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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rainbow October 2014


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Best Wishes  to all  for  a very Happy Festive Month !!


On October 2, 2014, Republic of Belarus Post will issue the stamps “Merry Christmas! ” and “Happy New Year!” for upcoming Winter Holidays !

Dehradun October 2014 Vol. VII Issue # 82

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Dear Reader,

I am pleased to release October 2014 issue of Rainbow Stamp News. This is the festive month in India with festivals of Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali. Greeting to all the readers on this festive season. In this issue there is a very special article by Dr Satyendra Kumar Agarwal on postmarks. Readers would like it very much as Dr Agarwal has given illustrations of many marvelous and rare pictorial postmarks in his article with details. Read another article on early Indian cancellations in the series of articles by Dr Avinash B. Jagtap. Mr Naresh Agrawal writes on philatelic socializing and bringing the philatelic community closer. This is the lighter side of philately. We must welcome it. Stamp exhibitions are also being held in different parts of the country this month. Enjoy this issue and have a great festive and philatelic time with family and friends.

Happy Collecting ! !

                                                                                                                                                                                          -- Jeevan Jyoti



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image From the Desk of Naresh Agrawal


Jainism Philately Group Meet and Get together : Philatelic Socializing

Jainism Philately Group was formed in 2011 during INDEPEX 2011 in Delhi by a group of handful of philatelists present there. And from then it has expanded to have an active strength of about 100 till date. With all its members spread throughout India, this group has worked tremendously for promotion of philately specially Jainism. it has been so successful in promoting philately all over India because regular meeting are being held locally all around, various special covers and cachets/cancellations are being released at different places on regular basis, regular exchange of views amongst the members, searching and sharing of knowledge related to Jainism and other aspects of philately & further I believe it has been successful in pursuing the DOP to get some stamps issued on Jainism personalities or other aspects too. In a broader perspective, it has helped promotion of philately in general in a big way.

Philately itself is a religion which is not bound by any caste and creed as it is a community of likeminded people. It is a bond of love, friendship and brotherhood amongst people. We have seen philately has its life almost as long as the life of a postage stamp. Philatelists are born and gone. There are clubs and societies which are considered as common places to meet, chat, discuss and go. Exhibitions are the places where philatelists from other than one’s own society/club meet. There are few philatelists who have their family get together but mainly confined to local level. From decades to decades this has been the practice all over. I am active member of Chhattisgarh Philatelic Association, Bilaspur for last 18/19 years but I don’t remember whether we have ever conducted a family get together of more than 3 or 4 families though having a huge strength of members. Traditionally philatelists are friendly but in practice I have not observed huge joint celebrations of families of philatelists. No big collective family get together ever.

Well, coming to the point where I want to. Traditions are bound to change in today’s scenario. Philately is changing…philatelists are changing…social set ups and thoughts are changing. In this scenario of change… this group has brought yet another idea a family get-together of all members of the group from all over India at an independent place. A big change and move proposed and planned . I have come across an invitation card sent to the members highlighting the meeting of the group and family get together on 5th of October 2014 at KHAJURAHO in M.P., a UNESCO world heritage site and tourism place in India. One day progamme has scheduled complete lodging, boarding, site visits and meeting of the members and their visiting family members. Complete tour programme and other related information has been well designed and furnished. This for me is a genuine projection and an established fact of the statement “Philately for friendship and brotherhood” and “Philately for joy and pleasure”. They have given the message “Let’s come out of the stamp and stock books & move together”. Hats off to this group. I salute the spirit behind the move.

I have found most of the members of the group though belong to same religion but are from different local social set ups. Though they belong to different economic backgrounds being of different professions, businesses and services, yet they have the same vision studded with zeal and enthusiasm. I can say that they have proven to be the trend setters. A handful of persons forming a group, expanding the same and changing the existing trends in philatelic socializing field. They have introduced a new philosophy “PHILATELIC SOCIALIZING”. Yes, I agree it was before also but very concise and localized. Now when all the communication and transport means are available, one should come out and move together with his philatelist friends. Looking in to other aspect of this new philosophy of Philatelic Socializing, I feel normally philatelists enjoy moving around in philatelic clubs, visiting exhibitions and other shows but their families have no participation in it. With the fast pace of life, it is now difficult for most of the people to move out with their families. This type of events not only give good chance to the family members to move out with philatelist but to really enjoy with them and their hobby in the company of other philatelists. It truly helps and serves the very purpose that philately gives joy and peace to the mind. Interaction with the families in open informal atmosphere adds to the pleasure and joy to the hobby. Writing more about this group, I feel it has given a message that various such groups can be formed to have specialization in particular field of philately. This group as I gather also has some non- Jain members who are equally active. It is the bond of philately…it is the essence of philately….it is the strength of philately which is so prominently displayed by the group.

Not writing much, I wish this group a great success of this outdoor family meet and hope it will prosper day by day. I understand ,in the time to come, more and more non-Jain brothers to come in to its fold. Because as I said..Philately it self is a religion, a community. I understand philatelists all over India will learn some lessons from this group of philatelists and will see how their thoughts and ideas can be implemented in future by them too. Finally wishing JPG a great success of this meet.

- Naresh Agarwal : email :

Recent Indian Issues



· 25 April 2014 : National Council of Churches in India - Rs 5

· 30 April 2014 : 50 years of Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital, Delhi – Rs 5

· 30 April 2014 : Chattampi swamikal – Rs 5

· 14 May 2014 : Drukpa Lineage – Rs 5

· 12 June 2014 : FIFA World Cup 2014 – 2 x Rs 5 + 2x Rs 25 + MS

· 20 August 2014 : Gaiety Theatre, Shimla – Rs 5

· 3 September 2014 : Indian Musicians – 2 x Rs 25, 6 x Rs 5

Recent Special Covers

1 September 2014 : The Advent day of Shri Ramana Maharshi, the founder of the Ashramam.

5 September 2014 Berpex-2014 Heritage Post Office of Berhampore

6 September 2014 Berpex-2014 Murshidabad Silk, Berhampore (West Bengal)

5 September 2014 contributions of Shaik Nazar and Gurram Jashuva- Guntur

6 September 2014 South Indian music director Chakravarthi Kommineni Apparao - Guntur

11 September 2014 : 102nd FDI Annual World Dental Congress – Greater Noida



For special Cover from Dehradun plz contact at email : Ph no. 0135 - 2710899

12 September 2014 : Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra - Dehradun



12 September 2014 BILASAPEX 2014 Bilaspur railway Station – Bilaspur (C.G.)

13 September , 2014 BILASAPEX 2014 : Kendai Waterfall – Bilaspur (C.G.)

13 September 2014 Asan Memorial Association, Chennai

14 September 2014 BILASAPEX 2014 : Archeological heritage of Malhar_ Bilaspue (C.G.)


24 September 2014 : Chamundipex 2014 Mysore two special Covers

25 September 2014 : Chamundipex 2014 Mysore two special Covers

26 September 2014 : Chamundipex 2014 Mysore two special Covers

26 September 2014 Bhandasar Jain Temple, Bikaner

30 September 2014 INDIA AHIMSAPEX – 2014 , Lucknow

New Picture Postcards by India Post


India Post has introduced a set of four picture postcards having following designs. Picture Postcards are priced at Rs. 10 each and available at philatelic bureaux. Photographs on Picture Postcards are taken by Gautam Pandey and Mike Pandey.

1. Western Tragopan, Himachal Pradesh
2. Chandra Tal, Himachal Pradesh
3. Langza Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh
4. Tiger Cubs, Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

View all cards

New Permanent Pictorial Cancellation


India Post introduced a new Permanent Pictorial Cancellation at Sri Ramanasramam Post Office, Tiruvannamalai 606603 on 1st September 2014, to coincide with the Advent day of Shri Ramana Maharshi, the founder of the Ashramam.

Stamp Booklets from India Post

India Post issued Stamps Booklet on Indian Musicians - 3rd September 2014.


India Post has released a Stamp Booklet with the Commemorative issue of Indian Musicians commemorating Pandit Ravi Shankar, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Ms. D.K. Pattammal, Ms. Gangubai Hangal, Pandit Kumar Gandharva, Ustad Vilayat Khan, Pandit Mallikarjun Mansur and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. Booklet is approx. 235 mm x 170 mm in size and contains 9 pages. Each page of Stamp Booklet has information about the musician commemorated with multicolour photographs and individual stamp mounted on each page. On last page one Miniature Sheet is mounted. Stamps Booklet is prices at Rs. 500 and available at Philatelic Bureaux. This stamps booklet is also available at Snapdeal at same price with philatelic bookmarks as freebie and free delivery.

Stamp Booklets from Bilaspur



During BILASPEX 2014, Two Stamp Booklets featuring Mother Teresa, Apostle of Love and Mahatma Gandhi with Child were released on 12th October 2014 and Two Stamp Booklets featuring Chafara (Frangipani) the beautiful flower found in Achanakmar Bio sphere and Gaur (Bison) were released. On 13th September 2014.

Stamp Booklets from Lucknow


4 Special Stamp Booklets on Mahatma Gandhi were issued during India Ahimsapex 2014, Lucknow.

In The News


Serbian Post has issued a commemorative stamp on 2nd September 2014 showing a drawing of a tiger drawn by an Indian Child named K. Banuchander, 10 years old. The drawing bears the title " Joy of Europe". Serbia (a part of former Jugoslavia ) issues every year two stamps with the caption " Joy of Europe.



Since 1969, each year a children's meeting called "Joy of Europe" is held in Yugoslavia and after the partition of this nation, now in Serbia. This meeting of children between 7 and 15 years promoting friendship through various creative activities as a symbol of
United Children's World represents a constant cultural background. On every 2nd to 5th October the authentic children's creativity demonstrated in close contact with the citizens of Belgrade. It organizes the children art competition for the last 40 years. The works of the most talented children from all over the world find place on the stamps, special commemorative envelopes with first day cancellation. This year Master K. Banuchander's picture depicting the tiger has been selected as the winner. Another Indian boy Master Sandeep Kumar, of 18 years has offered the vignette for the special cover, other motives on the envelopes are from Andrea Tomovic from Serbia, Mateusz Prewdzing from Poland, Matilda Milisavljevic from Serbia and Krutarth Shah (6 years) from India.

- Dr Avinash B. Jagtap,- Binningen, Switzerland

Best Europa stamp 2014 - Jury prize

The 2014 Best Europa stamp - Jury prize was awarded this week-end in Brussels’ town hall.This was the fourth edition of this neutral and artistic prize.
Eight experts of the philatelic world were invited to join the jury and judge the Europa stamps based on their expert opinion.This year's winner is Belgium with the above stamp : Finland won the second prize and third prize was awarded to Europa stamp of San Marino

Read More

Egypt issues stamps to mark new Suez Canal - but uses pictures of Panama Canal

Here is an interesting new stamp issue from Egypt.A set of three stamps were issued by Egypt Post  to mark the announcement of the New Suez Canal project. but however, instead of Suez Canal, mistakenly the image of Panama Canal was used. This mistake was noted only after a day of issue and these were withdrawn and a new set of three stamps were issued again after few days.


The stamps feature images of a map of the Suez Canal, along with photographs of a waterway in a desert setting which do indeed appear to come from Egypt. However they also show another two lane waterway in a green, fertile landscape which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Panama Canal – the 48 mile Central American passage which links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Read More…

New stamp issue after the withdrawal of above stamps


The stamps which were sold on first day and withdrawn now sell over multiple price than its face value.

Philatelic society offering $100,000 reward for return of stolen rare stamps

CAMDEN, N.Y. — A reward of up to $100,000 is being offered to locate two of the world’s most famous rare postage stamps that are still missing after they were stolen from the exhibit of a wealthy New York City woman in Virginia nearly 60 years ago. They were part of an intact block of four stamps from the fabled sheet of 100 “Inverted Jenny” airmail stamps mistakenly printed in 1918 with an upside down image of a Curtis Jenny airplane.


Recovered in 1981 and now owned by the American Philatelic Research Library, this is one of the two recovered, famous 1918 “Inverted Jenny” misprinted 24¢ airmail stamps that was part of New York City collector Ethel B. McCoy’s intact block of four stamps stolen in 1955.  A reward of $50,000 each now is being offered for the two stamps that are still missing after nearly 60 years. (Photo courtesy American Philatelic Research Library)

“It’s possible that the two remaining missing stamps were innocently acquired by collectors decades ago who did not realize they had been stolen. With the passage of time, the heirs of those collectors may not realize they’ve inherited stolen property,” said Donald Sundman, President of Mystic Stamp Company in Camden, New York.

Sundman is offering the reward of $50,000 per stamp on behalf of their current, legal owners, the American Philatelic Research Library in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

He made the reward announcement, Saturday, September 13, 2014, at Aerophilately 2014, an annual convention of airmail stamp collectors held at the American Philatelic Society headquarters in Bellefonte.

For 19 years the stamps were the prize possession of Ethel B. McCoy (1893 – 1980), a patron of performing arts and an avid collector whose father, Charles Bergstresser, was a co-founder of the Dow Jones company.

She acquired the block of four Inverted Jenny 24-cent denomination airmail stamps for $16,000 in 1936, and it was stolen in September 1955 while on exhibit at the American Philatelic Society convention in Norfolk, Virginia.

The block was broken apart, and one of the stolen stamps was discovered in 1977, another in 1981. Both were recovered with the participation of the FBI.

Before she died at the age of 87 in 1980, McCoy donated both of them along with the legal rights to the two still missing stamps to the American Philatelic Research Library.
McCoy’s first husband, Bert A. Stewart, a coin collector, died in 1936. In 1941 she married a prominent stamp collector, Walter R. McCoy, and they were active in philatelic organizations. In 1937 she was named a director of the American Air Mail Society and was posthumously named to the American Philatelic Society Hall of Fame in 1981.

Only 100 of the legendary Inverted Jenny stamps were ever reported, all coming from a single sheet purchased in 1918 at a Washington, D.C. Post Office by William T. Robey for their combined face value, $24. In short order, the sheet changed hands and it was broken apart, sometimes as single stamps, sometimes as blocks.

“Many people who have never licked a stamp hinge know about the Post Office printing error that produced an inverted biplane on a 24¢ airmail stamp in 1918. To them it is ‘the upside-down airmail stamp’ and immediately recognizable as a symbol of stamp collecting,” said Rob Haeseler, Chairman of the American Philatelic Research Library’s McCoy Reward Committee.

In 2005, Sundman traded one of the two known 1868 Ben Franklin one-cent denomination “Z Grill” postage stamps for the unique, numbered plate block of four Inverted Jenny stamps then owned by Wall Street bonds trader Bill Gross. The exchange was valued at $6 million at the time.

The reward offer for the missing McCoy stamps is being made by Sundman for one year, through September 2015. Anyone with information about the missing stamps can contact the American Philatelic Society at 800-782-9580 extension 246 or by email at

Read More…

Taipei 2015 - 30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition


image Mr Umesh Kakkeri has been appointed  Commissioner for India for Taipei 2015, to be held from 24th  to 28th April 2015. The Exhibition in Taipei  will be co-hosted by Chunghwa Post, the Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation, and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

For participation, Please contact Mr Kakkeri, email :   Visit official website : Taipei 2015


Commissioner for Singapore 2015

image The Philatelic Congress of India has appointed Mrs Damyanti Pittie as National Commissioner for Singapore 2015 a F.I.P. World Exhibition to be held from 14th 19th August, 2015.

Philatelists eligible and willing to participate may contact her by e.mail /or by post on following  e.mail and contact address.  The IREX and Forms can be down loaded from Singapore 2015 web site :



SUKET, 4th Floor, 29-B, Dongersi Cross Lane, Malabar Hill, Mumbai-400 006.

Tel.No.00 91 022 23644337. Fax No.00 91 022 23633696.



Assam Postal Circle is organizing a state level philatelic exhibition, ASSAMPEX - 2014 on 1st and 2nd November’ 2014 at Guwahati.

Venue: Don Bosco Auditorium, Panbazar, Guwahati - 781001
Date of Exhibition: 01-11-2014 & 02-11-2014

News from Philatelic Societies


Bilasapex – 2014

                           - A report by Naresh Agrawal




BILASAPEX 2014, a 3 days Distt Level Philatelic Exhibition concluded in Bilaspur Chhattisgarh on 14th Sept 2014.It was organized by Bilaspur Postal Division with co-operation of Chhattisgarh Philatelic Association from 12 to 14 Sept . 2014. The exhibition was well attended regularly by various school children, general public and people of all age groups. 78 philatelic frames well placed in magnificently built historical Raghvendra hall in the heart of the city. Philatelic dealers from Kolkatta and various stalls of India post attracted visitors and enthusiasts. “My Stamp” caught attention of one and all and a good number of order for MY STAMP was received.

The exhibition was inaugurated by SRI Naveen Tondon, GM,SECR, Bialspur and Sri Y.P.Rai CPMG, Chhattisgarh Postal Circle, Raipur on 12.09.2014 in presence of huge gathering comprising of philatelists, stamp lovers, postal staff and a good number of school children. In all, there were 78 frames on display with 35 participants in different groups including the one PROMOTIONAL GROUP. 25 nos. entries were awarded prizes. Dr Pradeep Jain, a senior philatelist of Balod, Chhattisgarh visited the show as Jury. His presence also graced the show. There were displays on different aspects of philately to serve viewer with a good range of philatelic collection. The exhibits were of quite a high order. The five frame exhibit on Gandhi of Mr. Abhijit Biswas placed in invitee section was highly appreciated. Frame on Science pertaining to Mr. Abhishek also caught attention of viewers. The graceful valedictory ceremony was held with Sri A.P.Panda , GM-Finance, SECL, Bilaspur as chief guest who highly appreciated the efforts of India Post for organizing such a good exhibition. During this ceremony , Sri M. Puran Chandra Rao, Director Postal Services, Chhattisgarh Postal Circle announced that in the next financial year State Level Stamp Exhibition will be held in Chhattisgarh.

Release of 3 covers and 4 stamp booklets covering various natural, archeological and wildlife feature of Bilaspur Postal District added grace to the occasion and made the event unforgettable. The concepts and designs of the Covers and Booklets are of Sri Naresh Agrawal and Atul Jain of Bilaspur . Following covers and booklets were released ;

12.09.2014 : Special Cover depicting the historical Building of Bilaspur Railway Station, Bilaspur which was established in 1890. The cover had a brochure inside to give details about the same. Two Stamp Booklets featuring Mother Teresa, Apostil of Love and Mahatma Gandhi with Child were released. T he cover priced Rs. 15/- and the booklets Rs. 30/- each. These were released in presence of Sri Tondon, GM,SECR and Sri Y.P.Rai, CPMG, Chhattisgarh Postal Circle.

13.09.2014 : Special Cover depicting the Kendai water fall located on Bilaspur-Ambikapur Highway.This is a beautiful natural water fall will falls from a height of about 75 feet. The cover had a brochure inside to give details about the same. Two Stamp Booklets featuring Chafara (Frangipani) the beautiful flower found in Achanakmar Bio sphere and Gaur /Bison were released. The cover priced Rs. 15/- and the booklets Rs. 30/- each. These were released in presence of Sri Anup Srivastava, Chief Conservator of Forest, Bilaspur Circle. and Sri M. Puran Chandra Rao,Director Postal Services, Chhattisgarh Postal Circle.

14.09.2014 : Special Cover depicting the archeological heritage of Malhar, a town in Bilaspur Distt. Malhar known as Archeological Jewel of Chhatisgarh.The cover had a brochure inside to give details about the same. The cover was released in presence of Sri Manoj Kumar Agrawal G.M (CCO/QSD), SECL, Bilaspur and Ku. Sandhya Deogirikar, Asstt. Director (philately), Chhattisgarh Postal Circle, Raipur

Chhattisgarh philatelic association was highly appreciated for the support it gave to make the exhibition a great success. Efforts of senior and dedicated philatelists were appreciated. Sri C.R. Andhare was felicitated for his outstanding services for promotion of philately in this region since 1991. Mr. Andhare , the founder president of the association requested DPS to hold an exhibition in Bilaspur in 2016 on occasion of Silver Jubilee of formation of Chhattisgarh Philatelic Association. Sri Atul Jain, the General Secretary of the Association who also shared the dais on 3rd day morning during release of Special cover on Malhar, thanked India Post for organizing the show and highlighted the importance of accepting philately in life. Mr. Naresh Agrawal, member of the association spoke about role of philately in personality development and other aspects. Various dignitaries who visited the show spoke very highly about philately and shared their childhood experiences as budding stamp collectors and spent good lot of time on the frames.


All in all , the show was good, graceful and served the very purpose of promoting hobby of stamp collection and also to introduce various services being given by the India Post. This show also left with a note that it is not only that philatelists are enthusiast about such shows but postal staff too is equally keen and dedicated to make the show successful.

Read More….

Customised My Stamps issued to spread awareness about Voting during Lok Sabha by-election at Vadodara - 9th September 2014.

image image

The Vadodara district administration in collaboration with the Department of Posts released Customised My Stamps on 9th September 2014 to spread awareness about voting. The stamp was dedicated to voters of Vadodara for the by-elections, held on 13th September 2014 for Lok Sabha seat. Logo of Election Commission of India with the text “Vadodara Lok Sabha By-election”, “Your Voting - Life of Democracy” , “Date: 13.09.2014” and “From morning 7 to evening 6” in Gujarati language are printed on My Stamp.

These Customised My Stamps were used by the Vadodara district administration to send special appeal letters to 741 voters above the age of 95, requesting them to cast their vote. Customised My Stamps were released by 93 year old Shri Rati Sokhda of Vadodara and the letters were mailed by him in presence of District Collector, Ms Avantika Singh and Director Postal Services, Ms. Sucheta Joshi.

This was a truly unique event in the Indian Postal History of using My Stamp for voting awareness.


It is a great pleasure to publish Interview of the authors of recently released book Philatelist kaleidoscope, Dr Bibhudatta Mishra and Mr. Shanti Swaroop Rath. Philatelist kaleidoscope is a wonderful book for all stamp lovers. The book has been written by these authors in such a way that anyone who reads this book would fall in love with stamps. Mr Naresh Agrawal talks to them and asks questions about their long journey in presenting this book to all the lovers of philately. I am also giving the review of this book in this issue . - Editor


Dr. Bibhudatta Mishra and Mr Shanti Swarup Rath are dedicated philatelists who live in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.These two have jointly worked a lot for development of philately in their region. Their love for philately speaks high when one sees their books “Philatelist Kaleidoscope” specially written for children to introduce them to philately and to give them knowledge about various aspects of stamp collecting. Both of them agree that the hobby introduces to many new friends throughout world as well gives pleasure during leisure. It is a good source of personality development too.


Dr. Mishra is a Researcher by profession, presently working at Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (ICAR), Kausalyaganga, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He completed M.Sc (Chemistry) from Regional Engineering College, Rourkela and Ph.D. from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar and M.B.A from BPUT, Bhubaneswar. He has prepared a specialized philatelic collection on  fish and water animals. He was felicitated as the favourite writer award by “Kunikatha” for the Year 2013. Dr Bibhudatta Mishra may be contacted at   email : Blog :

Mr. Shanti Swarup Rath, graduated from BJB College and did MBA from Berhampur University. He has served in various Corporate and Government organizations, presently looking after his own business.

We are pleased to have their valued interview given by them jointly and creating another example of the bond of love and brotherhood that philately builds and strengthens. He has a good collection of postal stationery, Indian FDC and Miniature sheets.In Thematics he loves to collect on Tiger theme. His Blog ‘ A journey of stamps through First Day Covers” features his big collection of real posted FDCs. He may be contacted at email : Blog :

1. When did you start collecting stamps? What areas /countries / topical do you collect ? How were you introduced to systematic collection?

image Bibhu Mishra

I have been collecting stamps since my childhood during 70s as an amateur collector i.e whatever comes your way go on collecting. The systematic collection was started since 1994 when I was a visitor to a district level exhibition advised by my friend philatelist Mr. Debasish Mitra. Then I started gathering “Aquatic organism” stamps by pen friendship on exchange through an Australian blog sites “My Philately”. The practice continued till date although the site was closed and I have an accumulation of more than 5000 aquatic related stamps, 96 countries self-address fish stamp covers, 488 Aquatic miniature sheets, 9 countries first released fish stamp.

My other collection includes, India post-independence, FDC since 2000 onwards, India miniature sheet, Preserve the polar region Stamps (65 countries issue are with me released during Preserve the Polar region year 2009-2011). My favorite in collection is “To preserve the Polar Regions” and Aquatic organism of all categories.

image Shanti Swarup Rath

I have started my collection from my School days in 70s as I had been encouraged by my father who used to send stamps from London. It gave me immense pleasure when I used to show those stamps to my friends in school.

At present my country collection includes British India, French India, Burma, Bangladesh, Ceylon, FDC of India (1947 to Present). My thematic collection is on “Big cats-Tiger”.My favorite in collection is British India.

2. How do you come up with new ideas for literature philately? What is your contribution till date in the regional level ?

Bibhu Mishra

I am an addict reader of different magazines specifically children’s magazine in Odia and English. Till 2010, I was not finding any article related to Philately the hobby I love much in these magazines. Then I thought of expressing different important events, place in story form with an inherent fear that weather these types of article will be accepted by readers or not? Most of these magazines are black and white in nature and colorful stamp images never depict in such magazines. One popular colored children magazine “Kunikatha” accepted my request to start a series in Philately related article during 2012 which is continuing till date. The acceptance was good with lot of requests from various literary and science magazines in and around Odisha. Till date I have the credit of more than 100 articles in 7- 8 Odia magazines on a monthly basis.

We are instrumental in designing four Special day covers for different organizations including catchets approved by CPMG, Odisha circle.

3. You are always busy in promoting Philately some way or others in your region? Please tell something about your inspiration, association and journey so far?

Bibhu Mishra & Shanti S. Rath:

Philately in Odisha is mostly promoted by Department of Post, Odisha circle and association like EIPA, UPNA,OPA, SOPA members spreading all over Odisha. The Eastern India Philatelist Association (EIPA), based at Bhubaneswar (both of us are life members) has the credit of organizing EIPEX, 2009, 2014 and Stamp Mela, 2012 under the leadership of President Sri Bijoyshree Rout Ray. These occasions have given a chance to local youth for grooming as well as interact with senior philatelists. Similarly, renowned philatelists of the states Sri Sahadeva Sahoo, Sri Debasish Mitra, Sri Ajit Dash, Sri Chittaranjan Das, Sri Anup Rout, Sri Anil Dhir, Sri Manoj Kumar Mohapatra, Sri Prasanta Das, Sri Bijoy Biswal, Sri Kasinath Sahoo, Sri Gangadhar Tripathy, Sri Kamal Chakraborty and many more are praise worthy for their efforts in respective way to promote stamp collection. With both of our efforts, philatelic club in Bhubaneswar in different schools i.e. KIIT International School (present youth members more than 60), D.M. School (members 25), Mother’s Public School (5 members) are functioning well. We give these clubs advisory services, philatelic materials and information whenever required by them.

4. We came to know that both of you have written two books in Philately? Please tell something more about the books?

Bibhu Mishra & Shanti S. Rath

In literature, the first attempt by both of us was a book named “Dakatikata Sangraha-ekaaba smaraniya gyanaradhara” in Odia during the year 2011 to educate school children regarding pleasure of stamp collection. The book was published by “Grantha Mandir” an old publishing house of Odisha and appreciated by most of the odia readers. It received two awards namely Bronze medal at Thailand World Stamp exhibition during 2-8 August, 2013 and Silver medal at Mumbai, INPEX, 2013.

While visiting the English medium public school in connection with philately promotion, the demand for an English book by school students prompted us to write a book. Although both of us are fond of collecting and reading stamp books, it has been found no stock of book with sellers or out of stock in book exhibition. The books available are of 80’s and black & white with low printing and paper quality. In the twenty first century, readers’ demands update knowledge and pictorial representation, factual data, thematic connection etc. Thus, we plan for the multicolor book in volume 1 the present one“Philatelist Kaleidoscope”. It took around 2 years to compile & design individual chapters before printing with lots of factual data. The book received “Silver Bronze”in the recent complete state Exhibition ODIPEX, 2014.

5. Philately will stay forever or die looking in to the fact that new generation communication systems are emerging day by day and are being appreciated and accepted gladly by people in general, your comments.

Bibhu Mishra &Shanti  S. Rath

In our understanding, hobby will never die but emerges with new forms in changing generation, situation and timelines. During our younger age, you will agree that it was the starting phase of Philately and organized way of collection was less. Now, in many schools, the authorities are interested to open and spread the hobby of stamp collection through Philatelic club but the older collector’s don’t want to share their true experiences. There is less initiative by Department of Post for spreading the hobby or availing materials to the youth except celebrating Philately day, Postal Week, District level exhibition, State level exhibition or National level exhibition to utilize the allocated budget, just a formality without seriousness. Even there is no scope for general public to know when what types of stamps released as less information shared in print and electronic media. Thus, the scope for direct participation in stamp collection and enjoyment has reduced and as an alternative, restricted to internet surfing, TV watching etc. You must have noticed that, there are lots of blogs, sites, face book, chat board, virtual philately which are spreading the knowledge through their own way. But, the spirit of satisfaction still lies in personal accumulation of materials and shared with near and dear.

6. “MY STAMP” is a new innovative service started by India Post which gives us the opportunity to have our own or the beloved ones picture tagged to the stamp. It is felt that the same has still not reached people the way it should have. Your suggestions in this regard.

“My Stamp” is a good initiative by India Post to attract society, public, individuals and see their own face, places of interest or flora and fauna along with mint stamp.India Post aims to generate money in this scheme (one time investment by the purchaser Rs300 per sheet) is alright rather than spreading and making long term profit. But, to bring it to a common people, India Post should take initiative facilitating this service in the entire urban cities with advertisement and importance of MY STAMP, at significant spiritual & religion places, in Big Bazar & Mall, on the occasion of various exhibition, science Mela etc. with an affordable price. Further, the passing out day in school and colleges with “My Philately” souvenir will be life time memorable for the person who opt it (tie up necessary with various school and colleges).

7. There had been a few successful philatelic shows in the recent past in Orissa. How do you rate those and what more you suggest to be included in such shows to make those better?

Philatelic shows in Odisha are restricted to district level by Department of Post a formality without promotion of collection among youth. As we all know, with the crunch of manpower in various bureaus, the scheme like Philatelic account is just a fun as the materials requested by the account holder never received in time. Recently, in 2014 the 9th state level exhibition (22- 24th August) was organized in Bhubaneswar with more than 400 frames from different categories. The State level exhibition mostly witnessed senior philatelists’ National & International Award winning exhibits, repeated in the shows in competitive class. The new generation entry was not properly composed due to lack of guidance, scarcity of proper materials and lesser up to the mark. The contradictory opinion by jury for every exhibit without discussion by the guest jury was another drawback. Finally, many previous higher National award exhibits were adjudged with lower scores and created confusion. Another issue such as release of 6 Special covers of different themes was also not a wise decision that to printing and distribution of these covers by sponsor organization. By that way the collectors were deprive of materials from the bureaus.

Making the show better

· The Department should engage persons who have previous experience and knowledge or inclination towards hobby.

· There should be good co-ordination among philatelist, Department personnel & jury members.

· Senior and Junior Collectors exhibit should be adjudge separately

8. EIPA is fast developing philatelic association in Eastern India but we see societies, clubs and associations in other parts of India are dying or are not functioning well. What do you suggest for revival and long survival of philatelic societies?

The leadership and motivation by the President Sri Bijoyshree Rout Ray a devoted philatelist and stamp lover always binds the members of EIPA together. With his constant encouragement EIPA is able to organize EIPEX- 2009, 2014 & Stamp Mela-2012. Further, the brotherhood attitude and helping nature among the members spreading throughout state. The revival & long survival of societies needs

§ Organizing get together meets in monthly intervals and organizing at least one local level stamp show in association with Department of Post.

§ Exchanging or sharing new news in Philately.

§ Bringing local level events, monuments, pilgrimage places under philately making awareness among people.

§ Spreading the knowledge among school and children’s where individual located with support of materials.

9. Finally, your comment on the quote “Philately for pleasure or for treasure”

Bibhu Mishra & Shanti Rath :

Definitely, Philately is for pleasure but if its benefit financial returns during your time of need are a treasure in disguise. Many philatelists leave their collection fortune (stamps) for the next generation after full enjoyment. It is a slow process of building your treasure without much initial investment. For young collectors we can say, collecting & preserving in correct way is very much vital. We recollect, some time back we were invited to give a lecture on “Philately-pleasing hobby the stress healer”. The task was difficult but we had tried to co-relate stamp collection and how it helps in relieving tension when you are overburdened with day to day life. In another occasion, a presentation was prepared for Unity of different religions through stamps on Sadbhabana Diwas. There are many instances, where you can share your collection among youth and give pleasure and receive feedback like, Blood donation, AIDS, Cancer and Environment which are easily reflected in the mind of common people on various occasion.Thus for us philately offers a learning experience as well as inclination if you take it in right spirit and spare noble time to share your understanding.

Interview  :  Naresh Agrawal.

Book Review



Dr Bibhudatta Mishra & Shanti Swarup Rath



"PHILATELIST KALEIDOSCOPE" by Dr Bibhudatta Mishra & Shanti Swarup Rath : Pages 160 :  Price - Rs 400.00 (hardbound ) and 350 (softbound) Published by Swarna Associates, Bhubaneswar : Book available with the Publisher Contact email : or

Philatelist Kaleidoscopes is an excellent book on postage stamps which reveals every aspect of philately in a very  interesting  and easy way . After going through this wonderful book  the reader falls in love with the world of stamps and understands the real meaning of tiny pieces of paper which are the treasure of knowledge. The authors have presented the book with some very  interesting chapters that attract a philatelist as well as  a general reader. The best part of the book is its style of narration of various  associated branches of philately and philatelic terminology with the help of images  in such a simple way that a reader can well understand the hobby and how to start it in a systematic way.

The book not only provides complete information  about the hobby of stamp collecting but it is a big source of knowledge as different themes have been explained through postage stamps. The book with beautiful layout and high quality printing depicts color pictures of stamps with description about them.

As its name suggests it is an actual ‘Philatelist Kaleidoscope’. As the kaleidoscope made up of small pieces of mirror and colored glass provides viewer a colorful pattern of several images on moving it, the same is the book as we go through its  chapters we find different colorful aspects of philately. The authors have included latest information on philately from its traditional to digital form.

The book has 10 chapters touching thematic areas meant for youth collectors who are in collection of postage stamps but ignorant about the hobby.

The first chapter Stamps collection-Rainbow of diversity focuses Introduction with short description about philately, First stamps of the world, UPU etc.

The second chapter’s Cheapest mode of Communication-Popular postal stationery & services speaks notes on various postal heritage buildings with stamp images, Indian Postal services such as Money order, National savings scheme, Postal Life Insurance, India Post Freighter, Postal Index Number, Speed Post, Modern Postal System etc. Further, Postman and Types of Letter boxes, Types of postage stamps, Postal Stationery used in India have been given with factual information.

The Third Chapter’s Amateur Collectors-Beginner’s Tip paid attentions on what to study in stamps, what to collects, cancellation & types of cancellation etc with example of postage stamp or symbols.

The Fourth Chapter begins with India Pride such as National symbol, National song, National Flag, National Bird, National Flower, National Fruit, National tree, National Sports, National Land animals and many more. An interesting depiction in this chapter is all the Bharat Ratna Awardees in two pages with postage stamps, Noble laureate, Param Vir Chakra, Magsaysay awardees, oldest newspaper, oldest observatory etc. All the unit and subunit of the chapter has list of stamps released by India Post on the same content. This chapter is a big source of information about India for one and all.

The Fifth Chapter has the description of Mahatma Gandhi-Father of the Nation. The chapter also presented with list of Miniature Sheet, Cancellation & se-tenant published by India Post on Gandhi.

The Sixth chapter focuses on Rastrapati Bhawan, Loksabha & Rajya Sabha, President & Prime ministers (Name sequentially with period in the position. The chapter decorated with all the stamps, se-tenant & miniature sheet.

The seventh chapter titled “Cruising the Magnificent jungle Safari-Wild, domestic and Aquatic Animals” presented with briefing about all the wild animals with postage stamps & stationery, Domestic animals & fish, sea shell, amphibians etc. The chapters end with brief about 10 National Parks on which postage stamp released.

The Eighth chapter comprised of “Wonders of Indian Birds-Sweeping the sky with tiny wings”describing all types of bird stamps such as definitive bird stamps, conservation in bird, raptors, Antarctica birds, Migratory birds and butterflies.

The ninth Chapter has the heading “ Valley of Calm Trees & Plants-Faded Petals from a beautiful Bouquet” presented beautifully all types of tree i.e large tree, flowering plants, Perfumed flower, medicinal flowering plant, medicinal plant, orchids, mangrove plants, Himalayan Flower etc. with scientific and local names of the plants.

The Final chapter endorsed “Voyage to enlightment-Spiritual, religious and Holy routes for Salvation” all the religions Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism & Sikhism, pilgrimage places, festivals in stamps and their importance for human mankind.

Each chapter consists of Phila Quotes by famous personality with stamp images, Phila Facts, List of Miniature Sheet, Pictorial Cancellation, se-tenants, Sheet lets, Maxim card etc.

The book is recommended for the libraries of all schools, colleges and professional institutes. As it is for leisure, pleasure and knowledge. The general Readers would find the book very interesting and they will come to know about the hobby of stamp Collecting and also gain lot of general knowledge from the chapters related with varied topics about India discussed above. This book is not only a book of hobby but a very good source of information on a variety of subjects . So I would also recommend this book to those appearing for competitive exams.This book will be an asset for one and all. It is the best gift to students, academicians, professionals, nature lovers, historians and a stamp lover ! The book is complete in itself and proves that a small piece of paper issued by Postal Department has potential to enhance one’s knowledge and preserve the history of a particular place !! - Editor



- By Prem Chand Jaiswal



Philcent India 2014 -15 Guide Book by Prem Chand Jaiswal published by Philcent Publications, Kolkata -  Pages 128 Price - Rs 500 (Post Free in India) , - $25 for all foreign countries inclusive of registered airmail bookpost & Packing – For more details Contact :   Ph. 9831598560  ; 033 - 65294756 – Distributed by Madanchand Darda eamil –  Ph. 7667730851

image The recent Book PHILCENT INDIA 2014 – 15 by  renowned Professional Philatelist  of India Mr Prem Chand Jaiswal is a complete guide book to Indian Philately. The book includes main chapters on  British India, India Post Independence and  Indian Princely States.

British India: It includes chapters on Postal History, Complete listing of British India Stamps with pricing, Booklets, air mail, Rocket mail, Meter franking Slogans, special postmarks Local Overprints perfins and safety markings.

Post Independence India 1947 to June 2014 : This section gives complete listing & pricing with illustrations of all stamps ( commemoratives, definitives, official, Military stamps, se-tenants, miniature sheets, panes and sheetlets.

Indian Princely States :  This section gives introduction of all the states issuing postage stamps and listing of  all states issuing  fiscal adhesives with illustrations.

India and Indian Princely States :  This section includes introduction to Crests, Hundis & Savings Certificates with illustrations.

This book is an excellent reference book for all collectors of Indian Philately in the catalogue form with finest details. The book with a nice layout has all color illustrations . A separate booklet with cross index for Philcent, Stanley Gibbons & Philatelia Catalogue numbers has also been  given with the book for collectors’ convenience.

The paper and printing  quality of the book is very good.  The book has been printed in small  font size which makes it very comprehensive in  128 Pages. For the readers it is very convenient to carry it .   The price of the book is very moderate as per its contents. The book has covered all related topics of Indian Philately. Collectors would find this book very useful.  I recommend this book  to all philatelists and stamp lovers. This book will be an asset for the libraries of  Philatelic Societies and stamp Clubs. - Editor

Philatelic Exhibitions


MALAYSIA 2014 - 29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition and World Youth Malaysia 2014 

MALAYSIA 2014, the 29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition and World Youth Malaysia 2014  will be held from 1 to 6 December 2014 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo is the  Commissioner from India for this exhibition.

Official Website :

Details of the exhibitions are available at following link :

For more info please contact :

Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo, 'Saswat', D-3, B. J. B. Nagar,Bhubaneswar 751014

Phone +91674 2432251 Mobile +91 9337103542 email :

Stamp Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi


A stamp exhibition India Ahimsapex 2014 ( One frame national philatelic exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi and Freedom Fighters) on Mahatma Gandhi. organized by Lucknow Philatelic Society  is being held from 30 September to 2 October 2014 at UP Rajkiya Abhilekhagar, Mahanagar Lucknow .

For information about special covers and Stamp booklets issued  during the exhibition  Please contact :: S.A.M. Zaidi  email :  Ph. 9335241891, 9452270133, 9839266243

District and Circle level Exhibitions in Karnataka

A Circle level Exhibition is proposed to be held at Madikeri from 10th to 12th October 2014. It will include Kodagu, Mangalore, Udupi, Puttur and Tumkur Circles.

Beginners’ Section

Learn through stamps…

Stamps are not only for posting letters they have the story to tell on various topics. Here is a beautiful stamp from Brazil adjudged as the best Brazilian stamp of 2013 featuring peaceful and sustainable use of water resources.

Most beautiful Brazilian stamp of 2013

Brazilian Post has selected the most beautiful stamp of the year 2013. This stamp block was issued on the 22d of March with a theme “International Year of Water Cooperation”.


The souvenir sheet is composed of two stamps representing the peaceful and sustainable use of water resources through the use of a dropper that goes inside, outside and around the globe. Water is shown in a cyclical manner, symbolizing sustainable use. The drawing also shows water’s accessibility for the whole planet.

The artwork presents details that convey the effects of water on Earth and on people: a patch of arid soil being taken by green trees, planting and thirst-quenching suggests human development, environmental integrity and the eradication of poverty and hunger.

Above the souvenir sheet, there is the logo of the International Year of Water Cooperation – 2013. Inspired by this brand, in the background, there is an abundant amount of water in motion, conferring an organic rhythm, life and strength to the composition.

Specialized Section

Some Remarkable Cancellations and Postmarks-24

image - Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap

Plain Cancellations before 1874 (Renouf Types 14 -16)

Approximately ten years preceding 1873 there appeared a number of plain cancellations without the post office numbers. The Postal Manual of 1873 prescribed a simple barred obliteration without number for “experimental” post offices. This indicates a similar use a plain cancellation to be used in small offices, which were then newly opened in urban areas. Their use was apparently as obliterators for experimental purpose. It is possible that these cancellations continued to be used as after their probationary stage. There were large experimental transfers of offices from District Post to Imperial Post during this period.

image image image



Renouf Type 14: It is a form of a diamond of dots, the diamonds vary in details from round to almost square. This type was used exclusively in the Bengal and Madras Circles.


A small cover from Sheogaum dated 25th July 1871 to Cawnpore with QV Half Anna adhesive obliterated by Renouf Type 14 cancellation superimposed by “RAILWAY SORTING/1/BERAR /25 JUNE 1874” an ornate shield with letters “P” and “O” on either sides (Renouf Type 116a)

Renouf Type 15: It is a plain diamond formed by lines parallel to one of the sides and appear to be descendant of Type 2, but smaller and the lines being finer. There are many variations of this type tending to almost a square. This type was exclusively used in Bombay Circle.



- Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap email :

From Black & White to Digital Colour Postmarks

image © Dr.Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

When the first universal postal system was started in the United Kingdom with its Penny Black, the postmark used red ink for contrast.


Red Maltese cross Postmark

This was not successful, and the stamp was changed to non-black colours so that the postmark could use black ink.

US 19th and 20th centuries Fancy cancels are also found in single or bi-colour in abandon.


US 2-cent stamp of 1870, cancelled with a leaf shape in blue ink and with peacock fancy cancel on 1931 cover in peacock blue.


Rose Fancy cancel in bi- colour, green and magenta, 1934

The majority of postmarks today are in black, with red (particularly in the United States with local post offices' hand stamps following, though sometimes they are in other colours. This is particularly true in the case of pictorial postmarks if the colour in question has some connection to the commemoration.

image image

Commemorative coloured postmark, of a temporary post office Jacksonville, Florida,USA, 1995 depicting USPS mailing services covering the United States coast to coast in red, purple, blue, green and transition colour between them.

image image image image image

The local post Hawai'i Post had rubber-stamp postmarks parts of which were hand-painted.

An example of a colour postmark is also available on the United States Postal Service-issued collectible envelope commemorating the 2004 inauguration of George W. Bush.

image image

Special envelope to commemorate President George W. Bush's second inauguration (January 20th, 2005) with a coin that features the official Presidential Medal, struck by the United States Mint to honour his Presidency with following postage stamps: 1992 Flag over White House; 1945 Texas Statehood; 1964 Register and Vote; postmarked from Washington, D.C .

In case of Pictorial postmarks, such B&W or coloured postmarks are unable to cope with the beauty of the stamps if used on FDC.

In 2004, the United States Postal Service announced plans to introduce first day digital colour postmarks to be used to cancel some first day covers for commemorative stamps in 2005 and for publicity purpose an example was also prepared for its 2003 set of "Reptiles and Amphibians" stamps.


This sample First Day Digital Colour Postmark featuring a 2003 Reptiles and Amphibians stamp was created for illustrative purposes only.

The original First Day issued Postmark for this issue was in Black, shown below.


Issued First Day Postmark in Black

The credit of being First to get crowned with Digital Coloured Postmark goes to Lunar New Year souvenir sheet of USA introduced on 6th January 2005. It was specifically designed by Lee, to enhance the visual appeal of the stamp and cover. As explained by David Failor, executive director for US stamp services, "This new product will do for traditional black-and-white first-day postmarks as colour television has done for B & W TV, by adding vibrant colour, clarity and definition previously unattainable."


First Digital Coloured Postmark, USA 2005


FDC also issued in Black

This Sheet is itself unique in many respects. It is double-sided souvenir sheet contains two of each of the Lunar New Year stamps issued over the last 12 years as First series of Lunar New Year of USA started in 1993. Each is valued at the current 37-cent First-Class letter rate.


37c Chinese Lunar New Year 2-Sided Souvenir Sheet, USAJanuary 6, 2005 issued to honour its First Lunar Year extraordinary series of stamps

To commemorate the Chinese Zodiac, Clarence Lee of Honolulu, working with art director Richard Sheaff, used the ancient Chinese tradition of paper cutting to create the artwork for this series. It included all twelve animals mentioned in an ancient Chinese fable which says the emperor asked all animals to report to him on the day of the Chinese New Year, and the first 12 to reach the palace would be rewarded with a year named after them. As a result, 12 animals-who reached first ;the rooster, dog, boar, rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, ram and monkey with their own distinctive characteristics and fate represent each year in the Chinese Zodiac.

The stamp designs also include grass-style calligraphy by Lau Bun that translates into English as "Year of the (animal)," and the greeting "Happy New Year!" in English.


USA Chinese New Year series of USA, 1993-2004

The stamps in The Lunar New Year Collection represent the 12 animal signs of Chinese astrology — the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. From the Rooster, the first stamp issued in 1993, to the Monkey, the final stamp in 2004 in the series.

After this many more issues of 2005 postmarked digitally in colour. It released 25 stamps in 2005, including 16 sets of the first day of using colour digital postmark. They were “Arthur Ashe,”“Jim Henson & Muppets,” "The Art of Disney: Celebrations," "Spring Flowers," "To Form a More Perfect Union," Henry Fonda, "Rio Grande Blankets," "Masterworks of Architecture," Greta Garbo, "Constellations," "Advances in Aviation," "Latino Dance," "Holiday Cookies," "Love Bouquet" and "Sporty Cars of the '50s."

Issuance of Digital Coloured FDC is continuing even today. Few are depicted below:

image image

image image

image image

Digital Colour Postmarks

The digital colour postmarks are not available at post offices or for customer-submitted covers. They may be ordered online at The Postal Store, , through the USA Philatelic catalogue.

It is a 6- 3/4 envelope, supposedly of a higher quality, laser safe 80-pound Accent Opaque and has an embossing on the back flap that is postmarked with a multi-coloured FDOI postmark. There is no cachet on the cover and is exactly what they currently offer for blank first day covers with the stamp and cancel now.


66c Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly with Digital Colour Postmark issued January 23, 2013 in Pine Mountain, GA.

However I found examples of few private First Day Covers with multi-coloured cachets also.



Digital Colour Postmark on private illustrated and on issued plain covers



Digital Colour Postmark on private illustrated covers

Use of Digital coloured Postmarks are limited to USA only and till I have not found any example of it on any other country’s postal item. Recently I found a First Flight Cover of Australia with multi coloured postmark, but not sure of its digital origin.



Souvenir Cover Produced by Australia Post for First Commercial QANTAS A380 flight with commemorative stamps and Coloured Post mark dated 20th October 2008

New Stamps from other Countries


Brazil Post is to issue a set of two stamps recognizing the importance of the Kalungas. The Brazilian Post pays homage to the main cultural aspects of the community, as well as the municipality of Cavalcante, known for its natural beauty and tourist importance. The issue is to be released on the 27th of September.

The first stamp focuses on the Waterfall of Santa Barbara, ecological/tourist spot of the region of Cavalcante, and the second – on a group representing the Kalunga community. The couple is dancing to Sussa, a traditional dance born from African traditions. In the middle, a man is playing the viola and, next to him, an elderly woman embraces a child.

The scene is surrounded by flowers that adorn the waterfall and the community, representing the local culture, where feasts, colors and flowers have a social role of fraternization, joy and traditions conservation. The technique used was computer graphics and photography.



5 September 2014 Smiling Cures – 1.75 zt



30 September 2014 Breast Cancer Research

The Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp, originally issued in 1998, is being reissued in 2014. Mandated by Congress in 1997 and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, the 1998 Breast Cancer Research stamp was the first semipostal issued by the U.S. Postal Service®. Semipostals are stamps sold at a surcharge to raise money for a particular cause. Purchase of this stamp supports the Breast Cancer Research work of the National Institutes of Health and the Medical Research Program of the Department of Defense.

The stamp art depicts a woman standing with her right arm raised, reaching behind her head in the position recommended for breast self-examination. The drawing of the woman’s body is set against a background of pastel colors ranging from yellow to violet that cover the entire face of the stamp. Across the top of the stamp are the words “Breast Cancer.” Circling the figure’s right breast are the phrases, in all caps, “FUND THE FIGHT.” and “FIND A CURE.”

The Lighter Side



On Thursday, 18th September 2014, Swiss Post distributed four free stamps each worth one Swiss Franc to every household across the country! This campaign is a part of an agreement drawn up with the price regulator. So it was a pleasant surprise to the letter-box owners of four million households when they received this gift of four stamps in the form of online WebStamp. The Stamp distribution is combined with a competition, offering prizes worth total of 90,000 Swiss Francs.

The campaign is a part of a compromise which Swiss Post reached with the price regulator at the beginning of 2014. The agreement guarantees that the prices of A (=fast mail) and B (=“Snail Mail”) Mail which have not changed since 2004, and domestic parcel will remain the same until 2016. The compromise meant that a lengthy procedure could be avoided and ensured planning reliability for Swiss Post.

Could this be a lesson for India Post ?

-- Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap (Binningen, Switzerland)

Promotional Section


Bookmarks depicting stamps on various theme issued by Karnataka Postal Circle.

Karnataka Postal Circle has brought out five sets of beautifully made bookmarks, each set containing 12 bookmarks, totaling to 60 bookmarks. The sets comprises of the themes - Birds of India, Miniature paintings, Flowers and Wildlife. Each Bookmarks are measuring 51 mm x 204 mm (approx.) On each bookmark individual stamp design is imprinted with detailed information about the theme and stamp imprinted on it. Issue date of the stamp is also mentioned on the bookmark.

Each set of 12 bookmarks costs Rs. 35 per set. Cost of 5 Packs (60 bookmarks of 12 each) is available at cost of Rs 175. Bookmarks are available at Post Shoppe at Bangalore GPO. (Contact No. +91-80-22850058


Indian Antarctic Expedition Philatelist’s Guide By Abhai Mishra


Indian Antarctic Expedition Philatelist’s Guide By Abhai Mishra - Pages 116 - Price For India  Rs. 1500/- postpaid. For foreign via paypal 50 euro postpaid Available at  : or contact Abhai Mishra  email :

A book titled "Indian Antarctic Expedition-Philatelist's Guide" by noted philatelist, Mr Abhai Mishra was recently released in Dehradun. The book traces the history of Indian Antarctic Expeditions through mails and letters carried with the expedition. It documents the Indian Antarctic postal history through cancellations, cachets, labels, envelopes, letter  heads, QSL cards, postcards used during the expedition. The book reveals very rare and lesser known facts of Antarctica. The book illustrates, hundreds of rare letters carried with the expedition and describes each and every Indian Expedition in detail.

The book has 54 chapters.These include historical perspective (with details about Dr Giriraj Singh Sirohi, First Indian to visit Antarctica and Dr Paramjit Singh Sehra, first Indian to winter over in Antarctica) , Various date cancellers used in Indian Antarctic Post Offices,Institutions managing the Indian Antarctic  Program, Indian Antarctic Expeditions,Indian Antarctic Stations ( Dakshin Gangotri, Maitri and Bharati), Lists of Commemorative stamps, special covers, Cinderella and booklets pertaining to Indian Antarctic Expeditions, Indian Antarctic Clubs, lists of QSL Cards used by the HAM operators  during the expeditions,, honorary postmasters of Indian Antarctic Post offices, Feats and Facts of Indians in Antarctica and List of estimated price of  Indian Antarctic Covers .

Year Book of Indian Philately : 2013

By Madan Middha


Year Book of Indian Philately: 2013  by Madan Middha Pages 271- Published by Vishesh Prakashan, Topi Bazar, Gwalior. Price Rs 300

The book covers information on philatelic events of year 2013. Award List of international exhibitions, forthcoming international exhibitions, Indian stamps, postal stationery, Army covers, Special covers and postmarks issued during the year 2013 have been listed in the book. Information on Postal History events, exhibitions, society news has also been included in the year book.

The “Year Book of Indian Philately 2013” is  available with Mr Madan Middha The price of the year book is Rs. 300 inclusive of postage in India.Readers may contact : Mr Madan Middha, Saket Vihar, Phalka Bazar, GWALIOR - 474 001. email :

Book on Tagore stamps and covers

Rabindranath Tagore and The Post Office - A Philatelic Tribute


The book “ Rabindranath Tagore and The Post Office - A Philatelic Tribute “ edited by noted artist and philatelist Shri Dipok Dey has been published by Rammohun Library and Free Reading Room, Kolkata.

This book gives details with colorful illustrations of all the stamps along with First Day Covers, Postmarks, Souvenir sheets, Miniature sheets, special covers, special postmarks, Booklets, Maximum Cards, Picture Post cards ,  catch Covers etc.

The other details of the book are given below :

Rabindranath Tagore and The Post Office - A Philatelic Tribute Edited by Dipok Dey - Hardbound - Pages 64  - Price Rs 575.  - Published by Rammohun  Library and Free Reading Room, 267 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Kolkata – 700009. email : Ph. 033 – 700009 ( Please contact from 2PM to 6PM except Saturday and Sunday)

History of Indian Miniature Paintings Through Philately by Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal published by PHILAGOLD Publications, Pages 80,  Price   Rs 1200 / US  $ 25


History of Indian Miniature Paintings Through Philately is a beautiful   Coffee Table Book by renowned philatelist and philatelic author Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal. The book is based on deep research of different schools of Indian Art by Dr Agrawal. The study has been narrated through beautiful images of various philatelic items  issued all over the world. The book is divided into 14 chapters with details of paintings from different schools of Indian Art. The most attractive part of the book is its fine and rich printing. The book has been presented by the author in a very aesthetic way that on first sight it captures the attention of the reader.

The book is available with Dr Satyendra Kumar  Agrawal

email -

Blogs & Websites

1. Forces in Philately - - .A new blog has been created by Commodore Vijay Kapre of New Delhi, featuring philatelic items related with our Armed Forces.

2. Praful Thakkar’s Exotic gallery of Indian Philately - : It is a complete website on Indian Philately created by noted philatelist Mr Praful Thaakkar

3. Welcome to the World of Indian Philately -

An exclusive website created by Mr Prashant Pandya dedicated to Indian Philately .The philatelists can register for “ Online Philatelists’ Directory ” on this website.

4.Virtual Stamp Club It is website for On Line collectors. Membership is free. Many collectors around the world are its members. .

5.Indian Thematics - - A new blog created by noted Thematic Philatelist Mr Dinesh Chandra Sharma. This blog is all about Thematic Philately.

6. Indian Philatelists’ Forum -

This is an electronic discussion forum dedicated exclusively to Indian Philately that allows members to engage into meaningful discussions on all aspects of Indian Philately. Membership to the forum is open to all philatelists who have interest in Indian Philately. Members can share and discuss their ideas, knowledge, research, collections, events, exhibitions, auctions, publications exclusively related to Indian Philately.

7. The best stamps - It’s a beautiful blog created by Julian Fernandes of Pune ( Now living in UK) featuring lovely stamps of birds with the photos of the same birds giving a wonderful look !!

8. Numismatic & Philatelic Association - -  This Numismatic & Philatelic Association is a nonprofit and non-trade motive association that aims to promote the hobbies – Philately (Stamp Collection) and Numismatics (Coin Collection) among children, students, interested individuals among the general public and especially for the budding philatelists and numismatists.

9. How to Collect Stamps - : The Complete Guide To Stamp Collecting

10.GANDHI Stamps & Philately Study Circle : - A new Blog by Ketan Patel .…. Saving Gandhi Philately by trying to bring awareness and exposing illegal activities in Gandhi Stamps and Philately.

11. Europa Stamps : : A blog on Europa, cept, norden & sepac stamps

12. Phila Mirror : : The Indian Philately Journal

13. Se- tenant Stamps of India - It is a specialized Blog on se-tenant stamps.

14. Flags & Stamps - - It is a specialized blog on Flag Theme .

15. Glimpses of Modern Indian Philately : - It is a specialized blog on Modern Philately, created by Mr Prashant Pandya .

16. Question & Answers on Philately : 1610/indexExp_69442.htm - It is a site based on Question & Answers on Philately. Mr Prashant Pandya replies to queries.

17. Philatelic Journalists Forum - “The Philatelic Journalists” is an initiative by a few enthusiast philatelists, who love the hobby to the deepest.

18. The Philatelist - - A blog with lot of info about stamps and philatelic activities around the world.

19. Phila India - - Website created by Mahesh Reddiar with lot of info and articles on philately .

20. Princess Diana – Queen of Hearts - - New Blog by noted philatelist of Orissa Mr Santanu Panigrahi.

21. Stamp Magazine - This blog is updated by Adrian Keppel every Friday with new Articles on a variety of subjects

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Baroda Philatelic Society -

Deccan Philatelic Society – Pune, Maharashtra

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India Study Circle -

Indian Stamp Ghar -

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Ludhiana Philatelic Club

Mobile Philately -

Numismatic & Philatelic Association of Vellore Fort

Philatelic Society of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Rainbow Stamp Club -

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Gujarat Philatelic Association - Ahmedabad

South India Philatelists Association -

Stamps of India -

The Army Philatelic Society, Pune

Current Philatelic Magazines – Newsletters

Stamp of India Collectors’ Companion - India’s first weekly e-newsletter edited by Madhukar and Savita Jhingan from Stamps of India, New Delhi. E-mail: Website:

India Post – Quarterly Journal of the India Study Circle publishes original articles submitted by members of ISC.

ITS Stamp News - Quarterly - Editor: Suraj Jaitly Publisher: Indian Thematic Society website -

VADOPHIL, Editor - Prashant Pandya and published by Baroda Philatelic Society, Vadodara. Website -

Journal of the Army Philatelic Society : Editor – Col Jayanta Dutta

SIPA Bulletin - published by South India Philatelists’ Association, Chennai website :

GPA News – Published by Gujarat Philatelists’ Association, Ahemadabad.

Stamps Today – Stamp & Coin Magazine edited by Vijay Seth


This is a blog of e-stamp Club . The idea of this blog is to extend philatelic fraternity in all corners of the world. Readers may write about themselves with their collecting interests and share new ideas with other philatelists. New Post on recent issues, news on stamp activities and Contribution by members are published every day on this blog.Readers may also express their views on any philatelic matter which will be published under Club News at Rainbow Stamp Cub Blog. Philatelic Clubs and Societies may also send brief write ups. News about new issues of India and abroad and other information related with Philately are regularly posted on this blog. Readers may send reports on new issues, special covers, cancellations & philatelic activities of their area for inclusion in this Blog. - Editor

Courtesy - News and Image Resource to this issue : International Stamp News; Indian Philately Digest ; Avinash B. Jagtap, Binningen – Switzerland; Prashant Pandya – Vadodara; Sreejesh Krishnan – Trivandrum ; Jagannath Mani – Bangalore; Damyant Pittie – Mumbai; Umesh Kakkeri – Mumbai; Abhai Mishra - Dehradun

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Rainbow Stamp News is edited and published monthly by Jeevan Jyoti, from Dehradun ( Uttarakhand) India.


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