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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rainbow November 2014



Stamps for Special Moments

Jersey Post has introduced a series of stamps under the name “My moments”. The issue consists of 12 stamps that depict heartwarming things and themes. The stamps will be released on the 12th of November.


Dehradun November 2014 Vol. VII Issue # 83

Monthly e-Stamp Bulletin Edited by Jeevan Jyoti for free circulation among philatelists

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Ms. Jeevan Jyoti, c / o Mr. Ajay Srivastav, Wildlife Institute of India, Chandrabani, Dehradun – 248002. India

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Dear Reader,

I am pleased to release November 2014 issue of Rainbow stamp News with a good news of International recognition for Rainbow. Recently Rainbow Stamp News and Rainbow Stamp Club won CG 2014 International Award given by  Christoph Gärtner Auction House of Germany for Philatelic Promotion with 4th and 10th position respectively in the digital media section. Other Indian Winners of this award are Indian Philately Digest in digital media section and GPA News  in print media section. Heartiest Congratulations to Mr Prashant Pandya, the webmaster of Indian Philately Digest and Gujarat Philatelists’ Association on winning this great award.

I thank all my Readers and Contributors for their great contribution over the years to the Rainbow. My special thanks to Dr Avinash Jagtap, Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal, Mr Naresh Agrawal and Mr Prashant Pandya and all regular contributors from different cities of India and abroad for their  valuable contribution to Rainbow. I dedicate this award  to all the Readers and Contributors of Rainbow. Thank you very much for your love, support and contribution.

The International recognition to digital media is a matter of honour and pride for philatelic journalism and I hope digital media will have a distinguished place in competition class of philatelic exhibitions, organized at National and International level.

This is all for this month. Enjoy this issue and have a nice time !!

Happy Collecting ! !

                                                                                                                                                                                         -- Jeevan Jyoti



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clip_image005From the Desk of Naresh Agrawal


The glorifying achievements of Indian Philatelic Journals

Philately is changing and so the philatelic journalism. Philatelic journalism has developed tremendously in the last few years not only in India but throughout the world due to introduction of digital journals and magazines. Even in philatelic shows, now literature class is getting high honor and there has been changes in the display and judgment of the same too.

In India, there has been highly appreciable changes in this field of philatelic journalism. Lots of print and digital Journals have come up with Rainbow Stamp Blog being the pioneer in digital journalism.  Journals Like GPA News,  Indian Philately Digest’, Rainbow stamp News, Vadophil, Stamp Ghar, Phila Mirror ,ITS and many more are some of the common names which have established themselves by the quality journalism. These have helped promotion of philately in a great way. These have helped philately and philatelists to adjust and attune themselves to the changing systems of postal system and philatelic movements.



These journals have not only made place for themselves but have brought laurels to Indian philately when it comes to their comparison with other such journals of the world. The contents, presentation, quality images, colour schemes, linguistic proficiency, the nature and extent of coverage etc. have impressed the philatelic enthusiasts all over the world. The world readership of these journals have increased tremendously and are being highly appreciated too. The said statement is strongly established by the recent selection of some of the above mentioned journals which won high ranking in the recently concluded “CG International Philatelic Promotion Awards” competition organized by M/S Christoph Gärtner Auction House of Germany, one of the largest international auction houses, which was open to all working groups, clubs, associations, societies and publishers of philatelic magazines and newsletters publishing a periodical anywhere in the world,.

In 2012 also, some of the Indian Digital and Print journals and magazines had won high awards in IPHLA 2012 Germany such as Rainbow Stamp news, Indian Year Book of Philately by Sri Madan Midda etc..

My heartiest congratulations to Mrs Jeevan Jyoti and Mr. Prashant Pandya who are Editor/Moderator/Web Master of the Rainbow Stamp News and Rainbow Stamp Blog and India Philately Digest for their dedication and continuous efforts towards improvement in this field and getting high ranks in this competition thereby cementing place of philatelic journalism of India. Gujarat Philatelist’s Association (GPA News) also deserves all appreciation for their performance in Print Journalism for getting high rank in this competition.

All in all, these awards /ranks will genuinely help promotion of literature class and philately in general. I wish philatelic journalism to prosper more and more, Indirectly promoting philately. Congratulations again to all the Indian participants in the competition.


image image

During Stamp World a philatelic event on 27.09.2014, Philatelic Society of Delhi introduced Four Special Day Cancellation Covers to promote their philatelic activities. These  covers  were numbered and were only available during the show for the members and the visitors. However, 40 sets as gathered were given to the members to raise funds for the society and strengthen the name of the society. The rest of the covers were destroyed at the end of the show in presence of the members and visitors. It reminded me of the act of destruction of British Guiana Postal Stamp, one of the only two available was destroyed in public during auction long back to make the available one world’s costliest stamp. Well, I find different views on this act. Some people say that as properly numbered only limited pieces were printed and all those which remained unsold were destroyed to make the sold ones precious..rare and unique. Some people say this is unhealthy act as that was done to hike the prices of the sold ones. Well, there are different comments on different values of the covers. Let’s just review the covers. The covers have highlighted the following vignettes :

(a) Cancellation

(b) High Value Stamps 

(c)  Monuments of Delhi (Seasons Greetings)

(d) Gandhi.

The covers have been named as Special Day Cancellation Covers. I understand these are not the traditional special covers which are issued in practice on special occasion with special pictorial cancellation and special vignette. These covers are Special Day Covers. The covers highlight the day. These have ordinary circular day cancellation. There is no special pictorial day cancellation. The vignettes have the same designs as the other special covers have.

The opinion about the utility of the covers varied. Some philatelists say, the covers have no philatelic value as these are not suitable for display in competitive exhibit. Some says the covers have philatelic and emotional value.

There are two aspects which come to my mind :

1. The covers certainly have emotional and philatelic value. Philately is not display of material in competitive section of philatelic exhibitions only but for me, it is all about collection and sentimental attachment of postal and philatelic material so as to give you pleasure. There may not be a pictorial cancellation, there may not be importance of the vignette in competitive class but the covers do have  emotional and pleasure value. Even the day cancellation sometimes play a big role in storyline of an exhibit as it highlights various features like date and place etc.

2. As far as destruction of the covers is concerned, there must be some valid reason behind it. But I personally don’t appreciate the act. I feel distribution of the covers duly signed by members ; free of cost to the visitors, well wishers or even exchange of covers signed by each other would have been better. I would have loved to preserve the covers, if were sent to me as kind gesture and a piece of souvenir and token of brotherhood from the society. By this the value of the cover would have enhanced further.

3. As gathered a good amount had been donated by the members for the covers and so the balance unsold covers ,if were distributed free of cost would have hurt the members who had donated huge amount. I feel the donations are donations and don’t command right on anything. Destruction must not have given that satisfaction to the members as it would have given by distribution, as suggested above. For a philatelist it is the emotional value which is more important than any other value of a philatelic stuff.

4. Some people have the opinion that, the act was done to increase the value of the covers to be sold at higher price in the coming time. No, I don’t agree to this aspect. The reason being, there are said to have been 40 sets with the members. And also the covers are not authorized by DOP, a grown up philatelist will never search for such covers.

Finally, I appreciate the act of society that they moved ahead with the release of these private covers giving a new name that is “Special Day Cancellation Cover” instead of not issuing the same. But distribution instead of destruction of the covers would have been better.


image image

The other day I was going though face book when I saw a picture showing series of India 10Rs. Gandhi stamps and an appeal reading “ Like “Boycott foreign goods, is there any Phila Gandhi who can start Boycott Forge-Fake-Non Philatelic Goods” movement burning his own stock in public.”

Such a thoughtful appeal had been done by my dear friend Dr. Satyendra Agrawal. He understands the importance of freedom and purity. He understands the efforts, the sacrifices our freedom fighters did to get the freedom. In one slogan he has made a dual appeal. As an Indian, freedom from British was the aim then and as a philatelist freedom from forgery-fake and non-philatelic items related to Gandhi is the demand. Probably this idea came to him after he witnessed the recently concluded “AHIMSAPEX 2014 “ at Lucknow. We know that that freedom was to clean India from the British and this freedom is to clean Gandhi philately from the unwanted stuffs. In fact, Mahatma Gandhi was the main stream hero of that freedom struggle and even now in the field of philately, Gandhi is still a hero…in great demand with great respect. We have seen that almost every country has issued stamps or other philatelic material on Gandhi. In India, in every philatelic show or event or exhibition, there is an effort to see that some material in form of either special cover or booklet or in any way, is issued/released .

The demand is so high that, Gandhi 10Rs. Service stamp has become one of the most precious and costliest stamps of India. There are good number of hardcore Gandhi philatelists apart from number of others. I feel almost every philatelist has Gandhi in his heart as father of nation and in his philately reflected on any philatelic commodity.

The demand and love is so much that covers, cachets, cards etc are designed privately and are highly appreciated. Cover having Gandhi in any way, in any form are sent through different mails to generate a different philatelic stuffs. Innovations and beautiful creations have taken a major part of Gandhi Philately. Up to this stage the things are okay and appreciable too. As long as you create, generate and enjoy good and pure material…philately is free and enjoy the freedom of purity but when there comes the fake and forge material, there comes the problem. Accumulating and appreciating such material is harmful for not only Gandhi phila but for the philately in general. Even forged non-philatelic material too needs to be condemned. We know, philately is philately… is for enjoyment then why such extreme consideration? It is not about is all about culture,character and discipline. Fake and Forged items need to be condemned and should not be accepted and preserved. Yes, it is also required to possess a few pieces to have comparative analysis of fake -forge and pure. Philosophically if we see, it is not purity of Gandhi Philately but it is purity of one’s mind. It is purity of one’s character and of course needs great courage to do so. Otherwise also, this will make our collections and displays pure. We know though social philately permits inclusion of a few non-philatelic materials but does not allow fake and forged items.

Well, after saying this, I  too endorse the appeal of Dr. Satyendra Agrawal. Let’s think and re-think to make the philately pollution free…free from FAKE and FORGE material. Gandhi appealed to boycott foreign goods ,today again its Gandhi who appeals to boycott Fake and Forge material from philately . Well thought Dr. Satyendra Agrawal .Thanks for putting up this idea of making this appeal to the Gandhi Philatelists to BOYCOTT FORGE and FAKE material. Not only boycott but come out and burn the same in public.

- Naresh Agrawal : email :

Recent Indian Issues

clip_image008 clip_image006



· 25 April 2014 : National Council of Churches in India - Rs 5

· 30 April 2014 : 50 years of Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital, Delhi – Rs 5

· 30 April 2014 : Chattampi swamikal – Rs 5

· 14 May 2014 : Drukpa Lineage – Rs 5

· 12 June 2014 : FIFA World Cup 2014 – 2 x Rs 5 + 2x Rs 25 + MS

· 20 August 2014 : Gaiety Theatre, Shimla – Rs 5

· 3 September 2014 : Indian Musicians – 2 x Rs 25, 6 x Rs 5

· 25 October 2014 : Anagarika Dharmapala – Rs 5

Recent Special Covers

1 October 2014 : Ladnu Digamber Bara Jain Temple and idol of deity Saraswati – Ladun
1 October 2014 : Wildlife Week 2014 Celebrations and Silver Jubilee of Gangotri National Park at Dehradun – 2 special Covers

For special Covers from Dehradun plz contact at email : Ph no. 0135 – 2710899

2 October 2014 : Special Cover on Wildlife Week Celebrations 2014 at Kansal

2 October 2014 : Golden Jubilee of Mail Motor Service in Pune
5 October 2014 : Silver Jubilee of Agarwal Club, Pune


9 October 2014 World Post Day, Mumbai
13 October 2014 : Philately Day : 160 years of Postal Stamps in India, Bangalore
13 October 2014 : 1000th Year of crowning of the Chola Emperor of Rajendra Chola-1- Chennai
13 October 2014 : India's First stamp issued in 1852 - Chennai -

In The News

C.G. Award 2014 for Rainbow Stamp News and Rainbow Stamp Club Blog


CG Award 2014 (CG International Philatelic Promotion Awards)


Rainbow Stamp News and Rainbow Stamp Club win  CG Award 2014 with 4th position and 10th position respectively

Christoph Gärtner Auction House is one of the largest international auction houses, holding three to four auctions annually since 2006. In 2013 Christoph Gärtner Auction House launched CG International Philatelic Promotion Award (CG Award) for the promotion of philatelic research and the preservation of philatelic knowledge. This year also Christoph Gärtner Auction House announced CG Award 2014 competition. The competition was open to all working groups, clubs, associations, societies and publishers of philatelic magazines and newsletters publishing a periodical anywhere in the world. In the competition, print media, digital media and the promotion of young talent/public relations were considered as a whole.

"The Award Ceremony of the 2nd "CG International Philatelic Promotion Award" was held on 24th October, 2014 on the occasion of the Briefmarken-Börse Sindelfingen 2014. (Leading philatelic fair held every year in Germany under the patronage of AIJP - Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatelique)." was held on 24th October, 2014 on the occasion of the Briefmarken-Börse Sindelfingen 2014. (Leading philatelic fair held every year in Germany under the patronage of AIJP - Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatelique).

The judging panel consisted of Mr. Patrik Maselis, Belgium (Président Club de Monte-Carlo), Mr. Rainer von Scharpen, Germany (Generalsekretär der AIJP, BDPh e.V. - Leiter der Bundesstelle Literatur), Mr. Henk Slabbink , Belgium (Président Academie Européenne de Philatélie) and Mr. Walter Marchart, Germany (ehemaliger 2. Vorsitzender des BDPh e.V., aktiver Juror Philatelistische Literatur). Christoph Gärtner Auction House was not involved in the assessment process.

In the 2nd "CG International Philatelic Promotion Award ceremony Rainbow Stamp News won 4th Position and Rainbow Stamp Club got 10th Position in digital media section . Other entries from India, ‘Indian Philately Digest’ (Digital publication of Indian Philatelists’ Forum) has won 5th position in Digital media section of competition and and GPA News (33rd Position) in print media section. Many Many Congratulations to Mr Prashant Pandya, the webmaster of Indian Philately Digest and Gujarat Philatelists’ Association on winning this International award. In digital media section there were 14 entries and in print media section there were 49 entries in the competition.

Many Many thanks to all the Readers  and Contributors of  Rainbow Stamp Club and Rainbow Stamp News for their continuous contribution in bridging both the newsletters to the International level !!

View  : Award List

The winners of 2014 Europa Stamp Competition


The First Place Winner - Serbia

PostEurop announced PE Post of Serbia (Serbia-Gold), Turkish PTT (Turkey-Silver) and Hellenic Post (Greece-Bronze) as the top three winners of the 2014 EUROPA Stamp Online Competition at the PostEurop Plenary Assembly in San Marino recently.


The Second Place Winner  - Turkey

  In this 23rd consecutive year, 53 entries were submitted based on the theme “Musical instruments” to promote the musical and cultural aspects of every country’s traditional instrument.


The third Place Winner - Greece

The results of this year’s online EUROPA Stamp competition were disclosed during the PostEurop Plenary Assembly in San Marino last week, in which PE Post of Serbia (Serbia), Turkish PTT (Turkey) and Hellenic Post (Greece) emerged as the top three winners respectively.

“What beautiful stamps we have at PostEurop! The theme of 2014 with musical instruments allowed the postal operators to create marvellous stamps with several different interpretations of the theme using many different printing techniques and special effects including engravings, varnishing, embossing and extra colours” exclaimed Anita Häggblom, Chair of the PostEurop Stamps and Philately working group from Posten Ǻland.

“The public votes received almost equalled to those of last year’s competition but what was remarkable to note was how close the votes were between each entry.” she added.

The first place winner Serbian stamp portrays the traditional Serbian bagpipe.  A man dressed in the national folk costume is shown playing the bagpipe surrounded by the authentic landscape of Eastern Serbia in the background.

Special Cover on the occasion of World Post Day, Mumbai - 9th October 2014


As a part of National Postal week celebration from 9th to 15th October 2014 and 9th October being the World Post Day, Maharashtra Postal Circle released a Special Cover on "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" on 9th October 2014 at Mumbai. Shri CH.Vidyasagar Rao, Hon'ble Governor of Maharashtra and Shri P.K Bisoi, Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra Postal Circle jointly released the Special Cover and Shri CH.Vidyasagar Rao, Hon'ble Governor of Maharashtra unveiled the blow up of Special Cover. Many philatelists were present at the function. Exhibits of few collectors have also been put on display at the Philatelic Museum, Mumbai GPO.

Taipei 2015 - 30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition


clip_image024Mr Umesh Kakkeri has been appointed  Commissioner for India for Taipei 2015, to be held from 24th  to 28th April 2015. The Exhibition in Taipei  will be co-hosted by Chunghwa Post, the Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation, and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

For participation, Please contact Mr Kakkeri, email :   Visit official website : Taipei 2015


Commissioner for Singapore 2015

clip_image026The Philatelic Congress of India has appointed Mrs Damyanti Pittie as National Commissioner for Singapore 2015 a F.I.P. World Exhibition to be held from 14th 19th August, 2015.

Philatelists eligible and willing to participate may contact her by e.mail /or by post on following  e.mail and contact address.  The IREX and Forms can be down loaded from Singapore 2015 web site :



SUKET, 4th Floor, 29-B, Dongersi Cross Lane, Malabar Hill, Mumbai-400 006.

Tel.No.00 91 022 23644337. Fax No.00 91 022 23633696.



Assam Postal Circle is organizing a state level philatelic exhibition, ASSAMPEX - 2014 on 1st and 2nd November’ 2014 at Guwahati.

Venue: Don Bosco Auditorium, Panbazar, Guwahati - 781001
Date of Exhibition: 01-11-2014 & 02-11-2014

DEPEX 2014, Darjeeling Philatelic Exhibition - 30th - 31st October 2014

DEPEX 2014, Darjeeling Philatelic Exhibition has been organized by the Department of Posts from 30th to 31st October 2014 at the Capitol Hall, Darjeeling. The exhibition will be open on both the days from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Entry to the Exhibition is free. The exhibition will exhibit a large number of rare stamps from Invitation class and Competition class. During the exhibition, Stamp design contest and Quiz competitions will also be held. My Stamp facility will also be made available at the venue.

KOCHIPEX-2014, Philatelic Exhibition at Vyttila, Kochi - 27th - 28th November 2014

KOCHIPEX-2014 will be organised by Ernakulam and Aluva Postal Division on 27th and 28th November 2014 at Sahrudaya Campus Anchumury Ponnurunni, Vyttila, Kochi - 682 019, Kerala.

Special Cancellation on World Post Day at Vadodara - 9th October 2014

India Post is celebrated National Postal Week from 9th to 15th October 2014 and 9th October is celebrated as World Post Day as a part of National Postal Week.


World Post day happens each year on 9th October, remembering this date for the establishment of Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland. The UPU was the start of global communications revolution, people could write to others all over the world. 9th October was first declared World Post Day at the 1969 UPU Congress in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, World Post Day is celebrated all over the world to highlight the importance of the postal services.A Special Cancellation was provided at Vadodara Philatelic Bureau on the occasion of World Post Day on 9th October 2014.

Special Cancellation on Philately Day at Ahmadabad – 13th October 2014


India Post is celebrating National Postal Week from 9th to 15th October 2014 and 13th October is celebrated as Philately Day as a part of National Postal Week.

A Special Cancellation has been provided at Ahmadabad Philatelic Bureau on the occasion of Philately Day on 13th October 2014.

New Pictorial Cancellations from Germany

On November 3rd a new pictorial cancellation will be issued in 42499 Hückeswagen.
The cancellation is featuring three camels.


On November 9th a new pictorial cancellation will be issued in 83395 Freilassing.


The cancellation is featuring a cactus (Gymocalycium amerhauseri).Interested philatelists may please contact: Wolfgang Beyer,Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ARGE ZOOLOGIE.Mail: . Postage rates: 0,80 Euro AIRMAIL , 2,90 Euro Registered AIRMAIL.

News from Philatelic Societies

Stamp Fair in Ludhiana on 14th November 2014

The Ludhiana Philatelic Club is celebrating its 40th Foundation Day on 14th November, 2014 at Lions Bhavan, Udham Singh Nagar, Ludhiana. To mark this occasion a Dak Ticket Bal Mela, On the Spot Painting Competition, Stamp Bazaar and Cultural Programme by the Children will be organized on the same day. Limited number of dealers’ booths will also be provided on the day. These will be allotted on first-come first-serve basis. There are no charges for the stalls.A Colourful Digest will be brought out to mark the event. It will contain articles on various facets of Philately, useful information about Ludhiana and updated directory of Ludhiana Philatelic Club members.

Contact for more information: Mukesh Malhotra (P.R.O.): Cell. 9023084608, Email:

India Ahimsapex-2014 at Lucknow concluded on 2nd October 2014


Special Cover issued during INDIA AHIMSAPEX 2014

Lucknow Philatelic Society had organised a One Frame Thematic Philatelic Exhibition 'India Ahimsapex-2014' on Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi and Freedom fighters of India with the help of India Post, U. P. Postal Circle at U. P. Rajkiya Abhilekhagar, Lucknow from 30th September 2014 to 2nd October 2014.

During the exhibition Philatelic Workshop, Philatelic Quiz, Spot painting competition were also organized for school children. The exhibition consisted of 122 frame exhibits. Out of 122 frames 63 frames were in Senior Class and 26 frames were in Youth Class. 1 exhibit was absent in the Senior Competitive Class. 33 frames were exhibited in the Invitee Class.

On 2nd October 2014 closing ceremony and Prize distribution function was held at the venue. Shri Prem Kumar Tripathi, Postmaster General, B.D, Uttar Pradesh Postal Circle was chief guest of the function. Prizes were distributed to all the winners by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries on the dais.

3 Gold, 2 Vermeil, 2 Large Silver, 11 Silver, 15 Silver Bronze, 27 Bronze medals and 20 Diploma were awarded to the winners in the Competitive Class. The Jury panel consisted of Shri Vivek Kumar Daksh, Director Postal Services (HQ), Shri Dhananjay Desai from Ahmedabad, Shri Prashant Pandya from Vadodara and Shri Dinesh Sharma from Lucknow. A souvenir was also released during the closing ceremony by Chief Guest and other dignitaries.

- Prashant Pandya

Jainism Philatelic Group (JPG) members meet at Khajuraho (M.P.)

Jainism Philately Group (JPG), an organization of Philatelists collecting Jainism and allied themes, had organized members meet and get together at Khajuraho (M.P.) on 5th October 2014. Total 91 persons attended this meet from various States. A meeting of members was organised in the Jain temples complex presided by the National Chairman Mr. Sudhir Jain (Satna, M.P.) and was conducted by Vice Chairman Dr. Pradip Jain (Balod, Chattisgarh). Mr. Pramod Kumar Jain (Pondicherry) gave welcome speech. During the meeting members had given valuable suggestions to promote the hobby of philately and also for the improvement of services of Department of Posts. Members also celebrated 60th birthday of Shri Sudhir Jain and congratulated him on the occasion.


- Sudhir Jain


We had arranged a function at satnaSon 14th Oct. 2014 to honour the members of Central India Philatelic Society (CIPS) who had helped us in organizing Jainism Philately Group (JPG) Khajuraho Meet. Renowned Philatelist and Numismatic writer Shri Kishor Jhunjhunwala of Mumbai was the chief guest. He had distributed mementos, Tulsi coins and calendar to all the members. JPG Chairman and Secretary of CIPS Mr. Sudhir Jain gave welcome speech and Joint Secretary Mr. Rajendra Agarwal "Shashi" had given vote of thanks,. Mr. Lajpatrai, President CIPS conducted the function.

Mr. Jhunjhunwala addressing the function, told that this is not the honour of the members, but it is honour of the work you have done for Philately.CIPS members had arranged warm welcome to the JPG members at Satna Railway Station and helped in all the arrangements at Khajuraho.

Mobile Philatelic Exhibition on the occasion of National Postal Week at Chandigarh – 9th – 15th October 2014

clip_image037As a part of National Postal Week celebrations, Chandigarh Postal Division has organised a Mobile Philatelic Exhibition in a Mobile Van to provide information related to philately and postal services. Shri Bishon Singh,Sr. Superintendent of Post Offices, Chandigarh flagged off the Van from GPO, Sector-17, Chandigarh on 9th October 2014. This Exhibition van will move to many places in Chandigarh & Mohali and cover the schools and educational institutions. The main purpose of this exhibition is to popularize Philately among the students.

In total 12 frames consisting of 200 sheets and around 2000 stamps on various themes are on display in the mobile van. Well known philatelist of Chandigarh Shri Rakesh Walia has volunteered for this good cause and he is also conducting philatelic workshops in Schools. MY STAMP facility is also provided at this exhibition

- Rakesh Walia, Chandigarh


Schoolpex - 2014, 18th Inter-school Stamp Exhibition at Jaipur - 17th - 18th October 2014

image 18th Interschool Stamp Exhibition, Schoolpex 2014 was organised on 17th and 18th October 2014 at St Xavier's School, Jaipur. It was inaugurated by Shri Moses Philumen, President of Rotary Club, Jaipur Main at Junior Hall, St Xavier's School.

Exhibition was divided into Junior and Senior Category and there were 150 exhibits from 15 schools all over Rajasthan on various themes and country collection which included stamps on Roses, Cricket, Cars, Cartoons, Lady Diana, Gandhiji, Stamps made of various material etc. Letter writing, Stamp Quiz Competition, Philately Seminar, Dealer's Stall and PSR meeting etc. were other attraction of the event. Late Shri O. P. Bhatnagar Trophy for Best School was given to BVB Vidyashram, Late Shri A S Mittal Trophy for Best in Senior Category was given to Master Vaibhav Bhatnagar of Mahaveer Public School and Late Dr. Jaya Bhargava Trophy for best in Junior Trophy was given to Master Shivam Bhargava of Hindustan International Academy.

On the occasion specially pre-approved design of ‘MY Stamp’ and MY Stamp Folders were released by Guest of Honour Shri Dushyant Mudgal. Mr Rajesh Paharia, General Secretary, Philatelic Society of Rajasthan reported that it is only Stamp Exhibition in the world which is conducted annually exclusively for school students uninterrupted since last 17 years.

- Rajesh Paharia, Jaipur

Philatelic Exhibitions


MALAYSIA 2014 - 29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition and World Youth Malaysia 2014

MALAYSIA 2014, the 29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition and World Youth Malaysia 2014  will be held from 1 to 6 December 2014 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo is the  Commissioner from India for this exhibition.

Official Website :

Details of the exhibitions are available at following link :

For more info please contact :

Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo, 'Saswat', D-3, B. J. B. Nagar,Bhubaneswar 751014

Phone +91674 2432251 Mobile +91 9337103542 email :

Beginners’ Section

Five reasons – Children should collect stamps


Here are five reasons parents and teachers should encourage children to develop an interest in stamps:

1. Kids can develop patience and focus.

Sorting through stamps and building a collection requires "a very different kind of attention" than video games or television do, says Miranda Goodman-Wilson, assistant professor of psychology at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. Quick-cut TV shows "make very rapid demands on children's attention," she says, while "stamp collecting requires more sustained focus."

The intricacies of a tiny image printed on a piece of paper, and the story of why that particular image was printed on a stamp, draws kids in, slowing down their racing minds.

"When you're looking at stamps, you spend a little more time than in our instant-gratification activities," says Gretchen Moody, director of education at the American Philatelic Society.

2. Kids develop expertise.

Child development research has shown that children have an impressive capacity for classifying objects and remembering details if given the opportunity, says Julia Heberle, associate professor of psychology at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. "Children, even young children," she says, "can accumulate a lot of organized, detailed expert knowledge."

Goodman-Wilson agrees: Stamp collecting helps even very young kids build categorizing and counting skills, and geographic awareness. It can serve as "a natural learning opportunity," she says.

"As a teaching tool, every stamp has a story to tell," Rizzo says. "What country issued the stamp? Does the country still exist? Where in the world is the country located?"

Some kids focus on U.S. stamps, learning about U.S. history and famous Americans. Others might collect stamps from their countries of ancestry. They learn about languages, currencies and historical figures, Moody says, leading to "a better awareness of who you are in this global society."

3. Kids discover stunning artwork and intricate graphic design.

Stamps were once both useful and beautiful. Today, some of their usefulness has been replaced by email and the Internet. But many remain beautiful, and offer a lesson in expressing what's important and celebrated in a given culture on the tiniest of canvases.

Kids can try sketching some of the stamps they've collected or seen in photos. And Dembowski suggests decorating an envelope related to a given stamp, and then mailing the creation to friends or relatives.

4. Screen time is minimal, and optional.

Some kids do hunt for stamps online, and there are collecting apps for Android and Apple devices. But hours spent sifting through a collection of paper stamps connects kids to the physical world. International collecting is exciting, says Moody, because "they're holding something from another part of the world in their hands."

Children also can attend stamp shows with their families (the American Philatelic Society website lists dozens around the country each month), and ask neighbors and local businesses for any stamped envelopes they receive and don't need.

5. A stamp collection can be personalized.

"This hobby has no rules," Dembowski says. "You can collect whatever you want. So you can focus in on one specific topic, like horses" or another subject that a child loves.

Read More…


clip_image043Although most of us take daily postal service for granted, there are some areas of the world where this type of convenience does not exist. Some such places have made use of private local posts that carry mail to a government post office, where it is then deposited and handled normally.

In many cases, though, so-called local posts clearly serve no purpose and exist only to sell stamp like labels to collectors.
Other local posts have an established history of service that makes their study much more interesting.

A little more than 10 miles off the coast of southwestern England, where the north Atlantic Ocean meets the Bristol Channel, there lies a small granite island three miles long and half a mile wide.
This island, called Lundy, has fewer than 20 human inhabitants, most of whom work for Britain's Landmark Trust, which currently oversees public use of the island's marine and nature preserve Lundy is the largest island in the Bristol Channel, lying 12 miles (19 km) off the coast of Devon, England, approximately one third of the distance across the channel between England and Wales. Lundy gives its name to a British sea area and is one of the islands of England. Lundy has been designated by Natural England as national character area 159, one of England's natural regions.
As of 2007, there was a resident population of 28 people, including volunteers. These include a warden, ranger, island manager, and farmer, as well as bar and house-keeping staff. Most live in and around the village at the south of the island. Most visitors are day-trippers, although there are 23 holiday properties and a camp site for staying visitors, mostly also around the south of the island.

The 1954 2-puffin local stamp of Lundy includes an image of a puffin and a map of the island.

Courtesy – Dipok Dey

Specialized Section

Some Remarkable Cancellations and Postmarks – 25/1

clip_image045- Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap

The All – India Series of 1873 -84 Cancellations (Renouf Type 17)

In the year 1873, The Central Post Authority set to work to devise a uniform system for the whole India. A distinguishing cancellation was provided for every post office by means of letters and numbers. Each circle was allotted a letter, which was generally the initial letter of the Headquarter Station. These were as follows:

   Circle             Headquarters                  Dist. Letter                     Circle             Headquarter           Dist. Letter



This type is comprised of an alphabetic letter representing a circle and a number of theDisbursing Post Office. In between the letter and the number there is short horizontal bar of 6 mm length. Above and below the configuration there are two, respectively three bars running parallel to each other. These bars are 21 mm long and 1 mm broad. These dimensions are fairly constant.



1876 Cover from Calcutta to Boston (USA) adhesives 2a+8a tied by “CALCUTTA /JUN27/=C-1” (Type 17). Postal Rate: 10 Annas for letter not exceeding one Ounce for USA, via Brindisi & Southhampton, as per 1 Dec. 1875


Unrecorded reduced Type 17

Bars : 15 mm long Letters : 7 mm high (Instead of 21 & 8,5 mm in normal

- Dr. Avinash B. Jagtap email :

Amazing Postal Covers and Postcards


© Dr.Satyendra Kumar Agrawal

Whenever I churned the Ocean of Philately, it has yielded some interesting things and this time, few amazing Postal covers and Postcards, whose stories I want to share with my “Rainbow” readers.

Round the World Cover

In the late 19th Century, imaginative souvenir collectors created many covers and postcards known as “Round the World” covers/postcards. The idea was to send a postal cover/card to someone who would forward it to someone else farther along the journey in the hope the cover eventually would be returned to the sender after going around the world.

To receive it safely, one needed the cooperation of people along the way, but the idea was that one addressed a card or cover to oneself or a friend at City A, and that person scratched out the address and wrote a forwarding address in City B, and so on, until the last person returned the cover to the original sender.

The illustrated cover below is an example of “Round the World” cover which completed its journey starting in Toledo, Ohio in April 1880 simply to acquire all its 13 postal markings. Its route included Cairo, Aden, Bombay, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. From San Francisco is dated November 27, 1980 so the entire trip took at least seven months.

The message on the other side of this postcard reads: Will you be so kind as to have this card forwarded through Arabia - India & China Across to Pacific Ocean to California & thence back. My object is to keep the card as a relic as having completed the circuit of the globe.


“Round the world” cover, 1880

Below is shown an 1897 round-the-world Postcard from Liverpool to New South Wales, Post Paid, and San Francisco, with New South Wales, Egypt and USA adhesives, bearing postmarks of the corresponding countries.


“Round-the-world” Postcard, 1897

Arnstadt is a small town in the Ilmkreis region of Thuringia, Germany with a history of over 2300 years. Another example of this category I found is originated here dated 10 January 1912, posted to Rome, forwarded to Malta, British Morocco, Tunis, Switzerland, Belgian Congo, Malta and Gibraltar where it reached on 5 Feb 1912 with stamps of the corresponding countries affixed at each stop, cancelled at Rome, Kinshasa, Paris, Boma, Valetta, with pencil directional markings.


Around the world postcard originating from Germany dated 10 Jan 1912

One may try for preparing such cover even in present century but its return to the sender is doubtful and will be a wonder if gets success.

“Match Fixing” in Philatelic World

Like the incidences of ‘Match Fixing’ in Cricket games, preparation of un-authorized space covers by a dealer proposing handsome amount to crew of astronauts of Apollo 15 reported in 1971 by NASA .The whole story is like this :One night several months before launching, a person introduced Apollo 15 crew members to a German stamp dealer who proposed that they supplement their income by signing some first day covers for the launch date and carry these 398 covers with them, along with 243 authorized covers on board.

He also promised that they would not be sold, until sometime in the future after the Apollo program had ended. They accepted but once the mission was over a German stamp dealer began selling the first day covers immediately. The discovery of these unauthorized covers sale caused Congress to take notice and led to NASA taking disciplinary action against several Apollo astronauts.

The market value of these postal covers has climbed steadily over the years, given their rarity and broad appeal to both space and stamp collectors.



Apollo 15 flew lunar postal cover from the personal space cover collection of David R.Scott, who introduced crew members to the German dealer.

Unusual Last Day Cover of Norfolk Island

There are philatelists who collect last day covers to show in their Postal History collection, the last day postmarks of post offices that will close down, or the day country’s name or currency changed or a change in the issuing postal entity taken place. But it would be unusual to celebrate the event by using large numbers of stamps and /or an excessive and totally unnecessary amount of postage.

But this happened when Norfolk Island, a dependency of Australia located in the Pacific Ocean, discovered by Captain James Cook in 1774 issued its own stamp on 10 June 1947.


The first Norfolk Island stamps were 14 Ball Bay stamps of uniform design, from the orange ½d to the blue 2/- stamp issued on 10June 1947

Prior to this, Australian stamps were used. End of use of Australian stamps celebrating this cover bears an excessive and totally unnecessary amount of postage, all the 19 stamps of Australian definitive series of 1938ranging from the cheapest orange ½d Kangaroo stamp ranging through to the red 5/-, purple 10/- and £1 Robe with a blue R.6 NORFOLK ISLAND/ NEW SOUTH WALES registration label and 2 blue AIR MAIL vignettes.

The stamps were carefully postmarked with a series of eight postmarks NORFOLK ISLAND/ -6 JE 47/ AUST. The large number of stamps left no room for the receiver of the cover and his address so addressee’s name was written on reverse side of this Registered Cover, prepared by Mr. Ray Dawes of NEW SOUTH WALES.


Last Day cover of Norfolk Island with all the19 stamps of Australian definitive series of 1938

Wine filled bottle received as an FDC

And what will you do with the wine filled bottle received as an FDC? Not a dream but it happened for an “Australian Folklore” series of 1983 , consisting a set of five se-tenant stamps issued to commemorate the 107th Anniversary of Birth of C. J. Dennis, who wrote numerous verses, one of which was the Sentimental Bloke, popularized in films, stage plays, musicals, records, and radio & TV programs and depicted on these stamps. Along with regular FDCs, in Auburn, Australia, the birth place of Dennis, 540 bottles of 1976 vintage port wine were also used for FDCs on which this set of se-tenant strip of five stamps were pasted on the obverse and cancelled with the pictorial postmark of Denis with a Tobacco pipe in his mouth on 7 September 1983 .


Se-tenant stamps of five pasted on a 1976 vintage port wine bottle with First Day pictorial cancel of Dennis.(Sorry, bottle is empty now)

French India used USA?

Before the formation of UPU in 1874, to send international mail, stamps of the country of destination, and in some cases of other states too, through which should have been sent a letter is to be affixed. It lasted only for few decades only due to the mutual agreement between all the countries of the world for the mutual delivery of mail each other.

Since long distances mails in early days were rare, Cases of mixed frankirovki postal stamps of two or more countries or issuers are rare and sought after by collectors.

But sometimes there is illegal mixed frankirovka when the sender for humour or entertainment pastes on the envelope few more countries stamps too. As per rule, handling of such letters is to be refused by the postal workers but these envelopes sometimes still pass mail and become philatelic rarity. Such an envelope is shown below which bears stamps of Austria, Germany, Côte d'Ivoire, French Guiana and French India in addition to required US stamp. Not only this, they were also franked with US postmarks.

Can we use this cover as an example of ‘French India used USA’?


A 1925 oddball philatelic cover produced by adding common foreign stamps to a usage of a United States 2-cent of the "Norse-American issue.

Mystery of Julian and Gregorian Calendars

In Hawaii Postal cards were first used in March, 1882 and surprisingly all of Hawaii's standard postal cards are found in the foreign mail. Postmarks on such a Postcard when studied found an example of unbelievably short time transit time of 5 days only to reach from San Francisco to Russia. Postmarks read the dispatched date from San Francisco, November 10, 1892 reaching St. Petersburg, Russia on November 15, 1892, just in 5 days. Is it possible?

Mystery solved when one remembers that in 1892 Russia was still using the Julian calendar and in that year one must add twelve days to the Gregorian date. So November 15 in Russia was November 27 in Hawaii.


Hawaiian Postal card, 1892


Postmarks - San Francisco, November 10, 1892 reaching St. Petersburg, Russia, November 15, 1892

- Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal : email :

New Stamps from other Countries



Russian Post, issued a special stamp commemorating the 2014 Russian Grand Prix, the sixteenth race of the 2014 Formula One season, took place at the Sochi Autodrom. The stamp was unveiled on the 12th of October.

The 2014 Russian Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race held on 12 October 2014. The race, contested over fifty-three laps, was held at the Sochi Autodrom, a brand new circuit built on the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi.

The race was the sixteenth round of the 2014 season, following on from the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka one week previously, and preceding the United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas. The race marked the first time that the Russian Grand Prix has been held in a century, and was also the first time the Russian Grand Prix has been run as a round of the Formula One World Championship since the championship was formed in 1950.



Singapore Post will issue a set of stamps on 31st October 2014 depicting the most popular touristic activities provided by the country.

The development of tourism in the last 50 years mirrors the remarkable trajectory that Singapore has taken in these decades. The country has blossomed into a modern cosmopolitan destination with strong local character, one of the truly global hubs in Asia.

In the process of doing so, Singapore inspires its guests in both their personal and professional lives and strengthen the pride of residents who call Singapore home.

The Lighter Side


The recent episode of KBC in which Narula brothers of New Delhi won seven Crore Rupees, the One Crore Question was from Philately i.e name the pilot who flew the plane of world's first official airmail.


The philatelists who watched this episode must have enjoyed and felt the thrilling moment at this question as many of them knew the correct answer. To myself.

I remembered my Blog Post and Henri Piquet's face flashed in my mind and unconsciously chose the right answer....What we learn from philately is never wasted and it is stored in our unconscious mind . You don’t know when it will bring you an unexpected fortune !!! - Editor

Promotional Section



by Dr Bibhudatta Mishra & Shanti Swarup Rath


"PHILATELIST KALEIDOSCOPE" by Dr Bibhudatta Mishra & Shanti Swarup Rath : Pages 160 :  Price - Rs 400.00 (hardbound ) and 350 (softbound) Published by Swarna Associates, Bhubaneswar : Book available with the Publisher Contact email : or

Philatelist Kaleidoscopes is an excellent book on postage stamps which reveals every aspect of philately in a very  interesting  and easy way . After going through this wonderful book  the reader falls in love with the world of stamps and understands the real meaning of tiny pieces of paper which are the treasure of knowledge. The authors have presented the book with some very  interesting chapters that attract a philatelist as well as  a general reader. The best part of the book is its style of narration of various  associated branches of philately and philatelic terminology with the help of images  in such a simple way that a reader can well understand the hobby and how to start it in a systematic way.


by Prem Chand Jaiswal


Philcent India 2014 -15 Guide Book by Prem Chand Jaiswal published by Philcent Publications, Kolkata -  Pages 128 Price - Rs 500 (Post Free in India) , - $25 for all foreign countries inclusive of registered airmail bookpost & Packing – For more details Contact :   Ph. 9831598560  ; 033 - 65294756 – Distributed by Madanchand Darda eamil –  Ph. 7667730851

clip_image095 The recent Book PHILCENT INDIA 2014 – 15 by  renowned Professional Philatelist  of India Mr Prem Chand Jaiswal is a complete guide book to Indian Philately. The book includes main chapters on  British India, India Post Independence and  Indian Princely States. The book has covered all related topics of Indian Philately. Collectors would find this book very useful.  I recommend this book  to all philatelists and stamp lovers. This book will be an asset for the libraries of  Philatelic Societies and stamp Clubs.

Indian Antarctic Expedition Philatelist’s Guide

By Abhai Mishra


Indian Antarctic Expedition Philatelist’s Guide By Abhai Mishra - Pages 116 - Price For India  Rs. 1500/- postpaid. For foreign via paypal 50 euro postpaid Available at  : or contact Abhai Mishra  email :

A book titled "Indian Antarctic Expedition-Philatelist's Guide" by noted philatelist, Mr Abhai Mishra was recently released in Dehradun. The book traces the history of Indian Antarctic Expeditions through mails and letters carried with the expedition. It documents the Indian Antarctic postal history through cancellations, cachets, labels, envelopes, letter  heads, QSL cards, postcards used during the expedition. The book reveals very rare and lesser known facts of Antarctica. The book illustrates, hundreds of rare letters carried with the expedition and describes each and every Indian Expedition in detail.

The book has 54 chapters.These include historical perspective (with details about Dr Giriraj Singh Sirohi, First Indian to visit Antarctica and Dr Paramjit Singh Sehra, first Indian to winter over in Antarctica) , Various date cancellers used in Indian Antarctic Post Offices,Institutions managing the Indian Antarctic  Program, Indian Antarctic Expeditions,Indian Antarctic Stations ( Dakshin Gangotri, Maitri and Bharati), Lists of Commemorative stamps, special covers, Cinderella and booklets pertaining to Indian Antarctic Expeditions, Indian Antarctic Clubs, lists of QSL Cards used by the HAM operators  during the expeditions,, honorary postmasters of Indian Antarctic Post offices, Feats and Facts of Indians in Antarctica and List of estimated price of  Indian Antarctic Covers .

Year Book of Indian Philately : 2013

By Madan Middha


Year Book of Indian Philately: 2013  by Madan Middha Pages 271- Published by Vishesh Prakashan, Topi Bazar, Gwalior. Price Rs 300

The book covers information on philatelic events of year 2013. Award List of international exhibitions, forthcoming international exhibitions, Indian stamps, postal stationery, Army covers, Special covers and postmarks issued during the year 2013 have been listed in the book. Information on Postal History events, exhibitions, society news has also been included in the year book.

The “Year Book of Indian Philately 2013” is  available with Mr Madan Middha The price of the year book is Rs. 300 inclusive of postage in India.Readers may contact : Mr Madan Middha, Saket Vihar, Phalka Bazar, GWALIOR - 474 001. email :

Book on Tagore stamps and covers

Rabindranath Tagore and The Post Office - A Philatelic Tribute

- Dipok Dey



The book “ Rabindranath Tagore and The Post Office - A Philatelic Tribute “ edited by noted artist and philatelist Shri Dipok Dey has been published by Rammohun Library and Free Reading Room, Kolkata.

This book gives details with colorful illustrations of all the stamps along with First Day Covers, Postmarks, Souvenir sheets, Miniature sheets, special covers, special postmarks, Booklets, Maximum Cards, Picture Post cards ,  catch Covers etc.

The other details of the book are given below :

Rabindranath Tagore and The Post Office - A Philatelic Tribute Edited by Dipok Dey - Hardbound - Pages 64  - Price Rs 575.  - Published by Rammohun  Library and Free Reading Room, 267 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Kolkata – 700009. email : Ph. 033 – 700009 ( Please contact from 2PM to 6PM except Saturday and Sunday)


History of Indian Miniature Paintings Through Philately

by Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal


History of Indian Miniature Paintings Through Philately by Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal published by PHILAGOLD Publications, Pages 80,  Price   Rs 1200 / US  $ 25

History of Indian Miniature Paintings Through Philately is a beautiful   Coffee Table Book by renowned philatelist and philatelic author Dr Satyendra Kumar Agrawal. The book is based on deep research of different schools of Indian Art by Dr Agrawal. The study has been narrated through beautiful images of various philatelic items  issued all over the world. The book is divided into 14 chapters with details of paintings from different schools of Indian Art. The most attractive part of the book is its fine and rich printing. The book has been presented by the author in a very aesthetic way that on first sight it captures the attention of the reader.

The book is available with Dr Satyendra Kumar  Agrawal  email -

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