower etc. with scientific and local names of the plants.

The Final chapter endorsed “Voyage to enlightment-Spiritual, religious and Holy routes for Salvation” all the religions Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism & Sikhism, pilgrimage places, festivals in stamps and their importance for human mankind.

The book completed with Bibliography & web sources from where reference were taken. Each chapter consist of Phila Quotes by famous personality with stamp images, Phila Facts, List of Miniature Sheet, Pictorial Cancellation, se-tenants, Sheet lets, Maxim card etc.

The 160 pages (hard & Soft bound) book published by Swarna Associates Publisher from Bhubaneswar is priced at Rs 400.00 (hard) and 350(soft). This handsome book features more than 500 stamp images, souvenir sheet, maxim cards, booklet, postal stationery etc. The book has received an ISBN number. The publisher may be contacted for this book at E-mail:  or

Philatelic Exhibitions


MALAYSIA 2014 - 29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition and World Youth Malaysia 2014 

MALAYSIA 2014, the 29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition and World Youth Malaysia 2014  will be held from 1 to 6 December 2014 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo is the  Commissioner from India for this exhibition.

Official Website :

Details of the exhibitions are available at following link :

For more info please contact :

Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo

'Saswat', D-3, B. J. B. Nagar,Bhubaneswar 751014

Phone +91674 2432251 Mobile +91 9337103542

email :

Stamp Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi


A stamp exhibition India Ahimsapex 2014 ( One frame national philatelic exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi and Freedom Fighters) on Mahatma Gandhi. organized by Lucknow Philatelic Society  will be held from 30 September to 2 October 2014 at UP Rajkiya Abhilekhagar, Mahanagar Lucknow .

For more details contact : S.A.M. Zaidi  email :  Ph. 9335241891, 9452270133, 9839266243

District and Circle level Exhibitions in Karnataka

A Circle level Exhibition is proposed to be held at Madikeri from 10th to 12th October 2014. It will include Kodagu, Mangalore, Udupi, Puttur and Tumkur Circles.

Suvarna Kaveri Pex 2014-15, a District Level Philatelic Exhibition will be held at Nanjaraja Bahadhur Choultry, Mysore on 09th to 10th August 2014, in joint collaboration with Nanjangud, Mandya and Kolar Postal Divisions.

Beginners’ Section



Getting stamps to stick hasn't always been a simple task. Most stamps made after 1840 came with an adhesive gum on the back. But the gum—made from various plant products such as cornstarch, sweet potatoes, gum Arabic, and sugar—wasn't always of the highest quality, meaning stamps often fell off letters. The U.S. Postal Service tried various gum formulas to remedy the situation, including special "summer gum" that was resistant to humidity, and "winter gum" that resisted cracking in cold, dry winter air.

Finally, in the 1960s, the South Pacific island kingdom of Tonga broke the mold when it printed a series of self-adhesive stamps. Not only did they not require licking, they came in odd shapes—the most famous of which was this 1969 stamp (below) shaped like a banana. These unusual stamps were a big hit and, for a time, became a significant source of revenue for the country. Collectors went crazy for them. In fact, they became so popular that one dealer ordered more copies of a particular stamp than had been printed. Most countries followed Tonga's lead, and today, the die-cut, peel-and-stick stamps are the most common type of stamps in the United States.

- Stamp Stories

Specialized Section

Some Remarkable Cancellations and Postmarks-23

image - Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap

The North-West Provinces Circle Cancellations (Renouf Type 13)

The renumbering took place in the North-West Provinces, as a large number of post offices were taken over from the District Post. Type 13 was prescribed for these post offices. Renouf Type 13 is a duplex cancellation, where the right duplex consists of two concentric circles, the inner circle shows parallel lines ascending from south-west to north-east, running through a number assigned to the post-office, the space between the circles contain the letters “N.W.P.”, which stand for North West Province. The left duplex, also formed of two concentric circles with the same dimensions, contains the name of the Post Office and the date, traversed by broken lines. This cancellation was used for short period between 1872 and 1873. Examples are common but perfect specimens with clear impression are hard to be found. Col. D.R. Martin has listed about 548 post offices with their post office numbers where Renouf Type 13 cancellations were applied, giving evidence of some 86 post office numbers.

s 26

s 27

Cover from Barrielly to London

1872 Cover from Barrielly to London with 8 As (SG73) adhesive to the cover by BARRIELLY/ JU 24/72=49” Type 13 cancellation, endorsed “via Bombay &Brindisi”, B/S “EX/BOMBAY/27 JU72”+ “LONDON/JY 22/72”, Postage Paid: 8 As as per 10 Dec.1870 Rate for letters not exceeding ½ Ounce to U.K. via Brindisi.

- Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap email :

New Stamps from other Countries


8 August 2014 : Fruits cultivated in Hungary


The fruits illustrated on stamps are Bistrita plum and Tahi strawberries. The stamp issue was released on the 8th of August and is now available for purchasing.

Besztercei plum

This sort of plums presents a high genetic diversity, not only due to strong vegetative, but also generative tendency; the variety and diversity of shape. Besztercei plum is cultivated almost everywhere in Europe. It is one of the most popular fruits in Hungary for producing wine.

Thai strawberries

Tahi strawberry is cultivated on Szentendre Island in Louisa where the several varieties are generated. At the beginning of the 20th century this fruit was cultivated by German breeders. In the cool months between December and March, this luscious red fruit can be found at markets. They grow in Hungary to a medium size and are juicy and very rich in flavour.


1 September 2014 : Sailing World Championships 2014


Spanish Post will issue a new stamp dedicated to the Santander ISAF Sailing World Championships 2014. The stamp depicts a gorgeous yacht that is flouting in sea.

The Sailing World Championships is the most important event organized by the International Sailing Federation. It takes place every four years, two before the Olympic Games, and is used to allot 75% of the places for countries taking part in the Games. Santander is hosting the 4th World Sailing Championships over the first two weeks of September, when it will welcome about 1000 yachts and 1400 crew from more than 95 countries.

The eleven Olympic categories will take part in the competition. Countries which qualify can participate in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016.The Royal Spanish Sailing Federation (RFEV) has set up several sites in the capital city of Cantabria, such as the marshland of the Santander Real Club Marítimo to moor the organisation’s and keeled boats, the Star and the Elliots of the Women’s Match Race, and the CEAR Príncipe Felipe (Specialist Centre for High Performance in Sailing), as well as other port areas nearby.

The first World Sailing Championships were held in Spain in 2003 in the Bay of Cadiz. Spanish philately marked this competition by issuing a commemorative stamp.The second Championships were held in Cascais in Portugal in 2007, where 1350 sailors from 76 countries attended. The stamp recreates the blue waves of Cantabria, around yachts with sails billowing in the wind in front of the Magdalena Palace, an iconic building in Santander.


25 July 2014 : Europa 2014 ( Music)

image image

2 September 2014 : Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine ( Tourism)


The Lighter Side

A Penny For Your Mischievous Thoughts

According to legend, Sir Rowland Hill got the idea for the Penny Postage program one day while watching a barmaid tearfully plead with a mailman. Unable to afford the shilling demanded for postage, she begged simply to hold the letter sent by her beloved brother. Hill then watched as the girl scanned the envelope intensely, as if trying to read its contents mentally. Touched, Hill coughed up a shilling and gave her the letter. The girl stopped crying, but instead of being grateful, she became nervous. After the postman left, she confessed that the letter was blank. Her brother's message was contained in secret marks made on the envelope. Apparently, the two had devised a system whereby they could send each other messages through the post for free.


s 29

During the post"“World War I era, Germany was wracked by one of the most famous and spectacular bouts of inflation in history. Under the strain of huge war reparations demanded by the victorious Allies, prices for everything from pumpernickel to postage stamps soared out of control. To put things in perspective, consider this: In July of 1923, the rate for someone to mail a letter from Germany to the United States had risen from 300 marks to 900 marks (equal to a little more than half a cent in U.S. money). Only three months later, the cost to mail that same letter was 6,000 marks. The sample shown here was mailed from Berlin to London on October 18, 1923, and cost 15 million marks. But it didn't stop there. By November, the mark had plunged even further, and stamps were being printed at values as high as 20 billion marks.

During this period of runaway inflation, it became harder and harder to cram enough stamps onto letters and documents to pay for postage or revenue stamp fees. According to sources, one Swiss document had to be sent with 10 feet of paper attached to it, just to hold the required amount of revenue stamps. Eventually, the situation became so bad that Germany temporarily stopped requiring stamps to mail letters. Instead, they allowed customers to pay for postage in cash at the post office, and officials would simply mark the letters as paid.


s 30

During World War I, the Baltic region of Latvia didn't have much to call its own. It was governed by Russia, and German forces were occupying much of the area. In 1918, however, Latvia gained independence during the chaos and collapse of the Romanov Dynasty. In addition, German forces had retreated "¦ but not without leaving their mark on the new nation. Oddly enough, that mark was on Latvia's stamps.

Latvia suffered devastating damage during the war. Factories were destroyed or moved to Russia, and paper was in short supply. So when the young nation got ready to print its first national stamps, postal officials got creative and used the blank backs of German military maps and unfinished banknotes. Indeed, if you look on the underside of some Latvian stamps from this era, you'll see a tiny sliver of a military map used by the Germans during World War I.

- Stamp stories worth retelling..

Promotional Section


New blog on our Armed Forces

Forces in Philately

A new blog has been created by Commodore Vijay Kapre of New Delhi, featuring philatelic items related with our Armed Forces. The blog is very nice. All philatelists especially Collectors of Army theme would like this blog and get information on several types of philatelic items  related with army .


Year Book of Indian Philately : 2013 

By Madan Middha


Year Book of Indian Philately: 2013  by Madan Middha Pages 271- Published by Vishesh Prakashan, Topi Bazar, Gwalior. Price Rs 300

The book covers information on philatelic events of year 2013. Award List of international exhibitions, forthcoming international exhibitions, Indian stamps, postal stationery, Army covers, Special covers and postmarks issued during the year 2013 have been listed in the book. Information on Postal History events, exhibitions, society news has also been included in the year book.

The “Year Book of Indian Philately 2013” is  available with Mr Madan Middha The price of the year book is Rs. 300 inclusive of postage in India.Readers may contact : Mr Madan Middha, Saket Vihar, Phalka Bazar, GWALIOR - 474 001. email :

Book on Tagore stamps and covers


Rabindranath Tagore and The Post Office - A Philatelic Tribute

The book “ Rabindranath Tagore and The Post Office - A Philatelic Tribute “ edited by noted artist and philatelist Shri Dipok Dey has been published by Rammohun Library and Free Reading Room, Kolkata.

This book gives details with colorful illustrations of all the stamps along with First Day Covers, Postmarks, Souvenir sheets, Miniature sheets, special covers, special postmarks, Booklets, Maximum Cards, Picture Post cards ,  catch Covers etc.

The other details of the book are given below :

Rabindranath Tagore and The Post Office - A Philatelic Tribute Edited by Dipok Dey - Hardbound - Pages 64  - Price Rs 575.  - Published by Rammohun  Library and Free Reading Room, 267 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Kolkata – 700009. email : Ph. 033 – 700009 ( Please contact from 2PM to 6PM except Saturday and Sunday)

History of Indian Miniature Paintings Through Philately by Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal published by PHILAGOLD Publications, Pages 80,  Price   Rs 1200 / US  $ 25


History of Indian Miniature Paintings Through Philately is a beautiful   Coffee Table Book by renowned philatelist and philatelic author Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal. The book is based on deep research of different schools of Indian Art by Dr Agrawal. The study has been narrated through beautiful images of various philatelic items  issued all over the world. The book is divided into 14 chapters with details of paintings from different schools of Indian Art. The most attractive part of the book is its fine and rich printing. The book has been presented by the author in a very aesthetic way that on first sight it captures the attention of the reader.

The book is available with Dr Satyendra Kumar  Agrawal

email -

Blogs & Websites

1. Forces in Philately - - .A new blog has been created by Commodore Vijay Kapre of New Delhi, featuring philatelic items related with our Armed Forces.

2. Praful Thakkar’s Exotic gallery of Indian Philately - : It is a complete website on Indian Philately created by noted philatelist Mr Praful Thaakkar

3. Welcome to the World of Indian Philately - An exclusive website created by Mr Prashant Pandya dedicated to Indian Philately .The philatelists can register for “ Online Philatelists’ Directory ” on this website.

4.Virtual Stamp Club It is website for On Line collectors. Membership is free. Many collectors around the world are its members..

5.Indian Thematics - - A new blog created by noted Thematic Philatelist Mr Dinesh Chandra Sharma. This blog is all about Thematic Philately.

6. Indian Philatelists’ Forum -

This is an electronic discussion forum dedicated exclusively to Indian Philately that allows members to engage into meaningful discussions on all aspects of Indian Philately. Membership to the forum is open to all philatelists who have interest in Indian Philately. Members can share and discuss their ideas, knowledge, research, collections, events, exhibitions, auctions, publications exclusively related to Indian Philately.

7. The best stamps - It’s a beautiful blog created by Julian Fernandes of Pune ( Now living in UK) featuring lovely stamps of birds with the photos of the same birds giving a wonderful look !!

8. Numismatic & Philatelic Association - -  This Numismatic & Philatelic Association is a nonprofit and non-trade motive association that aims to promote the hobbies – Philately (Stamp Collection) and Numismatics (Coin Collection) among children, students, interested individuals among the general public and especially for the budding philatelists and numismatists.

9. How to Collect Stamps - : The Complete Guide To Stamp Collecting

10.GANDHI Stamps & Philately Study Circle : - A new Blog by Ketan Patel .…. Saving Gandhi Philately by trying to bring awareness and exposing illegal activities in Gandhi Stamps and Philately.

11. Europa Stamps : : A blog on Europa, cept, norden & sepac stamps

12. Phila Mirror : : The Indian Philately Journal

13. Se- tenant Stamps of India - It is a specialized Blog on se-tenant stamps.

14. Flags & Stamps - - It is a specialized blog on Flag Theme .

15. Glimpses of Modern Indian Philately : - It is a specialized blog on Modern Philately, created by Mr Prashant Pandya .

16. Question & Answers on Philately : 1610/indexExp_69442.htm - It is a site based on Question & Answers on Philately. Mr Prashant Pandya replies to queries.

17. Philatelic Journalists Forum - “The Philatelic Journalists” is an initiative by a few enthusiast philatelists, who love the hobby to the deepest.

18. The Philatelist - - A blog with lot of info about stamps and philatelic activities around the world.

19. Phila India - - Website created by Mahesh Reddiar with lot of info and articles on philately .

20. Princess Diana – Queen of Hearts - - New Blog by noted philatelist of Orissa Mr Santanu Panigrahi.

21. Stamp Magazine - This blog is updated by Adrian Keppel every Friday with new Articles on a variety of subjects

Philatelic Clubs & Societies

Baroda Philatelic Society -

Deccan Philatelic Society – Pune, Maharashtra

Eastern India Philatelists’ Association -

India Study Circle -

Indian Stamp Ghar -

Indian Thematic Society, Ludhiana -

Ludhiana Philatelic Club

Mobile Philately -

Numismatic & Philatelic Association of Vellore Fort

Philatelic Society of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Rainbow Stamp Club -

Rajkot Philatelic Society – Rajkot, Gujarat

Gujarat Philatelic Association - Ahmedabad

South India Philatelists Association -

Stamps of India -

The Army Philatelic Society, Pune

Current Philatelic Magazines – Newsletters

Stamp of India Collectors’ Companion - India’s first weekly e-newsletter edited by Madhukar and Savita Jhingan from Stamps of India, New Delhi. E-mail: Website:

India Post – Quarterly Journal of the India Study Circle publishes original articles submitted by members of ISC.

ITS Stamp News - Quarterly - Editor: Suraj Jaitly Publisher: Indian Thematic Society website -

VADOPHIL, Editor - Prashant Pandya and published by Baroda Philatelic Society, Vadodara. Website -

Journal of the Army Philatelic Society : Editor – Col Jayanta Dutta

SIPA Bulletin - published by South India Philatelists’ Association, Chennai website :

GPA News – Published by Gujarat Philatelists’ Association, Ahemadabad.

Stamps Today – Stamp & Coin Magazine edited by Vijay Seth


This is a blog of e-stamp Club . The idea of this blog is to extend philatelic fraternity in all corners of the world. Readers may write about themselves with their collecting interests and share new ideas with other philatelists. New Post on recent issues, news on stamp activities and Contribution by members are published every day on this blog.Readers may also express their views on any philatelic matter which will be published under Club News at Rainbow Stamp Cub Blog. Philatelic Clubs and Societies may also send brief write ups. News about new issues of India and abroad and other information related with Philately are regularly posted on this blog. Readers may send reports on new issues, special covers, cancellations & philatelic activities of their area for inclusion in this Blog. - Editor

Courtesy - News and Image Resource to this issue : International Stamp News; Indian Philately Digest ; Prashant Pandya – Vadodara; Sreejesh Krishnan – Trivandrum ; Mahesh Parekh- Chennai; , Bibhu Mishra – Bhubaneshwar ; Surendra Kotadia – Mumbai;  Wolfgang Beyer– Germany; Zoya Mendonca -  Mumbai ; Jagannath Mani – Bangalore ; Damyant Pittie – Mumbai;Umesh Kakkeri - Mumbai

  Address for communication:

Jeevan Jyoti, c / o Mr. Ajay Srivastav Wildlife Institute of India,  Chandrabani, Dehradun – 248002. India

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Rainbow Stamp News is edited and published monthly by Jeevan Jyoti, from Dehradun ( Uttarakhand) India.


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